Wednesday, August 22, 2007


You guys are not going to like this.

I didnt like it too when i heard. God! I feel devastated!! I can only imagine how he will be feeling right now. I cant wait to go home and console him.

I just heard the news from my MUM. Funny i had to hear it from her considering the fact that she is not even in town. Its not surprising though, mumsy loves to check up on her kids every two two mins anytime she is away from home.

No too much tory. Will just take y'all through the conversation.

Me: "Hello Mum"

Mum: "Nne how are you"

Me: "Am fine"

Mum: "Have you been to the hospital yet?"(Last nite when she called, i had told her i wasnt feeling too well and would be going to the hospital this morning)

Me: "Yes i went this morning. Will be going back later in the day to get the tests results"

Mum: "Okay....Have you spoken to Uzee?"

Me:(wondering why i had to speak with someone i saw this morning at home) "No, i havnt. What happened?"

Mum: "I just called him now and he told me he has just been sacked"

Me: "What!, My God!! It cant be true"

Mum: "It is o! He told me he was in the office packing his things. They sacked the two of them, he and the woman"

Me: "Ah! This is not fair! Its not fair at all"

Mum: "Its not fair! Now he has to suffer for helping her. That woman is a witch, If i was in Lagos now i would have gone straight to their office and dealt with her. I will make sure i tear her clothes....."
(When it comes to her own, my mum can do anything o! I dont doubt that she would do what she just said)

Me: "God will pay her back, she will definitely suffer for making the poor boy lose his job"

Mum: "Yes she will, Poor Uzee! To lose his job this way!! Just when he was expecting his confirmation letter!!! Abeg call am now and console him o!"

Me: "I am going to call him rightaway, Dont worry"

So that's the situation now. My brother has just lost his job. He loved that job sooo much. For as long as i can remember, his one dream has always been to become a banker, not like me whose career aspirations always changed with the weather.

How happy we were when he got the job at the bank cos everyone knew it was what he wanted to do. Now barely one year into his dream job, he has lose it because of that conscienceless woman. God punish her!

I mean, did she have to drag him down with her?!?!

Even when she knew she was leaving, she still had a chance to set things right for him but she didnt. Probably she didn't want to be remembered as a LIAR.

I know am ranting but God knows i feel like i could kill her right now.

Thanks to every one who prayed for my brother. Ur prayers werent in vain. Am sure God knows best. He has something better in store for him, its only a matter of time.

I have to go now. I have an appointment with the doctor.

How do i even begin to thank everyone. I read your comments and some how my spirit was lifted. It feels so great to have people around you who care. Am so glad for y'all my blog family.

When i got up from bed this morning. Guess what i did? I went to my brother's room to check if he was there. I was hoping every thing was just a bad dream and i would get there to find that he had already left for work. I knocked. No response. I was about to start thanking God when i heard-Sis, is that you?
My heart broke once again and i walked away after replying that i was just checking up on him.

As at when i left the house he was still in his night clothes. It all felt wrong! I mean usually he left the house even before i woke up(yes o! i sabi sleep well well) and now here i am leaving for work and he was still at home with no plan for work.

Anyway, he is planning to appeal to the bank board(he says one of his bosses advised him to do this) to allow him resign formally instead of being terminated. This will help him get a job in some other bank @ an even higher level. Otherwise, if not he will have to start from the scratch again as an entry level employee. Some good peeps have already volunteered to help him get another job once the bank grants his appeal. '36' has also offered to help, Thank you dear.

For now, lets keep our fingers crossed and hope they grant the appeal. Dont forget to put him in ur prayers too.

p.s: My health is better now, thanks for the concern.



Manda said...

Na wa o!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Manda said...

i am meant to be dancing around cos i'm first but i just feel sooo out of place typing this! Why are we surrounded wit wickedness in form of three legged pple! This is just not good at all.

I pray ur broda gets good recommendation for his next job o, cos that's the most important thing now. I know God will see him thru even if it means starting from the scratch again.

Nne ndo o!

Omosewa said...

Mehnn that sucks,it is well. God is not asleep, and he's the hope that we have, and we're assured all things will work out for our good. Bigger and better things he's moving on to, in the mighty name of Jesus, Amen!!!

Hehehe, i feel your moms pain o.

All things work together for our Good, as His children.

30+ said...

The wicked will not go unpunished that one I know for sure.

Rinsola said...

It is well, just be rest assured that God knows best, why and how. I pray this move is to take him to a better and greater place. As for ur health, it better be good news. Take care and have a fufilled week!

femme said...

there's always a silver lining.
you never know what the future holds.
one day your family will look back upon these times and actually smile. meanwhile take care of your health, hope u feel better soon

Aijay said...

Tell Uzee not to worry. It is well.
When one door closes, God opens another one, an even wider one
I believe you'll give us a testimony on his new appointment.
Have faith!

pamelastitch said...

i am so sorry princess...:-(

diary of a G said...

like you already said: "God knows best. He has something better in store for him, its only a matter of time"

if ur mumsy was in lagos it would have been a whole different post

how is ur brother doing?

Olamild said...

That is so sad
When one door closes
another one opens my sis
Tell your brother not to give up
He needs to put this behind him and move on.
Tell him to knock God's door
He will answer.


Haba, what exactly happened, now? I hope Uzee finds something new and quickly. It is a shame when one gets into trouble on account of another person.

Hope all goes well for you at the doctor's office...

Nyemoni said...

Wow, so it resorted to this...God will help your bro find a better one in the fullness of time... I am sorry to hear this, ndo and good luck at the doctors..

A Kel called Wonder ...... said...

Oh noooo. Thats not fair. Sorry it is well, but ur brother must now move on. He should start applying with other banks.

