Friday, November 16, 2007


This is not the post I originally planned to do but seeing as I have been tagged by zerkhezi and zephi (Just noticed their names began with ‘ze’) to do the 8 weird things about me, I might as well get it over with. However this is not to forget that I have done the ‘8 random things’ post before o!(Check the archives newcomers). Zerkhezi and Zephi don send me the same message again now. What if I say I no go do sef? Una go flog me abi wetin??? Okay, Okay guys am doing it… no need to start raving lol!

Since I learnt that I have been tagged to do this post. I have been racking my brain trying to come up with one weird thing about me (One dey hard so, how I want take come do eight my peeps??). You see I think am like the most unweird person you can ever think of. I can hear obi say “Na lie!” Oya you wey dey call me weirdo, tell me one weird thing about me you know. Speak now or forever rest your case o!

(Princesa, Princesa, do wetin them send you o! Weird things…weird things, oya begin come to mind! lol!)

1. I am an obsessive neat freak! This one I think is a common trait among Virgos. I just hate dirt and mess around me and I forever find myself picking up/cleaning up after others. Try as hard as I can to ignore dirt, I just cant! Its so bad that I carry around a rag in my car to wipe away any speck of dust as soon as I see it(I detest sitting in dirty cars and would hate for someone to enter my car and think: “This babe na dirty girl o!”) Not many people can stand this attitude of mine and if you are lazy/lousy, sorry I cant live with you! I pray to God each day not to give me a lazy/dirty guy for a husband cos I’d end up being a serious nag. I cab just see myself asking questions like:

“Cant you put back that cup where you got it from?” or

“Is it an abomination for you to hang your clothes up properly??” or

“Am I supposed to tell you to polish your shoes???”

God forbid bad thing o!

2. Aha! My body temperature is another weird thing about me. You see it’s never normal as in when other people around me are feeling hot, I’ll be feeling cold. And when they are feeling cold, then I’ll be sweating like Christmas goat (I hardly ever feel hot though). Now since am not preggers, is this not weird??? Another thing is that my body temperature fluctuates like NEPA as in I’ll be sweating and switch on the air conditioning, the next minute am shivering like a drenched chicken and I have to switch it off again.
I can’t sleep at night with the fan/AC on cos by morning, I’ll be really SICK from cold! Wierdo abi??lol!

3.When I hear women talk about having PMS blues (The usual cranky attitude women get when they are on their period), I always wonder what it feels like cos sincerely speaking now, I don’t experience them! In fact sometimes am even nicest/happiest during my periods,lol! How’s that for being weird???

4.So I have a very weird immune system. Sometimes I even wonder if I have an immune system. (Naaa! I never carry Aids o!) How do you explain the fact that I get bitten by one mosquito and the next day am down with malaria or I drink a cup of water from unknown sources and next thing the doctor diagnoses typhoid fever. I mean, is this like natural or what?? I know lots of people (my siblings included) wey mosquito go use their blood do breakfast, lunch and dinner, yet whosai! No malaria. Some others I know na so so sachet water( I refuse to call it ‘Pure water’) them dey drink yet typhoid fever dey fear to near them,lol!

5. I am very erratic/impulsive. I can take crazy decisions on the spur of the moment. Once I went to the salon to get a weave. On reaching there I saw there was a long line of babes waiting to do their hair too. I took a seat prepared to wait till it was my turn. Somehow, I glanced at the other end of the salon where the guys cut their hair and noticed the barber wasn’t busy na so una sister change mind o! I decided to have a hair cut instead. My folks were shocked when I got back home with my baby curls, lol!

I don’t ever forget faces. Once I see a person, even if its twenty years later, I’ll still remember the face. I may not recall the name but the face I can never forget.So if after meeting you once, I tell you: “Sorry I can’t place the face”. That one na ogbonge lie o! I just dey form (pretend),lol!

7.The kind of things I like to eat is not your typical Ajebo chic kind of foods. If you meet me for the first time, you’ll probably be thinking: “This one na real Ajebutter babe” but don’t be deceived, by the time I begin to display my razzness eh, you go begin ask from which village they import me come from,lol! Give me ‘razzcious’ foods over Chinese/ Continental cuisine any day. Nothing compares to my ‘Boli’(roasted plantain) and groundnut, Roasted/boiled corn and pear, Bread and akara, Drinking garri and groundnut with iced water, roasted yam and palm oil. Don’t be scandalized, its my weirdness,lol!

8. I don’t like asking people for favours cos It really hurts like hell when they refuse so I’ll rather just keep mum than get a NO for an answer. (Not sure this is weird but I just had to make it eight,lol!)

So am tagging 30+, Isi, D.O.G, Afrobabe, pammy, castle queen, arewa, solomonsydelle and olamild.


