Friday, August 31, 2007

Its my Birthday and I feel loved

Few minutes after 11pm, Thursday 30th August 2007(last nite), am lying on my bed staring at the ceiling and just thinking.
Am thinking how in just a few hours, i would be adding another year to my already old age (lol) and how its unlike me not to be ecstatic about it at all. Its funny cos my birthday is usually a big deal for me. In the last five years I have always celebrated-had a party or just invited a few friends over for lunch. I just had to do something everytime, no way I was going to let my special day come and go like dat without making some noise! This year is so different. Am so not feeling this birthday at all. Maybe its true what they say about this things losing their appeal as one grows older. You must know by now that am feeling OLD!

As my birthday approached, lots of friends have been calling to enquire about what the plans were? I guess they are all used to me organizing one shindig or the other. When I tell them 'nothin nothin' they go like "Ah! Ah!, which ones na? No talk that one o!". Sorry for them but I mean it, this time no celebrations. I don’t want to celebrate anything cos I haven't been feeling too happy of late. Two things I want so much in my life right now, It seems i cant get!(Don’t ask me what they are, am not telling).
Oh my! Now am I sounding ungrateful? I hope not. Don’t get me wrong. Am very grateful for life, with the rate of deaths all around, being able to live to see another birthday is a real big deal.

Few minutes to 12midnight,am still awake watching 'Prison break Season 2' I get my first birthday call. Its from F.D. He remembered! Wow!! Its been years since I saw him last. His work demands that he moves around a lot. Now he is in some country in Europe. I am so happy and am screaming at the top of my voice. He tells me that he wanted to be the first to wish me a happy birthday and we do a lil' bit of yakking.

Soon after that first call, the calls start coming in, the text messages too. Friends, Relatives, old school mates even those I haven't spoken with in ages. How did they remember?? Calls, Calls, Text msgs and even more msgs! Guys! Will you let me sleep!?! Am complaining with the widest grin on my face. Kisses, Hugs and Prayers are been sent over the phone. It feels so wonderful to be remembered like this.

Its morning of August 31st, my Birthday and the calls are still coming. My phone is crying for help and am loving the attention.

Am driving out of the gate. Headed for the office. Is dat mum waving at me to stop?? I see her coming. She is limping slightly. That arthritis! God take it away please.
"Nne what will I cook for you this evening. I want to make something special for your birthday"
that's my mum asking.
"Anything will do mum" I reply smiling. God keep this woman alive for me, I beg you. That’s my birthday wish.

Its going to be a busy day for me. I am directing a billboard photography shoot today and that means I will be spending most of the day in the studio. I should be lazing at home, watching movies and munching popcorn, it's my birthday for heaven's sakes! Yea right, Tell my boss that!!
Whats dat? A cake! From who?? My friend CK! Hmmm…. How sweet! A gift too!! Na wa o, only me!!!

Calls, Text messages. They are still coming. Even my Drycleaners called. I hope my phone doesn’t die on me very soon at this rate. Any way am not complaining….its my birthday and i feel loved.

I received some nice text messages and am going to post a few I really loved.

From my friend C:
"If nothing else, we are alive and hopeful of a better tomorrow and so we thank God. May I say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to someone who has taught me that some people are still worthy of trust"

From my brother K:
"To the sister every brother would wish for…to the daughter every parent prays for…to the woman every man hopes to marry. Happy birthday sweet sister"

From my sweet Manda:
"God will bath you with mercy, towel you with love, cream you with honor, cloth you with grace, adorn you with favour and perfume you with success. Happy Bufdei swit!

There are lots more but no time.

The cake I got this morning. Enjoy a slice.

p.s: Do I hear you asking how old I am today?? Ok lets do this….Why not you guys take a guess. Whoever gets it right will get a nice surprise from me. Manda & obi are exempted from this o!
Thanks G and Sparkle for the Birthday posts. Love ya!


30+ said...






30+ said...


30+ said...




pamelastitch said...

happy birthday!!!!!!!

may all your wishes come true. don"t give up hope....

now that cake looks YUMMICIOUS....


Queen of My Castle said...

Happy Birthday Hunny Bee!!!

My guess is 26

Obi said...

Wetin u mean "exempted"...
You're 36 o jare..!! Where's my "nice surprise"..??

Mommy said...

Chei!! I wish I got here ealier.
Happy Birthday to you...
Happy Birthday to you...
Happy Birthday to Princesaaaaaa
Happy Birthdayyyyyyy toooooo yoouuu
Many Many more sweet and happy years to come dear angel. Take care ok and a big salivicious peck from my Tontolo. No clean the saliva wey she gum for ya cheek oh. Na birthday blessing.

