Friday, May 25, 2007


Yes wahala dey o! How did the wahala start? Thats what i will be telling you now. Ok, first of all i have this friend-Mr C. I met Mr C some 5 years back and since then we have grown to become really good friends. Mr C is married and a lot of my friends dont understand our relationship but in him i find someone i can tell everything. Initially when we first met, he wanted something more than friendship but i refused(I no dey date married man, i no want curse for my head). When he realised i wasnt interested in him that way, he decided to go along with what i wanted-Plain friendship although sometimes(he calls it his fever moments) he would send me this ridiculous messages that could make one think we were something more than just friends.
I had to give u that brief lowdown so u know where am coming from.

Yesterday my b.f (boyfriend)came to see me in the office and while we were chatting, my boss called and asked me to see him in his office for a brief meeting. I left b.f in my office and went to see my boss. Innocently i had left my phones on my desk(i didnt think i had anything to hide). After the meeting, i had come in only to notice that his countenance had changed. The following conversation ensued:

Me: "Hey, what is it?"
B.F: "Who sent you this text?"
(I noticed he was holding my phone)
Me: "What text? Dont tell me you were reading my messages?"
B.F:" Answer me, Who sent you this text?"
(Now, i grabbed my phone from him)
Me: "Am disappointed in you, Looking through my messages!"
(Looking at the message, i saw it was one of Mr C's crazy messages. i started laughing)
Me: "Ha Ha Ha, Its my friend Mr C, you know him now"
B.F: "What kind of friend is dat? Why would he send you that kind of message?"
Me: "I told you, he is just my friend! Sometimes he sends these crazy messages but they are really harmless"
B.F: "What kind of friend?"
Me: "What do u mean , what kind of friend, he is just a friend"
B.F: "Dont let me hit you, Have i ever hit you before?"
(God did i just hear Hit? i was incensed, hit me??!)
Me: "Ok he is my bedfriend, Hit me now! Hit me i say!(I was raving like mad now)
B.F: Am leaving
(He storms out,I didnt even look up)

I was really offended, i havnt ever given him reason to doubt me at all. I tell him every thing i do so why would he behave like that. Why would he go snooping round my phone? What was he hoping to find??? See me see wahala o!
All this happened yesterday. This evening as i was packing my stuff getting ready to go home, my phone rang and it was him. He asked that we meet up somewhere this evening to talk. I didnt want to go initially but on a second thought i will go just to here what he has to say but am still very angry at him for even saying he was going to hit me. I could take anything from a man but not hitting me.
God knows, i wont stand for that at all.

Will let you know how it goes later.

have a luvly weekend, y'all.



The Pseudo-Independent said...

am not kuku fine sis like you no go get wahala with all these men...ok make i see wetin other people go come talk b4 i talk my own jare!

have a good weekend

ill be back and hope to see you around

Calabar Gal said...

I hope you guys sort out your grieviances. Have a smashing weekend. Cheers

Ugo Daniels said...

First off, i hav to be honest wiv yu, we guys can sometimes be overjealous. Yu should understand his actions viz a viz: countenance change and all BUT not saying he would hit you. Hell NO!

Just handle it right eh! I def. oppose da way he over reacted. Hope ya safe though!

Ttyl babes and do gav a fab weeknd!

Ugo Daniels said...

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Thank you!

chidi said...

is that you in the pic? Its a nice picture. and love your new template!!

chidi said...

ok i just read your post now and i think you should be very careful of that guy. Like Ugo said, guyz do get over jealous but not to start saying that he will hit you. Take care and make sure that he dosen't give you even a slap. If he does, get a knife & cut off his ballls!! i'm not joking...i'm being serious..its shows weakness when guys hit their wives or girlfriends

Idemili said...

My issue is not with the BF - although the hitting part was waaaaaay out of line. My issue is with your so-called 'plain friendship' guy. I know this my first time of being here so if you want me to tell you what I think truthfully, let me know.

You may not like it.

Copido said...

When people intrude on other people's privacy, they never find anything good. Maybe boyfee shouldn't have read your messages in the 1st place.
Threatening assault on a B-A-N-G out of order!!!

belissima said...

