Wednesday, November 28, 2007


I attended a wedding two Saturdays ago. Nice, colourful wedding. There were lots to eat and even more to drink. There were the beautifully dressed guests, the obviously rich groom and the very pretty bride. Everything seemed just perfect that is until you notice the glaring age difference between the couple. The groom looked to be in his mid/late forties while the bride looked like she was in her mid twenties (a likely 20 years age difference between both of them). However they looked happy and ready to take on the challenges of matrimony together.

Now, this takes us to the title of this post. Is age between couples a big deal? I mean is age a determining factor to the success of a marriage? Does marrying a younger man/older man guarantee happiness in wedlock?? Peeps, would you prefer your partner to be older/younger/same age as you???

Personally I do not think there is anything wrong with one marrying a man/woman who is a lot older than he/she is. What matters is if you find happiness with the person, age is secondary. I had a suitor some years back. I was 24years at the time and he was 49years (a whopping 25years difference between us!). He was based in the U.S and had seen my photo with a friend over there. He got my number from her and called and we started chatting over the phone. He sounded very youthful and nice, his voice didn’t belie his age and I didn’t enquire about his age anyway.

Our friendship developed over the phone and months later he visited Nigeria and we met up. When I saw him, I knew he was no young man in his thirties but I wasn’t prepared for it when he told me he was 49 going on 50, Whoa!!!
He told me more still. He had being married but the marriage didn’t work out and they parted ways. He was ready to try out marriage again and he felt I was the one for him, bla, bla bla. Anyway long story short, he proposed but I didn’t accept. I did not reject his proposal because he was old enough to be my father. No, there were other reasons that bordered on character. He was quite arrogant for instance and I couldn’t stand it.

Am sure some of you are probably surprised that I would even consider marrying him despite the age difference. You see, the thing is i have always been attracted to older men anyway. My first REAL boyfriend was 32 while I was barely 18 years. The youngest guy I have ever dated was at least 5years older than moi! How’s that? I also think older guys make better lovers(My opinion o!), its okay if you disagree.

For me really, age is no big deal.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Inside the Men's Locker Room.

Ever wondered what the guys talk about when we are not around. Here is your chance to eavesdrop babes. I saw this stuff on and decided to put it up for everyone to read.

Men Confess Why They're Breast Obsessed
What do model train sets and women's breasts have in common?
Well, both are intended for children, but it's the fathers that always end up playing with them.
They are nature's original milk jugs. Mounds of flesh that come in varying shapes and sizes and can be dressed in an endless array of fabrics and designs. They are breasts, and while their design is purely utilitarian, they have been worshipped by cultures around the world since the dawn of time. Whether you know them as sweater kittens, air bags or blouse bunnies, there's no debating that female breasts have an unusually prominent place in our society. What is the root of men's double-D-sized fixation? The answers might surprise you.

Men find breasts calming
In a linear world full of hard edges and harder realities, breasts are soft, welcoming and nonthreatening. With their obvious connection to breastfeeding, and by extension childhood, breasts remind us of our halcyon days when our mothers protected us from all the world's evils.

Breasts are a symbol of fertility
A-cup or Z-cup, breasts define femininity in the same way that channel surfing and participating in fantasy sports leagues define masculinity. Breasts hint at a woman's ability to nurture and sustain life. They also point to a woman's capacity to breed, as they signal the onset of puberty. It's for this reason that we can find Pamela Anderson's breasts alluring while we can be disgusted by Ned Beatty's floppy man tits in Deliverance.

It's a matter of natural selection
According to Charles Darwin and his theory of evolution, we subconsciously select partners who are healthy and appear capable of reproduction ‑- all of which explains why the frail Darwin had so much time to write books rather than go out on dates.
According to his research, men are attracted to bazooms (especially the more shapely variety) because they are indicative of a strong constitution and an ability to further propagate the species. Although reproduction is no longer our top priority, this instinct remains despite centuries of evolution (much like our own nipples).

Breasts are key in arousing women
Any good lover knows that a woman's breasts are closely connected to her primary libidinal zone. Therefore, another reason we like breasts is that we know if we handle these bikini stuffers properly, we can bring women to a state of heightened sexual arousal. Failing that, we can at least tell our friends we managed to get to second base.

