Thursday, March 5, 2009


So this morning I was driving to work with my cousin.
She was going to get down on the way as she was headed to see a General Manager of a Company for job.
“How you take get the connection sef?” I queried.
“Ha ha ha” She laughed. “Na one guy like that wey carry my matter for head o!”

On further prodding, she revealed to me that she had been introduced to this Company topshot by some guy who had been begging her to marry him for months now.

“Eeee…eee…why you no want marry am now?” I asked jokingly.
“My sister, the bobo too short, abeg!” she announced sharply. “You know say me I no get height, how I go take come marry person wey short pass me well well”

I laughed uncontrollably for some minutes. The babe was serious o…one only needed to look at her face to know this.

I didn’t blame her sha…

I once had this “Serious toaster” some years ago.
We had been chatting online for close to a year and feelings were already growing. One day we decided to hook up face to face. He wasn’t bad looking at all but dude was EXTREMELY short meeeen!
At the end of the date, I was so sure ‘It’ would not work between me and him. The difference in our heights was too glaring and awkward for me!

Anyway, I asked my cousin another question.
“So which would you prefer? A very short man or an uneducated man?”
She pondered over the question a while before answering.
“Hmmm…I’ll go for the uneducated man o…at least he can always go to school, moreover there are some uneducated guys that really express themselves well that you’ll hardly know they didn’t have any formal education”

Long after I dropped her off. I still chewed on her words.

Personally I am someone who loves the interior more than the exterior. Catch my drift?
I’d rather go for a guy who has a great personality that one with great looks. I’m not saying that looks don’t matter to me o! Which girl doesn’t want a well groomed, good looking, nice smelling, pleasant mannered, well loaded(pocket & otherwise) dude eh?”
Babes no lie o!

However that said. I still DO NOT want a dwarf o! He he he he he…

So I’m throwing open the question:

For the girls, which would you prefer? To marry Ken, the short dude who has a PhD or Peter the 6.3” good looking brother who cant make a good sentence in English without mixing up his tenses?

For the guys, would you prefer to marry Sikira the beautiful village girl who cant speak a word of English or Sylvia, the masters degree holder who speaks impeccable English but is Ugggg…?

Now I don’t want diplomatic answers o…

It’s either black or white, no grey,lol!

PS: Kudos to the organizer of the Blogville awards o. More ‘mmanu’ to una elbows o! I am 'gbaduning' what you guys are doing but wait o….when the kasala ago burst na when una no give me any award. Heeennnn….heeennnn….I don talk finish o….

PPS: I have collected my First cheque from Getaway Club o and heading for the mega money now, all the doubting thomases, do a rethink o!

How do you like my God-daughter?
She is a Diva, isn’t she?

Ta ta…


Dabizniz said...

If a guy is shorter is not obvious when you can wear heals but when it a case of “You know say me I no get height, how I go take come marry person wey short pass me well well”
I think the "well well" says it all

LUMIDEE said...

Hillarious,i would rather go with a beautiful heart than go with a beautiful face that fades after the first few years of marriage from different

Ms Sula said...

Your goddaughter is gorgeous!

Personally, height is one of those things I seriously don't care about.

I'm 5'5 myself which is really not hard to achieve. I can date a dude my height (and have). I won't be able to do an uneducated man though. I love all things intellectual and want to be able to discuss stuff with my husband. In 30 years, all that height stuff will be moot... But being able to discuss current events will still be relevant.

So there! Gimme short dude with the phD. ;)

Anonymous said...

SHORT DUDE WITH THE PHD ANYDAY but I will prefer a Long dude "wink" with a big brain as well.

Afrobabe said...

I would choose the short dude over the illiterate any day...cant afford to flinch each time he speaks in public...

lil God daughter is a great diva and soooo cute..

Sexkitten said...

Short dude, definitely. I don't know what to do with dumb guys.

Favoured Girl said...

I'll take the short guy with the personality and the brains. I married a guy who is exactly the same height as me, but a few years ago, I thought I could only date really tall guys!

RocNaija said...

All these kind JAMB questions sef..

Why can't I just have a PHD geek thats a lady in the streets and a freak in bed..

Who says it's gotta be one or the other..??

I'm claiming the fifth on this one..;)

RocNaija said...

And you God-daughter is adorable..!!

The experiences of an achiever....... said...

I'm so with RocNaija on this one!!! Gimme a guy who's IT!!! yep, all that and a bag of chips!!!!!

poeticallytinted said...

I'd love to steal your goddaughter!

Brains and gud gud lurving over brawn or height for me anyday!

But my people say that the eyes usually eat first before the mouth. lol.

meaning, i would pro'lly not fall for a short guy because I'll pro'lly not hang around long enough to get to know what his brains are like! I will remain optimistic that I will find my dream guy. :)

Whaddahell, I guess I am just shallow. :(

wow, 'sdis a 'diplomatic' answer?

Funms-the rebirth said...

i'd def go for the short dude in this case........ tho im skeptical about dating shorter guys, oh well, its better than the tall one who i cant introduce to my friends......and ur god daughter, too cute!

