Monday, February 25, 2008


Let’s clink glasses.
It’s my first bloggerversary!
Feb 2007-Feb 2008
One whole year of posting blogs, reading blogs and sharing experiences
One whole year of fun
Blogging is hardwork and addictive but it’s still fun.
Joining this wonderful community of beautiful writers is one thing I don’t regret.
A lot of great people I have met here. Lovely friends I have made too
People I probably would never have met if I hadn’t discovered blogville.
Before Blogville, I never used to spend much time on the internet.
When I did, it was usually on fashion websites- browsing the latest season collections (Am no fashion junkie o…just have plans of having my own fashion label in future).
Or on my Yahoo 360 page
And when I wanted to amuse myself with the numerous toasters and their latest toastin lyrics, I’d go to Myspace
Now, I can’t remember the last time I checked any of those sites
Sometimes I even forget I need to check my mails
Yahoo 360 and Myspace people must be wondering what happened to me.
Am practically forever on blogspot these days.
Afrobabe’s, Carlang’s, Allied’s…..
Too many blogs to read
And too little time to read them…Ha!!!
Each day my romance with blogspot only waxes stronger
We still hooked together like stamp and letter
I remember how it all started…

I had met this nice dude on skype
Okay I forgot to mention I also spent some time skyping.
Found out that we went to the same university
And we had a few friends in common too
I rarely logged on to skype
But whenever I did, we were sure to chat
One day while chatting
He sent me a link with the words: “Check out my blog….”
So I clicked and was transported to bloggerland
He had just done a post on his late father then
A very sweet and touching post
I read and left a comment
Just as I was about to close the page window
At the top, I saw this icon that read: ‘next blog’
So I clicked and I found myself on another blog
But this time a strange one; some white lady’s blog,
I read on all the same but I didn’t leave any comment.
Clicked ‘next blog’ a couple more times
Reading all sorts of random blogs
And then I saw the other one
The ‘create blog’ sign
I tapped my mouse…Click…
And I had a blog!
So I did a post…my very first post- I don come o!
And then I buzzed my skype friend to let him know I just created a blog
Did I mention that my skype friend was
Yea he was my blog Godfather
I gave him the link, he visited my blog and left a comment
He wouldn’t visit again for months…bad God father,lol!
Oh well, probably wasn’t all his fault sha,
Me…blog-owner wasn’t even serious about my blog then
You see I already had a blog on Yahoo 360
And I put down stuff there once in a while
So it was that whenever I posted something there
I’d copy and post on my new blog
One thing that bothered me though was…
Comments! Where were the comments?!
Silly me…JJC(Johny just come)
I didn’t know I was supposed to visit other blogs
And post comments so others would find me too
I also didn’t know any other naija blogger except Anibodude
And he didn’t have any blog link on his page
He had just recently started blogging then
And didn’t know too many bloggers so I don’t blame him.
Alas, one day, he did a post
Where he had the links of two naija bloggers
Everyonelovesanaijagirl and Chidi
Where are those two are now?!?! Anyone know??
Anyway I checked out their blogs
Read almost all their posts
Interesting posts they were
Then I saw the list
It was on Chidi’s blog
A long list of blogs…
Calabargal, Ugodaniels, Azuka ….
Click, Click, Click
Blog after Blog
I read and read and read for hours on end
Not a few comments I dropped too.
The next time I checked out my blog
5 comments!!! I was so glad!
That’s not a mean feat these days, abi?
They were lovely encouraging comments.
Calabargal, UgoD,
Sparkle, Chidi, Everyonelovesanaijagal, Excitedjade
I thank you guys for the love and support you gave.
So I fell more in love with my new hobby
I got better at posting and reading posts
I changed my name from princess to princesa
Not prisca or princessa
Neither pricesca nor porincesa
Just short and simple princesa.

81 posts, 4,582 profile views and some aliases
Madam blogger my brother calls me
Fantasyqueen says it’s Blog celeb
I am having fun here…am sure you all can tell
No crazy anon can drive me out of blogville!