Breasts are a home entertainment center
Who among us hasn't used a woman's breasts to play an engaging game of "Tune In to Tokyo"? More than just a milk delivery system, breasts are also a world of entertainment right at your fingertips. Let's face it: There's a reason why they're commonly known as "fun bags."

Men are stimulated visually
Unlike women, who can be aroused by reading a single passage in a Harlequin romance novel, men require visual stimulation. It's hardly surprising then that breasts, raised and perky as they often are, receive our obsessive attention. After all, apart from genitalia, breasts are a woman's most well-defined physical feature ‑- just ask Dolly Parton. Better yet, ask her bra salesman.

Societal pressure
Clearly, it's not all a matter of biology, particularly when you consider that humans are the only animals who include breast fondling as part of the mating process. Then again, we're also the only animals who use nipple clamps and sex swings, so perhaps comparing ourselves to other species is a bit rash. Therefore, let's turn our attention to society.One of the primary reasons we're breast obsessed is because society, and in particular Madison Avenue, encourages our fixation. Pick up any magazine, from Shape to even YM, and you're bound to see more cleavage than in the Grand Canyon. The same is true of bus ads, fashion catalogs and every other manner of marketing material. Breasts have spawned not only their own film and plastic surgery industries, but also their own restaurant chain (take that, testicles!). If advertising is powerful enough to make millions of people buy Pet Rocks, it's little wonder that it has the ability to keep knockers in our thoughts 24 hours a day.

Breasts have the allure of taboo
The erotic allure of breasts is further heightened by the fact these "glands for the hands" are supposed to be kept under wraps and away from view. As Jerry Seinfeld so adroitly pointed out, if women kept their heads covered instead of their breasts, we'd all be heading down to the corner store to pick up the latest copy of Heads Illustrated. We always want that which we cannot have, and in that regard, breasts are the ultimate forbidden fruit.

Keeping abreast of the issues
Men are often accused of speaking to a woman's chest rather than her face, but are we really to blame? Our attraction to these "prisoners of the Playtex penitentiary" is simultaneously physical, psychological and societal. Therefore, go out and celebrate the breast. In fact, go out and celebrate a pair of them. You'd be a boob not to.

Guys,I have even more reasons to thank God. My younger brother (The one who lost his job in a bank sometime back has gotten another job in another bank with an even better pay (almost double his salary at his previous bank). Someone shout alleluia abeg…God has been really faithful to me and mine. Am grateful to all of you for ur prayers and goodwill too especially 36inches(for the effort you made girl).You are all wonderful peeps and I wont trade any of you for anything.

Have a lovely weekend everyone.


Tuesday, November 20, 2007

30 Days Of Thankfulness-Day 21

I was tagged by 30+ and 36 inches.

I have every reason to thank you Lord. You are worthy of all praise.
Am thanking you today for:

The life you have blessed me with. The lives of my Family and friends. The lives of even those who regard themselves as my enemies(I do not see them as such).

My Mum’s successful operation and post operation healing. I thank you lord for helping her recover quickly. I thank you because I know you will keep her alive and well to carry her great-grand children.

The new job that is on the way.
I thank you for the career opportunities you have opened for me lord. I thank you for the gift of intelligence without which I wouldn’t be able to scale through. I thank you because I know you have something great planned for me.

The advertising pitch just won by my company. I thank you father for making it possible. It wasn’t because we had the best proposals or creative abilities, rather it was by your special grace. Thank you Daddy.

The protection you give me daily on Lagos roads. Thank You for making it possible for me to leave my house every morning and come back in the evening in one piece, safe and sound. Through the traffic chaos and crazy danfo drivers, you still keep me safe. Even when I fall asleep on the wheel, you are there to avert danger. Chineke I dinma!(God, you are good!)

The doors you have opened up for my brother. I thank you for uplifting his spirit and being his strength during his weakest hour. Am grateful Lord because I know in a short while he shall resume his career again.

I could never thank you enough father. Even if I fill up this blog with thanks, it wouldn’t do. For even those things I didn’t put down here in Pink and Black, I say:

So am tagging UgoD, Nyemoni, Omosewa, Jaybabe, A Kel, Catwalq, Exschoolnerd, Ibodude, Sparkle, Orientednaijababe , Aijay

ps: Guys did you notice i just learnt how to add a link with names instead of putting up the link just like dat, Clap for me jare,lol!