UBA if that wasnt were he was working, has a new sub - called UBA Services he must get his c.v to them asap, the 8th floor in Marina. All is well.


thats not fair at all, but God is still on the throne and when one door closes a bigger one opnes, dont worry God has bigger and better plans for him..

@a kel
UBA Kini?? u want to reck the guys career even more, UBAs new subsidiary, UBA Securities is actually not new, its a dead subsidiary they r trying to revive and trust me thats not the way to go.

princess email me his cv, if he still wants to work in a bank, i have some friends there ill forward it to them, the rest we go push am with prayer. no worry.

princesa said...

Awwh guys! Thanks so much for all the goodwill.
@36, will send you his cv asap.Thanks so much.

Mommy said...

Sweetheart!! You know as I just read on, the first thing I said was "God Punish her" (in my mind I said God forgive me), then I saw you said the same thing. But you know what? He (God) has already started punishing her cos she also lost her job. Do you know how difficult it is for a married woman to get a job? Girl, I know. I did not have any of that problem cos I started work here way before I got married. The number of married women that come for interviews, aiyah, I just pity them. Another door has just opened for your brother cos he is young and has other prospects. GOd just did it for a purpose. So just let him know that there are other better opportunities. All he has to do is START SEARCHING. It may be difficult oh but remember that 'after the rains come the sun. Joy will surely come in the morning.' Cheers bella!

princesa said...

@mommy thanks so much. Her punishment has just started, very true!

Nonesuch said...

sorry about your broda but i'm sure he has learnt a big lesson in life Trust nobody. God will sort him out. it is well.

bllk wolf said...

actually had the intention to tease u in here...
but ...
anyways i trully dont know how it all started
but all ild say is PRAYER answers all
keep praying , and BLOGGERS lets join her in prayer ,
this is a serious issue....
banks and dismissals are .....................anyways lets put all in the Lords hands
u take care and tell ur Mum not to worry (u know mothers)
its all a STEPPING STONE to greater things

Sparkle said...

don't worry, that's a stepping stone to greater heights for him...God will give him something WAY better than that Job

na wa o...d woman go get her reward

Friend of God said...

i am sure your brother will be able to look back at this incident in future and smile..nevertheless i know its not easy.

permit my absence o....2 many things dey ground....dun worry, i'll remember your birthday lol. kp updating....i'm reading

Ugo Daniels said...

Oh dear, oh dear. I'm actually speechless. I mean, that sucks, BIG TYM. Don't worry, we gat ya bro's back. Keep us updated on the developments.

BTW, which bank sacked him? You can send me private email, if yu don't wanna...u know :)

Cheers and do have a lovely evening. Don't let this bring you down too! All is well.


Calabar Gal said...

So sorry about ur brother losinghisjob. He'll get a better one soon bu God's grace. Cheers.

diary of a G said...

hey P!
hope ur brotha is doing fine
and yawl have a great weekend
I got the day off

classybabe said...

That's really sad oh,that woman is really evil sha.The only conclusion is that God has greater plans for your brother.Hope he stays strong.
Have a nice weekend

Queen of My Castle said...

Surely He shall deliver you from the snare of the fowler And from the perilous pestilence. 4 He shall cover you with His feathers, And under His wings you shall take refuge; His truth shall be your shield and buckler.

princesa said...

@nonesuch, thanks. He has learnt it the hard way.

@bllk wolf,thanks too. Go ahead and tease me dear. No harm.

@sparkle, na so! God dey!!

@FOG,which things dey ground? Abeg do come update joo! Glad you didnt forget my birthday.

princesa said...

@Ugo, thanks bro. Am not letting this bring me down at all. God is in control.
If i tell you the name of the bank, Can you help?? :)

@calabargal,classybabe, thanks babes. Love you all.

@DOG,yea my bro is fine. Enjoy ur day and stay out of trouble.

@qomc, thanks so much. i claim that verse in jesus's name, Amen.

NikkiSab said...

God is in control. It shall be well. Glad u r feeling beta.

princesa said...

@nikkisab, thanks for dropping by.

Obi said...

It’s quite easy for us, in our limited understanding of things, to despair and give in to anger and frustration. My first reactions on hearing/reading this was a sense of outrage: At a supervisor who exploits her authority to interrupt a bright career and at the faceless bank management that obviously based their final “judgments” on “who’s the one we can most afford to lose here”. On further introspection however, one can only conclude that everything is in the hands of a higher power…and there is ALWAYS a purpose to everything….
Having a little personal knowledge of the fellow concerned here, I know it’ll take more than this temporary setback to dampen his sense of humor and the light he obviously carries around him…
As wiser people than me have said…“This too shall pass”...

cinnamonqueen said...

When one door closes, another one opens, Princesa - though I spent years thinking this saying was nonsense, I've been through things that confirmed it is indeed true. Your brother has many more doors that will in time open to reveal bigger and better things.

Sisbee said...

Princesa, sorry to hear bout your brother and your health, but know what, everything's gonna be okay, honest, just believe and recieve.

bllk wolf said...

tease u abi?
u dey looku for trouble oo!!!
thanks for stoping by ...
u go see mi red eye

Olamild said...

when una go update?

onydchic said...

Thats just cold. I would haunt that woman down.

princesa said...

@obi,thanks darling.
@cinnamonqueen & sisbee, thanks too.

@bllk wolf,why do i think ur red eye would be worth seeing??lol.

@olamild, lol who be una???

@onydchic, yea its cold but i'ld rather leave vengeance for God.

Manda said...

where u dey?

Sparkle said...

na me first see ur new picture abi?
I like it!!!

bighead said...

am i missing the beginning of the story here? as in, what started the whole wahala?

anyways, its not the falling that really matters; its the getting up. This may already be unneeded but your brother will get another job soon enough.