Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Good news, Lets pop champagne!

“I just want to say father thank you,
Thank you lord!
I just want to say father thank you!”

This is the song on my lips as I type this post. I urge you all to please sing along with me as I thank the lord for my mum’s successful operation. He has once again proved his faithfulness and that he never abandons those who call upon him.
I also want to say thank you to all of you-my blogville family for all the support and love you gave me (I know I thanked you guys already before but it’s never too much, is it? :)

I had asked for the yesterday off from the office so I could be with my mum. Initially scheduled for 8am, the operation didn’t commence until about 10.30am.
Just before she went into the theatre, the doctor had taken my mum’s blood pressure and it was quite high at 165/80 but he assured us that nothing would go wrong and she would be fine. I wasn’t scared at all (the lord had calmed my spirit), I was only praying that he calm my mum’s blood pressure and take away the spirit of fear from her too.

The operation lasted a long while-almost four hours! The wait wasn’t easy for me at all. I mean dealing with the suspense as the life of someone you care about hangs in the balance is not something anyone should pray to go through I assure you.
Finally around 2pm, she was wheeled out from the theatre. The doctor informed us that the operation had been successful and i was ecstatic with joy !
Still drifting in and out of consciousness as a result of the anaesthesia, she couldn’t recognise me but I didn’t care, I kept talking to her and whispering in her ears until she said aloud: “Stop talking in my ears, I can hear you!”
Lol! ,Now that was the mum I knew…even in her state she still was in control!

Okay so operation done and successful, the next thing is our blogville thanksgiving bash abi??
I humbly hand over that task to mommy, our able official blogville party hostess/caterer. Seeing as the party is to celebrate my mum’s successful operation, who better to organise the party than our very own blogville mommy!
So the party will be at mommy’s house-http://mynameismommy-mommy.blogspot.com/
mommy dearie, i trust that you are up to the task. Let us know the date and time for the party in due time.

Aijay, manda, arewa and oriented naija babe, I ope say una don collect una cloth from tailor o! Unshined congo how far with that bottom box?? Rin Rin no asoebi o!

While we await the party everyone, let’s drink to the successful operation and more happy years ahead for my mum. Pop the champagne! Cheers!!!!




I am rejoicing with you.
God is good all the time.
He would never fail
He has repaid you for all your trust in HIM.



cant believe i was first.
for a blog truant that must be something

princesa said...

@anibodude, he is indeed good!
I go talk true!
Everyone i told him i just posted!!!
See blog truant wey dey come first!!!lol!

ExcitedJade said...
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30+ said...




Queen of My Castle said...

Thank God. I am smiling and giddy as if it was my own mother! I'm glad you are relieved and can breathe easy now.

Wow, she treats us to some of the good stuff...Moet! What a dear.


Afrobabe said...

Thank you lord.

have goose bumbs all over me...
So so happy love...We thank God for mercies even when we are undeserving...

he is the greatest.

princesa said...

@excitedjade, this babe you still dey naija?!?! I decoded the number, calling you right now!

@30+,The lord is worthy to be praised o!

Sparkle said...
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Sparkle said...

You should saee how that email u sent just put a smile on my face...I am so happy ur mom is alright...isn't that what we all wished for?
...make I sing sef

We Thank You Lord You are Holy,
and forever you are Lord. lol

Praise him, praise him
the King of glory praise him
praise Jehovah halleluyah amen!
lol...I am so happy for u...abeg comot champagne...na palm wine I want!

Nonesuch said...

Thank God for his faithfulness. He always honours his words.

princesa said...

@castle queen, thanks for the love! Of cos she is ur mum too, did u forget we are blog sisters???
You guys deserve only the best!

@afrobabe,goose bumps...i feel you dear. God is indeed the greatest! How undeserving of his love we are yet he never fails to take care of us.

princesa said...

@sparkle, lol @ palmwine! Abeg no show ur razzness for here o!lol! Okay just pretend to enjopy the champagne small, you hear?

Me sef dey follow u sing o!

@nonesuch, yea he does dear.

Aijay said...

Wow! Thank God for his mercy. May He keep your mum for many many many years. Amen.

Ehen. Lemme grab my glass of wine. Babe, u no get red wine? Lol.
Can't wait to party like a rock star @ Mommy's. My baffs are ready. Just waiting for Manda to return my pair of shoes. The red pair to be precise. Lol.

Orientatednaijababe said...

Aijay i know sey u go don reach here, u like party too much....

OPE NI FUN OLUWA (PRAISE BE TO GOD)......Thank God for his wonders oh....I am so happy that ur mummy is alright, ur news has made my day.

