Thursday, May 31, 2007

Situation Unresolved.

Hey guys, am back! My internet has been misbehaving for sometime now and i haven’t been able to update my blog. I know you are all itching to know how the date with my B.F(maybe soon to be ex) went.

Here goes, we met up on my way home at an eatery and he practically begged me to forgive and forget what happened. Of cos i did the IGG(Initial gra gra) but after a while told him to stop the pleading cos his sins had been We made up and dat was it. End of story.

Now start another story. I think it’s true what they say about people that cheat on others- they always think the next person is cheating on them too. I have such fidelity issues with my B.f. I have had reasons to believe he was cheating on me, but he always had an explanation for everything. About 3 weeks back, he had come to visit me at home and we were just relaxing in each other's company. I was trying to send an MMS(Multimedia message) from his phone to mine(his picture actually), and you know what happens when u send an MMS, it always goes to the outbox. I kept trying and the message just refused to go. I had to go to his outbox to try and resend the message when i saw this message to some Oge. I was curious and i opened the message (i know i am not supposed to but am glad I did) only to read a message where he was saying i miss u, i love u and all the sweet nothins. He had also attached his picture. I was just stunned cos this was a guy that always pretended to be the Pope when it came to such things. I glanced over at him as he stroked my hair and just thought in my heart how people can really be fake.Initially, i didn’t want to bring it up cos i didn’t want to look like i had been snooping round his phone so i simply kept mum. As i saw him off later to the car, i just couldn’t hold it in anymore, I didn’t even know when i blurted out: “Who is Oge??" He turned to me and replied: Oge? I dont know who you are talking about." I returned: How can you not know who she is when her number is in your phone and you even sent her an MMS? Now i took his phone from him and opened the message. He looked shocked. I was sure he didn’t even know the message was there. Guess what he said next: "Ok Oge! He is my friend". I just looked at him and shook my head. He probably thought he was talking to 3 year old. The only way i was going to believe that was if he told me he was gay. After arguing for a while and he kept insisting Oge was a guy. I decided to drop it but that was not until after i had warned him that if i ever found out he lied to me, i would end the relationship right away and he agreed. However, i still sent the number to my own phone by text message (he didnt know when i did this).The next day he had come to see me and when he noticed i was a bit cold due to what happened the previous day, he dialed the number and said i should speak to the friend Oge. I looked at the name he was dialing, it was the same name he had sent the text to so i took the phone and listened, it was a man's voice alrite. I ended the call and instinctively i checked the number, it was an MTN number 0803 but the number he sent that text to was a 0806(i had noted it). I looked at him and told him not to take me for a fool. Still he insisted it was the same number he had sent the text to but me i knew better, he had changed the name. I still repeated my threat about ending the relationship if i found out he was lying and he agreed.

2 days back, i stumbled on the text message in my phone and saw the number. I had already forgotten about it. So hiding my caller ID, i dialed the number and a female voice said hello. I dropped the call and tried to make excuses for him psyching myself up that maybe it was his friend's babe or sister or something. Later on, in the middle of the night i woke up to redial the number, the same voice answered and once again i ended the call. Now it couldn’t possibly be his friend’s babe or sister picking up his call in the middle of the night, could it?I haven’t spoken to him since then and am still thinking of what step to take. One thing i definitely know is that i don’t want a two-timer who lies through the teeth for a husband. I hope you guys can let me know what you think.

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Friday, May 25, 2007


Yes wahala dey o! How did the wahala start? Thats what i will be telling you now. Ok, first of all i have this friend-Mr C. I met Mr C some 5 years back and since then we have grown to become really good friends. Mr C is married and a lot of my friends dont understand our relationship but in him i find someone i can tell everything. Initially when we first met, he wanted something more than friendship but i refused(I no dey date married man, i no want curse for my head). When he realised i wasnt interested in him that way, he decided to go along with what i wanted-Plain friendship although sometimes(he calls it his fever moments) he would send me this ridiculous messages that could make one think we were something more than just friends.
I had to give u that brief lowdown so u know where am coming from.

