Tuesday, September 4, 2007

I stole the questions but the answers are mine.

Thanks nikkisab http://nikky-i.blogspot.com/ for letting me steal these questions from your blog.

I am …intelligent.
My ex-boyfriend was …a Liar
Maybe I should …resign my job
I love …music
I don't understand..... Spanish
I lost my....Grandma & Granpa in 2003
My current boyfriend is …i don’t know if I have one
People say I'm ….strong willed
Love is …wonderful
Somewhere, someone is…sleeping
I will always... love rice and plantain
Forever is.... unending

I never want to… die young
I think the current President is…. very diplomatic (talking about the president of Nigeria)
When I wake up in the morning….
I open my eyes and then stretch.
Life is full of… ironic twists
My past is …. very interesting
I get annoyed when…. someone is annoying
Parties are for...having fun
Girls are ...fun, sweet and silly
Sex is…. great when its with someone you love
I wish... I get my dream job
Tomorrow I'm going to…..
wake up to Wednesday
I really want some…
more money
I have no tolerance for people who….
are proud, stingy, selfish and dull
I am not…resentful
If I had a million dollars…i would give 100k to charity. Split 400k with family and friends. Quit my job and travel round the world.
My job makes me…. work hard.

Whats this new trend going on in blogville. Tried to go round some of my regular blogs and I discovered that some bloggers have set their blogs to private. copido, idemmili even calabargal too. Can somebody tell me what is happening????
At this rate there wont be any more blogs to read soon o!


Manda said...

am i first? ermm lemme go read da blog....

Sparkle said...


Sparkle said...

I was almost first!
arghhh Manda beat me by A MINUTE!!!!

Sparkle said...

I understand Spanish..a lil bit..can't speak it though...I got 14CDS in my room...which I don't listen to...I have a Spanish dictionary as well...never opened it..lol

DAMN! who doesn't love rice and plantain? come out make we stone u to death! lol

I no know why dem hide d blog o...I miss Idemmili's series already...I don uodate too...d post is kinda long

Sparkle said...

Manda...I am coming to get u!!!!

Manda said...

*evil laughter* heheheheheeeee.. come get me chicken!lol

catwalq said...

I guess you have to rely on memes when topics are hard *evil chuckle*

Blogville: na so I see am my sister. As it is, everybodi don pack comot. Me I don tire. All these anonymous, useless commenters have spoiled the party. Typical naija for you. Something is good, someone will use it and clean yansh.
Me, I still dey, and I am hoping you are still in the fight too

princesa said...

@Manda, lol! U made it girl but if sparkle catch you, me i no dey huse o!

@Sparkle,14 Spanish CDs and a Spanish Dictionary?!?! You want go Spain???Abeg pity manda o! Ok Ok na bracket!!lol!

@catwalq,no useless anonymous commenters fit drive me comot for here o! I full ground and am glad you still dey too.
I dont really think the problem is the anonymouses, afterall they can set their blog to not allow anonymous comments like mine.Well whatever their reasons,its all good.

30+ said...

Yes what's up with the private thingy, maybe I should do the same. You are right you can set your blog to restrict Anons so don't know the story.

Will update by Wed or Thursday work too plenti.

princesa said...

@30+, if na play stop am o!
Dont even think of doing that!!
Anyway if you do, then you have to send me an invite.
Pele about the work, take am easy.

Sparkle said...

na so I see am o...d teacher say make we buy 14 cds, like say na me kill jesus...I dropped d class... d thing too hard jare...but I understand a little spanish from d little I learnt..at least Iknow when someone curses me in spanish...lol

Obi said...

Como esta, senorina..que pasa..??

Nyemoni said...

Lovely!!! Nice responses..Na wah o! Me sef I tire for the private blogging o!

Omosewa said...

I dont blame the bloggers o, some mad people are on this internet. If u go private sha, make sure u invite me, hehehe.

LOL@u doont know if u have a bf, you're 'talking' abi?*wink*

Whats your dream job? Your current job sounds very interesting...


