Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Whipping

“Onyi it’s almost 2pm, are we not going to supervise the J.S 1 students washing the toilets today?” I asked my friend. She was the school health prefect and her duties included overseeing the daily washing of the school toilets which was usually done by the J.S 1 students.
“Oh that’s true, thanks for reminding me. Lets go then” She said as she got up from her seat.
I loved to go with her on these daily supervisions. It was cool to be a senior girl and deal with those silly J.S1 kids who didn’t realise that this was no longer primary school where they could behave as they liked. Here, there were seniors and we ruled!

So we headed to the back of the school where the toilets were located to discharge the day’s responsibility.

We were seated some distance from the toilets. God! The stench that came from that direction was something else! We loved to exercise our power over the juniors but we hated the stench more so we would do our bullying from a distance.

“Hey you! Junior girl…what’s that you’re doing? You call that washing toilet abi? Oya come on…brush it very well…see how she’s holding the brush sef…as if you don’t go to toilet and you over there, you are holding ur nose abi? So its smelly enh?? Is it not your shit that that is causing all the stench…you want to deny…enh?? Nonsense…you better wash it properly o…if not…no going home for you kids today!”
We laughed at them. It was fun to be seniors. After all we had done our share during our time and now it was their turn.

As we sat there gisting away. I saw something gleaming on the grass. It was a small gold hoop earring. I picked it up and showed it to Onyi. It was a fine one…someone had probably lost her earring. We admired it and then i suddenly thought it would make a nice nose ring, Onyi agreed too. So I wore it on my nose and she complimented me saying I looked like a Fulani maiden. We agreed to take turns at wearing it. I would wear it for a while then it would be her turn to try the Fulani maiden look. Just then, the bell signifying Closing parade (assembly) rang.

My school was a military school and we held parades every morning before classes began and in the afternoons before school dismissed. The parades were compulsory, you dared not miss it. Every soldier (we were taught by soldiers) and student must be present at the parade ground. Any student caught in the classroom during parade was dealt with severely and in my school they definitely knew how to deal severely with students. The parade was usually headed by the school commandant and in his absence the A.O took charge. Now, our A.O was a terrible man. He was a sadist and he particularly loved dealing with female students especially the fine ones! Rumours had it then that he was jilted by his fiancée and because of that, he took out his frustrations on the girls. I was fortunate not to have fallen into his trap yet and I prayed never to. Unfortunately for me, it was only a matter of time before I did.

There we were standing at the parade ground. We usually lined up according to our classes from the Juniors to the Seniors and the A.O was leading the parade that day. He stood there at the front of the parade ground addressing us students. As usual he was making threats and talking about how he’d deal with any student who misbehaved. As he talked, he walked from row to row till he stopped at the seniors end.
“Ah..ha! Yes I have seen a scapegoat today…You there…come out!” he was pointing to our row. We all looked at each other wondering who the unfortunate person was.
“You wearing the nose ring…I said come out!”
I was jolted. I had completely forgotten I was still wearing the nose ring. My God…I was in real hot okro soup!
My friends whispered “princesa its you”
I nodded and slowly stepped out to the front of the parade ground.
The wicked man smiled. He was very happy. He had found a scape goat to take out his sadistic tendencies on. I wanted to just die. The shame of being publicly flogged on the parade ground was just too much. The WHOLE school was going to watch me being disgraced. Senior like me…ha!

