Monday, September 1, 2008

My birthday weekend.

Thank you to every one who called me/sent a text message or dropped a line on this blog and Facebook to wish me a happy birthday. You guys made me feel really special and I really appreciate you all.

So now am officially XXyrs and a day older,lol! Wetin una wan hear? You know how it is now…a girl does not reveal her age ;)

Okay so you really…desperately want to know?

IT FEELS REALLY GOOD TO BE 21!!!! (Na Doctor Naps talk am o!)

Lol! I wish abi?

Wouldn’t it be nice to be 21 again?!!

And be free of all the “So when are you calling us…our throat don dry finish o” pressure,lol!

The ironic thing is that when I was actually that young as in late teens and early twenties, I used to inflate my age and increase it by at least 3 years more. Now that am as old as I used to wish I was, am beginning to feel that 21yrs sounds a lot sexier.
See my life,lol!

Anyway, birthday’s gone now and do I feel older? Naaa!!!!

What did I get up to? Plenty!!!

My birthday celebrations started Friday night.

I went with a couple of friends to a strip club. Yea you read right…A STRIP CLUB!

Me, good girl princesa in a strip club. Hard to imagine abi?lol!

I mean it’s like the craziest thing I have done this year. My friends(they are guys) felt my life was too dull and needed some spicing up so they decided to take me to a strip club. Crazy friends right? I should do away with them really,lol!

Chari, I think it’s the same strip club you went to some time ago. Bad boy!

Okay so I went to this strip club.

It was one crazy experience for real.

I didn’t believe my friends when they told me the girls got all starkers and displayed their dancing skills (more like ass wriggling) skills in their birthday suits but lo and behold, when I got there, it was as real as my B.B Cassia watch(I just had to say that,lol! it for my birthday from a darling pal).

Okay as I was saying before I digressed.

I was stunned to see all that was going down at the place. Pretty, well endowed girls that could easily win any beauty pageant demeaning themselves like that. It was crazy! Truly, I was embarrassed for them.

For a token fee of as low as N200(yea, I actually witnessed this) a guy could press some boobs, put his fingers in ‘some ‘ places, get a ‘skin to skin’ lap dance and even a quickie on the spot.


I think I was like the only babe in that joint who wasn’t there for ‘business’. There was this babe who was sitting on the laps of this guy. She was wearing a gown and I kinda assumed that she just came to witness like me,lol! I even smiled at her, only to later see same girl, this time, dressed in a skimpy white two piece that left nothing to the imagination. Na that time I realize say I was OYO ‘ On my own’,lol!

Wetin my eye no see that day? Black things, Red things, long things, small things, flat things, full things. Nna meeen…o dikwa very very risky, as my Ibo bros would say.

Am no lesbian but I admit the female anatomy fascinates me. I like admiring female asses and boobs and to be seeing this one live and direct was something else. My friends even asked me if I wanted to draw the vajayjays later with the way I was looking really intently,lol!
They had to practically drag me out of there when it was time to leave,lol!

Anyway, I tried to make up for that one night of craziness by spending my birthday on Sunday with prisoners at the Medium prisons, Kiri-Kiri. (I hope God was appeased,lol!).

Noooo…before you even ask, I didn’t get any toasters this time. For those who don’t understand read this post. Here

On SBR, the responses haven’t been very encouraging o! Una want make this party hold at all????

So far only about four bloggers have paid. Five other bloggers have promised to make payment by tomorrow.

People we’ve got to make this happen o…the more the merrier!

Make una wake up o!!!

PS: I didn't receive any gifts from my darling bloggers. anyway I know some people still dey for market where dem go buy the nice pressies for me. abeg make una hurry up come back,lol!!!!


Olamild said...

Happy Baffday to youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

Olamild said...

This is the lord's doing and it is marvelous in our sights.
May your days be sweeter than honey. I pray the lord grants all your heart desires..

them take u go strip club?
chaiiiiiii eye don see ehn?

princesa said...

@ola, thanks babe.
Amen to that ur prayer o...true true, my eyes see nwii!!!

LG said...

@Black things, Red things, long things, small things, flat things, full things.
Prisco i no undastand, abeg xplain...
norrin do u jor'

bumtight said...

u went to a strip club! o....k, u're definitely getting adventurous!

glad u had fun sha.

Sting said...

Happy Belated Birthday Princesa! Glad to see u had FUN! Did u really have fun at the strip club? I don't think i would have like it. The feminist in me would have been incensed. Oh well. C'est la vie.

I can't believe naija bloggers are slacking. Just let me know what u need, i can offer my free services to give them well deserved reminder knocks on the head.

fantasy queen said...

i'm going to report you to your paris priest...let him give you serious penance. lol
enjoy your year jare, we 20yr olds have to boogie before old age catch us.

fantasy queen said...

just seeing your call. me is thinking its too late for a call back, would buzz in the morning.

zara (my alter ego) said...

there are strip joints in nij?? wow.. thot those belonged in the movies..i guess i was just being naive.. well glad u had fun. enjoy ur age.. it wudnt by again.. so enjoy it as much as u can!