Me i don wear my attire already, i dey go mummy blog now to party......i hope u guys have not left yet...wait for me.......

classybabe said...

We thank God!So glad it was successful,there's nothing like faith for real.Let the party begin!

Olamild said...

What a mighty God we serve

Rinsola said...

ALLELU....YAH! SHOUT A JERICHO FALLING HALLELUYAH! Miss lady, the picture i expected on ur profile is supposed to be one with all ur 32 showing, or one with your knees on the floor and them hand flying up in the hair, which one be the head wey u dey cork for corner? (don't mind me jare)Nice piksur. Okay hope there's still food when i get to mommys' blog o. Thank God for your mums' health. Many more good news we shall hear. I'm off to the food joint.

CATWALQ a.k.a LAGBA-JESS said...

I did not even read the post...
We thank God o
Thank you Father.
Ewo...please here is a hug jare and my best to your mum.
She will be up and feeling sexy in no time

Mrs Somebody said...

Imela imela imela oka ka imela chineke...imela onyioma!!!
Thank you Jesus!!!
Yes-o!! Nothing dey happen!
Your Mummy is well,strong and alive!
I re-echo catwalq's comment....
'She will be up and feeling sexy in no time'.(note the 'sexy')

Arewa said...

Thank God!!
Im really glad that momsi is ok.
We thank YOU O'LORD!!


We thank God, oh!!! Amin, oh!

s.chic said...

Congrats girl!! Of-course there are no other options except for it to be successful. Abeg invite us to the parry.

Zephi said...

praise God for your mum oh....He never fails

cally-waffybabe said...

Look all these long throat people o as dem com first me reach here come shak champagne. See Sparkle, Zephi, Catwalq, Mrs Somebody, ONB! If i catch all of una, i go squeeze that champagne comot for una bele.
Okay make i start my own praise:

I am saying thank you Jesus
Thank you my Lord
I am saying thank you Jesus
Thank you my Lord...

Babe, i'm so happy o. I saw you online and was IMing you, but e be like say you been shak too much champagne to see me. Na so i hang sote you come sign out.

Look after mum for us babe. Take care of y'all and God bless.


NikkiSab said...

So happy for u. Make sure u take mighty care of dat special lady ok. Spoil her well with care but dont make dad jealous. Thank God Again n again!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ejura said...

Yeah! I'm so glad for you! God is still in the business of healing mommies even if He has to use the doctor's hands! May He complete that which He has started.
This your vitual party na wah oh! It's annoying to see pics of all those edibles and only be able to salivate.
Any dress code?

princesa said...

@aijay, lol! babe you too like all things red sef! Red wine, red shoes!
Where mommy na??? She is the party organiser o!

@ONB,party neva start na! Abeg get small patience, u hear?

@claaybabe, it was dearie.Who says faith no dey work???

@olamild, Yes indeed!

princesa said...

@rinsola, lol @ the pic you expected to see. No body happy pass me now o even if i no dey show my 32 for here.
Not sure you woould ind any food at mommy's o! Party neva start yet cos mommy went shopping!

@catwalq, you no read post eh??
Thanks for the hug dear. Lol@ mum feeling sexy!

@Mrs somebody, thanks for that song o! I been think say u be calabar but ur rendition of that song beta pass my own sef! I sure say u be ibo for ur previous life,lol!

@arewa, thanks.
@solomonsydelle,yes o!

@s.chic, you are invited darling.
@zephi,he never fails at all!

princesa said...

@cally, hmmm my love! You been dey buzz me for msger??? I no no o!E be like say i don high well well by then,lol!
Babe you be real all rounder o! One minute bad girl, the next pastoress... I no no where to place u again o!
God is taking care of her now.
Thanks, Mwuah!

@nikkisab, dad can get jealous all he wants bo! My mum is priceless!!!

Ugo Daniels said...

You are worthy Lord! (x4)

...it shall work together for good to them that believe in the Lord. (hope i got that right, one never knows these days)

Obi said...

OK ok...enough story...wey the real booze..??? All this internet virtual booze no dey shak anybody..?? Make mine a martini..on the rocks..!!

PS: We thank God for moms sha..!!

princesa said...

@UgoD, lol! Nice to see every one getting spiritual on my blog! You got the quote right dude!

@obi,no worry na kai kai i go give you. That one must to shak you well well. No go display for office sha o!

Mommy said...