Here’s to many more years of blogging.
Cheers guys!


onydchic said...

Wow... you REALLY LUURVE blogging!!! Good on ya! Carry on the ggod work jo!

fantasy queen said...

whyyyy, after everythung i aint first?

fantasy queen said...

thats the spirit anon can drive you out. happy anniversary sweetheart...wish u many happy bloggin years to come...

fantasy queen said...

plus i'm 2nd and 3rd..yayyyy.
i'm doing serious gbedu here. lemme go and change eh, i'll be right back for the party..shei theres a party?
so u're one of the 360 crew too, cant remember when last i blogged there or my other sites.blogville rocks...

Sasuke said...

princesa 2 glasses in the air...congrats chick i am saying this because technically you are my blog godmother..anyhoos today is my birthday oh! so you better

Mommy said...

This is so NOT FAIR :0(
After all the stalking...I'm still not first. ouch..
Well atleast I made top ten. lol!!
Okay I'm gonna read it now!

Mommy said...

Thanx babes! You wan try me? I made top ten! lol
awwwww...cheers girl!! Congratulations...You've been in blogsville for just a year? Looked like forever :0) know when I didn't have comments, you always kept me going. Thanx!
Ok so when are we breaking the ice for the cham-pag-ne and munch bunch? lol
Mhen blogging sure is addictive.

Mommy said...

Shwepsss...Where's Afro and Bumight and DL and and and and ....uhm...all those first place stalkers? heheheheheheh

Mommy said...

I know this is soooooo annoying na na na naaaaa you can't catch me
*Sticking tongue out*

Mommy said...

Okay...gotten to my goal. Top ten! lol!! If I can't get first place...I can get other coverted spots.

*Vamooses before the crowd begins to gather*

Mommy said...

Oh...I forgot...Happy Birthday Sasuke!
Make una neva stone me oh!! I'm out!

desperate lady said...

lol ok at least i'm before afrobabe and bumight lol *i'm consoling myself* but i'm top 10 sha.

30+ said...

Na wa for Mommy o, na real winching you do so a person can not make Top 10 again abi.


s.chic said...

Congrats O! How we go celebrate this?

Naija chic said...

awwwg. Congrats girl, i hope to acheiev this and more in blogsville...really interetsing.

love the part you've got to read and comment on others before you get noticed!

Definitely no anon should chase you from blogsville or make you go private (wink at dl).

Hope u'll celebrate 2 yrs with a mil posts- can u acheive that? if you do, i'll reveal myself to you!

princesa said...

@onydchic, thanks and have extra glass of champagne joo for coming first!
@fantasyqueen, yea you are 2nd 3rd and 4th babe. Oya have more champagne too. 360 must have lost quite a lot of us,lol!
@sasuke, my blog son! You say today na ur birthday??? Why didn’t you tell me all this while, anyway am gonna holla. Happy dude.
@mommy,lol! 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th ,10th and 11th…Only you!!! Thanks love, we all went through those no comments phase,lol!
I wonder where afro and bumight are too…maybe still sleeping…you know DL invoked Amadioha’s sleeping charm,lol!
@DL, I have a feeling you didn’t even read the post girl…talk true o!
@30+, lol! No mind mommy jare, the champagne don dey shack am small small,lol! 30 pluses…its P-R-I-N-C-E-S-A!!!!
@S.chic, thanks dear. You still dey find celebration??? Oya drink champagne na.
@naijachic,lol! thanks babe.
Is that a dare or what?? 2 million posts?!?! Even if i blogged 5 times a day, i couldn't achieve that o!
Why do i get the feeling i may know you already??hmmm...

Manda said...

Happy blogaversary babes... U forgot to mention u catapaulted me here too....

Abeg lemme not take too much champagne here cos i gotta groove sasuke's bday too.

Afrobabe said...

Kai...I am sooooooooooo late...after all the vigil i kept here...not fair...lem me go and read...