Aijay said...

Thank God say u holla. Na so I for miss this yummy

Happy b-day again babes!
Ehm....I think I know 1 of those 2things u want so much & can't seem to get. Don't ask me oh! Lol.
Don't worry, you'll definitely get them, as long as they are God's will for your life.
Enjoy the rest of your day my dear & have a great weekend.
Take care!!

Manda said...

wait o! why am i exempted? i no gree o! i must get the suprise whether u like it or not! Obi failed it so imma talk! u r ........., well it's ur day so anything u say goes.

awwww, glad u loved da text.

someone already won o! abi no be true? who dem go give the surprise? i don sing bday song for u o!

Manda said...

where Sparkle n Jaybabe dey sef? Abeg i want my cake o!

Rinsola said...

Happy birthday luv, hope u'r having a great time. May God meet you at the point of your needs. Many more fruitful, funfilled and fufilled years to come. Don't finish the cake o. I decided to be my nice self and send ur parcel via private jet, so expect it in a couple of hours. b4 the day ends. HAVE FUN!!!!!!

NikkiSab said...

Happy birthday Virgo girl!!!! God's blessings will be with u always. I had my bday on d 29th of august. Enjoy ur new age and embrace d no. so how old are u?

Mommy said...

Hey you all!! Are you coming for the parry or what?


Happy birthday babes. sent u an email. hope u read it before monday. very urgent!!

cinnamonqueen said...

Happy Birthday Princesa and many happy returns! And you must celebrate this weekend o, if only for the sake of all your friends and family who obviously want to celebrate with you. x

Sparkle said...

I wan sing the JJC & 419 version of Birthday

Go go go go
Go Princess, it's ur birthday
we gon' party like it's ur birthday
we gonna drink ogogoro like it's ur birthday
girl u know I don't really care 'cos it's ur birthday
u can find me in buka, eating amala
omo I got what u need if u need to drink a star
I'm used to....hahaha la la la la la
come gimme ur love if u need owo Eba

LMAO...I just murdered d song

Happy Birthday Princess...ehmm u are 24 years old, no?

I will be expecting my cake

Babawilly said...

Come to gate crash the party. Happy Birthday. I don meet you well. I don't like too much pepper in my jollof.

God bless

Friend of God said...

wish u many happy returns..
wish u a much more fulfiling year...

diary of a G said...

I can feel you on the laying low for your B Day thing
its a cliche
I say have some fun and take some time to reflect too
and I think I know the Two things you want and prolly ur age too..

you're in control
I hope you get the best of both when the time comes

my best wishes to you

femme said...

happiness,good health and lots of love. that all we need
and err..
plenty plenty money
my guess is 26

catwalq said...

Happy Bai-Day ooooooooooo

Andy said...

So how did it go? Gosh, they have eaten up all the more slices for me.
I called and called, but you were on the fone. Laffs
Age guessed...26. Was I right?

Afrobabe said...

Happy birthday girl,wishing you all the best in life....

Olamild said...

Somebody pinch me 4 being late
U don't need me to tell you that you are loved
I wish u every thing u wish yourself. God bless u

Omosewa said...

Happy belated birthday my precious gawjus Princesa. OMg, i'm so upset, i wasnt online on that day, i trust you had a lovely lovely day, i'm loving your text messages...its so funny how everyone remembers you on your birthday, it'll be nice to get the calls on other days nah. chei what befitting e-gift will iget you? hehehe. Anyways babe, i wish you all the very best, i feel you on not feeling too happy on your bday, i actually cried on mine, and then i realised, i need to thank God for how far i've come and trust that He who has brought me this far,will never ever leave me! I hope i get to meet you next summer, you're extra extra extra cool peeps. *hugs and kisses*

Ugo Daniels said...

damn, where was i? how come i missed all these festivities :( Ok, now i remember *smiles*

Anyhooo, happy buffday sweets, i do hope you had a nice one. Cheers!

princesa said...

Thanks everyone!
KIsses! Kisses!! Kisses!!!

@30+, Here oya take the hug babes! Loved ur remix, didnt know you were a rapper o!
And you get to have the biggest slice for coming first, second & Third.

@pammy, thanks darl. Not giving up at all.

@castle queen, hmmm....that guess...will let you know if you won.

@obi, 36?! Lol, we talking about me not you bro.

@mommy, Thanks for the song and thanks tontolo for me too. The saliva still neva dry for my cheek o!

@aijay,ope you enjoyed the cake dear. Am keeping my fingers crossed and hping i still get what i wish for.

princesa said...

@manda, awwh u sing birthday sng for me! Where?! Am coming to check ur blog.
Thanks for calling too. No worry i still owe you a treat.

