Wednesday, August 8, 2007


Not sure if the word-conscienceless is in the dictionary but for me it describes a person without a conscience or one whose conscience is DEAD!

A little child may not be able to (totally) discern between good or bad but as a person grows older and attains reasoning, they know when they are doing something wrong/right.

A person's conscience is his/her first judge. If one's conscience is alive, that person is feels bad/guilty when he does something bad (relative though) but for someone whose conscience is dead and long buried, he usually cares less about his actions. As long as he is happy, every one else can be damned.

My brother's job is at stake!
Cos he was being a nice guy to a conscienceless woman.

My brother works in the Credit department of a bank in Nigeria. They are in charge of giving credit facilities to the bank's customers.
His boss-a woman is in charge of allocating this credit and inputting certain confidential information into the bank's system. According to the bank's policy, she alone is to know the system password at any point in time.

Now, I don’t know if she was being plain lazy or maybe it was too much work for her to handle cos it turns out that this woman always asked my brother to help her out with some of her responsibilities. This meant that she also had to divulge the password to him so he could access the information needed.

Bobo nice, I mean my brother went along with this and at a point she practically handed over the credit operations to him. Stupidly, she didn’t even bother following up on the transactions he made.

Months down the line, auditors were sent to their branch and they noticed some irregularities-a customer had been granted a credit facility of five million naira (=N=5,000,000.00) but this was later reduced to One million naira (=N=1,000,000.00). The paper documents were amended but unfortunately the change was not reflected in the system.

Of course eyebrows were raised and his boss was questioned. This was the point when she should have come clean with the auditors and told them that she had delegated someone else to handle the transaction but no she didn’t! In stead she said someone must have stolen her password and done the transaction without her knowledge. See lie!!!
She didn’t want to admit that she had divulged the password and shifted her responsibility to another. If she had, maybe they would have been able to resolve the issue @ branch level but she didn’t and so the case was taken to the head office.

Interrogations began. My brother owned up that he had handled the transaction but with the consent of his boss and that she gave him the password. Still, the woman refused to accept that she did. She went on with her initial story of "He stole the password".

A panel has been set up by the bank to look into the issue. My brother's colleagues who were aware of everything have assured him that they will testify on his behalf if there is need to. His branch manager is also on his side and he has assured him that there is nothing to fear.

Funny enough, this woman told my brother that she will never agree to the fact that she gave him the password and asked him to handle the transaction because she doesn't want to lose her job. See selfishness! So na my brother na im good to lose im job abi? Ok o! Serious, it baffles me how a respectable (??) married woman like that cannot take responsibility for her actions instead she is looking for someone to bear the brunt of her laziness/stupidity.

When I think about the whole issue I wonder if her conscience does not prick her at all. If she can really go to bed and sleep peacefully knowing that she is about to ruin the career of someone else who was only helping her. If she'll be able to live with her conscience if my brother loses his job on her account. She alone can answer these questions.

Am hoping that the issue is resolved without my brother losing his job.

My brother will never be the scapegoat in Jesus name, Amen.

He need your prayers everyone.

Just for laughs

In a Classroom in Warri, Nigeria:

Teacher: You Boy, spell plantain

Boy: Whish one? The ripe one abi the unripe one?

Teacher: Shuo !! What difference does it make? Just spell plantain!

Boy: Teasha, If you fry the ripe one na 'DODO', if you fry the unripe one na 'SHIPS', if you roast am, na 'BOLI', all of dem na plantain, so whish one you wan make I spell na?!


Friend of God said...

we all have to be careful with ppl that advantage of us like this woman. Can't tell you how many times i have been in trouble for helping the wrong pple. Pray your brother comes out unscathed and wiser...

Now i really want to eat plantain...ripe or unripe

princesa said...

@FOG, yea we all need to be careful. Am sure he must be wiser by now.
Sorry but i cant send the plantain through the computer. Just hold ya throat!

catwalq said...

Your brother will be fine and if he has to leave that job, rest assured that God is going to give him another one where he will be so much better than were he his now.
Look at that woman as a stepping stone for your brother. However this issue turns out, he will be better off and wiser. And she will probably never leave where she is whilst your brother becomes greater, she will be stagnant. It is not a curse, just a fact of people who try to bring down others.

