Monday, January 7, 2008

Naija Bloggers Party Update

Happy new week everyone! I promised an update on the Naija Bloggers Party which is why I am posting this update. Actually this morning is very busy for me but I just had to create time to do this short post before peeps like afrobabe go strip for me here o!,lol!

The party was not a party in the sense of you know dancing, boogying and all that. I’d rather call it a ‘get together over drinks thingy’. I had suggested we hung out at the beach but most peeps didn’t buy the idea(so I was told)and so we had to settle for the bar thing.
Anyway, It was still great to meet and chat with fellow bloggers. Even though we hadn’t met prior to the party, some bloggers already feel like family to me and it was cool to finally put a face to some of them. There was unnaked soul(shy guy), manda(ol’ pal), obi (blog phantom), writefreak, favoured girl, Tayo, Fantasy queen, dscribe, dscribe’s sister(also a blogger but I forgot her name), Omohemi, jaycee, che-e-ly, Babs and who else(cant remember any more). Overwhelmed naija babe, laspapi and simplynuttie came later after I had left but we spoke over the phone.

Of note is the fact that most bloggers I met are really very good looking, nice, open and friendly.

Sorry I have to stop here. I said I was going to make this short remember? So enjoy the pics guys (Some bloggers want to remain anonymous and i had to respect their wishes so i didnt tag the pics). And afro…nobody shagged anyone(at least at the party venue) and with the cost of their drinks there I doubt if anyone got drunk(I left to early to know anyway).

Be good you all.


Atutupoyoyo said...

Wow what a very fine looking set of people. I really wish I could have been in Naija at the time. There are many that I would have liked to meet.

Anyway there will be many more by God's grace.

All these anonymous bloggers sef

desperate lady said...

awwwwwwwwwwww y'all look absolutely gorgeous.

darkelcee said...


*wailing* i am so sorry i missed it.
Men you guys looked like you had loads of fun

We must have a "repeat performance" @ Easter time


Afrobabe said...

Mennnn me wants to know the cutie in the brown top oh...sod annonymity...tell him I gats to know him...

yes still reading *wink*

Che-e-ly said...

i deliberately stayed out on the photo session cos i wasn't sure i wanted to be on visual scene.

True to u Princess; Bloggers, we fine gan! i wish i got close to anyone but time no dey. I had to run back to my office.

As to you, I always tot u were nice and warm by simply reading ur posts and reality no lie, U r beautiful, plus u seem really kind-hearted (my suspicion sha)

Finally, retain those dimples; dem dey make me kolo!

Bobby said...

awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! I am about to photoshop my fine self in there.

This party was my idea and i didnt show due to circumstances beyond my control. But i am glad yall had fun.

Big ups to Tayo for executing the vision. (love you man)

Some of us will meet again at the Future Awards.


Carlang said...

I'm sooo glad that i didn't know of this party until after it happened.
I'm not sure i would have been able to resist the urge to turn up.
Maybe masquerade as a waiter!.

Looks like you all had fun.
And no one kissed anyone?

You're all lucky i wasn't there.
What with all the cute ladies in the picture i would have had to be restrained.

That includes you Princess.

Happy New year!!

Miss Maple said...

Wow! Nice pictures!
I didn’t no about the party, but as I don’t exactly blog, I guess it would have bin odd to turn up?
Well maybe if the food was free. ;)

Queen of My Castle said...

Such a group of good looking people! I think I recognize one or two of those guys.

Kawana Aminata Oliver said...

Happy New Year, beautiful pics ;-)

fantasy queen said...

hi, it was fun, i'm glad i made it although i almost backed out...and unnaked had me dazed, behaving all shy and prime so different from the blogger i know.

twas nice to see you, although we didnt really get to talk.
and u definately are prettier than ur'

hope we get to do anyone soonest.

Ugo Daniels said...

Unfortunately couldn't make it, breezed into naija 4 my sis wedding and was out within 4 days. Exams starts on 6th!!! Yikesss

Trust yu guys had fun! Cheers!!

pamelastitch said...


I know almost everyone (except three people) and I kinda think I know who they are....


