Monday, December 13, 2010

Last Month, 1st Post, Blocked Nose, Cant Sleep...

Lol @ my title...
anyway I couldn't be bothered to think of a caption so make una manage am like dat...
God! I have really missed blogging and you guys sha o...didnt even realise how much until I started typing this post.

At the moment am battling an annoying flu/cold/blocked nostrils. Ko easy my friends... and to think that I havn't been able to sleep a wink all night...dat one no mean say na lack of sleep push me to blog for the first time in almost 2years...small thing e for reach like dat abi! Truly Truly I have missed blogging!

I cant even say why I havn't blogged all this why, yes I've been busy and all but haba na me like money pass??? Guess I just wanted to prove something to myself, blogging was becoming a huge part of my life and I wasn't ready for that. I hope the addiction wont return soon cos am loving this every second I keep typing, Chei!

2010 is almost winding up and I daresay this has been a wonderful year for me! God has been faithful and merciful as always. Honestly I cant complain. I hope it has been the same for you all as well. If it hasn't, no worry 2011 is your year, Amen!!!

Alright guys, let me try and pull a fast one on sleep, gotta rise early and I no want sleep for steering. I dey find driver o!

Wish me luck

Ahem...wey those peeps wey say dem no go update until princesa does, Shally, LG, Afrobabe, oya come update sharply!,lol.. I love that word, Sharply,lol!

Love ya!!!