Ugo Daniels said...

In fact, i'm entering into a 7 days fastng for your broda's case/ Nothing shall happen to him. He'll come out unscathed...Amen!

princesa said...

@catwalq, hmmm... u just ehoed what my brother told me yesterday. he is also very positive about everything.

@ugoD, Amen too. Thanks so much bro.

Copido said...

Hi babes, howdy?
My piece for your bro is to keep his fingers crossed and his knees glued to the ground in prayer. He should not be intimidated and shouldn't let anyone put words in his mouth. I believe he's gonna be fine.
I can spell dodo(lol).
How r u doing babes? Misssssssssed yaH!!!

Omosewa said...

Wow, thats really messed up o. Honestly i dont understand some people, and i guess i never will. It is well, your brothers job is his in the mighty name of Jesus. Thanks for the joke, only ships. Thanks babe, i'll just have to focus by force and trust God o.

Aijay said...

That woman ought to bury her head in shame. I can't believe how selfish she is, to the extent of telling ur brother that she isn't going to take responsibility for her action. Life doesn't end at the bank.
By God's grace, ur brother will be rewarded for his honesty.

princesa said...

@copido, hmmm... see who is here! Missed ya too.Thanks babes.

@omosewa,some people are just IT! Am sure whatever the probs is, God will see u true girl.

Manda said...

mmmh, r u talking about my hubby? mehhhhnnn, i am going to knock my knees down n pray to baba God o!

on a more serious note, the evil ones can neva go unpunished n the mere fact that ur broda owned up will save his head in Jesus name! as for madam liar liar, her pants will soon be on fire!

Nne no let am boher u o, my God is in full control! you got our prayers.x

princesa said...

@ manda, Awwwh sweet!
Thanks so much for the prayers.
lol@madam liar's pants on fire!

Ubong Da said...

while we do the fasting and praying, your brother needs to act sharp o!.

He needs to get the woman to confess and have it recorded. He can get one of these small portable voice recorders like the ones present in MP3 players. Once he gets it he should set it on record mode approach the woman and plead with her to tell the truth.

He can try any of the emotional, sentimental and religional lines to appeal to her but he must not treaten her, once she feels comfortable she might expose herself (saying she would never reveal or whatever) and he would have it recorded and can play it to the auditors and top management and clear himself.

Best of luck

Olamild said...

hahahaha @ the joke

To your brother's case
It is only God that can handle the situation. I am sorry to hear this but tell your brother to be prayerful. With God on his side, he will prevail. If na good u sabi do, do am well well. If na bad thing u sabi do am well well. Just remember that whatever you sow is what you will reap.

femme said...

i was thinking the same thing ubongda said. he needs to find a way to get a confession.
but question-
what are the chances she is a blogger?

...toyintomato said...

..girl, my sincere prayers for your brother. he was unduly taken advantage of. the truth always comes out in the mater how long.

diary of a G said...

i agree with everybody,
and ur brotha shouldn't lose his job but the lady should be demoted or given disciplinary action

pamelastitch said...

When bad things often people choose the every man to himself policy...

Sucks doesn't it?

But don't worry things will work out right for your brother, evil people only win for a very short time


Obi said... wa..
The lousy thing about this, is that even if it's all resolved in the end..the scars will still remain. I just pray the bank authorities do not decide to let coporate politics affect their judgement...
Bro should just stick to the truth of the matter..!!

Manda said...

where Obi from come? thot u disappeared! terrorist!

princesa said...

@aijay,olamild,femme,toyintomato,DOG,pammy. Thanks all of you.Much love!

@ubong da, lol. See you doing fasting and praying!! It just doesnt go with thebad boy image, does it?
Anyway that your suggestion no bad o! I will let him know about it.
Thanks dude.

princesa said...

@obi, yea true that! They wont be able to work together again. Maybe there will be some transfers.

@manda, u stalking obi or what?!?! This love na wa o!

A Kel called Wonder ...... said...

LOL @ the plantain joke!

With regards to the woman liar- thats just how selfish some people are. In the end your brother will surely be fine. He should stick to the truth it will surely set him free. And he can never be jobless in Jesus Name. It is well

Sparkle said...

