Monday, August 27, 2007

Patriotic Princesa,lol.

Me I like my country
I like the lots of people
Everything e dey for Nigeria
Make we join hands to make Nigeria Better

I like am…
I like am…
Oh yes!
Wetin other people dey find, we get am!

Is anyone Nostalgic?
Do you remember that song??
It was kinda popular in the late eighties (lol, am sounding old now, am I?). It was an image building television commercial for Nigeria then. I especially remember it because it was usually run during the famous Television programme-'New Masquerade'(Zebrudaya and Co.) and how i loved that programme then! I remember I used to feel very frustrated anytime they went on commercial breaks, just didn’t understand why they had to disrupt the programme to show those annoying T.V ads and the only one I had patience for then was the song: "I like am, I like am" above. I don’t think it was the message I was interested in then, rather it was the melody that piqued my interest.

Now, I don’t know why but I have had this song on my lips for some days now. I guess its some patriotic consciousness, lol. Whenever I decide to sing on, I cant stop pondering on the following:

Line 1 & 2- Me I like my country
I like the lots of people
1. How many Nigerians really like Nigeria?(Not sure say them plenty o! My palm fit contain them sef.)
2. If we like this country so much, then why the crazy desperation to take off the shores any opportunity we get??(That one na question??? The answer is all around you, just look!)
3. Do we really like ourselves in this country? ( I doubt it. What do u expect anyway? Lots of peeps are frustrated big time!).

Line 4- Everything e dey for Nigeria
Lol! lol! lol!!!
Abeg make una no mind me jare! This one is cracking me up seriously!!
Ok well, maybe then in the eighties it may have been true but now unless 'Everything ' means: Unemployment, Poverty, Lack of infrastructure, Poor Electricity supply, Inflation, Terrible living conditions and so on, they must be joking!

Line 8- Wetin other people dey find, we get am!
This is another funny one!
Please if anyone knows this thing wey other people dey find wey we get for Naija, abeg tell me o!
Maybe them dey find 'Sufferhead', that one abound well well for here.
We are so used to 'Suffering & Smiling' in Naija. I guess that's why we are rated amongst the happiest people in the world.

Line 4- Make we join hands to make Nigeria Better
Oh well, this one is true. No one can make our country better for us. We alone can! Let's stop talking and start doing. Only then can things change for the better.

Another song. I forgot who sang this one.

Nigeria go survive
Africa go survive
Nigeria go survive o!
Africa go survive.

I once read somewhere that there is a difference between 'Surviving' and 'Living'.
To survive is to be able to barely raise one's head above the water. Now I wonder, what happens when that really big wave comes crashing down?

Living on the other hand is getting the best there is out of life. Being able to let your hair down in the wind striding down the beach with a wide smile on your face.

Abeg, we are tired of surviving o! We want to really LIVE!

Hurray! Its my birthday week finally!!
My birthday is Friday, August 31st and am going to be one year older.
I already started getting gifts. Got a lovely bag from my Mum some weeks back and today I received a lovely gift bag (A towel set, Two DVDs, and some nice cards that I read over and over again).
Am expecting my pressies from all of you o! :)


Sparkle said...


Afrobabe said...

Lol...Now I cant stop singing that nigerian song,didnt know all the words till now...loving the pink trad outfit at that wedding,one of the things that make me look forward to living in nigeria again...abeg jeans don tire me.

Sparkle said...

lol, me I no know d song o...or maybe if I listen to it I will remember

I no forget ur birthday o

Sparkle said...

hahaha, good thing I ran here Afrobabe almost beat me..well I'm still 3rd and 4th!!!!

Sparkle said...

yea...I found d website Ubong gets d pictures from...
ohh I'm 5th too

Rinsola said...

Princessa, is it "I like the lots of people, OR I like the land and people?" Count me in when you'r counting those who love thier Nigeria with a passion. When i recieve the FEDEX parcel u sent, i'ld send your gift. Wish you the best God has to offer you, and may you live to see that day and many more fruitful and fufilled years ahead.

Obi said...