Yesterday my b.f (boyfriend)came to see me in the office and while we were chatting, my boss called and asked me to see him in his office for a brief meeting. I left b.f in my office and went to see my boss. Innocently i had left my phones on my desk(i didnt think i had anything to hide). After the meeting, i had come in only to notice that his countenance had changed. The following conversation ensued:

Me: "Hey, what is it?"
B.F: "Who sent you this text?"
(I noticed he was holding my phone)
Me: "What text? Dont tell me you were reading my messages?"
B.F:" Answer me, Who sent you this text?"
(Now, i grabbed my phone from him)
Me: "Am disappointed in you, Looking through my messages!"
(Looking at the message, i saw it was one of Mr C's crazy messages. i started laughing)
Me: "Ha Ha Ha, Its my friend Mr C, you know him now"
B.F: "What kind of friend is dat? Why would he send you that kind of message?"
Me: "I told you, he is just my friend! Sometimes he sends these crazy messages but they are really harmless"
B.F: "What kind of friend?"
Me: "What do u mean , what kind of friend, he is just a friend"
B.F: "Dont let me hit you, Have i ever hit you before?"
(God did i just hear Hit? i was incensed, hit me??!)
Me: "Ok he is my bedfriend, Hit me now! Hit me i say!(I was raving like mad now)
B.F: Am leaving
(He storms out,I didnt even look up)

I was really offended, i havnt ever given him reason to doubt me at all. I tell him every thing i do so why would he behave like that. Why would he go snooping round my phone? What was he hoping to find??? See me see wahala o!
All this happened yesterday. This evening as i was packing my stuff getting ready to go home, my phone rang and it was him. He asked that we meet up somewhere this evening to talk. I didnt want to go initially but on a second thought i will go just to here what he has to say but am still very angry at him for even saying he was going to hit me. I could take anything from a man but not hitting me.
God knows, i wont stand for that at all.

Will let you know how it goes later.

have a luvly weekend, y'all.


Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Lagos Touts Part 2

Ok i know i said i would complete the story and thats why am back but seriously now i don forget the whole experience of yesterday and i dont even want to remember it. After several hours of gruelling traffic(Every one had to take the same route) and trying to avoid crazy danfo drivers who were just hell bent on denting my poor car, i finally got to work at about 10am, tired and stressed out. My boss took one look at me and said:"Are u just coming from World War 2?" and when i tried to explain, he just said:"Dont worry, we know what happened at Oshodi today". I just thanked God in my mind and the man kuku know say am usually very punctual.

Later on i heard the fight was actually between factions of the Union of road workers. As far as i am concerned, those ones are simply "Area boys in uniforms". They wrecked serious damage and some people also lost their lives in the process. I just pray that something be done seriously about these "Area Boys". They are just a serious society menace! God help us.

Got to stop here now. Be back for more blogging soon.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Lagos touts again!

Na wa for me o! E be like say i be real tatafo joo! ok what do u call someone who prefers jumping from blog to blog, reading other people's blog instead of posting mine. No blame me sha, some of these blogs are soooooo funny -just the perfect medicine after a stressful work day (@ the pseudo-independent report me if u like, i no send o!)
I am writing this post from my brother's office, my darned internet refused to work all day at the office and as i don dey addicted , i couldnt resist when he called me to come pick him up from his office(His car is bad and our offices are quite close), at least then, i can get to check up on my guys in blogville.

Make una helep me thank God o! I had a narrow escape with lagos touts this morning. Ok, my office is on the mainland and i have to go through Oshodi everyday on my way to work. This morning, as i was approaching oshodi at about 7.45am, i saw this unusual heavy traffic(there is usually no traffic on my side of the expressway). I was in the car with my elder brother (i told u earlier, his car is bad so he turned me into his driver) and we were wondering what could be causing the traffic. We finally concluded that a trailer must have broken down in the middle of the road(Not an unusual thing on lagos roads).
Ok jeje, jeje we dey go, when i looked ahead and saw people running back, even those in their cars were jumping out and abandoning their cars on the road. the first thought that came to my head was "Armed Robbers!!". Una sister no dey slack at all for this kind thing o! My life is very precious so i quickly turned off the engine, carried my bag, wounded up the windows and shouted to my brother"You no go run???"(I did all these in an instant o!) The guy just looked at me like i was crazy and said"Run where?? You no go look well before u start to run?". Ok. i admit he had a point but me i no dey for looking first o! I prefer to run before looking.
Anyway i stopped to look and saw that some cars were still moving but they werent moving straight to Oshodi, they were all turning into airport road. I asked a guy who was standing next to my car what was going on and he replied:"Area boys dey fight for Oshodi". That was when i relaxed and started moving on to join the airport road as others were doing.
To be continued.
This story dey long small sha and my brother who i came to pick up is already threatening to pack up his system. Hopefully the internet will work in my office tomorrow so i can finish the story for u guys.
See ya tomorrow. This my brother sef dey too impatient sef!
Am out.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Wrong People!