My dear, the writings are on the and don't look back


i hope he did not eventually hit u ooo, if he did just tell me, i go hit am for u, at least na this eko we still dey.

but a word of advice, always delete those texts from your phone, harmless or not. its better for everyone in the long run. "the thing wey person no know, no dey kill am"

The Pseudo-Independent said...

what about wives who hit their husbands, abeg princess/chidi does this exist?
i agree with you sha
@ibo dude's corner
abeg no hit am make he no do you for assault
different kind people na im dey for dis world some like make them dey receive abuse, whilst some like make dem dey dish am out!
for me personally, i no gree with any of the two.

But one thing sha: people past a certain age will never change. They may modify behaviours and habits but that's about the extent of it.

Wetin i dey talk sef?

If the boyfriend fit talk dat kin thing - say im go slap you even though una neva marry, you think say he no go/must talk am again when una marry?

abi princess whether you go tell us whether dis na di first time wey im don threaten you like dis? And una neva marry. When una come marry unko wetin he go threaten you with? Whether by that stage sef he go tell you say you no fit get male friend? Me i think sey as im don do am once, he go do am again.

The decision is your na you know wetin ur eye don see and wetin your eye dey see
According to the Bible/Quoran man talk say woman suppose dey subservient (all this oyinbo sef, which one be subserv wetin!) oya make you go dey dey subservient, if he slap you sef make u talk thank you?

me i no know whether you go like E forun, E gbati & Egbarun:! all 3 well known Yoruba slaps?

na ur choice ...also with all your expirience of life u suppose know whether dis kind person go fit change?

na ur choice, me i no dey there wen u meet am?

make u go marry am now?

ill be back!

ExcitedJade said...

heya, sort it out with him and let me know the outcome.. wish u luck

Kpakpando said...

1. Mr. C is not your friend, fashi whatever friendship you think you have with him, he's just your dick in a glass, in case of emergency.

2. Your boyfriend will hit you eventually and then blame you for causing him to hit you, fashi him too. Don't be one of those battered women wondering how their lives got to be this way, the moment someone shows you who they really are, you berra believe them


ha fa
u don sort am out?

The Pseudo-Independent said...

abi we should be getting worried that he has hit you....why the silence...please give me a shout to let us know you are ok or when next you update, whichever comes first. God bless

princess said...

Guys am back!Sory for the long silence o! my internet get small wahala but its been rectified now.

@the pseudo-independent, LMAO! you want kill me for laughter here o!Abeg i no want E forun, E gbati abi E gbarun o! I wont stand for it at all. thanks for ur concern, Mwuah!

@calabargal,cant say we sorted out our grieviances, read my post to know the update. Hope u are fine.

@Ugodaniels, Thanks for the love dear, I guess i missed the 29th event. will look it up tho.

@Chidi,yes its me in the pic. Thanks for dropping by, u have been away too long dear. OK i take ur advice, will cut off not just the balls but the kini sef but i go say na u send me o!lol.

@idemili, thanks for visiting my blog. Will love to hear what you really think so spill it dear.

@Copido, right on point babe.

@bellisima, lol, will i turn to salt if i do? Thanks for dropping by tho.

@Anibodude, advice taken! If im try am i no go hesitate call u, my VOLTRON. How body??

@excitedjade, we sorted out that issue but we still have others,U will get to read dat in my post.

@Kpapando, thanks for dropping by and for the advice. "Dick in a glass" Whats dat? I know i will never sleep with him for whatever reasons.

Everyone Loves a Naija Girl said...

Wow...that's like a story right out of a movie. Can't believe that happened. Your boyfriend should learn to trust you more, though I guess is is possible to see where he's coming from. Now to the next post to see what happened :-)

iROCKORiGiNALiTY said...

Hit you ke? Oga ooo..

princess said...

@everyone loves a naija girl, believe it dear, it happened.

@irockoriginality, welcome to my blog.

Ishtar said...

Wow, that sure was big wahala!!! Have you guys sorted it out yet?


princess said...

@Ishtar,thanks for dropping by.I am considering dumping his cheating ass. Read the more recent posts.