Deji Odusote said...

not so weird. guess most chic i ever met are like are like you. it could me that get attrace to gal like you though. lol

Arewa said...

lol....u also had to tag me didnt u after Zena tagged me to do a meme post...winch like

About ur immune system its the same thing with me ooh..since i had chicken pox like 3yrs ago. Wwhy dont u try taking something to boost it like Echinacea tablets..(i can send u some so let me knoe what u think)
And who ever said eating Akara and bread was razzz....i begie that is the business....the roasted groundnuts and gari is an all time classic.... so munch on girl...stay blessed.

UnNaked Soul said...

Neat feak... I think I need someone like you as a buddy...

My body temperature is equal to the temperature of the room (if it is cold am cold, if it is warm am warm)

my immune system is to die for...

erratic? yes I am.. LOL

yea that too, I dont forget faces but I forget names...


pamelastitch said...

oh noooooooooooooooooooooooo.....


I feel you on that razzness. You should have seen my sister and I "dancing in the sun" last weekend when we got our hands on some garri and peanut. We 'smoked' that thing all weekend...You should have seen us smacking our lips!!! LOL!!!!

this 8 things wey you ask me I dey hard no be small...but I will try...

diary of a G said...

happy weekend
I'll holla

pamelastitch said...

hmmmm, I updated with your answers... :)

Mommy said...

I shouted 'Jesu' at number 5 and snickered at number 7.
Sweets, just give me garri and groundnut anytime. The type of blessings that would come your way that day ehn, just know sey na me dey pray for you lol.
Well I'm not sure about boli and gnut oh. Never tried it.
Roasted yam and red oil...heavenly.
Aint ya just lucky on number 3. Before I got married, whenever my cycle was complete my directors would know. A driver was always at my disposal to take me back home. Now that I have a child, the thing don reduce small. Not a sweet experience. Just before the main thing begins, I would work like I took something. I could do any kind of tedious work from morning till night. I no go tire. That's how weird my PMS is.
And you did not tag me *sob sob sob*....Wetin I for wan write sef?
Enjoy your weekend babes! Kisses!

Mommy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
princesa said...

@deji odusote, the typos no let me understand ur comment well o!

@arewa,I just had to tag you dear so you also crack ya head like me,lol!
I dont mind those Echinacea tablets o if they'll help boost my immunity. So how do i get them dear?
Oh i see a new member of the razz babes club,lol!

@unnaked soul, hmmm...looks like we are alike some ways. As long as you are not lazy/lousy we can be buddies.I envy that ur immune system o!

@pammy,lol! Another razz babe like me. You even smoke the thing sef,lol!
Stop being lazy, go do the meme jare!
Updated with my answers ke! Am conmming to see.

@DOG, hey dude!Thanks.

@mommy,lol! Looks like we plenti wey get small razzness for body lol! Sweetie just try boli and groundnut, you'll love it and if you come add one chilled bottle of coke, forget story o!
Eh ya, sorry about the PMS thing. I have some cousins that also go through similar ordeal. Glad its better now.
i didnt tag you cos i thot you did something similar some time back anyway if you like, you are hereby tagged.

Ugo Daniels said...

I'm tryn to imagine you displaying some razzness att :)

Naapali said...

Not weird, just different. thats what u r.

Aijay said...

Lol!! Razz babe.
See me talking. U don't want to know how razz I get sometimes. It even amazes me. Lol.
About PMS, I get all cranky & all before my period, but I'm cool afterwards, i.e, when I'm on. (been a while since I used the word "on" in that context.)
Sorry about ur immune system. Mine is hardcore. I don't remember the last time I fell ill. Thank God for that.
And no, we can't swap. Lol.
Have a fab weekend!!

princesa said...

@ugoD,lol! What picture do you have in your mind??

@naapali,yea i guess so. How are you doc?

princesa said...

How did you know i wanted to ask for a swap?? Lucky you! Guess a girl cant have it all abi?

Afrobabe said...

fuck...obsessive neat freak? me and u no go fit live together oh...I always tell my friends who take it upon themselves to arrange my room to leave it least am sure my panties are under the I am diff in a man's house sha....

I personally drank enough pure water to last me a life time...come oh...who send me do the weird facts here...

Olamild said...

Lol hahahaha

I use to be a neat freak
hmmm ur razzness me like

Olamild said...

I did the weird post already

Obi said...

One man's weirdness is another's normalcy...

Opposites on the immune thing tho..
Last time I remember REALLY being sick was 2 years ago...

Zephi said...

me sef com dey wonder, wether I tag you for eight or
you finally did it, you are really not that weird..I can hang with you except my car is kind dirty now and it needs some serous washing..
ahh, I like your razzness too

CATWALQ a.k.a LAGBA-JESS said...

so I don't get tagged ehn, no shaking

I am 1, 2, a little bit of 6, 7 and 8

Queen of My Castle said...