Hmm...THAT brought back memories...
I think that second line was.."I like the LAND and people" though..
That second song was done by a Veno Marioghai..I think...

Still waiting for your list...

30+ said...

I love my country I no go lie na inside am I go live and die when he push I push am I no go lie (don't remember the song anywell). Those were the days when you can get bread for 50kobo.

I still love my country though "from afar"

diary of a G said...

Bday alert?
warning I'll be busy this week sooo

I was here

Ugo Daniels said...

Truth is, in as much as i love Nigeria, i HATE its leaders abi rulers. C'mon, there's no place like home at all at all..hehe

As per your buffday, lemme think about it and get back to you :)

Manda said...

Obi has come here wit send ur list gist again! Gurl happi burfdei in advance, at least e be like say na me be first to wish u for blogville sef.

me i like Egusi
i like am pass Nsala
everything e dey for mumsie pot..
make we wash hand to......... cant remeber the last line but i remember listening to my cuz sing this song those

classybabe said...

I really liked that i like my country........
Yeah the Nigeria go survive go survive was by Veno.My people go survive oh...Just heard it recently on dj deemoney's old podcast.
Will send you a lovely e-gift for your birthday

pamelastitch said...

hmm I LOVE Nigeria. The problem is with our government and the sense of complacency that exists amongst the people.


princesa said...

@Sparkle, yea u firsty baby!
U no no de song?? Ok maybe you still dey suck breast then, lol.

@rinsola, which kain naija sense you dey rack for me?? thanks for the prayer babe.
And yes, u r right. Its "I like the land and people". My mistake.

@obi, hey longest time dear. Abeg no vex o! Been up to my neck in work. Ha! My list..., e long o!

@30+,thanks for reminding me of dat song!
I have a different version tho.
"I love palmwine, i no go lie
Na inside am i go live and die,
I neve regret to be a drinker,
palmwine is good for you and me"
Bread for 50k, (signs) When will things go back to the way they were??

princesa said...

@afrobabe, Thanks.Living in Naija does have its up, abi?

@DOG, hmmm... Too busy to show up for my

@ugoD, think well well o!

@manda, kai! U clown pass me o!
That song cracked me up well!
Thanks for the buffday wish sweet.

@classybabe,expecting my gift dear. Thanks in advance, would prefer it didnt have an e- (wink).

@pammy, yea the leaders! Bunch of crooks!!

Aijay said...

lol...I remember that song. Bia Princesa what on earth made you remember it? Brings back memories...New masquerade, Checkmate & the likes. Oh, the days of innocence! lol.
Despite all the wahala in Naija, I still love it. No matter where you go, home is where the heart is. I'm looking forward to coming home in Dec.

Happy b-day in advance.

princesa said...

@aijay, nne i dont know what made me remember o!

Yea, home is where the heart is. Hurry back home abeg.

A Kel called Wonder ...... said...

I remember the songs. I just wish things could get better.

We are so hopeful in this country am sure soon soon.............

princesa said...

@ a kel,I like the optimism. Soon...

Queen of My Castle said...

Feliz Cumpleanos!!! (Happy Birthday) You share the same birth date as my younger sister, so I will assume that you are very outspoken, outgoing, giving, opinionated, yet sensitive and sweet as pie until pissed?

Party like a rock star this weekend!

princesa said...

@qomc,yes o! am all of that and more. Thanks sweet.

exschoolnerd said...

lol i rmember all those songs...


Hope u r feeling much better read in a previous post that u were ill...hope ur brother is also doing fine..dont worry everything will work out fine...okay..takare sweets..

Nyemoni said...

Happy birthday in advance babes...Where's the parry at? Gifts at the venue!

pamelastitch said...

Happy birthday in advance!!!


mine is the 17th of september


Omosewa said...

LOL@Birthday alert. Happy birthday in advance babes. I'm loving your new hairstyle, i should try some curls. And i really love Naija, very proud to be Nigerian, and maybe i'll move back, hehehehe. Fake love abi..:D

Friend of God said...

i'm enjoyin this...newer picture every time i come...
i love naija too o...if i finish my contract with oyinboman..i go come back lol

princesa said...