Afrobabe said...

Awwwww...that was beautifully written's been fun and been great knowing and reading u...

I made it before Bumight so its all good..

desperate lady said...

i read it o lol. Oya congrats madam.

Arewa said...


Allied said...

Congratulations oh.. You will do another year too...

I might as well let you know.. Your blog motivates me to update!1

bumight said...

Congratulations are in order shey! hope u stay on longer!

PS: I am mad o! u lied to me!!

Jaycee said...


Cheers to many more yrs of blogging (lol)....*CLINK*

princesa said...

@manda my sweet goddaughter, how you dey?? Dont finish the champagne...leave for others now.
Am joining u at sasuke's soon.

@afro, at least you still made top 20,i came 104th on ur blog...what a shame!
Its been great knowing you too babes.

@DL,, madam private blogger...i go see you soon for your end. Thanks.

@arewa, thats so sweet girl! Thanks.

@allied, thanks too babe. Good to know am an inspiration,lol!

@bumight, thanks dear. Lied?? How and when?? Anyway sorry o!

@jaycee, thanks sweetie *clink*

Naija Chickito said...

Cheers. I wish you long blogging life and Prosperity!

Obi said...

Yup..we're all one big happy dysfunctional family here..Happy anniversary...

Today's ranting said...

Congrats on your one year on blogland.I must confess you are doing a great job here.I'm loving your blog.You were one of those who first made comments on my blog when I started few months back.It is really addictive and interesting.CHEERS!

Omosewa said...

Congratulobia...its been fun getting to know you, omaricha, the hottest of the hot:D

As per ur bros wedding webbie, it's because i didnt find it, im hoping people leave more webbies on the post.

As for only the groom left, that one is a small thing now, infact, i cant shout! :D

LOL,im sooo happy, my morning class got cancelled, now im perfume shopping, abeg any suggestions?

Queen of My Castle said...

Happy Blog Anniversay!!!! I am still hoping to reach mine. LOL. Instead of creating my own blog roll I just use yours. LOL. I am always here.

Here's to many many more posts and blog friends!

**Raises glass of pink champange to toast Queen Princesa** LOL

Ms. emmotions said...

one whole year of blogging?
gosh ! i envy u oooo

bumight said...

yes u lied! u said u were going to post in 24 hours, BUT U DIDN'T!!!
u posted in more than 72 hrs!

Zephi Fahrenheit said...

"Not prisca or princessa
Neither pricesca nor porincesa
Just short and simple princesa"

lmao..Im still sticking to If I like it complicated ehn? lol

*raises glass of palmy in the air*

heres to many more years of blogging for princessa

*gulps down palmy furiously*


Rinsola said...

Is there still more fanta? i came late. Happy blogversary, or how is it spelt? Looking forward to many more years of blogging ahead (gists no ever dey finish)

desperate lady said...

@naija chic- don't wink @ me o shuooo, I went private cos I wanted to.

ablackjamesbond said...

Happy anniversary and thanks for all the tips. I am new in blogville but i am loving it!

Rayo said...

Congratulations on your achievement!!

NikkiSab said...


darkelcee said...

ohh lawdy

where have i been?

Happy bloggerversary

Nyemoni said...

Awwwwwwwwww....I missed da parry!Never too late to say Happy bloggerversary though!

diary of a G said...

Happy bloggerversary

No crazy anon can drive me out of blogville!....I like that

I remember when a blogger introduced you on his blog....awww he early dazes.

cheers P
sorry, princesa
I still gotta change that one my blogroll

diary of a G said...


Florida of Free Spirit said...

congrats dear. keep up with d good work. on d princesa matter, u know say i no dey call u anything. cos, truthfully speaking, i don't know how to pronounce dat thing o. is it 'princess aaaa' or 'prince saaa'. u know how one crams d spelling og certain words wey pass dir power to pornounce e, yes o. na so me & ur name be. i know how to spell, no one should make me say it loud.

meanwhile, i've finally settled on a template. i hope it meets ur approval o, cos i don really suffer eh 4 d thing

A Kel called Wonder ...... said...