Princesa, na only u. I try to visit Copido blog, and she block me out sharp sharp. Maybe hussy is spying o and she doesn't want wahala. Where u de sef? Get at me!

Andy said...

How come you don't know if you have "one"? Combining that with the part of your "very interesting" past, you leave my ears twitching!
Ideas for a new blog post!!!

diary of a G said...

I thot it was just me that was on the uninvited list
I guess them out to make secret society..lol

NikkiSab said...

EHNN!!...... i av arrival in d obodo of blogsville Princesa, where my red carpet now??!!! I like ur ans except d second to the last one; let some ibo-marketing behaviour touch u today - RECEIVE IT!!!!!! Share but U must invest it is d ibo way (don't mind me i'm messing with u.
There will always be playa haters and party ^*"%heads(dats spanish), but we cant let dem win, so we should excersie our fingers and click delete wen de post all dem rubbishessesssss. For Blog blockers pls dont let dem win.
Oh!! I love plantain i had some for dinner - Fantastic!!!

Manda said...

ehen, make i comment properly now... abeg which one is u dont know if u have a bf? ma friend na either YES or NO!

why i no dey for dis ur million dollar project sef? i am vexing o!

wat's d noise about rice n plantain? ok, i dont like plantain(CAN SOMEONE PLZ COME SUE ME)!

Anonymous said...

Manda, I'm on my way to ur blog, cos i'v been given the authority to sue and even sef arrest u, say wetin? U dont like what? U must be playing!

Me sef i dont understand the blocking of access issues, i hope some blogs i hav in mind which i realy enjoy dont join them o. Good to know u'r here to stay for real!
Can i steal the memo too? Pleaasssee! So I also do it 'when i have the time', lol.

GERALD said...

Those questions are very interesting...
what is interesting about your past...
nice post

GERALD said...

Those questions are very interesting...
what is interesting about your past...
nice post

Mrs Somebody said...

How come you don't know if you have a boyfriend?

Nonesuch said...

i'm equally as bewildered as you are. the whole point of blogging me think is for all people to to be able to read(not just naija pea brain player haters called annon). you have a choice of not allowing comments but me think the feedback is the real kick.I will miss the folks who have gone into 'hiding' and i hope they come back. but like u i full ground remain.
i'm going to copy this post if you dont mind.

pamelastitch said...

I came here yesterday and there was nothing......Okay...i have arrived o!!

Are they...> private thing...make i go check abi?

I hope all is well...

Take care,

Aijay said...

Ah! Where have I been? When did you update?!
I should save this meme just in case i have absolutely nothing to post. Lol.

Princesa, so you don't know if you have a boyfriend.
Who is that guy then? Hope he's not a friend with benefits. Lol. Popsie musn't hear this oh!

Phantomwriter said...

Hey Princess, I've updated. Very cool answers. I may go private soon too seeing as I can't pubish the whole book for free but I'll be sure to invite you.

Olamild said...

Private Blogs?

Obi said...

Kai..I bet you just KNEW this boyfriend thing go cause wahala...
Por favor diganos, queremos saber...LOL..!!

Rinsola said...

Don't tell me you'r thinking of privatising your blog also? You shallnt do you shall you? Howz ur week coming?

femme said...

so becos of 500k, u will quit ur job and travel round the world eh?
i just hope u have enuff left for rice and plantain when the money is gone.

A Kel called Wonder ...... said...

Then u should marry my dh so u guys can be eating rice and plantain 3 times a day 365 days a year.

Don't let ur bf read this cos u openly denied him.

Erm and talking about private blogging, why did copido do this to us, i thought it was a joke initially, until i tried like 3 times. She doesn't care what we reckon anymore!!!!

princesa said...

Oh boy! Wetin dey happen here?!?! Una come my house dey do party when i no dey abi?? lol!

@sparkle, lol @ "like say na me kill jesus". Thank God say u drop that class o jare, no be by force to learn spanish at least you fit tell me if na curse obi dey curse me for here since,lol.