@exschoolnerd, Thanks darling. Am better now. My brother is too.

@nyemoni, lol. No party o! Gifts can be sent down still sha, :)

@pammy, u virgo too?? Cool!

@omosewa, fake love jare! The hairstyle aint new dear. Its an od pic. I ope u updated finally o!

@FOG,u berra come back o! U enjoying my pics, lol.

Nyemoni said...

btw, I was born in September...

Ugo Daniels said...

Oh i forgot to add, you look fab in da new pic. Cheers!

princesa said...

@nyemoni, hmmm... so u virgo or libra, which one?

@UgoD,thanks as usual.

Jeff Corbin said...

Now that brings back memories. I gotta say i definitely still love my country to death! And love staying within it. I mean lets be real, which other country can honestly boast of the true freedom we have in this country?


Your analysis of "Me, I like my country" is sad, but true. That song was forced down our throats in the 80s as a means of nation building beyond tribalism. A way to instill pride and unity. In those days, the average Nigerian had dreams to live for and was excited about the future. We were just coming down (though we didn't know it) from a high brought on by high oil prices and thus foreign reserves. Roads wer built, new brides were everywhere. People were importing cement (yes, I said it) from England and a ticket to London cost less than N100.

Now, the average Nigerian can't go to school, because teachers are on strike, cults are in session or teacher wants bribe. Even if they have an education, there are no jobs, unless you know the right people. The average Nigerian cannot dream of a bright future and this inability makes that song a lovely MEMORY. Nice to think of but now irrelevant.

Sad, sad, sad. THEREFORE, I have remixed that nostalgic jingle to be more reflective o my current attitude,

Me, I still like the delayed dream of my country.
I like the land and love SOME of the people.
Everything could be in Nigeria IF greedy bastards didn't cart it away for themselves.
I'd love to join hands to make Nigeria better but won't 'settle' any idiots first.

Jeff Corbin said...

@SOLOMONSYDELLE: lol, nice remix should head to a studio, i think you got a hit there.

Teediva said...

yeah, this brings back memories. that song used to play just before the network news at nine, and it signalled my bedtime! and i believe it it 'land and people' too.

happy birthday in advance.

Kpakpando said...

nne you fine sha, e kwesili nu nwanne'm nwoke mehn!!! E maka.

Sparkle said...

phew! it's ur birthday eve o Princess..feels nice huh?

Sparkle said...

hmm hmm 3hrs to ur birthday!

diary of a G said...

hey P!
just had time to fully read this post
As far as people go, I think you gotta be happy with self to be happy with where you at...
and even tho things are the way they are, it says something good about a country...when the people are so patriotic about where they are from

I dedicated something to you for your B Day on my blog
hope you like

Sparkle said...

happy birthday...go check my blog

Friend of God said...

olojo ibi happy birthday...

diary of a G said...

Happy B Day P
my blog awaits you

Aijay said...

Happy Birthday Princesa!!!
Wishing you more birthdays & God's blessings.
Holla @ me when you get the party started.
Much luv!

omohemi Benson said...

Haapy birthday love,
hope you have fun today!

princesa said...

@jeff corbin,true freedom? me i no o!

@ solomonsydelle, Great remix there babes. I feel you on all u said. Those dreams...who knows, maybe they can still be realised.

@teedive, thanks dear.

@kpakpa, nkea i na asu igbo, o di kwa very serious, lol. U offering me ur brother as my birthday pressie girl?
Hmm... is he Tall, dark, handsome and loaded???

@sparkle, u counting down to my birthday gal? Thanks so so much. I dash you one kiss, Mwuah!!
Going to check up ur page now!

princesa said...

@DOG, i like! i like!!
Thanks dude. I appreciate the love.

@FOG,Thanks bro!

@aijay sweetie, nne no party o! U can have a slice of cake tho. Will holla.

@omohemi benson, thanks love.

Manda said...

u no gto type new blog on ur bday? HAPPPYYY BIRTHDAYYY O!!!!!!!!!!

princesa said...

@manda, na im i want type before i comot for office o!!!!!!

30+ said...