“You there, come!” He gestured in the direction of a group of soldiers standing nearby. He was pointing directly at one of them. I looked up. It was my further maths teacher. He was my friend. Maybe things won’t be as terrible as I thought.
“I want you to teach this girl a proper lesson” The A.O handed over his koboko(horse whip) to my teacher.
My Further maths teacher looked very uneasy. How was he going to deal with me? I was his friend, in fact the closest to him in my class. I used to help him record exam scores. It wasn’t fair for him to be the one to carry out this task of dealing with me.
Anyway, an order is an order especially if it was coming from your superior. He had to obey.
“Lie down!” he barked at me.
I was scared. The koboko looked really menacing! I hated to be flogged. Hell! Who likes to be flogged??
So I laid down flat on the ground.
Twai! The first lash landed on my back.
I squirmed.
Twai! The second one.
I noticed he wasn’t lashing very hard but even at that, koboko na koboko and I was in pain!
Twai! The third lash.
“Stop!” It was the A.O. What?! Did the evil man have a change of heart??
“What do you think you are doing?” he was looking at my further maths teacher.
“You want me to show you how to flog…enh? Okay watch me”
The next lash cut into my skin. My back was on fire. It felt as if a knife had been used to cut my flesh. Twai!! It landed again. I screamed.
The A.O went on lashing at me with the koboko. Now I was sure I was going to die. The pain was crazy!
Then he stopped and handed over the horsewhip to my friend, the further maths teacher.
“I hope you saw how i did it, now deal with her properly!”
That day i saw hell. My further maths teacher went at it like his life was at stake. He really dealt with me. By the time he was through my blouse was stained with blood. The skin on my back had being torn by the tortous whipping.

That wasn’t even the hardest part. Parade over and School dismissed. I still had to face the glares of the other students. All eyes were on me. Every one was talking about the girl that was flogged on the parade ground. It wasn’t funny at all. I tried to keep a straight face and pretend i wasnt hurting but when the “Eh ya...sorry o” started pouring from my friends, i couldn’t hold it back. I broke down and cried like i had never done before. What i had gone through was too much. Just because of nose ring, i had been flogged like a thief. I felt sorry for myself.

When i got home that day. My parents were livid. The welts on my back were horrendous. My mum cursed the devil that did this to her daughter. She swore that she was going with me to the school the next day to confront the A.O but my Dad dissuaded her. He told her she would only end up being flogged out of the school premises if she tried to make any trouble with the A.O and i would be sent out of the school. He was right too.
My parents were only bloody civilians...they could do nothing. If my dad were a major-general or something senior officer in the army, he could get the A.O dealt with seriously. He could even cause him to be demoted in rank. He could do so much! But unfortunately he wasn’t, i could only lick my wounds and pray i never fall into the devil’s trap again...ever!

My Further maths teacher later apologised to me but things were never the same with us again till i left school.

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Monday, February 25, 2008


Let’s clink glasses.
It’s my first bloggerversary!
Feb 2007-Feb 2008
One whole year of posting blogs, reading blogs and sharing experiences
One whole year of fun
Blogging is hardwork and addictive but it’s still fun.
Joining this wonderful community of beautiful writers is one thing I don’t regret.
A lot of great people I have met here. Lovely friends I have made too
People I probably would never have met if I hadn’t discovered blogville.
Before Blogville, I never used to spend much time on the internet.
When I did, it was usually on fashion websites- browsing the latest season collections (Am no fashion junkie o…just have plans of having my own fashion label in future).
Or on my Yahoo 360 page
And when I wanted to amuse myself with the numerous toasters and their latest toastin lyrics, I’d go to Myspace
Now, I can’t remember the last time I checked any of those sites
Sometimes I even forget I need to check my mails
Yahoo 360 and Myspace people must be wondering what happened to me.
Am practically forever on blogspot these days.
Afrobabe’s, Carlang’s, Allied’s…..
Too many blogs to read
And too little time to read them…Ha!!!
Each day my romance with blogspot only waxes stronger
We still hooked together like stamp and letter
I remember how it all started…