LG said...

ahhhhhhhh seee skinnnnn' ur God daughter is cute, i sure say na ur nack her dos wicked 'shades :-)

*as per short or tall, Nne i prefer short to
'babybay can we have a sex' :-)

happy w'end

fantasy queen said...

OMG that baby is just tweee in lovely.
and u see, to have a lovely child like this one needs to be married to a wonderfully created person...u get?

i've always been weary about short people, i love to wear heels alot,and i would love ot be able to rest my head on his shoulders when i'm in heels....God forbid that i should be prejudiced against em o.

fantasy queen said...

that said, i would choose the short phd dude sha....i'd rather have that than be embarrased with a fine dude shooting bullets everywhere we go.

Rita said...

Truth is most of us have our list of what we want in someone(some written, some not written) and we know our priorities. Personally I like a guy I can communicate with and I would prefer a short person to someone who cannot speak english...but then maybe I'm saying it because I am tall...

doll said...

il go for the PHd individual. Before I used ti say 6 foot or nothing. Now I know better

FFF said...

i love d glasses on ur god-daughter. simply cute. she? hmmm, she manage sha. lmao.

ok, 2 ur question. my answer is i'd take d short guy with his phd. ah ah. wetin i carry person wey dey mix up him tenses do? na so d dude go dey embarrass me everytime him open mouth! chei! mba kwa.

OluwaDee said...

Aunty princesa is that your shade the pretty lil girl is wearing???

I'll go for the short guy over the guy with really bad Grammar. Hopefully he isnt a dwarf.

Platinum Diva said...

Well.... i would take the short guy with the PhD any day...... You need to be proud of you man, husband......

the babe is sweet.....



here i was with a serious comment and then I saw that cutie pie and my heart just melted. lol! She is so adorable. More pics of her, please!

Anyway, personally, I have never been hung up by a guy's height but I thank God say I marry person wey tall pass me, lol!


Writefreak said...

Your goddaughter rocks!

Me, i'd rather go for what is inside the package than the package itself! what if the 6 footer turns my enemy to a punching bag???
But that said, i'm glad my husband is at least 6 feet tall! *smug smile*

mizchif said...

Yep, your God daughter is tres cute. A diva all the way.

As for this your debate...hmmmm..... I can not marry a man that is shorter than i am.KPOM! Have u seen my height ehn, u now want me to have dwarf children that will be afraid to go to school ehn.

As for the one that can't speak english, he will have to attend finishing school, and graduate with honours, then we can proceed
with the wedding.

If not............

mizchif said...

Ehen, congratulations on the getaway club cheque oh.
Don't forget to share some to this side!

omoh said...

i wud pick the short guy with intellect as long as he's 1" shorter than me,at least he won't look short 2 me.

on my way to work i felt this crazy desire for a baby and being a mum.this cute baby just replays that feeling.
At this tender age,she has luscious lips.she's gonna be a bombshell!

How u dey?and congrats with the getaway program.i decree more checks shall flood ur account.reserve my share oh!

StandTall-The Activist said...

Hmmm inner qualities should outweigh the outter ones. Well, we've all got our choices (lol)

Miss Definitely Maybe said...

People dont normally date short guys because they are generally worried about what other people will think say blah blah blah.
personally I will dae anyone who makes me laugh, holds down a job, and treats me right, whether short tall green, pink or purple, besides im 5'10 so most guys are normally my hieght but shorter when im in heels

theicequeen said...

*weeping silently* chai, imagine if God ask me this kain question...i will enrol in a convent ojare...maybe i need to grow a bit more, but right now...mehn, i no fit manage guy wey short pass me....and pesin wey dey butcher english nko? the end of it tho...i'd stick wiv shortie,at least when i siddon durin conversation i no go notice the height, hehe...OR...we can use the tall one for outings...during which he is expected only to stand there and look hawt...if he try open mouth GBOSA b dat :D

LMAO @ LG's commment!!! *as per short or tall, Nne i prefer short to
'babybay can we have a sex' :-)

can we have a...OMGGGGG buahahaha

Smaragd said...

i dont like these options o princesa, but if i had to, i'd choose the short guy... but it'll be

LG, kolo!

this baby is the gorgeousness! next to my niece of

Smaragd said...

can the guy at least be 2" taller than i am? that isnt difficult seeing as i'm just 5"5 and a half?

Nice Anon said...

Biko mba! I can never date a man who cannot speak English. Everytime he speaks he will be fighting with English

So long as we are the same height or he is a little bit shorter that is fine. Even though some short men have "short men syndrome"

Nice Anon said...

Biko mba! I can never date a man who cannot speak English. Everytime he speaks he will be fighting with English

So long as we are the same height or he is a little bit shorter that is fine. Even though some short men have "short men syndrome"

FineBoy Agbero said...

Sorry o, but i'd give u a diplomatic answer. Nothing is ever what it seems until u examine it. Short or tall, fine or ugly, these are all unimportant tins...

wordmerchant said...

Me i am not tall on any level and have dated a short guy before...although i am partial to a tall guy. I like interesting men...tall or short.

wordmerchant said...

your god daughter is sooooooo cute, loving her divaness!

Mommy said...

