Monday, December 13, 2010

Last Month, 1st Post, Blocked Nose, Cant Sleep...

Lol @ my title...
anyway I couldn't be bothered to think of a caption so make una manage am like dat...
God! I have really missed blogging and you guys sha o...didnt even realise how much until I started typing this post.

At the moment am battling an annoying flu/cold/blocked nostrils. Ko easy my friends... and to think that I havn't been able to sleep a wink all night...dat one no mean say na lack of sleep push me to blog for the first time in almost 2years...small thing e for reach like dat abi! Truly Truly I have missed blogging!

I cant even say why I havn't blogged all this why, yes I've been busy and all but haba na me like money pass??? Guess I just wanted to prove something to myself, blogging was becoming a huge part of my life and I wasn't ready for that. I hope the addiction wont return soon cos am loving this every second I keep typing, Chei!

2010 is almost winding up and I daresay this has been a wonderful year for me! God has been faithful and merciful as always. Honestly I cant complain. I hope it has been the same for you all as well. If it hasn't, no worry 2011 is your year, Amen!!!

Alright guys, let me try and pull a fast one on sleep, gotta rise early and I no want sleep for steering. I dey find driver o!

Wish me luck

Ahem...wey those peeps wey say dem no go update until princesa does, Shally, LG, Afrobabe, oya come update sharply!,lol.. I love that word, Sharply,lol!

Love ya!!!

Monday, October 5, 2009


Now let no one say I didn't update o!


Friday, April 24, 2009

Crazy guy gist & DA FUN-SHOP

I was tired. My head was aching from the stress of the day. The last thing I needed was some crazy guy causing unnecessary traffic by parking his car right in the middle of the narrow road.

I stretched my neck out of the car window to see properly what was going on. That same instant, a shirt came flying towards my car. It was the crazy guy, yea it turned out I was right in tagging him ‘crazy’! He had removed his shirt,flung it aside and was punching someone in the front passenger seat.

The car in front of me started moving, the driver was trying to squeeze through the narrow space beside Mr. Crazy’s car. I followed suit.

As I passed the silver Golf car, I deliberately slowed down to take in the situation. The crazy guy was still leaning into his car, his trouser had shifted downwards to reveal a traumatising half view of his bare black arse.

Seriously now…guys, this question is for you…why o...why will you put on your trousers without wearing something underneath? No boxers…No briefs…Why now? And then you will be causing bad luck for peeps by exposing the arse all around town?


So, from where I was, I could see that Mr Crazy was punching hard blows into the face of this young lady who flayed her arms in front of her in an unsuccessful attempt to shield her face from the blows.

I looked around me, people were watching the scene with a lot of interest but no one was making any move to stop this craziness from going on! I almost screamed out to guy to stop hitting her but then I caught a glimpse of his face before I did. He had this evil maniacal look on his face. At that point I wasn’t even sure of this guy was not mentally deranged or something. He was screaming expletives which I couldn’t hear from where I was. The girl was screaming too.

The impatient honk of the car behind me made me realize I was causing my own mini-hold up on my side of the road so I moved ahead reluctantly. The scene was upsetting, whatever had transpired between the both of them, I didn’t feel the girl deserved to be handled that way.

I moved some metres ahead while still watching what was going on through my rear mirror. I saw that the guy had gotten back into the car and was now driving towards me so I stopped my car and waited for him to drive past. He drove past with such reckless speed that he nearly brushed the side of my car. This guy was definitely bunkers, I thought to myself as I kicked my engine and followed behind him.

Now, this guy drove like a possessed man, swerving and making suicidal turns that I feared that he would crash into someone/something. i couldnt keep a close tail on him because of his crazy driving but I maintained a fair distance. 

Why was I even following them? I asked myself but I couldn’t answer. I swear, It wasn’t my natural ‘gbeborun’ instincts at work. I just felt a need to make sure that the girl was safe. I didn’t have a plan yet but my mind was working fast. There was a police check point at the junction ahead of us and I knew he would definitely slow down when he got there. The traffic at that point was a given.

