Friday, November 23, 2007

Inside the Men's Locker Room.

Ever wondered what the guys talk about when we are not around. Here is your chance to eavesdrop babes. I saw this stuff on and decided to put it up for everyone to read.

Men Confess Why They're Breast Obsessed
What do model train sets and women's breasts have in common?
Well, both are intended for children, but it's the fathers that always end up playing with them.
They are nature's original milk jugs. Mounds of flesh that come in varying shapes and sizes and can be dressed in an endless array of fabrics and designs. They are breasts, and while their design is purely utilitarian, they have been worshipped by cultures around the world since the dawn of time. Whether you know them as sweater kittens, air bags or blouse bunnies, there's no debating that female breasts have an unusually prominent place in our society. What is the root of men's double-D-sized fixation? The answers might surprise you.

Men find breasts calming
In a linear world full of hard edges and harder realities, breasts are soft, welcoming and nonthreatening. With their obvious connection to breastfeeding, and by extension childhood, breasts remind us of our halcyon days when our mothers protected us from all the world's evils.

Breasts are a symbol of fertility
A-cup or Z-cup, breasts define femininity in the same way that channel surfing and participating in fantasy sports leagues define masculinity. Breasts hint at a woman's ability to nurture and sustain life. They also point to a woman's capacity to breed, as they signal the onset of puberty. It's for this reason that we can find Pamela Anderson's breasts alluring while we can be disgusted by Ned Beatty's floppy man tits in Deliverance.

It's a matter of natural selection
According to Charles Darwin and his theory of evolution, we subconsciously select partners who are healthy and appear capable of reproduction ‑- all of which explains why the frail Darwin had so much time to write books rather than go out on dates.
According to his research, men are attracted to bazooms (especially the more shapely variety) because they are indicative of a strong constitution and an ability to further propagate the species. Although reproduction is no longer our top priority, this instinct remains despite centuries of evolution (much like our own nipples).

Breasts are key in arousing women
Any good lover knows that a woman's breasts are closely connected to her primary libidinal zone. Therefore, another reason we like breasts is that we know if we handle these bikini stuffers properly, we can bring women to a state of heightened sexual arousal. Failing that, we can at least tell our friends we managed to get to second base.

Breasts are a home entertainment center
Who among us hasn't used a woman's breasts to play an engaging game of "Tune In to Tokyo"? More than just a milk delivery system, breasts are also a world of entertainment right at your fingertips. Let's face it: There's a reason why they're commonly known as "fun bags."

Men are stimulated visually
Unlike women, who can be aroused by reading a single passage in a Harlequin romance novel, men require visual stimulation. It's hardly surprising then that breasts, raised and perky as they often are, receive our obsessive attention. After all, apart from genitalia, breasts are a woman's most well-defined physical feature ‑- just ask Dolly Parton. Better yet, ask her bra salesman.

Societal pressure
Clearly, it's not all a matter of biology, particularly when you consider that humans are the only animals who include breast fondling as part of the mating process. Then again, we're also the only animals who use nipple clamps and sex swings, so perhaps comparing ourselves to other species is a bit rash. Therefore, let's turn our attention to society.One of the primary reasons we're breast obsessed is because society, and in particular Madison Avenue, encourages our fixation. Pick up any magazine, from Shape to even YM, and you're bound to see more cleavage than in the Grand Canyon. The same is true of bus ads, fashion catalogs and every other manner of marketing material. Breasts have spawned not only their own film and plastic surgery industries, but also their own restaurant chain (take that, testicles!). If advertising is powerful enough to make millions of people buy Pet Rocks, it's little wonder that it has the ability to keep knockers in our thoughts 24 hours a day.

Breasts have the allure of taboo
The erotic allure of breasts is further heightened by the fact these "glands for the hands" are supposed to be kept under wraps and away from view. As Jerry Seinfeld so adroitly pointed out, if women kept their heads covered instead of their breasts, we'd all be heading down to the corner store to pick up the latest copy of Heads Illustrated. We always want that which we cannot have, and in that regard, breasts are the ultimate forbidden fruit.

Keeping abreast of the issues
Men are often accused of speaking to a woman's chest rather than her face, but are we really to blame? Our attraction to these "prisoners of the Playtex penitentiary" is simultaneously physical, psychological and societal. Therefore, go out and celebrate the breast. In fact, go out and celebrate a pair of them. You'd be a boob not to.