Lady Koko said...


Afrobabe said...

strip club my life feels boring...

glad u had a great day love...

Obi said...

Dang...I see ya had fun...last time I was at a strip joint, it was raving...they sure give great lapdances. Even got to talkin' with one of the girls...she actually had a regular day-job...

When are you going again..???

30+ said...

Na so I slack reach....see I am just coming to wish you happy birthday now.


Naapali said...

At least it wasn't dull. I notice how you went from feeling sorry for the dancers to taking notes.

mizchif said...

My dear, i bin tink say na only me o!

Went to a strip club recently in Barbados, ok two actually, & the things wey my eye see ehn, my fingers fear to type sef.
And just like you, remain small for me to whip out a pad & start taking notes.

Good to know u had fun birthday mate!

azuka said...

Happy Baiday in arrears! How you dey?

NikkiSab said...

Aunty say wat????? Strip club???!!!! I wanna go Nice u had fun fellow Virgo queen.Na club me i enta dat 9t..hehehe!!! Wish u God's blessing now n always. U aint old dear, say u r fabulous, ok. We go try land in time to make d parry. Chei, tins r hard for some folks o, so 200 naira is all for a beautiful queen to be yama yammed..

Free-flowing Florida said...

mehn! dis ur birthday sounds like a blast!!!! first chari, now u! una wan make i go dis strip club abi, d way una dey do me longa-throat! & am supposed 2 hate porn! nna mehn, a little craziness once n a while dey do d body good oh. afro, abi u agree with me

eh ya, i buy ur gift o. DHL nefa deliver am? eh! me & dem go put leg inside one trouser now!

Aphrodite said...

Strip club babe?!!
You don go hey wire o,lol...

Today is my day o...come chop cake,akpiri...

the genius within said...

happy birthday dearie..

wowee, a strip club in naija, that's the first i've heard of it..

that's my must visit place soon

pray God grants u a life filled with love and happiness..

take good care dearie

Gloria said...

lmao. maybe we should practice together? you know you've always been my "lesbian fantasy"...

Rita said...

Happy Birthday in arrears... Good you had fun on such an important period of your life...

If a woman knows she is worth so much more than her physical, she would not be stripping... Her physical alone is something they should pay heaven and earth for. In my opinion, women are priceless.

I read somewhere that women naturally appreciate the anatomy of other women... I can't say how true this is...

Mommy said...

I am so embarrassed...:0( I 4got!

Anonymous said...

tell me it wasnt Ocean Blue?

Mommy said...

erhhhhmmm...I just read the post. I was stuck at the market. Rice come scarce ;0)

Anonymous said...

PRINCESSAA!!! AHAAAA I will tell ur mother!

if am a naughty boy what will I call u?

naijalines said...

Sad story re: 200 naira. But then one has to wonder how much is enough to do a job like that. At least u had fun...'guess it's something experience.

badderchic said...

sorry I missed your buyday love, I kuku bought you a present but the banana was spoiling so i ate it lol.

the strip club, na d one for ikeja? the night I went to 'observe' I was so irritated, the girls no make am at all, one girl had a tatoo...make that two of coconut trees on her stomach, local tatoos o!

about SBR abeg mail me badderchic@gmail make we yarn

Anonymous said...

happy birthday in arears!
this strip club runs sef, i don't understand. the one i went to like 2yrs ago in lekki there was jus dancing! none of this touching stuvs!

archiwiz said...

LOL...Happy birthday in arrears. Strip club? Na u biko. But as copy cat don reach that level, dem for try also adjust the rules to include no touching now. Its demeaning.
BTW, a friend is threatening to drag me to one where guys are stripping. The way I go miss that day enhh go do am like film trick.

tobenna said...

Belated, but best late.
Many happy returns dearie.
Wonder why you think you are getting old?
Middle age actually starts in your forties...

You went to a STRIP CLUB!!
Crazy 'ass' experience huh?
Are you going to go back?
Went there with J a while back and she dragged us outta there immediately. I was having fun but I'm not sure she was enjoying the fun I was having....

AlooFar said...

So u're the one I saw at that strip club !!!

;) ;) ;)

princesa said...

