Monday, November 12, 2007

For cally & mommy!

I wanted to put this post up on Friday but couldnt cos I had to go in for an urgent meeting which lasted till about 8pm that day. Anyway am still going ahead to do it today and it’s dedicated to two special women- callywaffybabe & mommy.
A HUGE apology to everyone who dropped in for a piece of cake last Friday and didn’t find any. There is a specially ordered cakes for cally and mommy today(I had to order some more cakes by popular demand). There is a chocolate cake, Butterpound cake, Icecream cake and some cheese cakes too. Feel free to take a slice for your morning tea.


In life you meet certain people
You never imagined you would
You are taken by surprise at
how much they begin to mean to you
You feel fortunate and happy
to call them friends.
Cally and Mommy
You are wonderful and bubbly
May your birthdays bring you joy and fulfillment
You deserve the very best always.
Happy birthday to you two!

It was Cally-waffy babe’s birthday November 9th and Mommy’s on Sunday, November 11th.These are two people dear to my heart. Its unbelievable how people whom you haven’t met physically begin to mean so much to you. I really love these two women (or would you prefer girls?,lol!). Now don’t start getting green y’all. I love all of you but sorry this post aint about you guys. It’s supposed to be for cally and mommy so you got to bear with me if am gushing over them,J.

Cally: Very warm, sweet, kind, loving, talkative, humorous, Sexy, Intelligent, loyal friend(Some of you know how trying to stand up for unshined congo led to some anons driving our beloved cally out of blogsville).
Cally love, you know how much I gbadun you o jare. Chatting with you is always so much fun although it’s difficult to keep up with ur gists at times. Before I get a chance to reply one sentence, you don type ten, lol!
You have a great personality dear, little wonder in the short space of time you started your blog it became so popular that some bad belle anons come begin beef you. No mind them jare, in fact shame them by re-opening the blog again, make them go hit their head for wall! Nonsense and fried chicken!!!(permission to borrow ur phrase sparkle).

Mommy: Sweet, loving, witty, calm, funny, Hospitable, Unofficial blogville party hostess (You all know how mommy’s parties are always the bomb! Enough mede-mede, chicken alacata/ pere-peri, Lol!)
Darling mommy, I hope you had fun yesterday and darling tontolo didn’t give you too much stress. How far with ‘Blue’?? Any more bashing??? I hope not!
I am not as good as you are when it comes to organizing parties, I for don throway one BIG owambe for you and cally cos you babes definitely deserved it! Somebody please call rinsola back o! I no mention aso-ebi na! lol!!

D.O.G, that your surprise party for cally was splendid. Pity I couldn’t display my ‘owambe’ (dance) skills as I had to leave the party early and Toyin tomato had to carry the day!. Anyway, nice one dude!

Am out for now. Have to attend to some important stuffs. I don’t trust aijay and afrobabe with the cake so guys mark them closely before they chop am finish o! lol!
Will be back to check up on everyone.




30+ said...



30+ said...





Olamild said...

That's so sweet of you princess
Happy Bday to the celebrants

princesa said...

@30+,yes you are allowed to have a HUGE slice dear.

@olamild, Amen.

Aijay said...

Happy Birthday to Mommy & Cally!!!
Good thing I arrived early. Princesa, oya give me my own slice of cake... u don't want me helping myself.
Wait o, na that small slice u wan give me. Abeg behave urself... & while u're at it, please get me a glass of wine. Thanks darl. Lol.

Rinsola said...

how come i didn't meet any cake? the cake u ordered was too small o, considering the fact that you invited the whole blogneighbours to come have a slice. Please put in more orders, and can i get a fork please? (i'm asking nicely o). Have a great week ahead missy.

Afrobabe said...

awwww, this is so cool...can't wait for my birthday...hopefully they will be nice comments and the expected..kolo babe comments

Sparkle said...

VERY NICE OF U Princess...Happy Birthday to Mommy too...I don finally update my blog o...and my birthday is knocking at d door too...January 18...b4 we open eyes close am GBAM! E don coem be dat!

Obinwanne said...

nice write up...its a weeend full of birthdays....thanks stopping by......nyways thanks for the bday wishes...dont forget to check back...ive uploaded the bday pics...and full gist

pamelastitch said...

owambe time!!!

