Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Lagos touts again!

Na wa for me o! E be like say i be real tatafo joo! ok what do u call someone who prefers jumping from blog to blog, reading other people's blog instead of posting mine. No blame me sha, some of these blogs are soooooo funny -just the perfect medicine after a stressful work day (@ the pseudo-independent report me if u like, i no send o!)
I am writing this post from my brother's office, my darned internet refused to work all day at the office and as i don dey addicted , i couldnt resist when he called me to come pick him up from his office(His car is bad and our offices are quite close), at least then, i can get to check up on my guys in blogville.

Make una helep me thank God o! I had a narrow escape with lagos touts this morning. Ok, my office is on the mainland and i have to go through Oshodi everyday on my way to work. This morning, as i was approaching oshodi at about 7.45am, i saw this unusual heavy traffic(there is usually no traffic on my side of the expressway). I was in the car with my elder brother (i told u earlier, his car is bad so he turned me into his driver) and we were wondering what could be causing the traffic. We finally concluded that a trailer must have broken down in the middle of the road(Not an unusual thing on lagos roads).
Ok jeje, jeje we dey go, when i looked ahead and saw people running back, even those in their cars were jumping out and abandoning their cars on the road. the first thought that came to my head was "Armed Robbers!!". Una sister no dey slack at all for this kind thing o! My life is very precious so i quickly turned off the engine, carried my bag, wounded up the windows and shouted to my brother"You no go run???"(I did all these in an instant o!) The guy just looked at me like i was crazy and said"Run where?? You no go look well before u start to run?". Ok. i admit he had a point but me i no dey for looking first o! I prefer to run before looking.
Anyway i stopped to look and saw that some cars were still moving but they werent moving straight to Oshodi, they were all turning into airport road. I asked a guy who was standing next to my car what was going on and he replied:"Area boys dey fight for Oshodi". That was when i relaxed and started moving on to join the airport road as others were doing.
To be continued.
This story dey long small sha and my brother who i came to pick up is already threatening to pack up his system. Hopefully the internet will work in my office tomorrow so i can finish the story for u guys.
See ya tomorrow. This my brother sef dey too impatient sef!
Am out.


Ugo Daniels said...

I think i read about it in the news today online. Its so pathetic with these Area guys in lag. They have completely taken control of running the streets. Don't lagos have police officers again. I mean Law Enforcement Agents.

Haba, its just like what's currently going on in Lebanon, where Islamic militants are holding the state to ramson.

When will all these fighting stop sef. Maybe its da end of days!!!

azuka said...

I used to have the same philosophy of run now, find out what's happening later until I went out with my little brother somewhere. We had a group of people running and I quickly turned on my heels and fled. My younger brother didn't and you know the rest -- everyone made fun of me, including my neighbors who happened to be watching.

That guy dey impatient oh!

ExcitedJade said...

Lagos touts indeed especially that Oshodi, dem no dey tire?... pele, i hope udidnt get to work late sha?


That Oshodi is just a crazy place, i heard four ppl died and lots of ppl injured, gist is that it was one set of area boys and another fighting over the chairman of the bus garage,a a certain Mr musiliu, apparently the other boys were saying he should quit as they felt he had ruled them enough whilst his own boys were saying he was the best man for d job blah blha blah, meanwhile Mr musiliu (who d idiots were fighting over went to London with his family on Tuesday o. u se the idiots!!!!


i passed that route yesterday but was lucky cos it was quiet early in the morning like 5:35am. then the fight had not started. i got a call when i was along awolowo road in ikoyi that there was a fight going on in oshodi and the person wanted me to take another route instead but i told him i was near the office already. the same morning i was almost robbed infront of my house by "touts". there were 3 on a bike and was trying to take my fone from me.me and my brother had to fight them off and they left without anything and i even gave them a chase after they left but they entered another untarred street, so we left them.

princess said...

@Ugodaniels, thats d same question i asked o! We dont have a reliable security system in this country at all thats why stupid idle miscreants can hold innocent citizens hostage for crazy reasons.
Maybe its really the end of days my bro.

@Lol,it must have been really embarrassing for you. I dont know, maybe am just a coward but i go still run o!

@excitedjade,Tire Ke!! my dear, those guys live to fight. I went to work really late but my boss understood cos it was already in the news and everyone was aware of what was happening.

@36inchesofbrownlegs, U see the fools! Killing themselves for nothin@! Thanks for dropping by dear.

@Ha! Thank God u werent robbed o! U guys were up to them sha. I hail u bro. maybe we should recruit u in the police or what do ya think?
How work stress??

princess said...

@azuka, The second comment was for you.

@Anibodude, The last one was for you.

Sorry guys, i was in a hurry to reply.


police ke? na EFCC i wan join

The Pseudo-Independent said...

Ore mi...how you dey? Thanks for all this sweet gist from naija. Na jeje, jeje I dey go. Ill be back

princess said...

@Anibodude'sCorner,lol,EFCC??? Why na?

@the pseudo-independent, I dey fine my bro.U are welcome.

The Pseudo-Independent said...

hav a good weekend my sis

me sef go follow join if na the only way to appear for princess office