@LG, i sure say u understand well well. Bad girl, na only that part u see to read abi?
@bumtight, yes i definitely am! Thanks babe.
@sting, funny enough i did babes. It wasnt fun as in fun but it was definitely interesting. Please i'll need those stinging knocks on the heads of the following people...wait am coming back with a list,lol!
@FT, lol! you need transport money to my church? lol! Yes o! We twenty year!
@zara, yes o! There are.i didnt believ it myself until i went.
@lady koKo, thanks. P.S XOXO,lol!
@afro, ur life boring?? okay hurry down to Naija let me take you to that strip joint. That should spice things up a bit right?
@obi, she had a regular day job??? You know i kept wondering what if i stumbled on one of them sometime? u dey go strip joints enh? me i no sure say i want go again o!
@30+, na so you slack reach o! how was ur vac babes?
@naapali, not a dull moment at all(winks)
@mizchif, yes i did have fun. Hope u did too dear.
@azuka, i dey fine my bro? when u return from Mars?
@nikki,lol@yamayammed! I am tres fabulous abeg. Abeg make una catch fun well well (u understand abi?). Will be there live this weekend, God willing!
@flo, i agree with you my sista. i ope say u and DHL don tear that trouser cos i neva see my gift up till now o!
@aphro, stop am o! No dey do person longathroat like dat! My dear i neva go haywire o!
@genius, so you like naked babes? i go report to ur papa,lol! Amen to that ur prayer dude.
@gloria,lol!o gal no be me and you o!
@rita, women are indeed priceless, i agree. so am not a lesbian in the making by appreciating other women's bodies. Good to know that.
@mommy, yes o! so what are you going to do to make it up to me babes?
@chari, it was o! You no fit compare me and you o. You do pass ur age, agree jare!
@naijalines, yes it was indeed an experience for me.
@badder,which kain rotten bananas you buy for me? you no see better thing like 2008 Toyota Camry? So u don go that club sef? lol@local tatoos. i don email you, u see am?
@geisha, thanks babe.Enough touchery went down at this place o
@archiwiz, abi o? Why u no want go see the men stripping? na dat kain thin i dey like well well. I go carry camera go sef,lol!
@tobe,you've got to make up for being late by buying me a lovely present(batting eyelashes).So you've been there too? i dont think i would enjoy it so much if i went with a man i loved and he was ogling the naked girls. I for knock u for head sef. Okay maybe not that drastic,lol!
@aloofar,, which kain politics u dey play? why u never pay for the SBR na? So u sef dey go watch strippers? I ope say na only watching u dey do sha,lol!

Vera Ezimora said...

Well, happy birthday love. I'm glad you had a swell time. Next time, hire me to come and do a one-on-one stripping for, k? lol

Dammy said...

Happy birthday princessa!

You mean there is a strip club in Lag?

You still have some explanations to make...but in the meantime let me have the address so I can carry out my investigation. Seeing is still believing right?

Have fun.

Queen of My Castle said...

You are too cute! I must admit that the female anatomy intrigues me as well. LOL

Obi said... no wan go again..??and I was thinking of inviting you to this one...that features ONLY european women...Ah well...rain check then..LOL.
PS: The one I talked to actually worked in a law-firm (admin assistant), and it turns out her immediate suprvisor was 2 years ahead of me in college (dint tell her sha)...I guess the girl had "stripper fantasies" she needed to play out...

Yewande Atanda said...

hapi b'day angel!

Uzezi said...

u know i rove u vely vely much. what do u want for ur birthday?

i have this elizabeth arden red door perf. it's still half full. u can have that, or i will go steal aphrodite J Lo's Live, courtesy Mr. O for u, or I will go steal......

yes, the diamonds archiwiz is saving for.

keep a shirt for me o. even if i no fit come, i wan wear the shirt pose. maybe someone will see me in it one day and scream blogger!!!!!!!!!!!

pamela said...

I was in the middle of someone's naughty blog and then it really, really hit is virgo time and I haven't said Happy Buff day to a coulple of virgos I here I am ...saying happy belated birthday. I am glad you had a blast at the strip club. I don't blame too would have looked tire and put my own is not as if you are going again, enjoy the experience when you are there...

But, being serious for a moment, may the new age/year bring you much blessing and happines..


musco said...

my internet connection has totally gone crazy!bn trying to post comments 4 a while nw.

i will definitely know what d expression on ur face looked like when u started seeing 'things' at d strip club when/if i finally get to meet u.

SBR-i don dey fear to meet all of una o!

Oracle said...

Happy Birthday.
The strip club experience didn't sound bad.
I think I've found a new place for my next birthday. lol

Parakeet said...

Sorry I missed saying happy buffday in time...mwah, hapy belated my dear.

As for strip club, I heave a big sigh. I love girls too, but am not lesbo. The tiny waist and small rounded bums is wot fascinates me the most.

Aphrodite said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
princesa said...

@vera,lol! One on one ke? now am scared,lol!
@dammy, yes there is. But which one u dey take style ask for the address dude? If u want go, talk am straight jare,lol!
@castle queen, thanks babe. You are even cuter.
@obi,stripper fantasies ke? I guess so...
@yewande, thanks
@uzezi,lol! Will definitely arrange the T-shirt for u babes.
@pammy,lol! Thanks sweetie. I think say u been don fashi me na.
@musco, why fear dude?
@oracle, ha! I no send u message o!
@parakeet, thanks babes,How u been?