Friday, November 16, 2007


This is not the post I originally planned to do but seeing as I have been tagged by zerkhezi and zephi (Just noticed their names began with ‘ze’) to do the 8 weird things about me, I might as well get it over with. However this is not to forget that I have done the ‘8 random things’ post before o!(Check the archives newcomers). Zerkhezi and Zephi don send me the same message again now. What if I say I no go do sef? Una go flog me abi wetin??? Okay, Okay guys am doing it… no need to start raving lol!

Since I learnt that I have been tagged to do this post. I have been racking my brain trying to come up with one weird thing about me (One dey hard so, how I want take come do eight my peeps??). You see I think am like the most unweird person you can ever think of. I can hear obi say “Na lie!” Oya you wey dey call me weirdo, tell me one weird thing about me you know. Speak now or forever rest your case o!

(Princesa, Princesa, do wetin them send you o! Weird things…weird things, oya begin come to mind! lol!)

1. I am an obsessive neat freak! This one I think is a common trait among Virgos. I just hate dirt and mess around me and I forever find myself picking up/cleaning up after others. Try as hard as I can to ignore dirt, I just cant! Its so bad that I carry around a rag in my car to wipe away any speck of dust as soon as I see it(I detest sitting in dirty cars and would hate for someone to enter my car and think: “This babe na dirty girl o!”) Not many people can stand this attitude of mine and if you are lazy/lousy, sorry I cant live with you! I pray to God each day not to give me a lazy/dirty guy for a husband cos I’d end up being a serious nag. I cab just see myself asking questions like:

“Cant you put back that cup where you got it from?” or

“Is it an abomination for you to hang your clothes up properly??” or

“Am I supposed to tell you to polish your shoes???”

God forbid bad thing o!

2. Aha! My body temperature is another weird thing about me. You see it’s never normal as in when other people around me are feeling hot, I’ll be feeling cold. And when they are feeling cold, then I’ll be sweating like Christmas goat (I hardly ever feel hot though). Now since am not preggers, is this not weird??? Another thing is that my body temperature fluctuates like NEPA as in I’ll be sweating and switch on the air conditioning, the next minute am shivering like a drenched chicken and I have to switch it off again.
I can’t sleep at night with the fan/AC on cos by morning, I’ll be really SICK from cold! Wierdo abi??lol!

3.When I hear women talk about having PMS blues (The usual cranky attitude women get when they are on their period), I always wonder what it feels like cos sincerely speaking now, I don’t experience them! In fact sometimes am even nicest/happiest during my periods,lol! How’s that for being weird???

4.So I have a very weird immune system. Sometimes I even wonder if I have an immune system. (Naaa! I never carry Aids o!) How do you explain the fact that I get bitten by one mosquito and the next day am down with malaria or I drink a cup of water from unknown sources and next thing the doctor diagnoses typhoid fever. I mean, is this like natural or what?? I know lots of people (my siblings included) wey mosquito go use their blood do breakfast, lunch and dinner, yet whosai! No malaria. Some others I know na so so sachet water( I refuse to call it ‘Pure water’) them dey drink yet typhoid fever dey fear to near them,lol!

5. I am very erratic/impulsive. I can take crazy decisions on the spur of the moment. Once I went to the salon to get a weave. On reaching there I saw there was a long line of babes waiting to do their hair too. I took a seat prepared to wait till it was my turn. Somehow, I glanced at the other end of the salon where the guys cut their hair and noticed the barber wasn’t busy na so una sister change mind o! I decided to have a hair cut instead. My folks were shocked when I got back home with my baby curls, lol!

I don’t ever forget faces. Once I see a person, even if its twenty years later, I’ll still remember the face. I may not recall the name but the face I can never forget.So if after meeting you once, I tell you: “Sorry I can’t place the face”. That one na ogbonge lie o! I just dey form (pretend),lol!

7.The kind of things I like to eat is not your typical Ajebo chic kind of foods. If you meet me for the first time, you’ll probably be thinking: “This one na real Ajebutter babe” but don’t be deceived, by the time I begin to display my razzness eh, you go begin ask from which village they import me come from,lol! Give me ‘razzcious’ foods over Chinese/ Continental cuisine any day. Nothing compares to my ‘Boli’(roasted plantain) and groundnut, Roasted/boiled corn and pear, Bread and akara, Drinking garri and groundnut with iced water, roasted yam and palm oil. Don’t be scandalized, its my weirdness,lol!