EWOOOOOOOOOOOOOoo 22 ppl don come b4 me

Manda said...

love ke? ole kwa! well let me reserve my comment.

PS: no dey associate me wit obi o, make i no transfer the vex to you.

princesa said...

@a kel called wonder, Amen.

@ sparkle, pele my dear!There is always another day.BTW where u dey sef??

@manda love, wetin Obi do u na?!

Sparkle said...

na wa o
LMAO@ d joke

na wa o...I go help u consult second name na Osun Witch
yes, u don knwo my name now
I iwll fight d woman for u
but seriously, it's all wrong..she needs to be dealt with
I'll prayon ur brother's d woman go suffer instead
o ga o...I dey where I dey Michigan...doing my own thing

Sparkle said...

I don update o

diary of a G said...

hey P

princesa said...

@sparkle abi na osun witch, which one? Yes o! Na she go suffer.Heading over rightaway!

@DOG, Hey G!

Ugo Daniels said...

Kai, another 'mindblowing' pishure. Kai, i miss naija o ;)

classybabe said...

The women is really wicked sha,but people like that find it so easy to sleep at night without any guilty thoughts.
By God's grace things will work out for your brother

Sparkle said...

I don change d color o

Aijay said...

Princesa, are you sure you're not my sister from another mother? You kinda look like me in that picture. lol..........

Andy said...

May God help us from the crazy people we work with!

diary of a G said...

P! what else was i supposed to do at caribanna but holla at girls? I did other things too and bout my cuz, it aint like that, we just share everything u know? plus the girl is some uptight snobish type
Don't you share your stories with your girls?

like ya new pic
you got so much potential
you could also be a model and am sure other things as well
have a good weekend

Mommy said...

You know...I was going to ask...ain't there no camera or something in that woman's office that could be referred to; until I read Ubong's comment. Girlfriend tell your broda to do just that. Shame on dat woman. It just shows how irresponsible she is for not wanting to be held for her actions.
If you look at it from another direction, she just put her head down as a stepping, lifting, elevating, everything up stone for your brother. Cheers!! God is in control.
The first time I ate boli was a whole new, exciting experience. I sabi spell am so you can send me one as a reward. lol!

Nyemoni said...

Na wah o! That joke was tew funny!

Sisbee said...

A similar thing happened to my bro in law chei........ But princesa, you're shining I must say.

Oracle said...

That joke is really funny.
All is well


Ok, before either of them lose their jobs, who really stole the money?...that should be the question here!
BTW, your Waffy joke was hella funny! lol

chidi said...

hey!!!! did you miss me??? LOL!!! long time! enewayz, i'm back now. Missed reading your blog like hell!

azuka said...

Don't underestimate human stupidity.

Olamild said...

lovita was present

princesa said...

@UgoD,Thanks man.U miss naija?U sure??

@classybabe,thanks dear.
@sparkle,ok i go come later o!
@aijay,hmmm... that mean say ube fine babe.upload one pic make we see na,:).

@DOG,(blushing),thanks thanks thanks.U got potentials too dude.

@mommy, now how do i get the boli across to ya?

@nyemoni& oracle,i laughed reeal hard when i read it.

@nigeria politricks,no money was stolen. It was just a mistake in documentation.

@chidi, baby girl i missed you like hell!!!! Glad you are back,dont go nowhere again o!

@azuka, u don lost me o!

@olamild,updating in a few mins.

La Reine said...

Well, if Boss lady doesn't have a conscience now, it will definetly come back to prick her. What goes around comes around right?
Hoping and praying for the best for your brother; thank God his coworkers are willing to take the high road and testify on his behalf.

princesa said...

@la reine,yea. What goes around definitely come around.

Belle said...

i feel bad for your brother... that situation sucks.

what does her being married have to do with her character?
"respectable (??) married woman"
i hear a lot of nigerians add marriage to a woman's title as if to make her more invincible, and that baffles me.

princesa said...

@belle, yea i guess her being married has nothing to do with her character but you know marriage comes with maturity and responsibility.

Kpakpando said...

I hope your brother is fine, but here they'd both be fired or at the very least censured. Was anyone else a witness to her passing on her work to him? Well sha pray for him, everything should turn out fine