Happy Birthday..... :D


Actually, I am kinda hoping for the cheese cake!

Orientatednaijababe said...

the cake is yummy....very delicious...

Zephi said...

yes I am green, when will someone make a post for me..


Happy birthday to cally and mommy..May God grant you guys your heart desire
What you said bout cally is true, you no fit keep up with her gist..tru tru, when you type two she don type know I love you cally *wink* *wink*

Zephi said...

oh and princesa you have been tagged

diary of a G said...

may yawl days be long
happy birthday ladies

But I am a little disappointed I couldn't get that last dance
‘owambe’ with me
oh well, maybe next time. lol

Ps, tell Manda I aint forget her

cally-waffybabe said...

LMAO at yourself and cheeky zephi. Babe, you're so sweet. Thanks for this. You are a lovely soul with a golden heart.

Yawl are so right about my typing. I type so fast that i get impatient when people are still tryna type two lines when i'm on number ten! LOL. Some people don't get it and just think, "you sabi yarn o", as fineboy told me last time. LOL. Make una learn to type fast, then you go understand. Na people like my Mrs S wey fit match me sentence for sentence. LOL.

Thank you to everyone that has wished me happy birthday. God bless you all. Mommy, happy birthday to you as well. I hope you had a swell time.

Ehn look as i dey here dey talk while 30+ olamild and onb wan chop my cake finish! And see dis aijay babe as she dey shak my bubbly like say e dey disappear from fashion! Abeg make una remain for celebrants na. Mommy abeg come help me. See even dis zephi wey just yab me finish don follow aijay wan shak my champagne finish! Kai wahala.

Princesa love, thanks for all this and God bless you always. You know i'd stay in contact with you whatever the case, so never mind, i'm just exiting blogville, not your life.

Stay blessed as ever babe. Love ya loads.


Anonymous said...

Happy bday 2 u

Happy bday 2 u

Happy bday 2 mom n cwb

Happy bday 2 u

Wow so many nov babies in d house

Hmm do u knw scorpions have their sex drive on d over drive

Abeg o sofri sofri for mr cwb and daddy mommy


And d cheesecake was fabulous
Princesca am coming back next yr 4 more


Mommy said...

Wow Princiiii!! You are such a darling. You are the best. Thanx love! I read your post and it brought tears to me. lol at unofficial blog party organiser...I was just clapping my hands and laffing. :o) Mwah!!
...and thank you all sooooooo much for the birhtday wishes. I appreciate.
Jummy...naughty gal!!
I hope I can still get a slice ooooooooo! Thanx babes!

princesa said...

@aijay, lol! U berra behave urself o! I think say u be BIG babe before but as i see how you dey take rush cake, fear don catch me,lol!
Enjoy urself dearie.
Want some more red wine??

@rinsola, okay sweetie, am ordering more cakes so you can eat to your fill.

@afrobabe, i hope you got some cake too dear. Cant wait for ur birthday too. When is it? Am sure there'll be lots of sweet comments, dont worry.

@Sparks, okay Jan 18th noted.
Am coming over soon.

@Obinwanne, i hope you had a blast dude. Am coming over to urs soon.

@pammy,lol! Let me see if they got some cheese cake in stock.

princesa said...

@ONB, glad you enjoyed the cake dear.

@zephi, eh ya! Okay when is ur birthday girl so i can do a post for you,lol!
And about cally's typing, thank God say no be only me talk am o!
Tagged again?? I never finish the one wey zerkhezi tag me O!

@DOG,sorry dude. We'll have that dance some other time okay. Raincheck?
Will tell manda.

@cally,lol! Everyone don sabi you finish,lol! You know the last time, my msger even hang as the msgs wey you send come too much,lol!
U stubborn o! So upon all this begging wey we dey beg u since, you still no want come back. No wahala sha, i still love you all the same babes.

Babes you are getting to be so much fun o! Why dont you open a blog so we can all drop in.
LOL@ sex overdrive. I know say that one na true for CWB but about mommy, i no fit talk o!
Cheese cake ke? That was a butterscotch cake dear.Come back for more abeg.

@mommy, lol! See celebrant wey dey come late. No worry i dey go order more cakes for you.
thanks for the compliments, you deserve it sweet!

