Thursday, May 17, 2007

Wrong People!

Guys, its the end of another work day and i am damn tired but just had to post this b4 i get too lazy. Am sure u are wondering about the title of my post- "Wrong people". i just couldnt think of a better caption.
Some time ago, my company had applied to the NYSC to send us a female corper to serve with us. The person was supposed to assist in the Client service department and that meant she would be working under me. NYSC sent three ladies to us and that meant we had to reject two of them since we needed just one person and we wanted the best one, Na so interview come start o! My boss had called me to join him in interviewing them and it was amazing the kind of things i heard from people who were supposed to be graduates. I just laughed(in my mind o!) through out the interview. The one we finally picked sef wasnt that brilliant but at least she showed the eagerness to want to learn unlike the other ones. One didnt even know what she wanted to be 5 years from now(1 was sooooo shocked). Here is an excerpt from the interview with one of them:

Me: "What are your personal qualities?"
Corper: "I like nice people"
Me: I didnt mean what u liked, I asked for ur personal qualities, i expect to hear something like i am honest , reliable bla bla bla"
Corper: "Ok i am honest"
Me: "So do you have any special skills?"
Corper: "I dont understand"
Me: Ok for instance like writing, Are u a good writer?
Corper: "Yes, i have good handwriting"
(God! can you beat that!)

Anyway we finally picked one of them and sent the rest back to NYSC(we no need that kin one o!). She had since resumed work and is picking up fast.

Come check out wetin happen today!Another case of "Wrong people". My Company is about to break an advertising campaign for a client and we needed some beautiful models with really long hair (Its a hair product campaign). I had called some modelling agents and asked them to send in some girls for auditioning. I briefed them on the specifications too so u can imagine my surprise today when about 10 am a group of girls came into the office. I was sitting at the reception chatting with the receptionist(no be say i no get work o! i just dey cool off stress) so i saw them as they came in. I got up to leave back to my desk only for the receptionist to call me back saying they wanted to see me. I asked her for what and she replied that they were sent by one of the modelling agents. To say i was surprised is saying the least cos none of them looked anything like what we needed(Sorry i have to say this but these girls were ugggg!)Anyway i had to do the audition just so it wont be dat they wasted their precious time coming. Only one of them got a pass mark, the rest were a total no! no!.
Just as i was through with them, the phone rang. I picked it and the receptionist's voice came through. She told me a new set of girls had come but this time from another modelling agent. I told her to send them in thinking to myself that this time it would be better. Was i wrong! As the first girl walked in, i had to rub my eyes to be sure i was seeing well. Except for her long hair(I give her that sha), every other thing was not it at all.What are these agents thinking??? This people no know wetin i want use the models for? A billboard for God's sake! One after the other , they came in and each time it was the same story, either they had too big lips or over bleached skin or too short or scanty hair. My colleagues who shared the same office with me were just laughing all through(They couldnt hold back the laughter, i no blame them sef, even me just dey hold myself).
One of them didnt even know why she came. when i asked her what she came for she said:"Interview for job" God! I had to tell her say no job dey for here o! One interesting thing i noticed among this last set was all of them were secondary school holders, and they had finished school years back o! One even told me she didnt want to go to university, she preferred business. Na so una sister turn guidance consellor o! I leave audition come dey advise them. I got the feeling though that in their hearts they were just saying:"Give me the Job bo! No dey preach for our ear" but me i continued all the same.
The modelling agents came in later to check which of their super models i had picked(lol)and i gave them a good talking to, not to send in such girls to me again o! They apologised and promised to do better.
Thats it for my day with wrong people. I have to be on my way home now before the traffic gets worse. I only pray that the "right people" come your way o!


Sparkle said...

na wa o
the corper dey make me laugh
"I have good hand writing"
even 5yr old pikin go sabi dat one
dem models too
na mobutu lookalike dem send u
lol, with burger lips
lmao...o ga o

what a day!!!
nice post

azuka said...

Chai! I'm rolling here. You should have volunteered for the job, I think ;-).

diary of a G said...

I agree with azuka
but how does a modelling agent
carries so many uggg models?
Great post on a stressed day

Copido said...

hey babes, a make-over stylist should have helped in d interview. u'll be shocked at what transformations a few strokes of brush & hair extensions or wigs could do

ExcitedJade said...

princess, u no go kill person....LMAO at the interview, some corpers sha....

keep on keeping it real girlfriend and have a beautiful weekend.

princess said...

@Sparkle,mobutu look alike!lol

@Azuka,abi o!but company policy wont let that.

@diary of a g, Ask m bro!I tire for the agents o!

@Copido,yea i agree make up does wonders but i doubt if it would work on the ones i saw o! Any way we needed beautiful babes with naturally long hair.

@excitedjade, thanks dearie, u have a luvly weekend too.

The Pseudo-Independent said...

So you are blogging at going to tell your oga all about it. But wait! I think one should go read the post first.

The Pseudo-Independent said...

Yepareepa! so na so so mediocrity dey go on for Lagos.
Anyway, still will not dissuade me from speaking with your boss on Monday

Everyone Loves a Naija Girl said...

I think your title for this blog was great! People these days can somebody not come to a job interview prepared?


well, thats what happens when there is one vacant position which a million people could readily fill. unemployment is crazy in the country now and the schools are not producing the right materials. the quality of graduates now is declining and its getting worse. Abeg next time, no blame them ooo, no be their fault. they only need encouragement and guidance which the school refused to give them

princess said...

@the pseudo-independent, wetin be ya own naa!! Ok u need transport money?? Thanks for dropping by tho.

@everyone loves a naija girl, Thanks dearie but do people ever really prepare for anything tese days??

@an ibo dude's corner, thanks for ur two cents but me i go blame them o!The depresing state of our schools here in naija is no excuse for one not to have career goals or develop oneself intellectually.

Kpakpando said...

Wow, unfortunately i'm not even slightly surprised at the low calibre of applicant produced by nigerian unis these days; long gone are the days when people yearned to learn hence the pure olodos

The Pseudo-Independent said...

Na real wa. Thanks for stopping. Transport money ke? Oya give it to me, am waiting. Hope to see you around.

ExcitedJade said...

sweetheart, leave wrong pple and update jo.

Calabar Gal said...

O GA OH!! Modelling induatry is going gaga?!?! LOL!!!

I put those corpers responses down to inexposure. They've certainly didnt expect to be interviewed and have no idea of what is entailed in a job interview.

Imagine not knowing where they'll be in five years? Or maybe they simply didnt want to work in your office and so were giving crappy answers to get them off the hook? lol!!

princess said...

@KpaKpando,I agree with u totally. Its all about the certificate now. Thanks for dropping by.

@the pseudo-independent,transport money ko! Na me want give u money chop?? lol(Dont mind me jare).

@excitedjade,Hugs and kisses! Will update soon o!

@Calabar girl,u may be right o! or maybe them no like my face or my boss's,lol.

pamelastitch said...

that is really scary......

abeg..sorry...i hope you had tylenol...


princess said...

@Pamelastitch,which is scary? The corpers or the models???
I didnt have tylenol but my paracetamol was on hand. Thanks for dropping by girl.