@obi, como gini??? abeg speak the one wey i go understand o!

princesa said...

@nyemoni, thanks babes.

@omosewa,serious dear i dont know if i have one maybe cos i have too many, lol!
My current job is interesting yea but i need to play in a bigger field, you grab???

@nigeria politricks, yes o! I dey here kampe. You have a point, maybe hubby don find out. Anyway we go know the truth soon. I go holla you soon.

@andy,see ur twitching ears, Gbegborun!!!lol!

princesa said...

@DOG, Lol @ secret society! Its not only you dearie, me too. I havnt been invited o! Still holidaying??

@nikkisab,lol! pastor go fit you o! See as you wan push me down with ur 'Receive it"! Ok Ok i receive it. I go add investment to that list. So how far with the ride na??

@manda, about the b.f, still i no know o!
Of cos u are included na, i said my family and friends. U follow for friends so one dollar fit touch you,lol.
U no like plantain...dat na big lie!!!

princesa said...

@chicala, abeg arrest am, i go come bail am later after she confess say plantain na her best food.
Go ahead and steal the meme o jare! U still dey wait??? Na thief i thief am ke!!

@gerald, lots of interesting things about my past o! Maybe i will tell some time.

@mrs somebody, hmmm...u finally say something besides "fine gal". How come?? me i no know o! I hope say u don update sha!!

@nonesuch, my thoughts exactly!Copy joo, i dont mind at all.

princesa said...

@pammy, you have arrived where?? All is well dear. Abeg go check well well but no let them pour you hot water o!

@aijay, lol @ friend with beneits, plzz expantiante o! A ho ta ram ihe i na ekwu!
And save the meme, it could come in handy.

@phantomwriter, you finally updated!! Plzzz i beg you dont go private...If you have to anyway, i will be waiting for the invite.

@olamild, yes o...private blogs.

@obi, i no no o! Where is dat ur spanish dictionary...i have to seize it now before you take curse scatter my head!

@rinsola, week is ok. Naah! not thinking of doing that.How u dey?

@femme, its not =N=500,000.00 o! We are talking of $500,000.00...anyway maybe am just a lazy girl,lol.
If the money finish ,am sure you will let me come to ur house to chop rice and plantain...you go even add fried chicken sef...thanks in advance babes!

@a kel, na u talk am now o! Talk true say if i even smile for your dh, you no go take cane pursue me???
Copido just blank us like dat...its not fair at all!!! If i catch am for city people page eh...

Friend of God said...

"When I wake up in the morning…. I open my eyes and then stretch."

i dun think there's anyone who doesn't do that haha..

interesting read...

Sisbee said...

Princesa I'm so sorry I missed your birthday. I'vebeen so tied up and selfish!!!! Hope you had a nice one. You're lookinggood as usual. Take care!

princesa said...

@FOG, ha ha ha, everyone does eh?? How can you prove dat now?

@sisbee, hmmm...apology accepted. Thanks and i know you are not selfish.

Carlang said...

I'm a newbie.
Barely out of my shell, or napkin...or whatever it is they call em.
We arent all bad.
Take me for instance...

I think i'm a worthy addition to the elite blog crowd..

Still.. you no what they say..
no good blog goes unpunished...
or something like that.

oh wait...
you dont speak it...

still sexy!!

diary of a G said...

slide on boo, slide on

and what are you always smiling about? lol
oh, I guess that's what pretty girls do when taking a picture..
My favorite is the one on the beach, on the bed and in the all black top and okay I like all of em

princesa said...

@carlang, welcome to blogville newbie!
Worthy addition?? lol.
Will check you out to see how worthy you are.

@DOG, thanks dude. Am following ur footsteps,lol.
What...you want me to frown???

Isi said...

cooool answers! eh, but is that really how you plan to spend a million dollars? after the money finish for travel, wetin go happen now? you'll have to call up your boss, and with a sombre voice plead to have your job back! lol!!!!