Friday, January 11, 2008

My First Love

“Princesa…Princesa, wait up!”
I turned round to see Efe walking fast to catch up with me.
What does he want from me? I wondered. We hardly talked; in fact he was never in class. Efe was in the same class as I was-SS1G. Although he was repeating the class (He was supposed to be in SS2), he was still not a serious student. Most times you would find him hanging out with the ‘happening boys’ in school (who were mainly SS3 and SS2 boys) while classes were going on. I was even surprised he was in the laboratory for the just concluded Physics practical.
“Yes…what is it”, I queried feeling impatient as I noticed my friends had moved some distance ahead.
“There is something I want to discuss with you”, he replied.
“Hmmm…hmmm…go on”
“Do you know any Francis?” he asked
“Francis? I don’t. What Class?” I asked back
“Francis in SS2E”
Thinking hard, I didn’t recall knowing anyone by that name so I retorted:
“So what’s my own with this Francis? …abeg hurry up, my friends are leaving me behind o!”
“The thing is….eh-eh-eh, you see…hmmm…Francis said I should tell you that he likes you”
“O ti o! Likes me ke!! Abeg o!”
Which kain wahala be this na, I thought. These boys should just leave me alone o! I am determined to remain the good, untainted girl I have always been. I cant’ afford to disappoint my mama with all her advice to me to steer clear of boys and at 14years, I was too young to even think of having a boyfriend.
“See…Efe, plzzz just tell Francis or whatever you call him to leave me alone because I am not interested!”
“But you haven’t even let me finish…”
I turned away and marched off angrily. Glancing over my shoulder, I could see he was still standing there staring after me. I was sure I had scared him enough not to come back to me with some stupid story of some stupid boy who had decided that I was the book his father had sent him to learn in this school…Rubbish!

Some days later, I was going home after school with my friends. We all lived in the same area and as such always went home together. The trek from school to the barracks gate was as usual-Long and the blazing hot sun didn’t make it any easier. However, the gists and the banters we shared along the way made the arduous journey bearable.
“Ehen, Princesa…there is something I wanted to tell you o!”
That was Chy, the oldest in our midst. She was also the biggest and more worldly wise that all of us.
“What is it?” I was curious to know. She had this mischievous smile playing on her lips.
“You are really lucky, you know” She replied.
Now I was very curious.
“Lucky…how? Abeg tell me…what is it??”
“Somebody really likes you!” She said happily. From the look on her face, it was news for which I was supposed to be jumping for joy. I didn’t share that view. “Somebody likes me??..and I am supposed to be lucky because of that enh??”
I was visibly disappointed. I had been expecting some really BIG news and not gist about another stupid boy who liked me. Better info like she had glimpsed my report card from our form master and seen that I had 9 As or something like that.
“See this girl o! You don’t know who I am talking about, that’s why”
“And who is he?? The president’s son??...abeg close that matter…I am not interested!”
“Ol’gal, this guy is REALLY loaded o and he likes you very much too”
“Loaded ke?? You don’t seem to get it, do you?? I said I no dey for that kain game”
“Why don’t you get to know him first na?” She was unrelenting.
Who knows how much this boy don take bribe am, I thought to myself.
“Okay so what is his name and what class?”
“Ehen! Now you are talking!! His name is Francis and he is in SS2E”
Not again! This same Francis?! Him no dey tire sef. I pondered.
“Okay so this Francis sent you to me enh? I asked.
“No o! He knows we are friends and confided in me about how he felt, that’s all” She replied.
“Hmmm…hmmm” I was deep in thought.
“Why don’t you give him a chance na? you may just like him o!...Aha! about the devil…there he is!”
I looked up at the direction she was pointing to. There was a group of boys ahead trekking like we were.
“Which of them is Francis?” I asked.
“The tall, dark one on the right” She replied.
I looked harder and more closely. At that same moment, he turned back and our eyes met. Wow! He must have been the most handsome boy I had seen that term. My God! He was very handsome!! Wait a minute, I had seen that face before…in fact I had caught him staring at me on a few occasions at school.
Hmmm…so he was the Francis!

