Thursday, March 19, 2009


I finally get to put the most coveted Naija Blogger awards Nominee icon on my blog thanks to you guys.
I was almost beginning to lose hope of getting any nominations,lol!

Anyway, for those who don’t know, I was nominated for the award of BLOGGER YOU THINK IS HOT IN REAL LIFE!

Guys, una know na…
My own no be think o…
Those who have seen me can attest to the fact that yours truly is HAWT!!!

Okay so I’m immodest, but if I no blow my trumpet, who go blow am now? :)

Now, the first step is done, all that is left is for you my lovelies, to VOTE.

Head over to the NaijaBloggersaward page to vote for Princesa and you will be richly blessed in Jesus’ name, Amen!


You know, this reminds me of the time I came back home for the holidays in my second year in the University with an award- Award for the Most beautiful girl in my department for that year.

I was excitedly showing off my award to my family when my dad commented:

“So you couldn’t get the award for the most intelligent student…what’s the big deal about being beautiful?”

My dad had always pushed us to realise that beauty without brains is meaningless.

Anyway I made him proud when I had one of the best results during Graduation…:)

There I go…digressing,lol!

So Shally tagged me…oh how I hate ‘em tags! : (
Funny enough, she tagged me and decided to de-activate her blog after that, shuo...
Shally dear, wetin happen na?

Anyway, The tag is cool cos all I need to do is to talk about six things I have learnt from blogging.

So here goes…

Blogging has helped to improve my vocabulary. I have learnt new words and new ways to say the ones I used to know.

Blogging has taught me to appreciate other people better. I now appreciate better the fact that we all have different experiences and react to situations in our own peculiar ways.

I have also learnt to respect other people’s opinions and choices. We don’t all have to believe in the same things but we can learn from our differences.

Blogging has helped me to develop my writing abilities. I am inspired to write better when I read some of the stuff you guys put down.

Finally, Blogging has introduced me to some really wonderful people. People I can share my life's experiences with and people who have been there for me, when I needed them.
Thank you so much guys for making Blogging fun!
Congrats to all the Category A winners and the organizers too...e no easy...


LG said...

hapuya like dat :-)

LG said...

buhahahahahahahahaha@ popsy's reply, lollll sorry i cant help it
*so if u want me to vote 4 u, u gats 2 vote 4 me 'simple n shot :-)

Writefreak said...

Congrats on your nomination! Look at you blowing your own trumpet!

poeticallytinted said...

Beauty and brains! Will you marry my brother for me?

@LG: you've been saying that to everybody...hmmmm. Dis your strategy na die! lol

THIRTY + said...

True you are beautiful no matter what anyone says or thinks. Evidence no dey lie :)

doll said...

my dad would have said the same thing too...

musco said...

i will vote if u allow me marry ur sister ...!?

seriously,ve u ever thot of a career in politics cos i think u will make a great campaign manager.

princesa said...

I'm off to vote you for Madam cherry popper(always carrying first) so make sure you retaliate the favour o!

@writefreak, dearie...wetin man go do na?

@poetically,lol! Hmmm...did ur brother, Is he tall, dark and handsome? Oh! I forgot...loaded too?lol!!!

@30+, thanks darling. You dey make my head burst for here o!

@doll,hmmm Dads can be very blunt abi?

@musco,lmao!!! Which kain trade and barter be dat now?
Politics?hmmm...(thinking seriously)

exschoolnerd said...

congrats dear!! u know u r hawt!! u deserve the award jare..fine girl no blemish!!!

joicee said...

Your Dad is funny
Ditto all you said about blogging
you're getting my vote lol

princesa said...

@exschool, thanks thanks thanks, no pictures, no autographs,lol!!!

@joicee,lol!Thanks babes.

Kafo said...

conGA tulations oooooooooooooo

Miss Definitely Maybe said...

Congratulations on your nomination
its a pity I wasnt nominated for the sexiest blogger award coz im sexy in real life lol

Anonymous said...

p.s. We kinda look alike.
LMAO at your Dads response. That is more like it. XOXO
Congratulations and goodluck!

Buttercup said...

lol @ ur dad..somn my dad wud say!

congrats on ur nomination..u sure r gorgeous!

bumight said...

congrats mami!

Funms-the rebirth said...

congrats on ur nomination....... ur dad's so funny...
hmm u can put a pic up so we'd vote for

O'Dee said...

You sound like one of those preachers, sourcing for donations.
I'm sure you are reall hawt!

tobenna said...


princesa said...

@kafo, thanks soooo...
@MISSDM, yesooooo...okay babes, i promise to give up my position to u only if you put up a pic to show us your sexiness. Like 30+ puts it, evidence no dey lie,lol!
@temite,lol! Thanks babes.Can i see a pic preety?
@buttercup, thanks o.
@bumight, thanks booo :), Congrats on ur award too.
@funms,lol! All the pics wey dey my slide show no do u?
@O dee,lol! Preacher ke? I didnt do that badly now..:)
@tobenna, man of little words,lol! Thanks.


na me u call ajebo???/ u r not a serious somebody!!! but u r hot sha!

miz-cynic said...

padi mi...werin dy,if i go vote for u dem go think say i be lesbian now.abi wht do u think,morova the award says blogger u think is in fantasy,,,,ur real to me. iv met u. sorry.but i know say na u go win.

Miss FlyHigh - LondonsNaijaQueen said...

Nice Blog ma,
Hopefully be reading more from you and well done on your award! Kudos to you.
drop by my blog sometime.
chow x

TDVA said...

madame, i tagged you.

lemme go catch up on your blog, it's been too long.

omoh said...

Madame hawt!u know ya hot so jsut keep basking in it.i dint delete my blog.its still there.i guess am late for the voting.typical of me.i'm surprised i wasint nominated for best disappearing act,lol.