Naapali said...

So where did u hide the ugly bloggers? Or did your camera fade out on those ones. It is hard to believe that all the Naija bloggers can be that good looking (fine boys and gals).
So Princesa, confess, where the ugly ones at?

UnNaked Soul said...

It was GREAT meeting all them cute and beautiful blogger, so tempting they are, you want to take them home and keep them forever.

Princessa, you blew my cover oh, you sexy thing.

we should all do this again...

Naija bloggers are the finest, the boys & the darlings...

Nyemoni said...

What? Why didn't anyone tell me? Nice, nice, nice pixs!!!

Nyemoni said...

And happy new year princesa!

Mommy said...

Shwepssss...I posted a comment yesterday now. Just after afrobabe's wink wink... Now I'll be all the way down here at number...ehhmmm...I'm not counting. 'Cos I so stalked ya for the parry update. Just Imagine.
'nyways...Just wanted to remind you that you remind me (lol) of Ego Boyo tewwww mush. I so love the lady. that who I think it is? Wassup babes?!!? Princesa, you're just one gorgeous queen. Allow me to organise one correct bobo for you that this our thirst go quench. Chei see me! I have joined those your nanas and aunties.;o)
Much love.

Mommy said...

Number 18.*sob sob*
Couldn't help it! *sniffing seriously*

princesa said...

@atutu, wish you were in naija dude. You're one person i'd av loved to meet.
Anonymous follow na,Oya show us ur face,lol!

@desperatelady, really gorgeous. Thanks.

@darkelcee,lol! Pele dont cry dear. Maybe we'll do it again soon.

@afro,lol! YOu wanna know the cutie in brown top?? Am sure he's read ur comment already. Maybe he'll holla.

@che-e-ly, Thanks for the compliments dude.You seemed cool too. Jut that you didnt want me to capture that fine face.

@bobby, awwwwh sorry u missed the party. Thanx for the idea too.
Oya photoshop ur fine face inside jare,lol!

lol@masquerading as a waiter.
Crazy guy, so we would have had to restrain you ehn??
Do i now thank God you werent there??

@miss maple, you could still have come cos it wasnt just bloggers who showed up. And there was no free food o! The drinks were really over-priced sef as far as am concerned!

@castlequeen, who do u recognize dear? Me??lol!

@kawana, thanks. happy new year to u too.

@fantasyqueen, glad you came dearie. Unnaked also had me dazed abeg.Didnt know dude was that shy too.
Thanks. You were also really prettiful,lol!

@UgoD, always breezing in and out! You no want make we see that ur fine face abi? One day i go warlay u for airport,lol!

@pammy,lol! Oya spill who and who do u know? and i dont mean me o!

@napaali, Believe it doc! Everyone was foine!!! Nigerians are really beautiful peeps and bloggers are no exception.:)

@unnaked, lol@taking them home and keeping them forever.
Blew ur cover ke?? You were already unanonymously anonymous,lol!
Yea i agree, we should do this again sooooooooon.

@nyemoni, what?!?! You men you didnt hear about it?? I had the info on my blog na.
Anyway, i doubt if u go carry that big belle come party sef.
Happy new year dearie!

@mommy, you and ur funny comments,lol!
So i look like Ego Boyo,Wow! I take that as a compliment cos i also admire her. Thanks sweet!
This ya thirst sef, i get to do something about am fast o,lol!

Onome said...

nice hang out...wish i was der....may i request to be invited wen next you're holding it?:D

diary of a G said...

ah shucks!
those pictures explain why G's blogville's biggest flirt
it's true

Ubong Da said...

Nice get together. LOL Now am busy matching the pics to bloggers who attended. Make una give me small time the result would be out soon. LOL

UnNaked Soul said...

@princessa: Am not shy o! Am just more comfortable behind my eye wear :-P

NikkiSab said...

i didnt hear of a bloggers party!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ewooo ...princessa i tink say we be nnwanne and u no inform me?

princesa said...

@onome, u'll definitely get an invite next time.

@DOG,lol! Silly!!!