Guys,I have even more reasons to thank God. My younger brother (The one who lost his job in a bank sometime back has gotten another job in another bank with an even better pay (almost double his salary at his previous bank). Someone shout alleluia abeg…God has been really faithful to me and mine. Am grateful to all of you for ur prayers and goodwill too especially 36inches(for the effort you made girl).You are all wonderful peeps and I wont trade any of you for anything.

Have a lovely weekend everyone.



Afrobabe said...

first first first...unbeleivable...

Afrobabe said...


I like it when a man stares at my breasts, notices I noticed and becomes confused and starts stammering...yeahhh I like the effect...

was gonna put up a breast blog after the weird facts one...might still do.

fantasy queen said...

i love mi breast soooo much and it makes me feel sexxxy...

afro, u're first already, and u had to take the second place 2?...mama warned not to be greedy o...

thankGod for ur brother...i guess u could say its the cherry on top of the pie for ur year lovely weekend.

pamelastitch said...

Congratulations to your brother.... :-)

Most men I know happen to be butts men!! HMMM...Maybe, I am hanging with the wrong :)

Obi said...

Hmm...All hail da kegs..!!!
Incidentally, I'm also an ASSenal fan's all really a "sex thing"...

Congrats to ya bro on da new job.!!

Carlang said...

I'm the first guy.
That counts for something right?

I love breasts.
There i confessed.

I love staring at them.
It;s easier when i;m not trying to stare through the force field layer of a blouse and teasing lingerie..

Nice post.
In the end i think you missed one important fact.

There are only three things that taste as lovely.
Ice cream.
And breasts...

This post has got me thinking and now i'm panting..

I'm all out of breast here!

Carlang said...

oh dang...
Obi stole my first slot.....

Tayo said...

Princessa, wetin you find go Kai, you sef!

pamelastitch said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
fantasy queen said...

lol @carlang...spreading ur perv seed around yeah?

diary of a G said...

thanks P
next time I see some nice ones
I'll smile to myself and be glad
her face isn't cover

I like that Jerry Seinfeld analogy


Oh my, a home entertainment center, ke? Ha, we have suffered oh! lol!

Unknown Blogger said...

congrats princessa's brother, goodluck in ur new job.
As for breast, its so funny the girls r the ones sayin they love breasts so much lol, guys where are u?

onydchic said...

Yeah, i'm quite used to guys talking to my chest. It's almost amusing actually, cos then i'm like, 'dude, my eyes are up here', and they go all stammer-y and embarassed. I guess it doesn't help that i tend to wear low-cut tops... Ironically i got a mail about bra sizes this morning!

And congrats to your bro! When God closes a door, he always opens another!

NikkiSab said... dont matter d sex cos both sexes stare at it. Some in shock n some in wishful thinking and odas in btwn dem They r like butts on top. lol

Carlang said...

@ fantasy queen: Perv seed? Me?
No way!!

Bold and Beautiful said...

Hnmmmmmmm breast i have got enough of it on my slim frame and it does make me feel sexy cos d guys never stop staring/talking abt it ,used to hate it growing up but now i think its an asset.

Unknown blogger please leas pleas invite me to your blog ..oya.

What more can we say?God is so good .Thank God for ur broda.

diary of a G said...

oh congrats to you broda
and We guys talk about butts and a lot more inside the locker rooms

princesa said...

I just know this post would draw some interesting comments but i guess i didnt realise just how much,lol!

@afrobabe,lol! Na becos I come squeal for ur blog say I don update abi?lol! Anyway you still get a HUGE kiss for coming first babe,*Mmwuahazzz!!!
Hmmm…so you like the attention on ur boobs? Me, I just hate it when a man stares unabashedly.

@fantasy queen, don’t we all love our breasts?? Sometimes they get us too much attention tho.

@pammy,lol! Naaa I don’t think you ae with the wrong crowd girl. Though some men prefer the arse, a major percentage are crazy about boobs.

@obi, So you are hailing the kegs enh??
ASSenal fan too? Only you?? Greedy man,lol!

princesa said...

@carlang, Poor dearie…obi upstaged you.
I guess you were still trying to do the comment post,lol!
Oya sorry no vex. I dash you one peck for being the second guy.
I have always wondered what breasts taste like for you guys, now I know it tastes like chocolate/icecream. Not bad,lol!
Are you still panting??

@tayo, trust you to pick on me dude. Now am beginning to suspect you are in love with me,lol! You sure say you want know wetin I go find for there???

@fantasy queen,lol@ perv seed. Pity the poor guy na.

@DOG,lol dude! You not serious. I hope you don’t stare without blinking o!

@soloD, Suffered ke??
Okay…but am sure you’d agree that when Hubby handles them , that one go be enjoyment,lol!

princesa said...