8. I don’t like asking people for favours cos It really hurts like hell when they refuse so I’ll rather just keep mum than get a NO for an answer. (Not sure this is weird but I just had to make it eight,lol!)

So am tagging 30+, Isi, D.O.G, Afrobabe, pammy, castle queen, arewa, solomonsydelle and olamild.

Monday, November 12, 2007

For cally & mommy!

I wanted to put this post up on Friday but couldnt cos I had to go in for an urgent meeting which lasted till about 8pm that day. Anyway am still going ahead to do it today and it’s dedicated to two special women- callywaffybabe & mommy.
A HUGE apology to everyone who dropped in for a piece of cake last Friday and didn’t find any. There is a specially ordered cakes for cally and mommy today(I had to order some more cakes by popular demand). There is a chocolate cake, Butterpound cake, Icecream cake and some cheese cakes too. Feel free to take a slice for your morning tea.


In life you meet certain people
You never imagined you would
You are taken by surprise at
how much they begin to mean to you
You feel fortunate and happy
to call them friends.
Cally and Mommy
You are wonderful and bubbly
May your birthdays bring you joy and fulfillment
You deserve the very best always.
Happy birthday to you two!

It was Cally-waffy babe’s birthday November 9th and Mommy’s on Sunday, November 11th.These are two people dear to my heart. Its unbelievable how people whom you haven’t met physically begin to mean so much to you. I really love these two women (or would you prefer girls?,lol!). Now don’t start getting green y’all. I love all of you but sorry this post aint about you guys. It’s supposed to be for cally and mommy so you got to bear with me if am gushing over them,J.

Cally: Very warm, sweet, kind, loving, talkative, humorous, Sexy, Intelligent, loyal friend(Some of you know how trying to stand up for unshined congo led to some anons driving our beloved cally out of blogsville).
Cally love, you know how much I gbadun you o jare. Chatting with you is always so much fun although it’s difficult to keep up with ur gists at times. Before I get a chance to reply one sentence, you don type ten, lol!
You have a great personality dear, little wonder in the short space of time you started your blog it became so popular that some bad belle anons come begin beef you. No mind them jare, in fact shame them by re-opening the blog again, make them go hit their head for wall! Nonsense and fried chicken!!!(permission to borrow ur phrase sparkle).

Mommy: Sweet, loving, witty, calm, funny, Hospitable, Unofficial blogville party hostess (You all know how mommy’s parties are always the bomb! Enough mede-mede, chicken alacata/ pere-peri, Lol!)
Darling mommy, I hope you had fun yesterday and darling tontolo didn’t give you too much stress. How far with ‘Blue’?? Any more bashing??? I hope not!
I am not as good as you are when it comes to organizing parties, I for don throway one BIG owambe for you and cally cos you babes definitely deserved it! Somebody please call rinsola back o! I no mention aso-ebi na! lol!!

D.O.G, that your surprise party for cally was splendid. Pity I couldn’t display my ‘owambe’ (dance) skills as I had to leave the party early and Toyin tomato had to carry the day!. Anyway, nice one dude!

Am out for now. Have to attend to some important stuffs. I don’t trust aijay and afrobabe with the cake so guys mark them closely before they chop am finish o! lol!
Will be back to check up on everyone.



Monday, November 5, 2007


I love playing this game

Not just for the fame

The field is home to me

A Game-master I am to be

However the overgrowing grass

And the sprouting weed class

Make playing not easy, not fun

Not fulfilling anymore.

A bigger playing field I desire

Greater skills to acquire

Moving ahead, getting better

Realizing my full potential

To get much and give much in return

As the bible says it, my energy won’t burn.

I love this game to bits

And I want to be a hit.

Coach… I’ve always been a hearer

You say hold on a lil’bit longer

The BIG break comes hither

The field will yet get better

And your pockets heavier

Patiently I have held on

Now its time to move on

This chance to take, I will

The break it may not be still

But a step forward is a step ahead

In my quest for bigger bread

I love playing this game

But not just for the fame…