Sunday, October 14, 2007


Does anyone remember this primary school song:


It was usually sung during the end of term when school was coming to an end. We would march ecstatically from the assembly ground into our classrooms with the song blaring from our lips as we looked forward to the xmas rice, chicken and coke!

Today am not singing 'HOLIDAY IS COMING'. The song on my lips is 'HOLIDAY IS OVER!' and am singing it with a BIG frown on my face!
Last thursday and friday were public holidays cos of the muslim celebrations. Add that to the weekend, and you see i got 4 WHOLE days of rest! I almost forgot what it felt like to wake up early to face Lagos traffic stress.
Poor me,tomorrow again its back to the bump and grind! Can a girl ask for another one week of holiday???

Tomorrow too is the D-day for mumsie's operation,. She checked into the hospital this morning. I intend to go see her later this evening and am taking her some of the delicious rice and stew i prepared this afternoon.Is somebody salivating??? Pele! Its only for my dear mummy and i can share any here. Dont worry sha, RSVP(Rice and stew very plenty) for the thanksgiving bash!

I think am beginning to yarn opata, make i begin go jare.

I go block some peeps blogs before i comot sha.



Afrobabe said...

I am first, firat, firsssssssssssssssssttt...
Now lets go get a read.

Afrobabe said...

Heheheheh see how fast i typed that first comment,out did all my typing skills...
I am sure by tomorrow we will be hearing some good news about ur mum then you wont have any choice but to cook that rice for all of us.

No holiday here and monday has come sooner than always! :(

Manda said...

why afrobabe first me?

mumsie is going for an operation? how come i neva heard about this? i am seriously gonna pray for her o! Where is my own share of the rice? i know she cant finish it alone nw. Howz u gurl?

unshined congo said...

im definitely going to say a prayer for her. guess ure still single abi?? i dey find wife for my brother oh (really really handsome i must say)..

hmm cant w8 for the thanksgiving bash oh!! okay i think i should go and look for my ''bottom box''(the best of all).. Lol

Anyways hope u are okay!! everything will be fine by God's grace. just believe in him.

Orientatednaijababe said...

Jesus is d divine healer, he will be in control of the operation from the beginning to the end, Amen.

U guys dey enjoy for 9ja oh, we no get any day off for here, we no fit even dream am be thankful oh as i am jealous of una for there.

Abeg no 4get to remind me for the bash. My attire don ready, just collect am today.....

Enjoy ur week

Obi said...

Lazy ass..get back to work abeg..!!
Was that Manda leavin' a comment up there..?? Na wa.."prodigal daughter"..!!

Olamild said...

u brought back some wonderful memories
I could remember screaming the song instead of singing
I would march with all my might to my classroom.

eiyaaa too bad ur holiday is over
lazy gurl

Thx 4 stopping by my blog o
I'm really sorry u didn't know about it. I thought you did. DId u listen to the song?

I'm still working it. what i'm sharing with all is unedited and mostly freestyle

Olamild said...

Don't worry

It is well
GOd will be with mum through out the whole thing
Remember that he is the alpha and omega
the beginning and the end
He will start and end with mum safe and sound

Anonymous said...

God will definitely see ur mum through, its a promise he's made and he never breaks his promises, so there you go!

So no rice for us now abi, no wahala its allowed as long as its for mumy. Dont shorten her ration sha, make sure she eats everything o, meaning u must feed ur stomach b4 getting there so u dont start forming hunger for her o, lol. I wish her the quickest recovery!

Naapali said...

I wish you and you mom well. Hope you give her some of that rice and not just chop all of it yourself.

cally-waffybabe said...

I was singing along to the holiday song. lol. How lovely childhood memories are.
Never mind about mum babe. Jesus got her back.
Catcha online soon.

Love ya loads.

Sparkle said...

God will see ur mom tru...haha I remember that song...d way we swign our hands while say na we kill Jesus...memories!

diary of a G said...

4 WHOLE days of rest!
that's like a million days of doing nothing lol

all the best with your mums operation

Mommy said...

See agbaya like you!! Holiday is coming. Good as the music changed to holiday is over. I had a blast too! I really enjoyed the holidays and I'm glad you did.
Your mum will be fine ok!! Have no fear!!

30+ said...

You brought back memories o, the pure ecstasy I use to feel singing that song.

Anyways gather your behind and get to working one time.

Mumsie will be fine.

I don update o

Ugo Daniels said...

...also had hols here from thursday midday till sunday. The muslims celebrated ramadan fest. It was a banging weekend for me and i entered class with a frown on my face,lol!

..and your mom is alread foine, no worry :)

Ejura said...

Yeah, the holiday is over. I can't wait for another one!

I'm glad your mom has taken the step. I'm waiting to hear the good news.I hope there'd be fried rice at the thanksgiving sha since you're posing with yr white rice and stew.

