Monday, November 5, 2007


I love playing this game

Not just for the fame

The field is home to me

A Game-master I am to be

However the overgrowing grass

And the sprouting weed class

Make playing not easy, not fun

Not fulfilling anymore.

A bigger playing field I desire

Greater skills to acquire

Moving ahead, getting better

Realizing my full potential

To get much and give much in return

As the bible says it, my energy won’t burn.

I love this game to bits

And I want to be a hit.

Coach… I’ve always been a hearer

You say hold on a lil’bit longer

The BIG break comes hither

The field will yet get better

And your pockets heavier

Patiently I have held on

Now its time to move on

This chance to take, I will

The break it may not be still

But a step forward is a step ahead

In my quest for bigger bread

I love playing this game

But not just for the fame…


Obi said...

Funny..the ONLY thing that springs to mind after reading all this is..."IT'S A GOOOOAAAALLL..!!!"

Arewa said...

I see u've gone all poetic on spill the beans what the rassssss have u been up to?
U don find new man?
U don get belle?

30+ said...

So Princessa's got loads of hidden talent, she tew mush.

So spill the news o, what is this love tango with "football", tell us the koko.

Thank you for singing cry cry baby for me. I do remember a certain someone confessing that she is like waterworks in the crying department (my eyebrows are raised)lol

Aijay said...

Lol @ Arewa's comment.
Bia Princesa ke kwanu ihe bu the game? A career perhaps?? Tell us jo & stop making me guess. Lol.
Anyhow sha, just do ur thing. Like 30+ said, u're tew much. Lol.

princesa said...

@obi,Oh yea?? Thats the only think that came to ur mind eh??
I hope you are not thinking of scoring goal in dat babe's belle o!

@arewa, lol @ the things you think i have been up to.
No i never find new man and i never carry belle too.
Nothing dey happen ee ie! Just thinking of moving ahead in life.

@30+, thanks sweet! Funnily, this post is really not about football. Read between the lines dear.

LOL! You know at the end of that comment after singing the song, i wanted to add: "See the world's biggest cry baby talking!"

@aijay, smart girl! The true daughter of her papa. You came close dear.
Thanks darl.

Obi said...

You're just a nutcase girl..

It's all about scoring our "goals" in this tough "game" called Life...

Just remember to play fair..
Aaah..what da heck..if you can't get the ball..make sure you get the leg..LOL..!!

Zephi said...

ahhh princesa is waxing poetic for us oh....nice :)

Sparkle said...

oh wow! NICE...u don turn poet be dat? AWESOME!!!

jummy said...

Hey babes

I dont care 4 football or scoring goals *wink*wink yall know wot i mean

Am gonna go off pt here
But has any1 ever told u that u look like a certain nollywood actress i love so much

I dnt know her name imagine but u look just like her. Shes chubby i love her gap teeth she looks so innocent and she talks and acts like a baby

Can some1 pls tell me her name

And no am not a lesbian lol

So in other words since u remind me so much of her im loving u 2

Ciao babes


pamelastitch said...


where are you moving to?

Jaybabe said...

Well i used to think i knew how to play the game too, but now i think i aint that good at it.
Dammnnit! Wait a blessed minute!
Which game is this one abeg?


Poet!!! I hail you oh but me ah no sabi the hidden message. Come on spill for us lazy folks now....

Afrobabe said...

ok,..the babe has gone all poetic on us...

What I got from it?
You are moving somewhere from somewhere..

Now,in plain english wettin dey happen???

princesa said...

See ur BIG head!:)
Am a very fair player, dont worry about that.

@zephi, na so na! Am exploring my poetic side,lol!

@sparkle, na ur footstep i dey follow o! Am glad you liked it dear.

So which of the nollywood actresses is it? People tell me i look like Stella Damasus, some say Maureen solomon, others say Omotola Jalade. Whatever sha, me i think they look like me,not me them,lol!

Thanks for dropping in and for loving me too.

@pammy, dearie i dont know yet o! but i likely will be making a life changing move soon.

@jaybabe, lol! Am not talking about football o! What game did you think i was talking about anyway?

@solo, Thanks for hailing me o! YOu no get the message?? Oya read again lazy lazy!

princesa said...

See this cunny babe!
"Moving somewhere from somewhere",lol!

Okay,okay you tried small. Make i talk am in plain english.
Am thinking of!Am not talking!

Olamild said...

good stuff

Afrobabe said...

lol...say it oh...where are you moving to?
Is it physical or emotitional?

pamelastitch said...

princess is moving from Lagos to Abuja on her quest for bigger bread...


s.chic said...

I guess congrats are in order huh? You climing up the ladder one way or the other!

I like your writing style sha, i won't even lie, i could never think of such metaphors abi na personification to use. Very Nice.

diary of a G said...

all the best on your quest and while on the way
remember what you told us in ur post: Complaints & Thanks.
Stay Up P

Andy said...

Princesa, I first thought I was on the wrong blog page. Anyway, sometimes its good to veer off from the normal trend.
Lol at your comparisms with Omotola, Maureen etc.

lindwee said...

The game of love
The game of life
The game of .......
All we want is to win!
But when life does not work to our expectations,
All we have to do is try again!

bighead said...

You now play for Abiola babes? That'll be a new side I hadn't seen previously.

jummy said...