Afrobabe said...

my birthday is 1st April (no jokes pls)

Sparkle said...

LOL...April still be donkey years away jare

Afrobabe said...

More cakes yeeeeee...April far true true oh..reminds me of an incident that happened to me..infact am off to blog about it.

Queen of My Castle said...

I'm LATE!!!!!!! Happy belated birthday ladies!!!

@Princesa, you are soooooo spot on about Cally's typing! LMAO!

And yes, she's sexy, loyal, classy, friendly, and just all too lovable. I swear I have never a woman whom I love so dearly, yet have never met.

Princesa you are such a sweetheart! Love you to bits

darkelcee said...

@Princesa.... thanks so much, this is nice.

@CWB & MUMMY.....Haaaapppppppyyyy birthday.

I will hail later i need to hit the dance floor.

Keep the cake for me ok?

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

all i can say is that the cakes look yummy.

princesa said...

@afrobabe, April still far small na. No worry i don order your birthday cake already,lol!
Are you through blogging yet? I cant wait to read o!

@sparkle,lol@donkey years away!

@castle queen, love you so much too girl!
Cally is a lovable soul, so are you too.

@darkelcee, lol! I dint know our able DJ(D.O.G) was on ground o! Am coming to join you join the dance floor girl!

princesa said...

@torrance,yea that's the idea.
This ur name na wa o!

Afrobabe said...

I wasn't feeling the thing so I busted..someone is giving me heart ache..I want to write about him,problem is he reads my blog...I don't even care anymore I will post it.

30+ said...

Even more yummy cakes!!! Wow

Arewa said...

Happy belated birthday ladies...May all ur wishes come true...nuff love x x


Happy Bday from me and the crew!

TK sends you specially scrumptious chicken kisses. lol!!!!!!!!!

A Kel called Wonder ...... said...

Happy belated birthday(s) u two.

Princess what's up?


Happy birthday to mommy. i already said happybirthday to cally waffybabe

but princess this ur cake na fil trick oo. how r we supposed to eat out of it. i know i am not cake crazy but i for like taste am small sha

pamela said...


Olamild said...

First of all
lemme stop by baba tao shop to purchase agbo jedi
cus by the time I'm done with the cake
I'll come down with something

princesa said...

@afrobabe, who is giving my girl heart ache eh??
Abeg no send the guy, post the gist so we can all share.

@30+ & pammy, yes even more yummy cakes for everyone. 30+, sofry sofry dey chop the cake o! We dont want another visit to the dentist, do we??,lol!

@arewa, Amen.

@soloD, thanks dear. How is my dear TK and the crew doing? Any new pranks??

@a kel, nothing much o! I see all is going beautifully for you. Thank God for you babes. I was planning to come buy BIG bags from you ,lol!

@anibodude,lol! na only you never taste the cake o! Do as others dey do na,use ur imagination,lol!

Isi said...

awww! this is so sweet! its great to have blog friends, happy b-day cally and mommy!

Isi said...

mehn princesa, u just come 'attack' my blog! lol!!!! thanks dear. love all ur commemts!

princesa said...

@olamild,lol@agbo jedi.
These cakes wont give you any jede-jedi my dear so forget Baba Tao and dig in!

princesa said...

@isi, abeg no blame me o! E don tay wey i reach ur end and the gists sweet me no be small!.

CATWALQ a.k.a LAGBA-JESS said...

Nobody touch that chocolate cake...we should frame it

Andy said...

Meeeeen, Princesa...if you don't wish me Happy Birthday when my day comes ehn? lol
Good post though, keep it up!

Mommy said...

wowweee wow wow!! More scrumptious tingos. Chei! I am seriously salivating here. are tew musssshhhhhhhhh. Thanx everyone!! 30+...April - Noted tehehehehe.
Mehnn I am heading for that chocolate cake! mmmmmmmmmmmmm

Sha said...

Ooooooooh.. Happy birthday to the celebrants. Lovely cake...

Just passin' :-D

princesa said...

@catwalq, lol@ framing the chocolate cake, you just nuts babe!

@andy, abeg make i know when be your birthday o! This one wey you don dey threaten,lol!

@mommy, heading for the chocolate cake ke?? No let catwalq catch you. The babe don go buy frame come from market o!

@@sha, yes thanks.