Tuesday, September 16, 2008


*big sigh of relief*
Okay so the SBR has come and gone.
It was a good one. I had fun and I believe everyone who attended also did.
Organizing the SBR was no small thing o! In fact at some point I almost gave up on the SBR. I was ready to type an apologetic post informing everyone that the SBR was not going to hold anymore but then I stopped myself at the last moment. I said to myself, Princesa you can do this. Even if no body offers to help, you can still push it through. And I did, thank God!

The SBR wasn’t my idea. It was Chari who brought up it up and asked that I help with the organizing. I graciously accepted thinking that I was only going to be helping him out not knowing that bobo had other plans. He practically dumped the responsibility on my shoulders and went AWOL! Me and my high sense of responsibility (I need to start learning how to be irresponsible o), I now had to juggle organizing SBR with my already cramped busy work life. It wasn’t easy but it was worth it at the end. Seeing all those lovely people happy and having fun made it worth the stress. We don’t get to unwind everyday and when the opportunity comes to do so, it’s best to try to enjoy one’s self thoroughly. Like I always say, life is too short for starchy ways abeg!

I want to thank everyone that contributed to the success of this event. Those that contributed in cash, those that gave their moral support, those that attended even those that promised to be there but didn’t show up, una sef try well well.

For those asking to see pics. I'll post the link as soon as i finish uploading the pics.
That is if others don't have any qualms. No tagging tho!

Friday, September 12, 2008

The D-Day is tomorrow!

The D-Day is tomorrow o...

The Summer Bloggers Reunion beach party.

All is set and all that's left is for you guys to show up.

Blogger, Blog reader, Anonymous, whichever class you fall into, you are invited!

Don't be told. If you are in lagos tomorrow, come have fun with others at Alpha beach.

Me, I have kukuma bought a new pair of dancing flipflops so whether una come or not, Princesa is gonna rock that party live!

Time: 2pm-6pm
Venue: ALPHA Beach

Monday, September 8, 2008


Hello people!
It’s another new week again and once again, It’s back to the bump ‘n grind. Here’s wishing everone a happy and fulfilled new week. May all your dreams and wishes for this week come to pass in Jesus’s name, can I get a big AMEN somebody???

Last weekend was good.
I attended the wedding of two dear bloggers. Anibodude and Nikkisab. It was a very lovely wedding and the couple looked really splendid. The rocking nko? That one was something else o! Those two can really boogie sha...
Sorry I cant put up the pics I took at the wedding at least not without the permission of the couple and as far as I know, right now they are on their honeymoon so you’ve got to wait till they return :)

The SBR is still scheduled to hold on Saturday, September 13th at Alpha beach, Lagos. Some bloggers have paid and those that are yet to make payment, Please try to make ur contributions before the end of Tuesday September 9th to enable us make the necessary payments.

On the other hand, we understand say ‘condition fit no dey level’ for some people and they may not be able to pay their own contributions so we want to let you all know that everyone is invited to the beach even if you paid or not. Only that those who do not pay will not have the T-shirts.

Please come along with friends and relatives. The more the merrier.
Don’t forget to come with your refreshments o!

Those wey dey fear, no fear jare...nothing dey happen!

See u at the beach on Saturday!

PS: Stuck, Smaragd, Poetically tinted, wetin dey happen na???

Monday, September 1, 2008

My birthday weekend.

Thank you to every one who called me/sent a text message or dropped a line on this blog and Facebook to wish me a happy birthday. You guys made me feel really special and I really appreciate you all.

So now am officially XXyrs and a day older,lol! Wetin una wan hear? You know how it is now…a girl does not reveal her age ;)

Okay so you really…desperately want to know?

IT FEELS REALLY GOOD TO BE 21!!!! (Na Doctor Naps talk am o!)

Lol! I wish abi?

Wouldn’t it be nice to be 21 again?!!

And be free of all the “So when are you calling us…our throat don dry finish o” pressure,lol!

The ironic thing is that when I was actually that young as in late teens and early twenties, I used to inflate my age and increase it by at least 3 years more. Now that am as old as I used to wish I was, am beginning to feel that 21yrs sounds a lot sexier.
See my life,lol!

Anyway, birthday’s gone now and do I feel older? Naaa!!!!

What did I get up to? Plenty!!!

My birthday celebrations started Friday night.

I went with a couple of friends to a strip club. Yea you read right…A STRIP CLUB!

Me, good girl princesa in a strip club. Hard to imagine abi?lol!

I mean it’s like the craziest thing I have done this year. My friends(they are guys) felt my life was too dull and needed some spicing up so they decided to take me to a strip club. Crazy friends right? I should do away with them really,lol!

Chari, I think it’s the same strip club you went to some time ago. Bad boy!

Okay so I went to this strip club.

It was one crazy experience for real.

I didn’t believe my friends when they told me the girls got all starkers and displayed their dancing skills (more like ass wriggling) skills in their birthday suits but lo and behold, when I got there, it was as real as my B.B Cassia watch(I just had to say that,lol!...got it for my birthday from a darling pal).

Okay as I was saying before I digressed.

I was stunned to see all that was going down at the place. Pretty, well endowed girls that could easily win any beauty pageant demeaning themselves like that. It was crazy! Truly, I was embarrassed for them.

For a token fee of as low as N200(yea, I actually witnessed this) a guy could press some boobs, put his fingers in ‘some ‘ places, get a ‘skin to skin’ lap dance and even a quickie on the spot.


I think I was like the only babe in that joint who wasn’t there for ‘business’. There was this babe who was sitting on the laps of this guy. She was wearing a gown and I kinda assumed that she just came to witness like me,lol! I even smiled at her, only to later see same girl, this time, dressed in a skimpy white two piece that left nothing to the imagination. Na that time I realize say I was OYO ‘ On my own’,lol!

Wetin my eye no see that day? Black things, Red things, long things, small things, flat things, full things. Nna meeen…o dikwa very very risky, as my Ibo bros would say.

Am no lesbian but I admit the female anatomy fascinates me. I like admiring female asses and boobs and to be seeing this one live and direct was something else. My friends even asked me if I wanted to draw the vajayjays later with the way I was looking really intently,lol!
They had to practically drag me out of there when it was time to leave,lol!

Anyway, I tried to make up for that one night of craziness by spending my birthday on Sunday with prisoners at the Medium prisons, Kiri-Kiri. (I hope God was appeased,lol!).

Noooo…before you even ask, I didn’t get any toasters this time. For those who don’t understand read this post. Here

On SBR, the responses haven’t been very encouraging o! Una want make this party hold at all????

So far only about four bloggers have paid. Five other bloggers have promised to make payment by tomorrow.

People we’ve got to make this happen o…the more the merrier!

Make una wake up o!!!

PS: I didn't receive any gifts from my darling bloggers. anyway I know some people still dey for market where dem go buy the nice pressies for me. abeg make una hurry up come back,lol!!!!