Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Lagos Touts Part 2

Ok i know i said i would complete the story and thats why am back but seriously now i don forget the whole experience of yesterday and i dont even want to remember it. After several hours of gruelling traffic(Every one had to take the same route) and trying to avoid crazy danfo drivers who were just hell bent on denting my poor car, i finally got to work at about 10am, tired and stressed out. My boss took one look at me and said:"Are u just coming from World War 2?" and when i tried to explain, he just said:"Dont worry, we know what happened at Oshodi today". I just thanked God in my mind and the man kuku know say am usually very punctual.

Later on i heard the fight was actually between factions of the Union of road workers. As far as i am concerned, those ones are simply "Area boys in uniforms". They wrecked serious damage and some people also lost their lives in the process. I just pray that something be done seriously about these "Area Boys". They are just a serious society menace! God help us.

Got to stop here now. Be back for more blogging soon.



i'm first..


ok, i totally agree with u. they are area boys in uniform. Fashola has to do something fast fast oooo

Ugo Daniels said...

@Ibo dude, i cant believe yu follow them dey do this first and second!

@Princess, my dear, you gotta be wise and feri feri sharp in order to survive dat lag sef. I don hear too many tori. But wait oo, why haven't anything been done about dem Area Boyz abi Mens...Haba

The Pseudo-Independent said...

Na lie! You went shopping and thats why you were late for work. I don kuku tell you. Am gonna tell your oga about all the blogging and yeye things we you don dey do. lol :) In fact that your job I want it and will do all I can to have it. :)

On a serious note sha, i think those touts should go after our past military leaders. Na dem don wreck our country finish. The other day, I saw a pic of lagos on bbc and I was almost in tears. I dont think Fashola can do much. His hands will be tied. When he turns against Tinubu his godfather, and starts experiencing all sorts of political battles i wonder how the guy will perform. These touts are just people like you and me. Na jus because our leaders don deprive them. All those touts wey we dey see so, na naija loss. Dem dey very smart but our government no go provide them with carpet, if you know what I mean. Government wey no fit fix our transportation problem. I noticed that you are facing immense traffic issues. Electricity na another issue. I just want to cry.

princess said...

@AnIbodude, e no easy to be first o! Fashola do something?? Ok make we dey look.

@Ugodaniels,yes i agree with u on dat. One needs to be fery fery sharp(lol), The area boys phenomena don spread round every where for Naija now o! Its no longer a Lag issue.

@the pseudo-independent, LMAO.Shopping on a tuesday morning??? Na now u talk d truth say u dey eye my job, no worry we get vacancy for cleaner and messengers, lol.
Abeg no cry for Naija o! Just pray, e go beta.

The Pseudo-Independent said...

na only cleaner and i no want dat one. driver nko?

Idemili said...

Ha! You be fine babe o! Thanks for the birthday wishes and for stopping by my blog.