Guys, its the end of another work day and i am damn tired but just had to post this b4 i get too lazy. Am sure u are wondering about the title of my post- "Wrong people". i just couldnt think of a better caption.
Some time ago, my company had applied to the NYSC to send us a female corper to serve with us. The person was supposed to assist in the Client service department and that meant she would be working under me. NYSC sent three ladies to us and that meant we had to reject two of them since we needed just one person and we wanted the best one, Na so interview come start o! My boss had called me to join him in interviewing them and it was amazing the kind of things i heard from people who were supposed to be graduates. I just laughed(in my mind o!) through out the interview. The one we finally picked sef wasnt that brilliant but at least she showed the eagerness to want to learn unlike the other ones. One didnt even know what she wanted to be 5 years from now(1 was sooooo shocked). Here is an excerpt from the interview with one of them:

Me: "What are your personal qualities?"
Corper: "I like nice people"
Me: I didnt mean what u liked, I asked for ur personal qualities, i expect to hear something like i am honest , reliable bla bla bla"
Corper: "Ok i am honest"
Me: "So do you have any special skills?"
Corper: "I dont understand"
Me: Ok for instance like writing, Are u a good writer?
Corper: "Yes, i have good handwriting"
(God! can you beat that!)

Anyway we finally picked one of them and sent the rest back to NYSC(we no need that kin one o!). She had since resumed work and is picking up fast.

Come check out wetin happen today!Another case of "Wrong people". My Company is about to break an advertising campaign for a client and we needed some beautiful models with really long hair (Its a hair product campaign). I had called some modelling agents and asked them to send in some girls for auditioning. I briefed them on the specifications too so u can imagine my surprise today when about 10 am a group of girls came into the office. I was sitting at the reception chatting with the receptionist(no be say i no get work o! i just dey cool off stress) so i saw them as they came in. I got up to leave back to my desk only for the receptionist to call me back saying they wanted to see me. I asked her for what and she replied that they were sent by one of the modelling agents. To say i was surprised is saying the least cos none of them looked anything like what we needed(Sorry i have to say this but these girls were ugggg!)Anyway i had to do the audition just so it wont be dat they wasted their precious time coming. Only one of them got a pass mark, the rest were a total no! no!.
Just as i was through with them, the phone rang. I picked it and the receptionist's voice came through. She told me a new set of girls had come but this time from another modelling agent. I told her to send them in thinking to myself that this time it would be better. Was i wrong! As the first girl walked in, i had to rub my eyes to be sure i was seeing well. Except for her long hair(I give her that sha), every other thing was not it at all.What are these agents thinking??? This people no know wetin i want use the models for? A billboard for God's sake! One after the other , they came in and each time it was the same story, either they had too big lips or over bleached skin or too short or scanty hair. My colleagues who shared the same office with me were just laughing all through(They couldnt hold back the laughter, i no blame them sef, even me just dey hold myself).
One of them didnt even know why she came. when i asked her what she came for she said:"Interview for job" God! I had to tell her say no job dey for here o! One interesting thing i noticed among this last set was all of them were secondary school holders, and they had finished school years back o! One even told me she didnt want to go to university, she preferred business. Na so una sister turn guidance consellor o! I leave audition come dey advise them. I got the feeling though that in their hearts they were just saying:"Give me the Job bo! No dey preach for our ear" but me i continued all the same.
The modelling agents came in later to check which of their super models i had picked(lol)and i gave them a good talking to, not to send in such girls to me again o! They apologised and promised to do better.
Thats it for my day with wrong people. I have to be on my way home now before the traffic gets worse. I only pray that the "right people" come your way o!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Just for you guys!

