Tuesday, February 5, 2008

What is it called...??

What is it called…this thing I feel?
The sight of you brings a smile to my face
Your sweet words of love…
They warm my heart and make me high
Yet am not sure what I feel is LOVE

What is it called…this thing I feel?
Your touch…your kiss I crave
My body responds to yours,
The stickiness between my thighs…a witness.
Still am not sure if this thing I feel is LOVE

What is it called…this thing I feel?
Your humour wipes the sour from my face
I feel loved and respected…
Not a single doubt of the esteem you hold me in
Yet am not sure what I feel is LOVE

What is it called…this thing I feel?
Even when I say we can’t be…
The longing I can’t deny
Thinking about what we could have had...

Makes me wonder if what I still feel is LOVE

What is it called…this thing I feel?
I’d give anything to see you happy
To give as much joy as you have given me
You have been selfless, I know
But am not sure what I feel is LOVE

What is it called…this thing I feel?
That you’re besotted is clear to see
Is it True love or Infatuation?
I can’t tell…
I just know that what I feel isn’t LOVE

What is it called…this thing I feel?
I swoon at the sight of you no doubt
Your sexy swagger…
Irresistible to many a female.
Still am not sure what I feel is LOVE

What is it called…this thing I feel?


Afrobabe said...

Firssssssssssssssttttt...let me post it...dont need any rude awakeningsss....

Afrobabe said...

Ok,,,nice poem, says what we all feel and question but...

Princesa...all this alphabeths......In my life they might have been men but in urs??????

Babe confess oh..

Naija Chickito said...

Babe! Na u biko!!! Only you, how many guys? Abeg, enjoy, nothing do you.

Mommy said...

Its definitely love...well atleast for one of the alphabets (lol)!

'Where wentest thou'...missed you!

So afro is first today? :0)


Princesa, how now? This ya list na wa oh. Did I tell you I like your avatar pic? See you around.

Girlie said...

hmmmn....this thing is called love baby...lol

nice poem...


Nyemoni said...

er...lust for some...nothing for some maybe? ;-)

Queen of My Castle said...

All I want to know is what or who was on your mind at the time this post was conceived. LOL

Okay, okay, onto the poem itself...I love it. Makes one really ponder. Infatuation is reminiscent of love, but soon fades, love is what causes you to love the person beyond the perfected imperfections, IMO.

Nice one babes

princesa said...

@afro, okay true confession dear...they are all men!
See princesa is not all holy,lol!

@Naija Chickito, Lol! Funny…I don’t want many guys. I just want one man to LOVE!

@mommy, I was out of town dearie. So you missed me yet you didn’t call enh? That ur missing no pure o!
So for which of the alphabets is it Love?

@soloD, thanks dear. Wetin dey ‘wa’ for my list na?

@girlie, lol! I don’t think so o!

@Nyem, on point babes.

@castlequeen, it wasn’t one person but persons,lol!
I believe in LOVE and believe I am entitled to it. Maybe that’s why am in a dilemma here.

Ms. emmotions said...

ah ! princesa, let me pretend to be an ignoramus here....they all sound like love to me oo...lmao
again it just might be the need to ......them out, u naw, that might set u straight as to wat u feel each one of them.


Jaycee said...

hmmmmm...what is this thing called? Only you can decide if its love or lust????

lol @ your alphabets of the MEN in ur life. Hmmm...there may be something abt the one u mentioned first...

Orientatednaijababe said...

7, YES 7, I counted.....

I will refer a song to u...it is titled "God bless the broken road, by Rascal flatts" Hope u'll understand y i am suggesting u listen to it.

AnyaPosh said...

Ahn ahn...hot stuff! Only you and all these alphabethical guys. Just stopped by to say that I'm loving this new display pic..very nice!

Allied said...

onlu you know what its called.. Pretty babe, Only you..

Today's ranting said...

Hmmmmmm so deep.Na wa for matters of the heart.so all the alphabets represent dem guys u've dated.Do you mind elaborating on
"swoon at the sight of you no doubt
Your sexy swagger…
Irresistible to many a female" hahahaha. Lol!

Afrobabe said...

I personally like the one that leaves a little wetnes...lol...:) hmmm I like him a lot!!!

AnyaPosh said...

Afrobabe, you got that right o! That part about the wetness being a witness...darn gurl!!!

s.chic said...

princesa scololo... only u! na u biko! lol... all this emotions u're expressing...abeg so when is it love? Me sef i wan know... i like the post sha... hope ur trip went well?