I had met this nice dude on skype
Okay I forgot to mention I also spent some time skyping.
Found out that we went to the same university
And we had a few friends in common too
I rarely logged on to skype
But whenever I did, we were sure to chat
One day while chatting
He sent me a link with the words: “Check out my blog….”
So I clicked and was transported to bloggerland
He had just done a post on his late father then
A very sweet and touching post
I read and left a comment
Just as I was about to close the page window
At the top, I saw this icon that read: ‘next blog’
So I clicked and I found myself on another blog
But this time a strange one; some white lady’s blog,
I read on all the same but I didn’t leave any comment.
Clicked ‘next blog’ a couple more times
Reading all sorts of random blogs
And then I saw the other one
The ‘create blog’ sign
I tapped my mouse…Click…
And I had a blog!
So I did a post…my very first post- I don come o!
And then I buzzed my skype friend to let him know I just created a blog
Did I mention that my skype friend was
Yea he was my blog Godfather
I gave him the link, he visited my blog and left a comment
He wouldn’t visit again for months…bad God father,lol!
Oh well, probably wasn’t all his fault sha,
Me…blog-owner wasn’t even serious about my blog then
You see I already had a blog on Yahoo 360
And I put down stuff there once in a while
So it was that whenever I posted something there
I’d copy and post on my new blog
One thing that bothered me though was…
Comments! Where were the comments?!
Silly me…JJC(Johny just come)
I didn’t know I was supposed to visit other blogs
And post comments so others would find me too
I also didn’t know any other naija blogger except Anibodude
And he didn’t have any blog link on his page
He had just recently started blogging then
And didn’t know too many bloggers so I don’t blame him.
Alas, one day, he did a post
Where he had the links of two naija bloggers
Everyonelovesanaijagirl and Chidi
Where are those two are now?!?! Anyone know??
Anyway I checked out their blogs
Read almost all their posts
Interesting posts they were
Then I saw the list
It was on Chidi’s blog
A long list of blogs…
Calabargal, Ugodaniels, Azuka ….
Click, Click, Click
Blog after Blog
I read and read and read for hours on end
Not a few comments I dropped too.
The next time I checked out my blog
5 comments!!! I was so glad!
That’s not a mean feat these days, abi?
They were lovely encouraging comments.
Calabargal, UgoD,
Sparkle, Chidi, Everyonelovesanaijagal, Excitedjade
I thank you guys for the love and support you gave.
So I fell more in love with my new hobby
I got better at posting and reading posts
I changed my name from princess to princesa
Not prisca or princessa
Neither pricesca nor porincesa
Just short and simple princesa.

81 posts, 4,582 profile views and some aliases
Madam blogger my brother calls me
Fantasyqueen says it’s Blog celeb
I am having fun here…am sure you all can tell
No crazy anon can drive me out of blogville!

Here’s to many more years of blogging.
Cheers guys!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Wuz up ma niggas??

What's up everybody??
I know i have been MIA for a while now which is not like me(Ejura said so).
Thing is...i have been very busy with so many things, you know work and other stuffs.
I had to do this short post to reassure you guys that am fine.
I havn't been able to do my usual blog rounds but will try to as soon as i find the time.
I am excited...getting my new laptop later today so i should be able to do a proper post by then.
Love you all guys!

princesa(not princessa or pricesa or pricesca...some of una don baptise me with different names,lol!)

Monday, February 11, 2008

5 Guys Every Gal Should Date

This is for the girls.
Guys, you can read too. Will love to hear what everyone has to say.

5 Guys Every Gal Should Date Before Settling Down by Brenda Della Casa, author of Cinderella Was a Liar

So you want a boyfriend. You're sick of the singles scene and ready to move right past "Go" and settle down with someone who will carry you straight into your happily ever after. Well, hold it right there, Miss Antsy-Pants! Before you go tango into the sunset with Mr. Right, you've got to take a few spins around the dating dance floor with a few Mr. Right Nows. Dating different personality types is the most effective way to find out your likes, dislikes and deal breakers. In fact, spending time with the wrong guys — namely these five — can actually make you a better package when Mr. Fabulous comes along.