Got this stuff from somewhere and just felt like posting it. Enjoy!

*If you love something set it free. if it comes back, it will always be yours. if it doesn't come back, it was never yours to begin with. But if it sits in your living room, messes up your stuff, eats your food, uses your telephone, takes your money and doesnt appear to realize that you had set it free.............You either married it or gave birth to it.

*The best way to forget all your troubles is to wear tight shoes.

*The nice part about living in a small town:WHEN YOU DONT KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING, SOMEONE ELSE ALWAYS DOES!

*Amazing! You hang something in your closet for a while and it shrinks two sizes(For the girls).

*I read this article that said the typical symtoms of stress are: eating too much,impulse buying and driving too fast. Are they kidding? Thats my idea of a perfect day.

Hope you had a laugh!


Thursday, May 10, 2007

My Blog Friends.

I am dedicating this post to all of you -My blog friends.

You aint much for now and am still hoping to make more. This goes out to -An Ibo Dude, Chidi. Calabar gal, Everybody loves a Naija girl, Ugo Daniels, Excited jade and..............

I havnt met you(physically i mean) but u mean a lot to me, your comments on my page brings smiles to my face. keep them coming.

I love you all.


Thursday, May 3, 2007

Good bye Chioma

(Telephone ringing) Gring! Grring!! Grrring!!!
(Groggy from sleep) Princess: "Hello who is it?"
(My brother's voice comes through) Brother: "Nnesco na me O!"
Princess: "Oh Ugesi! Wats up?"
Brother: "Sorry to wake u up but its urgent"
(Fully awake now) Princess: "Urgent? Wetin happen?"
Brother: "I fit get small dough from you this morning, Na for Festus o!He needs to leave for
London immediately,e be like say yawa don gas"
Princess: "How??"
Brother: "Well nothing is confirmed yet, Chioma gave birth yesterday and his sister called him to come down to London immediately, we suspect Chioma is not ok"

Princess: God i hope thats not true, Chioma has to be fine"

Brother: Thats our prayer"

The above was part of a telephone conversation i had with my elder brother on sunday, April 15th, 2007. A lot has happened since then, Festus had gone to London and confirmed Chioma's death. She had slipped into a coma after giving birth to their first child and never woken up again.

I remember the first time i met you Chioma, it was sometime in 2004. Festus had brought you to the house that day. I had know Festus for many years and he was more like a brother to me. he was my brother's best friend. They had been friends right from their university days, both of them were like peas in a pod and i admired their friendship.

I was surprised when i met you ,you were simply not Festus's type or so i thought then. Dont get me wrong, i mean you were not bad looking at all but the thing was i had seen the kind of girls that hung around Festus, had heard him talk about the kind of babe he liked he had even pestered me some times to hook him up with one of my beautiful, slim, tall friends (his own words). You can understand my surprise when he introduced this dark babe who was definitely not Miss world to me as his girlfriend. Later on, i would ask my brother if Festus was really serious about that babe and he would say "Meen! The guy really serious o". He was also surprised but later told me that after hanging with you on some occasions he saw the reasons why Festus was crazy about you. You were a real home girl, a great cook and you treated him like a baby.

You wedded Festus in July last year The closeness you guys shared was awesome. The both of you were so excited when you got pregnant and strated making plans for you to have the baby in london. Between yourselves, you pulled resources to ensure that the best care available was gotten.

The pregnancy had progressed well and in March,2007 , you had taken your maternity leave from the bank where you worked and jetted to London to prepare for the delivery. You were very confident of a safe delivery and you did give birth safely through a Ceasarian. You even breast fed your baby but alas! death was lurking, you drifted into a coma in which u never woke up from. You left behind your beautiful baby, a heart-broken husband, inconsolable parents& siblings and so many sorrowful friends.

You will be laid to rest on Friday, May 4th and though i wont be there(its been held in the village), I will be here praying you rest in the bosom of the lord.

Rest in peace Chioma.