Your god-daughter is such a cutie
On tall or comment! I married a talliiieeee...that speaks impecably. Thank God! heheheheheh!!
How you doing?

Ms. Catwalq said...

My dear, marry someone who will make you happy. You could marry the finest man and God forbid, he is in an accident that rearranges his features...what will you do?
Height is not that important. That is why we have heels and stools for reaching for things....

princesa said...

@dabizniz,lol! I feel you o..."Well well" says it all:)

@lumidee, lol! Who told u its the Mascaras that makes the face fade?men!

@ms.sula, as long as height is not important to u, the short dude is the way to go,lol!

@temite, I also love the 'Long' dudes too(wink, wink)

@afrobabe, lol@flinching in public,:)

@sexkitten, i agree, nobody wants a dumb partner.

@favouredgirl, personality and brains come first with me too.

@rocnaija, lai...lai, i no gree pleading the fifth ;)
Thanks for the compliment on my Goddaughter.

@achiever,hmmm...i no gree...MBAA!

@poetically tinted,"i would pro'lly not fall for a short guy because I'll pro'lly not hang around long enough to get to know what his brains are like"
Bu ha ha ha ha...very funny!!!

@funms, okay so shortie for u too...thanks babes.

princesa said...

@LG, 'babybay can we have a sex'
Chai...the guy who said that should be locked up,lol!

@FQ,lol!, Fine parents breed fine pikins, full stop!

@Rita, communication is very key in a relationships but cant you guys communicate in ur native dialect?

@doll,so now its what? 5ft-upwards or nada??:)

@FFF, take i kwa ur time o!My darling Goddaughter mange?? Oya confess, when u see asampete like that last?lol!May God save us from Men with embarassing tenses,lol!

@oluwadee,lol! Hopefully oooo...dwarf ke? i bind...I reject...

@Platinum Diva, i agree that we need to be proud of our spouse...

@SoloD, Hmm so u are one of the lucky ones with tall hubbys.
My God daughter says thank you for the complment but she wants to protect her anonimity,lol!!!

@writefreak, lucky u babes!

@mizchif,ROTFLMAO!!!!! Bu ha ha ha ha...Thanks for keeping it real darling!

@mizchif, share gini? Imagine...u berra come join o!

princesa said...

@omoh, AMEN to that prayer o!
So babes what u are saying is if he is more than 1" shorter, u go for the uneducated guy?

@standtall, yea, we've all got our choices.

@MissDm, "who makes me laugh, holds down a job, and treats me right".
I think u captured all the important things in that sentence. Still doesnt mean i dont long for that tall brova o!

@icequeen,lmao @ 'Gbosa'! u didnt choose anyone abi u want them both for ur different reasons,lol!

@Smaragd, u dont have to like the options dear, just choose,lol!
My GDaughter comes first o!

@Nice anon, lol@ Short Men Syndrome, yes o...we also have to consider that:)

@FBA, Which kain answer be dat now? Its not even diplomatic sef...its EVASIVE!!!

@wordmerchant, i feel u babes.

@mommy, lol! You had to rub it in our faces abi? Welcome back Missy...missed u plenty!

@catwalq,"That is why we have heels and stools for reaching for things"
Bu ha ha ha ha...was that meant to be funny?lol!

Lindah said...

You have a cute and God daughter, Tall guys are presentable.

Anonymous said...

Umm I rather just keep looking. He needs to be my height AT LEAST. I don't mind if I can't wear heals with him but shorter??? But if like they were the last 2 men on Earth and I was the only woman around who was fertile and had the task of keeping the human race alive then I'd go with the smart one. I like people who can teach me something :D xx

Gee said...

lmao...I swear i thinking!...
still thinking.....
so i dont even kno y im writing sef...ok since u sed diplomatic, im gonna go with peter the 6.3....please there is always skoolto learn english(night classes sef!).

But no medicine will make u tall o!

Aphrodite said...

Princesa, am pleading the fifth here o,lol...

Okay truthfully, make i no lie...i go manage the 6.3"guy, but i'll make sure he goes back to get an education before saying I DO.

shally said...

anty,u've been tagged oh,dunt know how to link.but the topic is 5 things u've learned from blogsville.tag 5 other pple

princesa said...

@linda, thanks.
@Therapy, lol! That was really frank.
@Gee, lol!!!
@aphro,not a bad idea.
@shally, aunty did u even read teh post? Okay will be by ur blog rightaway but I HATE TAGGING!!!

JideSalu's Diary said...

Hello Princesa,

1st time here.

hmmnnn short or uneducated? what a Q!

I would go for brains before make-up anyday.

I will definitely call back.

By the way, this is a special invite to visit JSD. I am sure you will not be disappointed.

God bless

TDVA said...

gorgeous lil princess!

and no, i reject it in Jesus' name; i will not marry a man shorter than me. Ah, in my house? I will never hear the end of it ke!

CultureCynic said...

i will pick the handsome guy who can't speak proper English. For starters, he can always move back to whereever he is from, where am sure his lacking diction wouldn't be such a big deal.
personally i prefer a man wey tall past me not short past me...same height is another thing....for the sake of my kids