@ubong,lol! Wey d result na??

@unnaked,lol! Oya make i take fear gree before you beat me o!

@nikki,eh ya! I put up the info on my blog na and i sent Manutd a text but he said he didnt get it!
No wahala, we'll do it again soon.

exschoolnerd said...

awww...yall look like u had fun...i wish i was there..rili do...yeah and we must have another bloggers get together....

haPPY nu year sweets!

UnNaked Soul said...

@princessa: :-P LMAO... you know the only way I an beat is ____ *wink*

Afrobabe said...

abeg spill the info jare...ermmm let me give my response to his comments more space and evade his blog...putting on my stalker lipstick and masscara!!!

Queen of My Castle said...

You, unNaked, and Mr. Obi. Don't recognize any others.

Babes, I updated just for you.

30+ said...

This thing is PAINFUL (capital and bold letters). If not for LA I will have showed my face ni sha, o ga o. Looked like you all had fun. Painful for me sha but glad you had fun.

I beg when is the summer Blog Parry.

Lol @Napaali but true how comez everyone is so foine.


CATWALQ a.k.a LAGBA-JESS said...

See Unnaked here commenting instead of updating. Wobia iranu!!!
Get your cuddly behind and update joo

U guys sure had fun...that's nice

bumight said...

I'm with carlang on this one. did u notice that babe walking past u guys like 20 times?
yep! that was urs truly.
Lol! on the real tho, this would have been really tempting. Choice was made for me though.
More importantly, who's that cutie in black, and the one on the phone? can u give my digits to the one in brown?
Now I can't make up my mind *sulking*
U guys look terrific though!

Andy said...

Wooow, I did not even know about it until a few days ago when someone who attended told me about it. And to think I was in Naija recently.
I actually asked my friend if Princesa was there...I knew you would have definitely shown up!

Aspiring nigerian woman said...

You guys looked liek you had fun. I wished I was in lagos, I would have attended.

Please lets have our own London bloggers party. It will sure be fun!

Simi Speaks said...

Looked like you guys had a ball!!

cant we have something similar states-side?

princesa said...

@exschoolnerd, becos of you...we must arrange another one soon.

@unnaked, WTF?!?! Abeg no corrupt me for my mama o!

@afro, LMAO! Blogstalking mascara and lipstick ke??? babe u are on another level o!
Anyway i see u and him alraedy got off to a start*wink*.

@castlequeen,thanks babes. Am off to urs soon.

@30+, everyone is so foine cos they are so foine!lol!
We may have to organize another one when u get back to naija.
Is it less PAINFUL now??

@catwalq, lol! Abeg help me chase that unnaked out o! The guy want use style take room for my house,lol!

I think i saw one fly perching on my drink, was that you??lol!
Why is every one in love with the cutie in brown sef??

@andy, so u've left naija already??
Come on dude!I said it on my blog that i was gonna go so u would def have known!
Now u wanna make me look like a party freak,ehn??

@aspiring, london peeps una don hear?? Oya arrage ur own bloggers meet.

@simi, of cos u can arrage it. States side bloggers party! Sounds cool o!

A Kel called Wonder ...... said...

Happy New Year Princesa......

Ermmm i wish i came but ermmmmmmmm.....

Looks like u had so much fun wow. This Princess ur hot oooo

little miss me said...

wow,you guys look like you had a blast! i'm so jealous,i wish i could have gone..whose the girl in the last picture?????

Sparkle said...

I recognise just 3 ppl...mmmm gotta admit, y'all look nice!

Sparkle said...

I don update o

Afrobabe said...

psssssssst.. I updated!!!

Obinwanne said...

i wish i came earlier...i met few pple when i arrived sha...nice pics u have there...happy new year.

desperate lady said...

Princessa babe, is that all ur hair? *wink*

Oracle said...

Hey hey hey, everybody's talking about this party, where exactly did it take place?

Many people were missing in action.

Happy new year

La Reine said...

Aww everybody looks so sweet
-me feels all had a great time!

Takia girle
...I'm keepin', oh I'm keepin'..thanks 4 asking.:)

Mommy said...