Maybe I could report to the police men at the junction. They could arrest the guy for Violence or whatever…

We got to the junction  and the Golf car slowed down, I drove into the next lane beside the golf as I frantically looked around for the police guys. They weren’t there! I turned to look into the car, he was shouting at the girl, I think she said something and then "Gbosaaa!" a slap and another one…na wa o…this guy wasn’t letting up….WHERE ARE THE POLICE WHEN YOU NEED THEM?!!!!

As the traffic warden motioned for us to move on, I made a detour back the way I came. I didnt know what to do and it was pointless following them to God knows where. And okay I admit, I was tired from the day’s hassles and I didn’t need any more.

But I drove back home with a heavy heart. That evening, I wouldnt have minded being a man(a macho one at that), that way, I would have taken that coward on and taught him the lesson of his life.

I was also depressed with the reality of the society we live in. A society where no one will lift a finger to help another person in need. People will rather look on, shake their heads in pity and move on, and oh... they will definitely take in the details of the incident well enough to recount it to another person, but help? No way!

It’s a sad sad situation.

Ialso couldnt help wondering what the girl could have done to deserve such a severe beating. 

Did she sleep with his best friend? or maybe Spit in his mother's face?

What heinous crime did she commit to deserve that beating?

Is the guy’s action even justifiable?

Why didn’t she even jump out of the car? I would, if it was me o…but not before aiming one of my fingers straight into the crazy coward’s eyes.

*devilish grin* ;)

Meanwhile lots of you have been asking what I have been up to. Sorry, I went AWOL the way I did. make una no vex o...I have missed you all and will try to catch up on your blogs when I can.

The Flier below explains it all. Your girl has been busy setting up a business. If you live in Festac and environs, Da Fun-shop…your number one store for children educational books/toys/games is here to bring constructive excitement to your kids!

Don’t fail to stop by, we’ll be glad to have you! For those who can't drop in because of distance, tell a friend about the store okay. Thanks.


...and I designed these fliers myself o...not bad abi?

Friday, March 27, 2009

Now, its time to dance Owambe!

I won the award, yay!!!!

Now its time to put on your dancing shoes and boogie.

I got Dbanj, 9ice and KSA(just for u bumight) on the bandstand to thrill you guys...
Am off to pimp my 'hawtness' up some more, cant afford to let down my rep,lol!!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009


I finally get to put the most coveted Naija Blogger awards Nominee icon on my blog thanks to you guys.
I was almost beginning to lose hope of getting any nominations,lol!

Anyway, for those who don’t know, I was nominated for the award of BLOGGER YOU THINK IS HOT IN REAL LIFE!

Guys, una know na…
My own no be think o…
Those who have seen me can attest to the fact that yours truly is HAWT!!!

Okay so I’m immodest, but if I no blow my trumpet, who go blow am now? :)

Now, the first step is done, all that is left is for you my lovelies, to VOTE.

Head over to the NaijaBloggersaward page to vote for Princesa and you will be richly blessed in Jesus’ name, Amen!


You know, this reminds me of the time I came back home for the holidays in my second year in the University with an award- Award for the Most beautiful girl in my department for that year.

I was excitedly showing off my award to my family when my dad commented:

“So you couldn’t get the award for the most intelligent student…what’s the big deal about being beautiful?”

My dad had always pushed us to realise that beauty without brains is meaningless.

Anyway I made him proud when I had one of the best results during Graduation…:)

There I go…digressing,lol!

So Shally tagged me…oh how I hate ‘em tags! : (
Funny enough, she tagged me and decided to de-activate her blog after that, shuo...
Shally dear, wetin happen na?

Anyway, The tag is cool cos all I need to do is to talk about six things I have learnt from blogging.