Mr. Nice Romantic Guy

He'll show up with flowers, leave cards around your apartment and quote Keats on a whim. Think old-fashioned courtship, where you're being wooed instead of sitting by the phone wondering if he'll call.
Celebrity Counterparts:
Cary Grant, Johnny Depp as Don Juan DeMarco
What He'll Teach You:
This affectionate man will show you a softer side of our male counterparts (what a relief to have someone fawn over you for a change!), all the while raising your expectations of how you wish to be treated. After realizing that there are guys out there who understand the importance of a random note or kiss in the moonlight, you'll be less likely to stay with someone who degrades or ignores you in the future.
The Catch:
Most of the time these guys are in love with the idea of love. This means they will come on strong but lose momentum in the long haul as the reality of a relationship sets in (i.e., disagreements, uneventful days), but that doesn't mean you shouldn't date him and enjoy the experience! Just keep a level head while he floats around you.

Mr. Big Shot

He dresses sharp, talks slick and has the perfectly coiffed looks of a man straight out of a lad mag. One look at him in his tailored suit and you're toast — which is exactly why he wears it.
Celebrity Counterparts:
Chris Noth as Mr. Big, any Bond.
What He'll Teach You:
From sending your nether regions to Brazil (Mr. Big Shot doesn't 'do' granny panties) to the proper way to age a Cabernet, you're in for a crash course in the finer way of life. Dinners will be four-star and the conversation will witty. You'll walk from this relationship more sophisticated and well-aware of your own inner vixen.
The Catch:
As the 007 of romance, he's going in for the kill. He knows exactly what he's doing and the effect it's having on you — and every other girl around him. The odds of this guy slipping out of his suit and into a comfy relationship are low, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't enjoy the smooth ride around the town while it lasts.

Mr. Sexy Older Guy

He's old enough to have settled into his skin and has been involved with enough women to know that you require much more than dinner and a few martinis to get into the mood. Best of all, he never makes you late for dinner because he's playing Xbox.
Celebrity Counterparts:
Sean Connery, Antonio Banderas
What He'll Teach You:
He's got a lifetime of experience to share (in and out of the bedroom), which will likely keep you on your toes (and curling them, too!). Plus, he'll show you how to see life in a different way. No matter how long it lasts or how it ends, you'll walk away worldlier — and will never settle for a measly five minutes of foreplay again.
The Catch:
Despite what Demi and Ashton might say, age is more than a number. If you are just starting to get comfortable in your skin and he's shed his several times, there is a good chance you'll have issues with long-term compatibility. Sure, he's hot now, but how will you feel in 10 years? Give one another a thrill, then move onto someone you both can relate to.

Mr. Man's Man

He carries your bags, will defend your honor and would rather swallow glass than shave his chest or take hot wax to his eyebrows.
Celebrity Counterparts:
Frank Sinatra, Russell Crowe
What He'll teach You:
This rough rogue will have you relishing in your femininity like no other. Why? There is something about raw masculinity that brings out the damsel in all of us. Dating this bruiser will show you how fun it can be when he shows you who the man is (think Rhett Butler when he scooped Scarlett up those stairs!). Dating him will do one of two things: make you squeal with delight or appreciate your ability and right to wear the pants sometimes. Regardless, be sure to play Scarlett at least once — trust us!
The Catch:
You're dying to be wined and dined but he's already made plans to meet you down at the pub. This is the guy who gets inspired by Braveheart and cries only "out of frustration." He's also prone to affairs… with his favorite sports teams. Oh, and forget about asking him to hold your purse while you do anything — he wouldn't dare.
Mr. Fun Social Guy

Whether he's out with friends or meeting the family for brunch, one thing's for certain: He's going to be the life of the party.
Celebrity Counterparts:
Will Farrell, Vince Vaughn
What He'll Teach You:
There is something very attractive about a man who's always ready to have a good time. You'll laugh a lot and learn how to go with the flow and let things slide. These types are often quite spontaneous, which means you should be ready for anything from a quickie to a quick dash to Vegas.
The Catch:
Most people are social because they like the company of others, but Fun Social Guys are social because they love to be the center of attention — and they love the excitement of something new. This poses an issue for long-term loves because A) who wants to be an audience member 24/7, and B) let's face it, relationships can get dull at times — what will he do then? Enjoy the roller-coaster ride, but don't be afraid to walk away to more stable ground.

Thursday, February 7, 2008


I heard something yesterday that I found very amusing and surprising and I thought to share it with you guys.