Babes! Where You Attttt? I've updated oh and you are no where to be found. Don't tempt me oh? Ehen...

Isi said...

nice. nice. nice! lovely pix...
i see u princesa, looking all cute.

Nyemoni said...

@ princesa Aah...but my belle never big naa..LOL!

Afrobabe said...

spill the juice on the guys...the babes can remain annon!!!

princesa said...

@a kel,lol! Which one be ermmmmmmmmm?? You anonymous fine babe!

@lil'missme,lol! Wish u came too. Which babe?? Oh i cant spill dearie, make them no cut my head o! You like her??

@sparkle, thank God say u don bless us with update o! Will pop in to read soon.

@afro,lol!that was a LOUD whisper babes! I dey come o!

@obinwanne, eh ya! You came late?? Woulda loved to meet ya. Meanwhile i saw u in MADE mag, congrats dude!

@desperatelady, lol! When my papa and mama no be indian, how can it fit be my hair??

@oracle, yea many peeps were MIA! Party was in Lagos...happy new year to u too.

@lareine, you feel rite! We all had a BLAST! Good to know u r keeping well.

@mommy,lol! I dey come o!!! Na work pressure,
NO vex ma.

@isi, thanks. How have u been?

@nyemoni,lol! Okay i don hear. I ope u are doing fine sha.

@afro,okay i go tell u when we meet for that our usual koro(corner),lol!

classybabe said...

Happy new year!
Wish i was in Naija then,next time sha.Maybe we will have a UK one :)
You guys were looking nice!

guerreiranigeriana said...

abeg, when you meet afrobabe in the corner, meet me too o!!...i don't need to know about the fact, i just have a question about one person...who's the dude with the black shirt on? did his clothes fit him?...anyway...just curious...i won't tell anyone...come on...tell can trust me...i find his look intriguing...thanks babe;) of course look smashing!!!....


woo, princesa, i no go forgive u oooo

u mean u guys grooved and u no invite me. me? ur man? ok ooo

anyway, glad u guys had fun, next one, na me go carry am for head

but......i still dey vex ooo

princesa said...

@classybabe, where did u pop out from?? Good to see u here. Happy new year to u too.

@guerriera, lol!i dodnt know you and afrobabe... who is worse!
How can i tell how his clothes got to fit him??lol!
OKay will let u know when we meet at the corner too.

@Ibodude, how i go take forget u na?? I sent you a text message about the party and tried to reach ur number...e no gree go.

Okay make u organize the next one quick quick!

Zephi said...

ehn bloggers na some fine people..ehn the dude in th black shirt and glasses. asl pls? a sucker for red lips...aahh and the guy in the brown shirt..chai princesa will u marry me?..infact u pipu will not make me an ashewo

teediva said...

how come i didnt hear about the party? i def would have gone.

there's always another time though. looks like y'all had fun.

Arewa said...

Blogville is blessed with the best looking ladies in gents on the planet.hopefully some of us will make it fro the next one and then u can all troop to Ghana for my wedding abi? l8r x x x

Jaybabe said...

Seemes like you guys really really had a good time...i envy you all...

stuck in my throat o said...

I am officially sad i did not attend it o.
My cousin was getting married that day and my ankle was still acting up, so my movement is restricted...
I am so JEALOUS that you guys had fun. Meanwhile, who is d fine boi with the bear bear?
And EJO put another profile picture o.see as you too fine for these ones...

Omosewa said...

Awww i see you and Manda!!Fine girls no pimples!

The Last King Of Scotland said...

wish i came down as well. lovely pics

Florida of Free Spirit said...

babe, u fine o!!!! & y no shagging na. hmm? aint no party where dez no shagging. next time, abeg mek una do better & produce pickin too

Florida of Free Spirit said...

meanwhile, dat cute dude in glasses & black suit is da bomb. have him give my a buzz ... wink wink

Rayo said...

Fine people sha...Just oppressing us common folk.

AnyaPosh said...

That is so nice. Y'all are a very good looking bunch. I'm sure it must've been nice putting the names & stories to all those faces.