LOL...this was too cute. I can relate to the body temp. thingy.I am forever up at night readjusting the thermostat. I NEVER ask for favors, ever, unless I am in dire need. I don't like to feel like a burden on anyone.

Just updated, but will post 8 random facts on my next one.

cally-waffybabe said...

LOL. Babe, i can't even imagine you being razz after hearing your aje bu voice. You sound as lovely as you look.

Honestly i don't know why, but i half expected you to maybe have a slight Ibo accent (no laugh o; accent no be bad thing) or summin, but was pleasantly surprised when you rang. Wow i'm still reeling from how posh and aje bu''er you sound.

As for the razz eating, no be razz oh, na our culture. And i feel ya on that corn and pear, kai. In fact i go phone you before i land for xmas make you keep some for me so i no go hear story o!!! LOL.
Hope you're doing good girl.


lindwee said...

Good one!
I agree with naapali.

exschoolnerd said...

Ur happy when ur on ur period....

u really r weird...thats the worst period(no pun intended) for me!!!

about being a boli,acara,kuli kuli,agbalumo,danqua, the works do u! almost all of us like those suff but most of us tend to form...

pamelastitch said...

actually you can listen:

go to:

click on listen.... and enjoy....


princesa said...

And there I was thinking we could share an apartment when you come down to Naija.
So you dey pretend when you reach man house abi? Lol!
I was wondering if you wanted to do ur own post here o! Abeg go do am for ya blog.

@olamild, You used to be a neat freak? So why you not anymore??
Am coming over to urs soon.

princesa said...

@obi, Lucky you!

@zephi,okay so i don become car-washer abi? If i catch you eh...

@catwalq, lol! So every one wants to be tagged now?? Okay no vex, You are officially tagged now!

princesa said...

@castle queen, thanks babes, how are you doing?

@CWB, Lol!!!
You are such a sweetie! Was great chatting with you too. You also sound lovely babes. No calabar/waffi accent too,lol!
The corn go don hard finish by the time you go come for December na! How I want take preserve am?

@lindwee, Thanks.

@exschoolnerd,lol! I agree when it comes to PMSing , I may be weird.
Babes see how you just dey list all of them. Dankwa…How could I have forgotten that one??? I agree with you dear, there is a bit of razzness in everyone, some peeps just dey hide them own.

@pammy, so i can listen too. Great! Will check it out.

Jaybabe said...

Oh my..body temp flactuating? Kai! Well i think you can win the BBA money if you are that clean. Coz most people who go in there, and are clean, always make it to the top know you can do it too.
Dammnn, Pam tagged me on that one and i'm still wondering weird things about me. But i'll write that one up.
How have you been girl?

30+ said...

@Princessa, I tagged you on my blog for the 30 days of thankfulness month.


jummy said...

Hmmmm ur post got me thinking

I think am am realy weird besides u if ure a 2 am a 9 lol

Hey fellow virgoan abi na fellow virgin *wink*wink*

I totally feel u on 1 2 5and 7

Whens ur bday?


Ahhh, I've been tagged!!!!!!

Okay, will sit down and do this, especially since the last time I was tagged (by Nyemoni) I never finished the assignment. lol!

How you dey?

princesa said...

@jaybabe, hey girl! How are your exams coming?? So you think I should apply for the next BBA???

@30+, People wey I no tag dey vex say I no tag them, those wey I tag dey feel say I do them bad thing …na wa o!
How person go take please una sef?lol!
Okay am coming to urs to check it out.

@jummy, so you are virgo too. That’s nice. Virgos Rock!!!
My birthday…August 31st.

@SoloD, Am fine Mummy TK.
Make I bring seat for you wey you go take balance well well write the post,lol!

Aijay said...

I saw 30+ tagged you already...if not, I for join am tag you. lol.
Anyways, i've updated. I can hear you saying "Finally". Na you know o. lol. Take care!

Isi said...

neat freak...hmmm, imagine if we had a million of neat freakers like u in lagos wey go just jump out of their camry come dey pick doti for orile and mushin... our city go clean no be small! lol!!!!!!

Teediva said...

glad u didnt tag me cos i've been writing that post forever since i was tagged, and tho there are weird thngs about me, they feel too weird to share. ur weirdness is quite nromal lol. really feel u on that lack of pms thing. i'm all nervous just b4 but once it starts and is not disturbing any grooving scheduled then i'm almost high. hopefully i''ll update soon and tag u on another meme since this was so interesting.

Red Puree said...

Awwwww, just flowed in here from catwalq's blog..I love your blog.Am also loving the realness in you.Being down to earth is!. true virgos are neat sister is one and i feel u on that pickn and cleaning stuff.

Florida of Free Spirit said...

U sound like a real fun girl. Thanks for visit ....