@unknownblogger,Hmmm great! I finally caught ur attention girl. Abeg I dey request invite to ya blog o as you don make am private so.

Na you dey cause wahala na. Your low-cut tops aint helping the brothers girl!

@nikkisab,yes I agree. Me I dey stare too o! Especially if its those heavy duty types,lol!

@carlang, yea no way! Perv seed ke! It cant fitn’t be you,lol!

@b&b, I also used to be self conscious of my boobs when I was younger. Its good to be bold and proud of God’s blessings(our asset)lol!

@DOG, thanks dude. So can you tell me some of these things. You know say I too like amebo,lol!

Aijay said...

Wow! Thank God for ur brother. Thats gr8 news. Calls for some celebration.

As for the breasts thing. I'm with Tayo. Wetin carry u go Lol.
Babe, stay out of their locker room before u go see something wey go blind u. Lol.

Nyemoni said...

Congrats to your bro! Wow, thank God for him o! As for the subject of your post...LOL....I ask myself what's the obsession with men and breasts? LOL....I guess is huMAN nature...

Jaybabe said...

Hey, I'm knocking off. Will come by tomorow...!


madam, u now have more than enough reasons to thank God and celebrate always, from ur mom's success story and now ur brother.infact u must throw party ooooo. i no wan hear story

hear is a song to u

I will song unto The Lord...
A joyful Song, I will praise His name for the LOrd is good!!

I will sing unto the Lord a joyful song, I will praise His name for the Lord is good!!!

teediva said...

thank God, our prayers for ur bro were answered. i guess u have more things to be thannkful for now.

i love me lovely lovely kegs. they inspire me to pose nude...might do it someday b4 i start breastfeeding, but probably for an artist to draw...cant risk a photographer lol. ok too much info.

Olamild said...


Afrobabe said...

I derserve that first oh, see the speed I used when I saw the comment u left on my page...tot I would be 15th or more,as usual..

Unknown Blogger pls send an invite....

princesa said...

@aijay,lol@ me getting blind. Abeg nothin new under the sun o!

@nyemoni, i guess so too dear. Longest time, how body??

@jaybabe, okay sweet!

@anibodude, abi o! Plenti things to thank God for. No worry we go celebrate am but make we start with that ur promotion first(wink).
Thanks for the song bro!

@teediva, lol! You get liver o! Pose nude ke?? Me i no fit o!Not even for an artist.

@olamild, you don come again with ur "WAOWWWWWWWWWWWW"?? I don discover say na when you dey for hurry you dey leave that kain comment,lol!

@afro, Girl you deserve it o! No more 15th position for you again in Jesus name, Amen.

exschoolnerd said...

i am so happy for your brother....ive always tot that evry dissapointment was a blessing..and in ur brothers case it rings true..may he not meet another alakoba in this new bank..wish him all the best with that...

and this article on men and breasts crazked me up.its so true!

simplynuttie said...

Men and breasts...nice one!

what about women and...?
what part of men will you relate women to?

Anonymous said...

I am absolutely obssessed about my double ds too u cant blame men can u ?

Me also loves a big long thick black girth lets talk about that too*wink*wink*no be only men get mouth abi?

Guess thats an inspiration for a new post

About ur bros what can i say?
Icing on the cake we go wash am o

Ebonne said...

damn... are breasts that deep?

I'm still a proud princess of the itty bitty committee

princesa said...

@exschoolnerd, Thanks dearie. Amen to that ur prayer o!

@simplynuttie, lol! YOu trying to be naughty here??

@jummy, Wao!! Double Ds?? You are really blessed girl.
About that "big long thick black girth" you talked about, maybe you should do the post for us na,lol!
NO spoil me o!

@ebonne, itty bitty or not, we should be proud of them jare.

Abacus said...

Princess, Pictures Please!!! We need pictures to expatiate the subject behind this post ... so picture, pictures, pictures!

simplynuttie said...

Not naughty....only enquiring

princesa said...

@abacus,LMAO! What pics abeg?!?!

@simplynuttie, hey its okay to be naughty abeg. How u dey?

Queen of My Castle said...

Congrats to your brother!!!!!!!! Everything happens for purpose, IMO.

simplynuttie said...

Fresh and thinking how to unleash my weapon of mass destruction on my bosses

Florida of Free Spirit said...

I like breasts too, & am a babe!!! Most women with good-sized one (not that type that is all out there for d world to see, the Pam Anderson kind) look better in clothes. More feminine. (Daz d only thing i like abt my period - d way my boobs fill out)