Okay this is how it happened.

I, some colleagues of mine and some clients were conducting restaurant visits yesterday. It was part of our consumer insight drive for one of our brands.
So we had gone to this particular restaurant (Good food restaurant) to talk with the owner (a young woman)..
During our discussion with the woman, I noticed this particular guy that kept staring at me. He was also having lunch. It didn’t bother me much cos I was used to such stares so I just ignored him.
The overpowering food aroma in the air was also very irresistible and we were very hungry having been working all morning so we decided to have lunch at the place. However since we still had one more restaurant to cover, we decided to conclude that visit and return to Good food restaurant for lunch

So Soon after…our restaurant rounds completed, we returned to Good food restaurant and settled down to steaming bowls of Semolina and Bitter leaf soup.
While waiting for the bill, the owner of the restaurant came up to our table and asked if I could spare a few minutes cos she wanted to talk to me. I said okay and went with her to a corner to hear what she had to say.
She told me that that guy I noticed when we had come earlier had asked her to find out if I was married cos he was interested in me and he also requested her to get my number so he could contact me. I found it funny and told her so. I also mentioned to her that the man looked obviously married and I wasn’t interested in married men. She went on to tell me that she knew him quite well and he wasn’t married and infact he was actually supposed to have gotten married last year but the marriage didn’t work out between him and the girl. I didn’t want to ask for details but she went on to give me the whole gist.

So it turns out that this guy and this babe were supposed to get married last Christmas. Invitation cards had been printed. Aso-ebi(Wedding uniform) had been bought and all.
Suddenly the babe calls off the wedding just few weeks to the D-day.
What was her reason?
Our guy refuse to go down on her! LOl!!!
I hope you understood that my peeps.
Okay you know cunninglingus…oral sex?? Ehen! That’s what I mean,lol!
Our guy thought it was irritating (??)and even though our babe wanted it, he would not do it!
I mean how do you expect a respectable BIG boy like him to eat ur ‘thing’ wit his very pure clean mouth?!?! IRRITATING….DIRTY!!!!
My people na so I just open mouth dey look the woman. I was shocked! In this age and time of sexual liberation…someone would actually be thinking like that…na wa for wa o!
Suddenly I bursted out laughing. The poor woman couldn’t understand why.
It was so funny to me abeg. And this was a guy that was interested in me??? Tufiakwa!

After I left the restaurant, I couldn’t stop thinking about the whole thing.
For a girl to have called off her wedding cos of that, then it must have meant a whole lot to her and if her man really loved her, he should have been able to compromise on his standards of what is dirty and what is not abi? Now these questions arise…






Anyway am sure our guy wouldn’t have thought it irritating/dirty for the babe to go down on him. Am very sure about that!

Double standards even during love making….Nonsense!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

What is it called...??

What is it called…this thing I feel?
The sight of you brings a smile to my face
Your sweet words of love…
They warm my heart and make me high
Yet am not sure what I feel is LOVE

What is it called…this thing I feel?
Your touch…your kiss I crave
My body responds to yours,
The stickiness between my thighs…a witness.
Still am not sure if this thing I feel is LOVE

What is it called…this thing I feel?
Your humour wipes the sour from my face
I feel loved and respected…
Not a single doubt of the esteem you hold me in
Yet am not sure what I feel is LOVE

What is it called…this thing I feel?
Even when I say we can’t be…
The longing I can’t deny
Thinking about what we could have had...

Makes me wonder if what I still feel is LOVE

What is it called…this thing I feel?
I’d give anything to see you happy
To give as much joy as you have given me
You have been selfless, I know
But am not sure what I feel is LOVE

What is it called…this thing I feel?
That you’re besotted is clear to see
Is it True love or Infatuation?
I can’t tell…
I just know that what I feel isn’t LOVE

What is it called…this thing I feel?
I swoon at the sight of you no doubt
Your sexy swagger…
Irresistible to many a female.
Still am not sure what I feel is LOVE

What is it called…this thing I feel?