Rinsola said...

Thank God the holiday is over, i was jealous for a minute there, but nywayz i'm eagerly waiting to hear how great your mum feels after the sugery. Would there be aso-ebi for the thanksgiving? lemme know o. It is well, just know He's done it. Have a great week lady

cally-waffybabe said...

Just checking on you babe. It is very well. Yay rejoice!!!

Stay blessed love.

Aijay said...

It is well (it is well),
with mumsie P (with mumsie P),
it is well, it is well, with mumsie P.
In the name of Jesus - Amen.

Meanwhile I see Manda's back. Yay!!

Arewa said...

Awwwww Im soo late.
Anyways no worries sha.
About ur momsi.
I will definately be praying for her and i bet a lot of other bloggers will be doing so too.
Just remember what i said to u a week ago...have faith be strong and pray for your momsi..

I pray that the operation goes smoothly and that Gods will protect and guide her thru the entire operation and recovery period. May He give her the strength to overcome all forms of negativity that may have found root in her soul and may the Lord Almighty bless you with the strength and be your mums rock through out this operation. It is well..GOD IS IN CONTROL !!

Manda said...

so u no dey stop my blog again ba? no wahala!

darkelcee said...

it is well oooo.

I just said a prayer for Mumsie.

All will definately be well ok?

My sis, when i got to work today i asked a collegue if there is any other holiday before xmas and guess what;none!aaaarrrrrrrggggghhhh

and xmas is now tuesday and wednesday on top, Men!

I need holiday oo!

classybabe said...

I will say a prayer for your Mom!I will be expecting the good news and then the thanksgiving.It is well by the grace of God!

AMAZONIA said...

good luck to your mom! and yeah i do remember that song. Loved singing it as a child. Thanks for recalling me to it. Take care!

Queen of My Castle said...

Your mom is well taken care of. No safer place to be than in the hands of The Most High.

Ay, I envy you and your 4 day weekend. I am counting down the days the Thanksgiving. I get and entire week off and another for Christmas! YAY!!! LOL

Nonesuch said...

it is well with your Mum. God will perfect that which he has started in her. It is well. Lets know how things go with her.

princesa said...

@afrobabe, lol!
You sure outdid ur typing skills! See typo!(I am first, firat), lol when u become first rat??? Just joking love!

@manda my first love! Welcome you runaway blogger.Abeg no vex for me o! I dey come ur end now now!

@unshined congo, lol! This one wey every body dey find husband for me so??? Am flattered o!
I ope say u don find the bottom box cos party go happen soon o!

@orientednaijababe, thanks dear.he was really in charge through out the operation.
Hope the attire fine o!

@obi, me...lazy ass, abi?
No worry , i go catch you!

princesa said...

@olamild. Now i found it, will be stalking you dear.
Make i no lie sha, i didnt listen to the song but will go back soon to do that.
Thanks for that prophesy comment. It sure came to pass.

@chiala, thanks too babes!
I eneded up eating the food sef cos when i got to the hospital, the doctor said she wasnt going to eat anything till the operation.

@naapali,thanks doc. She didnt eat any o!

@cally-waffybabe, have i told you i love you today??? Ok i said it! Love ya loads too babes and mum's fine, thank God!

@sparkle, lol@"like say na we kill Jesus"! Thanks babes for the profile pic...i owe you two now!

princesa said...

@DOG,Yea you are right dude! But i wasnt doing nothing, was busy grooving!

@mommy, which kain bad belle be dat na... like say u no enjoy the hols sef,lol!Thanks! Thanks!

@30+, i don gather my behind o! I go reach ya end soon!

@UgoD, you also had hols?? Great! Glad you had a blast too.

@ejura, i feel u babee! Cnt wait for another hols,lol! Looks like dats the only good thing about this country right now.
She took the step and yea there is good news. Enough fried rice for you at the parrie!

@rinsola, mum is feeling well thank you! Aso-ebi???lol! I didnt think of that o. This babe you love owambe sha!

princesa said...

@aijay, thanks for that song sweetie! Itis well with her indeed.
Manda...runaway blogger! I had to threaten her say bloville residents wan go strike cos of her o!

@arewa. Darling i didnt forget what you told me o!Your words were a real courage booster. *Hugs*

@darkelcee,you mean no more holidays til xmas??? Bu hu hu hu hu!!(Crying)
Thanks for the prayer dear.

@classybabe. Goodnews is here o! Thanksgiving bash is coming up soon.

@amazonia, thanks too.

@castle queen, yea no safer pace than in the hands of the most high!
Thanksgiving and Xmas,You get two weeks?!?! Now am envying you o!

@nonesuch, things went well dear. Thank you.

Mommy said...

Its good to hear things went well!! Regards to mumsie!

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