@rinsola, Thanks sweetie for the prayer. hmm... this gift wey dey come with private jet since friday and e neva each here na wa o! U no see Fedex or UPS??lol.

@nikkisab, Thanks virgo girl! My old as i look!

@36, oh my! I havnt checked. Will check rightaway.Thanks.

@cinnamonqueen, i celebrated in my own way dear. Thanks. Will hit up ur blog soon.

@sparkle,ha ha ha. Serious murder o! Thanks darling...24 years hmmm... very complimentery but i aint that young o!

princesa said...

@babawilly, thanks for gatecrashing bo! Sorry no jellof rice but i ope you liked the cake.

@FOG, thanks bro.Wish u same too.

@DOG, hmmm...u know too much o! Ok tell me i want to know the 2 things and my age.Waiting...

@femme, thanks sweet! Plenty Plenty money!!! I like dat one.

@catwalq, thank u oooooooo!

@andy, oh! Poor dear! I reserved some for you tho. Why is every one saying 26?!?! Una see expo???

@afrobabe, thanks girl.

@olamild, i pinch you! Anyway better late than... God bless you too.

princesa said...

@omosewa, Thanks dear. I tried to have fun o! Hope to meet you too and my e-gift..hmm... Could you remove the e please and send the gift? lol!

@Ugo, O bia late!(Latecomer).Why are you smiling?? Oya kneel down and close ya eyes osiso!
Lol!!! Thanks nwannem, i had a nice one.

diary of a G said...

Am not gonna say it out LOUD
maybe am wrong
Am on holiday so I'll holla back
and shouldn't you be working? lol
hope you relaxed and enjoyed your big day

princesa said...

Ok so you dont wanna talk.
Its cool.
Am working dear. Just playing truant small.

Yea i did relax, thanks.

diary of a G said...

okay! Is it a Baby and a hubby?
and I meant how comes you are working and blogging at the same time? lucky you

Nyemoni said...

happy belated birthday babes....Hope you had a blast on your day? God bless you!

princesa said...

@DOG, hmmm...lucky me???
I wish!
No dear,am not talking about that. I want them too no doubt.

@nyemoni, latey! latey!God bless u too.

diary of a G said...

oh my bad

Omosewa said...

LAWL!!! I think they're diamond earrings ooo hehehe

princesa said...

@omosewa, hmm..diamond earrings ..ok Thanks dear.

Manda said...

mmmh, a lotta gossip going on here. I don update o! and how come u no dey gree talk on messenger. Ubong did da trick, so i'm on YM now.

princesa said...

@manda, hmmm...i dey come o!I don reach ya side sef!
Gossip ke! For my blog???

GERALD said...

so U watched T-burg on ur Birth day.

and why not name those two things?
anyway happy B day although I support you not celebrate it.
I magine you were 60yrs will you still celebrate birthy day?

Teediva said...

ummmm....cant guess! but can i get the surprise anyway???? :)

Ubong Da said...

Happy birthday o! sorry I no hala earlier, as I dey find money whey I go take buy you that X5 whey we been discuss, but the money still never complete, no vex eh. Meanwhile I get better gift for you. come closer...closer now, shoo big girl like you still dey fear...ehen, close your eyes.....Muah, Muah, Muah. shooo leave my neck oh, that peck never do eh, you want french kiss too, okay, go lock door make Igwe and Lolo no come catch us for her.....ehen.. ..ahah......yess.....gently....yeah......


Ubong Da said...

@manda share the gist o!. wetin dey shele. YM me too o!, otherwise i go show your oga how to block webmessenger.

pamelastitch said...

That cake.....!!

princesa said...

@gerald..yea i watched Prison Break. I dont particularly like T-bag tho.
If i were 60yrs...I WOULD CELEBRATE!!

@teedive..hmmm...ok if only u will give me know now,lol.

@ubongda, lol! U want rape me abi wetin?!? Lolo and Igwe must to hear this one o! And that X5, no take me play o! If i no see am i go land PH one time come kidnap u o!

@pammy,you still want more?? Go on take another slice.


I'm sorry this is coming late........
But happy belated birthday
You go give me my own cake oooo
i no wan hear story

princesa said...

@me i no want hear story too o!
All i want is a nice pressie from Chicago with my name boldly written on it. If not...!

Mrs Somebody said...

Happy birthday princessa!!!!!
Better late than never.

bighead said...

happy belated birthday. did the 26-people get it right? if they did, i dey that side. if not, i choose 28.

what 2 things haven't you gotten yet. who knows? i may be able to provide them

princesa said...

@bighead, lol. Yea they did.
The things i want you no fit provide dear. Thanks for offering.