Monday, September 8, 2008


Hello people!
It’s another new week again and once again, It’s back to the bump ‘n grind. Here’s wishing everone a happy and fulfilled new week. May all your dreams and wishes for this week come to pass in Jesus’s name, can I get a big AMEN somebody???

Last weekend was good.
I attended the wedding of two dear bloggers. Anibodude and Nikkisab. It was a very lovely wedding and the couple looked really splendid. The rocking nko? That one was something else o! Those two can really boogie sha...
Sorry I cant put up the pics I took at the wedding at least not without the permission of the couple and as far as I know, right now they are on their honeymoon so you’ve got to wait till they return :)

The SBR is still scheduled to hold on Saturday, September 13th at Alpha beach, Lagos. Some bloggers have paid and those that are yet to make payment, Please try to make ur contributions before the end of Tuesday September 9th to enable us make the necessary payments.

On the other hand, we understand say ‘condition fit no dey level’ for some people and they may not be able to pay their own contributions so we want to let you all know that everyone is invited to the beach even if you paid or not. Only that those who do not pay will not have the T-shirts.

Please come along with friends and relatives. The more the merrier.
Don’t forget to come with your refreshments o!

Those wey dey fear, no fear jare...nothing dey happen!

See u at the beach on Saturday!

PS: Stuck, Smaragd, Poetically tinted, wetin dey happen na???


Afrobabe said...


Afrobabe said...

Kai, I deserve a price!!!

Awwwwww I really wish I could have made the wedding…glad to hear it was fun sha must see the pics in our arena

Free-flowing Florida said...

why is everyone doing these mini-updates? abeg una, update na update. no mini & no major.

i really wanted 2 attend nikkisab's wedding & oluwadee's dat happened within one week of each other. wow!

i can't make it 2 SBR either! now, aint dat a bitch! i was saying n someone's blog dat maybe na me go organize d next one. hehehehehehe

Writefreak said...

So glad to hear about the wedding, so sorry i don't think i can make it to the SBR, sadly as we have some family stuff to do, but my heart will be with you guys. Keep my Tshirt, i'll still take it..


fantasy queen said...

was sick on saturday, so missed the wedding, after all d plans i mad *sob*

see u at d sbr!

Rita said...

Try oh...Organizer and publicity chairwoman of SBR...well done oh

archiwiz said...

Awww...Congrats to the newly wed couple...and LOL...for real...all these mini-updates sef...Hmmm...LOL...See me wey dey talk.

ibiluv said...!!!!!!!!

FineBoy Agbero said...

Princesa, nobody is answering d phones o!!!

musco said...

looking 4wd to when bloggers will begin to get married to each other(did i just say that?).

let's get to know d exact time we re supposed to get to d beach 4 d SBR especially those of us dat dn't stay on d island.

u shld definitely get an award on saturday!

poeticallytinted said...

BEEN SO ILL... Kept trying to call the numbers but couldn't get thru. can i email you? hope it isn't too late.

princesa said...

@afro, u don see am abi? Dats ur price darl.
@flo, to organize party no easy o.Me sef i don dey regret the wahala wey i go carry put for my head o!
@writefreak, awwh too bad babes. will miss u.
@FT, hope u are berra now sweets. see u at the beach.
@rita, thanks babes. e no easy at all o
@archiwiz,yes o...all them mini-updates peeps,lol!
@ibiluv, yea, so when are u calling us babes?
@FBAgbero, lol! someone answered now abi?
@musco, lol! They already started dude! Party time is 2pm! I really need that award o
@Poetically tinted. Sorry about ur health babe. No its not too late. You can email me. Make sure u attend o!

LG said...

oooooh prisco'how i wish... *sigh*
but i cant escape ikotun, d same ikotun wey dem tap my current *grins*
e go beta jare

FineBoy Agbero said...


Standtall said...

Well done dearie. What time is it starting?

Miss Definitely Maybe said...

the wedding bug is definitely in the air
Hopefully its contagious
so that maybe some of us will be lucky enough to catch the virus lol
As for the Bloggers Party, wish I could attend
mebbe someone will organise one abroad next year
and by then I just might have gathered enough courage to step outta my closet.

wellsbaba said...

I no comment4ur birthday u went2strip club?kai! n I thought u wanted2b a sister friends even had2force u out!ur eyes were stuck on some twin towers dangling??!,ow u doin?I miss dat wedding o

Aijay said...

Someone is having fun o!! lol.. Have fun at the beach... can't wait to see the pics.

Congrats to the latest Mr & Mrs!!

Naija Idol said...

Y'all shud have fun ooo. Happy belated birthday too.

badderchic said...

it is thursday o! whats the plan for this moves sef?

Im thinking.

OluwaDee said...

SO u attended Nikkysabs wedding.

How body now?

Good job on organizing the SBR.

princesa said...

@LG, na lie, no dey form say e don pain you,lol! Okay okay make i gree. Have fun at Ikotun o!

@FBagbero, damn wetin???

@standtall, its 2pm pere, No naija time o!

@Miss DM, yea let the virus spread abeg. I mean the wedding virus not the other one o,lol!

@wellsbaba, what crime is there in lookerey?

@aijay, where did u crawl out from babe?? Hope u are back for good now.

@naijaidol, thanks.
@badder, u are thinking wetin? you want collect ur money back?lol!

@oluwadee, yes o, i did as u no invite me to ur own na. wetin man go do? Thanks. Hope u had a fun honeymoon.

ejura said...

aya, send me a number so I can call you guys at the parry now. If I can't put faces to the names at least let me put voices to them.

Lady A said...

Happy belated birthday! But it is still your bday month, so the party isn't over til Oct.! Enjoy!

This is wedding season.

bArOquE said...

...hey Princesa, not sure i've been here b4...just thought i'd wish u guys fun the guessing game@the party...enjoy people...B

Standtall said...

Chari told me 4pm. I may not be ther on time cos I aint that strong but I will be there..........

princesa said...

@ejura, okay call the numbers tomorrw, we'll love to take ur calls.

@lady a, thanks dear.
@baroque, thanks. Welcome to my blog.
@standtall, dont mind chari o! Its for 2pm not 4pm. Get well soon o, we need u at the party. Am not strong myself.

poeticallytinted said...

Hello doll, I am so sorry (as in sorry for myself) i didn't make it to the SBR, I didn't make it to my office Retreat, I didn't make it to the Bank. Instead I made it to the hospital and spent a better part of the weekend there. :(. but i am okay now.