So here goes…

Blogging has helped to improve my vocabulary. I have learnt new words and new ways to say the ones I used to know.

Blogging has taught me to appreciate other people better. I now appreciate better the fact that we all have different experiences and react to situations in our own peculiar ways.

I have also learnt to respect other people’s opinions and choices. We don’t all have to believe in the same things but we can learn from our differences.

Blogging has helped me to develop my writing abilities. I am inspired to write better when I read some of the stuff you guys put down.

Finally, Blogging has introduced me to some really wonderful people. People I can share my life's experiences with and people who have been there for me, when I needed them.
Thank you so much guys for making Blogging fun!
Congrats to all the Category A winners and the organizers too...e no easy...

Thursday, March 5, 2009


So this morning I was driving to work with my cousin.
She was going to get down on the way as she was headed to see a General Manager of a Company for job.
“How you take get the connection sef?” I queried.
“Ha ha ha” She laughed. “Na one guy like that wey carry my matter for head o!”

On further prodding, she revealed to me that she had been introduced to this Company topshot by some guy who had been begging her to marry him for months now.

“Eeee…eee…why you no want marry am now?” I asked jokingly.
“My sister, the bobo too short, abeg!” she announced sharply. “You know say me I no get height, how I go take come marry person wey short pass me well well”

I laughed uncontrollably for some minutes. The babe was serious o…one only needed to look at her face to know this.

I didn’t blame her sha…

I once had this “Serious toaster” some years ago.
We had been chatting online for close to a year and feelings were already growing. One day we decided to hook up face to face. He wasn’t bad looking at all but dude was EXTREMELY short meeeen!
At the end of the date, I was so sure ‘It’ would not work between me and him. The difference in our heights was too glaring and awkward for me!

Anyway, I asked my cousin another question.
“So which would you prefer? A very short man or an uneducated man?”
She pondered over the question a while before answering.
“Hmmm…I’ll go for the uneducated man o…at least he can always go to school, moreover there are some uneducated guys that really express themselves well that you’ll hardly know they didn’t have any formal education”

Long after I dropped her off. I still chewed on her words.

Personally I am someone who loves the interior more than the exterior. Catch my drift?
I’d rather go for a guy who has a great personality that one with great looks. I’m not saying that looks don’t matter to me o! Which girl doesn’t want a well groomed, good looking, nice smelling, pleasant mannered, well loaded(pocket & otherwise) dude eh?”
Babes no lie o!

However that said. I still DO NOT want a dwarf o! He he he he he…

So I’m throwing open the question:

For the girls, which would you prefer? To marry Ken, the short dude who has a PhD or Peter the 6.3” good looking brother who cant make a good sentence in English without mixing up his tenses?

For the guys, would you prefer to marry Sikira the beautiful village girl who cant speak a word of English or Sylvia, the masters degree holder who speaks impeccable English but is Ugggg…?

Now I don’t want diplomatic answers o…

It’s either black or white, no grey,lol!

PS: Kudos to the organizer of the Blogville awards o. More ‘mmanu’ to una elbows o! I am 'gbaduning' what you guys are doing but wait o….when the kasala ago burst na when una no give me any award. Heeennnn….heeennnn….I don talk finish o….

PPS: I have collected my First cheque from Getaway Club o and heading for the mega money now, all the doubting thomases, do a rethink o!

How do you like my God-daughter?
She is a Diva, isn’t she?

Ta ta…

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


So many of you guys expressed skepticism about The GETAWAY CLUB in my last post.

I understand your fears especially in this times of internet scams and all.

I am usually very wary of Get rich schemes too and reluctant to put my money in it but I decided to join the GETAWAY CLUB after I saw some real testimonies.

Sorry, the link I put up the last time was wrong. Here is the correct link-here

You can check it out for yourself.

PS: My mum collected her first payment two days ago and she is just a week old in the club. It's a matter of how hard you are prepared to work.

See you in the millionaires'club!