Yea its maureen solomon

I am soo in love with dat chic

Neeways did i tell u am loving ur blog already lol


princesa said...

@olamild, thanks dear.

@afrobabe,Okay... okay,its both physical and emotional:). No more questions o!

@pammy,lol! YOu be winch???

@S.chic, thanks babes. I 'd like to believe am moving up.
Of cos you could, just try.

@DOG, thanks dude. Now i cant temember what it was i said on that post. Can you remind me?

@andy,lol @ thinking you were on the wrong blog. SO you know no say i be poet eh? Okay i shall begin to unleash my poetry skills from now on,lol!

@lindwee, yes dear...we cant give up till we get there!

@bighead, lol@ playing for Abiola babes. NOw, thats not a bad idea o! Am off to buy my boots,pray they take me,lol!

@jummy,thanks for loving my blog girl!(Can i assume that you are a babe?)
I tried to access ur blog but you dont have one. Pity!
Hope to see more of you tho.


If you want to become a daughter in law, then you MUST allow me to be lazy, haba! lol!

BTW, Catwalq has upped the ante at my blog oh! The dowry she is now offering is enormous oh! Just thought I should let you know, oh....


pamelastitch said...

LOL!!! :D

Queen of My Castle said...

This post reminds me of all the times in life when things got hard and I wanted to give up on my faith and all that I believed in, yet I was reminded that things will change, God is still in control, He knows best...He's the Master Coach.

Nice one babes.

princesa said...

@solo, Lol! THis one na real Blackmail o! Okay just cos of TK, you are allowed to be lazy. The thing is am planning a major wise.

Catwalq is trying to upstage me eh? Am coming over rightaway!

@pammy, this ur lol na wa o! You don see another vision??

@Castke queen, Yes dear you are so right. God is the Master coach. He directs us aright, our duty is to obey.

Ugo Daniels said...

Have you been naughty, lately...*winks*

Jaybabe said...

Ermmmmm..i think you were talking about...about..about that game. LOL..

Just passed by checking on you girl..

Mommy said...

Hmmmmmmmm!! Now that I am the 32nd person posting, wetin you say make I talk nowwwwww! Everyone has said close to everything...and that Pammy ehnnn, na winch true true lol! Question...why this major career move? I still don't get it nowwwwww. Break it down girl!

CATWALQ a.k.a LAGBA-JESS said...

Hey, what exactly are we talking about here sef?

Princessa, I scored with TK...hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe
*sticking tongue out* ntoin...

Obinwanne said...

its my b'day today as i mentioned in my previous post, and my exams have started and its going smoothly and im happy for ur prayers.... ayway i just pumped im to demand a visit to my blog cos i deserve it, IT MY B'DAY IMAGINE.....SO I DESERVE IT for stopping by anyway...

diary of a G said...

hey P!
tomorrow (November 9) is the birthday of a follow blogger
please won't you stop by to give your best wishes if you can

Andy said...

Hmmm Naughty Princesa, na dat one u go wan know! E no easy my sister!

Isi said...

ok, so what are we talking about here. lol!!!
P how u dey?!

darkelcee said...

please spill, what's up?

which game? maybe i fit join you play? lol

cally-waffybabe said...

LOL. What naughty game are you playing now girl??? *wink*
Babe, thanks for your birthday wishes to me on DOG's. I don reply you. I'm just coming over from there and can't find the post you talked about. I've also been to mummy's and can't find it. I hope i haven't missed it. Please fill me in on facebook.


unshined congo said...

birthday wishes. ehnn?? y did i not hear of dat?? oh. sorry ive been in school sha. just came back.

@princesa: i don tell u say u be my brother wife.. hmmm if u need him..

BiMbyLaDs** said...

talent! lol.. luving ur blog

Porter deHarqourt said...

na wa o! u r still keeping us in the dark. don't be such a tease sef!

princesa said...

@UgoD, I should be asking you that dude! This one wey annie don dey update ur blog so…I wonder o!

@jaybabe, lol! What game babe??? Don’t spoil me for my mama o!lol!

@mommy,lol! Am sure you know the only constant in life is change. AM still considering it sha. No concrete plans yet.

@catwalq, lol! Na because I take pity on you abi??? No let me change my mind o! I might just offer solo something bigger than that ur measly goat farm,lol!

@obinwanne, yea you deserve it dear. I hope you saw my foot print on ur carpet. Wish you many more years.

@D.O.G, Nice parrie you threw there dude! It was so cool, pity I had to leave early.

@andy, am sure its not easy bro. The lord is your strength. I wish I could be as strong as you!

@CWB, da buffday babe! Sorry dearie, I couldn’t put up the post cos I had to go for aa meeting urgently and it didn’t end till late in the night. Am doing it now so drop by in a few minutes dearie.

@isi, just planning a move dear.

@bimbylads,thanks. You are a very talented writer girl! I love your book series.

@unshinedcongo, long time dear! lol@ needing ur brother. But wait o…e be like say ur bros don give you contract to find wife for am abi? Lol!

@porter,lol! You no know say my second name na tease? Oya wetin you want hear?? Say I don find husband???

GERALD said...

have I clicked this game clearly....
Oh God my minds are.....dirty...
I am thinking of the real game.

princesa said...

@darkelcee,lol! You are playing some game already! Wanna leave urs?

@gerald, lol! Why is everyone thinking naughty here?? Am talking about something so not naughty!


whats this game u love?