Happy blogsville anniversary. Dont u think a party would have been appropriate cos ur such an avid blogger babes........

princesa said...

@naija chikito, thanks dearie. Wish you same.

@obi, dysfunctional??? I don’t think that part is right. We are perfectly normal peeps.

@today’s ranting, thanks babe. It really is addictive.

@omosewa, lol! Do I sense a wedding on the way girl?? Whoopeee!!! As per Perfume suggestions, have you tried Celine dion’s Belong?? Not a bad one.
On my brother’s wedding webbie, will put it up on my next post.

@Castle queen, lots of peeps use my blogroll. Its cool…am glad its useful. You are the queen babes,lol!

@ms. emotions, it hasn’t been easy o! Thanks.

@bumight,lol! Babes no vex…situation was beyond my control. I hope you have snapped out of that mood o!

@zephi, LMAO! Where did you get palmy from?? Abeg no finish the am o…I too love a chilled glass of the local brew,lol! Princessa…hmmm…I see you definitely like it complicated.

@rinsola, you no dey drink champagne bi na palmy sef?? No worry I can arrange good ol’ fanta for a sweetheart like you.

@DL,dont sweat it dear. Its ur choice. I might just go private soon too,lol!

@ablackjamesbond, welcome to blogville dude. It’s a fun place…am sure you know that already.


@nikkisab, thanks too babe.

@darkel, I should be askin you that girl. Thanks.

@nyemoni, yea…never too late babes. Thanks.

@DOG, hey man! Been a while…u ok?? Hmmm…someone introduced me then?? I didn’t know that! Who was it?? I should say thanks right?? You were also a pillar of support those days dude. Thanks. Princess is not bad…at least that’s what I am.

@Flo, lol! So wetin you dey call me na?? You changed ur template finally!!! Am dashing over soon. I ope its better than the last one o.

@a kel, lol! What with all of you here…it’s a party already!!! Okay you mean I should add the jollof rice and cake enh? You too like food jare,lol!
‘Avid’ blogger?? Am I really???



I have really been a bad godfather
i cant even believe i am the 45th blogger to leave a comment on my goddaughters blog. Its shameful. forgive me

No vex for me oo, no be my fault.Its just too many "distractions" in my life.

Anyway my head is REALLY swelling for playing a part in ur blogville life. thanks a lot

i owe u one


i'm actually 46th, not 45th...

Olamild said...


THem don finish champagne before I got here o.

I want my own specially.

The Indecent One..... said...

like the reason i clicked on ur blog was coz u left a comment in sewa's blog stating ure posting weddin webbie on urs? wia e dey na?

lol....ok I was just in the mood to see websites and u said u was gone post ya sib's one....where the link @? :D

Orientatednaijababe said...

Happy anniversary darling......Wish u more successful yrs of bloggin..

Obi said...

Normal is relative, girl..
NOBODY'S "normal"..!!

Happy anniversary...again..!!

princesa said...

@anibodude, you see urself!fake Godfather,lol! Yea i owe me lunch.

@olamild, lol! Abeg manage the palm wine. E still remain plenty*hic*

@indecent one, lol! So u're a wedding webbie freak enh? Okay cool...come back on my next post. You'll find the link.

@ONB, thanks sweets.

@obi, na you sabi.Thanks again.

Eb the Celeb said...

Happy Bloggerversary!

Calabar Gal said...

Happy Anniversary Pricessa. May the blogging fever & spirit never wane or die. LOL!!

Isi said...

congrats dear...i love ur positive spirit!

how have u been?!

Sparkle said...

Happy Anniversary

Sherri said...

happy blogversary!
where the party at?lol

no mind me o, it only took me a year to waka come.

1stpet2v9 said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! We're just 3 days away!

Aijay said...

I missed the party :(