Rinsola said...

So my comment has been dissappearing. Nywayz, i liked it, but the letters, do they represent the names of those who have passed thru the windows of your heart, or those who have stayed? Please spill some gists. How you dey sha?

Naija Chickito said...

@afrobabe-lol. u always see the crazy (and dare i say perverted) side of things.
Abeg, no vex, na joke i dey.

Jaybabe said...

Whats LOVE got to do with all that? Nothing. I feel those are just the feelings you were feeling when you wrote down the way you were feeling when you were feeling that way.

pamelastitch said...

lol. Na you biko, why do i feel someone should say, it is a matter of cash.

Great Poem.

Why not submit that or something similar into the competition.

pamelastitch said...

lol. Na you biko, why do i feel someone should say, it is a matter of cash.

Great Poem.

Why not submit that or something similar into the competition.

darkelcee said...

I dont know if its love too.
But babes, i am sure you will know when it is LOVE.


fantasy queen said...

princessa u promised to notify me, no fair...i'm hurt(and i say this with my head droped)

can see loves in the air and everyones getting all mushy, i must not be infected.

the meaning of love just eludes us to no end.
i'm sure we'll all know it and be a hundred percent sure when it hits us.

miss hotbody said...

love ur poems...maybe its about love.

Or maybe its just a warm feeling in between the thighs..

Zephi Fahrenheit said...

i think this thing you feel is called feelings...lol

stickiness between your thighs...hmmmmmmm...lol

bumight said...

is it because we're in feb or what?
the thing u feel is ....LOVE, lol!

bumight said...

my bad, I finally get it:
N: very good friend
O: Lust? lol @ the stickiness...
I: another friend?
J: too bad, move on!
C: which kain love? this is not the kind we're looking for
M: got me confused as well
ID: swagger swagger ehn? yebariba...

In the end, I'm just as confused as you are!

guerreiranigeriana said...

hmmmmnnnn...i'm with afrobabe...anyone who leaves me to feel stickiness between my thighs...oh wait...uh, nevermind...that's just good ole lust...na your harem be dis?...

@naijachikito: so you think its perverted ehn?...don't worry...you'll soon see...you're a scorpio, abi?..;)

Andy said...

Hey Sis, you don dey serious with this poem thingy! Anyway, we will need a special one for next Thursday oooh (Val's day).

princesa said...

@ms emotions, the need to what??
Didn’t get that part.

@jaycee, you think so?

@ONB, I never heard of that song and can I ask why you are referring me to it? I don’t understand.

@anyaposh, thanks for stopping by. Glad you like it! Yours is cool too.

@allied, serious…I don’t know o!

@today’s ranting, elaborate ke?? Okay the dude is sexy…you know TDH and all,lol!

@afro, lol! Why you no go like am?! We seriously need to conduct deliverance for you on blogville,lol!

@anyaposh, even you??lol!

@s.chic, you don give me new name sef? Princesa scololo??,lol! My trip was good, thanks babe.

@rinsola, they represent the names of those who are currently in it in various capacity,lol!

@naijachickito,lol! Abeg leave afro for me o!

@jaybabe, girl I agree. They were feelings I was feeling,lol!

@pammy,lol! A matter of cash how?? Hmmm will check the link out!

@darkel, I agree with you dear. I will definitely know!

@fantasyqueen, I write this with my head dropped too. Can u forgive me sweet? Was in a hurry to leave the office I couldn’t hola then. Will do as soon as I post now. BTW, why don’t u want to be infected dearie?

@misshotbody,lol! Maybe. Those hot pics on ur blog…hmmm…

@zephi,yea they are that-feelings! What’s so lol about he stickiness…bad pikin!

@bumight, I think you understood the post very well! So you don join the confused club too?

@G.Nigeriana, lol! I just knew you and afro were of one breed,lol!

@andy, lol! Bros, no give me home work o!

Bunmmy said...

lol........hope you make up your mind soon!

Ms. emmotions said...

the need to try them out...swear u dont know wat ;;;lol

Ms. emmotions said...

ok , let speak plain , the need to em, em, em, get down wit each one of them...now u naw abi

ehen, am coming back to read this oral thing, let me do some work first

Omosewa said...

36thhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, lolol.

This is real love nwantintin...love nwatoro..:D

Obi said...

Hmmm..tough call kid...
But would you know, even if love upped and bit you on the ass..???

Don said...