Oh Lord!! I am so embarassed right now. How can I dissapoint now? Chei!! See me shaking head. Blog family no vex oh. Princesa my darling!! I just read your post now! Party still on. Just give me like 30 minutes ok! I'm glad your mum is well. I laughed at the part she asked you to stop whispering into her ears. hahahahahahahaha!

Mommy said...

The party has started everyone!! And you have a special guest appearance...don't miss out!

Naapali said...

I am glad your mother is recovering well. Now off to the champagne!

princesa said...

@mommy, babe you never disappoint at all!
I just dey come from ya end now sef! It is surprising how you put a party together in 30 mins
...Mehn! You are amazing!
I saw our special guest o! Lovely cutie!!

@napaali, drink all u want doc but dont get drunk. I no fit carry you go house o!lol!

stuck in my throat o said...

i am so happy for you...my colleague just lost her mum and i know she is trying to be strong, but it is an awful thing...


now lemme borrow ur lingua!...DO you know you deserve to be flogged 36 strokes???
Na pic u wan show us abi na real champagne?...abegi, troway party make u shark us jo. na which kain levels be dis wen God don answer ya prayas finish u wan kon dey flash us pics of moet. oya o, me I dey wait 4 d invite!

Atutupoyoyo said...

So happy to hear this my dear. I knew that God would take control. I normally don't need an excuse to shack up but i will have an extra special one for you and momsi

princesa said...

@stuck, its really awful!The thought alone sef!! May God console her(ur colleague).

@Nigeriapolitricks, lol!
I still dey plan the real party o! But how you go fit come na? Abi you dey Naija??

@atutu, please do dear. Shack up all you want!

pamelastitch said...

Oh my gosh!! I am so happy......

Was worried.....

very, very happy...


darkelcee said...

i am Happy for you dear!

this is just the begining of God things to come.

Kepp on rejoicing!

Sparkle said...

LOL...Ugo Daniels too con sibng with that tolotolo voice? na wa o

I just updated...check it out

badderchic said...

sooo where the parry at? im so happy for you, proud of ya mom too.

thanks for stopping by, but ehn no be me spoil you o! na Cwb becos na she spoil me. lol

bighead said...

I'm happy for you.

Andy said...

Gosh, cant believe I am coming in so late on Princesa's blog.
Can understand how you felt...must have been some real suspense.
Any more Chardonnay?

unshined congo said...

Thank God for everything!he has proven to u dat he neither sleeps nor slumbers. call on him and he'll b there 4 u as he has always been..praise the looooord! halleluyah!!

Mrs Somebody said...

LOL @ everyone getting spiritual on your blog!!
This princesa sef your mouth na wa!

anonymous gal said...

im happy 4 u o. i can imagine how u feel.

Obinwanne said...

God is always there for us, as far as we believe and worship him, im not surprised at what he has done for you and your mum, but he (God) will continue his blessings and will heal her permanently....


diary of a G said...

cheers to good health, long life, and happiness.
grace be to God

so glad to see things went Ok

princesa said...

@pammy, no need to worry again dear.

@darkelcee, thanks dear. I claim that prophecy!

@sparkle, lol! No let UgoD catch you o! I checked it out. NIce.

@badderchic, so cally spoil you, you come spoil me. My mama dey find una to flog o!

@bighead, thanks.

@andy, you came late but now wahala. Chardonnay plenti full ground! Drink on bro!!

@unshined, Alleluya!!!

princesa said...

@mrs somebody, yes o! Una see as them dey prais ethe lord for my blog? Its a good thing na. Wetin my mouth do now?

@anonymous gal, hmm... that ur name. I no fear! Thanks.

@obinwanne, thanks too.

@DOG, cheers dear.


God is good. sorry my comment is so late babes. how u doing?

Hopeful B! said...

Really thankful to God on your mom, dig ur blog music....

Kingsley said...
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princesa said...

@36, Better late than miss out on the champagne dear. Am doing fine, thanks.

@hopeful b!, Thanks for popping in.

Isi said...

i'm late! but i still thank god it all went well. god is really good.

Omosewa said...

Hallelujaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh, He's a mighty God!!!

Jesus nah u be ogaaaaaaaa, all other gods nah soso yeyeeee, every other god nah so so yeye

God is good, all the time:hug:

My love to mommy o

The Beads Factor said...

I just want to introduce my blog to you.
I do hope you would drop by.

femme said...

sorry for not coming over earlier to say congrats.
hope ur mom gets well real quick.

cinnamonqueen said...

I am so happy to hear your good news. Praise be to Lord.


I will show up if you buy me a ticket. I'm in da United States!
Just lemme know wen we come gbadu!!