Weeks later. We were in the ‘danfo’ bus headed home after school, me and my crew.
“Oya owo da(your money)! Everybody bring out ur money…I no get change o!”
It was the bus conductor.
The bus fare was five naira (N5). I had a N20 note, no N5.
“Oya you, wey your money??” he was talking to me.
I gave him my N20 note. “Take your money”
“I don tell you say I no get change and you still dey give me N20, ehn??” He complained.
“As I no come get N5 nko…wetin go happen?’ I snapped at him.
“Bring the money”, he grabbed the N20 from my hands forcefully.
Some 15minutes later, we were nearing the last bustop where everyone would have to get down. Conductor hadn’t given me my change yet.
“Conductor…where my change na…you no want give me my change again??” I shouted.
He turned and stretched his hands towards me. He was holding a N10 note and another very dirty and torn N5 note. I took the money from him and after looking at it closely, decided I wasn’t going to put that dirty and torn N5 in my purse.
“Conductor…this your N5 too dirty o! Abeg change am for me” I shouted.
“Change wetin?? Ehn??? I no tell you say I no get change before”
I wasn’t going to accept the money so I kept on.
“Take ur money o! Conductor…Conductor…you no dey hear me!!!
The conductor just ignored me. He didn’t even look back. I was surprised when minutes later, the conductor came to the back row(where I was seated) with a N20 note in his hand.
“Wey that girl? Oya take your money back. Give me that change wey I give you”
I was surprised. My friends were too.
“Wetin happen?” I asked.
“Person don pay for you for front, him say make i give you ur money back”
“Who be the person?”
“Na that boy wey dey for front” he answered.
I looked in front. There were some boys from my school in the second row. As I looked at their backs, trying to decipher who it was, one of them turned to look back, it was him...It was Francis!
Oh my God! I didn’t know he was in the bus. Now I have displayed all my razzness with this conductor and am sure he heard everything. I was red in the face.


Ps: I hope peeps like castle queen and D.O.G understand the pidgin English part of the above story. I just had to keep it real.

I am pleased to let you guys know that my resignation bluff paid off. Initially when I dropped in the resignation letter I didn’t have any standing job offer. I mean, I had attended some interviews but nothing concrete yet. However the day after I dropped in the letter, I got a call from a Public relations Firm to come in for a chat. I went and the offer was a lot better that what I was earning. I had already made up my mind that if nothing positive was done by my management; I would accept the new offer. It wasn’t my dream job but it was something.

Anyway, my boss called me and rejected the resignation letter. He didn’t want me to leave so we had to renegotiate salary and all. The offer he made me was not as much as what I would be getting in the new firm but there were other fringe benefits added to the package.

Long and short of the matter is am staying on in my current company. The pay may not be all that but I guess it’s not all about the money sometimes right? I enjoy working with my boss and he appreciates my efforts. I also believe things will improve a lot more soon and as they say, the devil you know is better that the angel you do not know!

I have called the P.R firm to reject the offer. They seemed to understand my position.

I am grateful to God for providing an opportunity to make choices for me. Some people are not that privileged.

I am also grateful to everyone who wished me luck.

Thanks and enjoy ur weekend.



Afrobabe said...

There's got to be a price for first place....:)

onydchic said...

Er... congrats on the job? It's best to stick what u love doign at the end of the day.

Do hurry and finish the story, im curious to see how it goes!

Zephi said...

awww..i remeber that young love feeling..cant wait for the rest of the story

Afrobabe said...

Kai..see all the pidgin you had spoked in front of the young man...shame go allow you face am again???

Congrats about the job..I dont feel comfortable moving from known zones as well.

Nyemoni said...

Pirincesa why you no finish the story na? LOL! Whenever I see your nas..I feel like I'm in PHC LOL..Nice post..Congrats on the job thingy...some people are not that lucky...

Oya compalete the post sharp sharp!

Naija Chickito said...

But why didn't you complete the story na? No dey do this kind long throat. I await the ending. Congrats on your (old) job! Glad you are making progress.

God bless.

s.chic said...

Babes, which kin incomplete story be dis noow? You let the tory begin sweet, come cut am short... Abeg, come complete quick quick...
I think a good number of us had those "first loves" and oh what sweet memories...

Oh, thumbs up for the job...

Ms. emmotions said...

first i ve got to say that u sure have a preettttyy face, gosh i cant believe i said that cos am not a lesbian or anything but i appreciate good things cos i know one wen i see it.

that said, this ur first love gist is really nice and very original, i applaud u for that.

your job update, well i didnt follow but of course from the gist i totally related, the most important thing is u are happy.

compliments to u dear, actually followed u down here and loving evry min

Olamild said...

[break dancing]
Praise da lorddddddddddd
I am happy everything worked out for you

I cannot wait for you to complete the first love story.
I might even put mine up

disgodkidd said...

can we have a tutorial? i have been trying to pull a bluff for my company too...

question? why do girls always have to act like they don't need a man in their life? for crying out loud, we are you reason for being! (ok, ayomipo, incoming high heel!!!!!)

desperate lady said...

Princessa! i can't believe u just did this. I've been holding my pee here just to see the end of the story and u just stopped half way. Please come and finish abeg.
i'm happy about the decision u made about ur job. well i'm happy that ur happy lol. have fun with ur small pay lol.(was that funny? no right?)

Jaycee said...

Congratulations on ur promotion, or so I would call it...

Me too I wanted to know the end of the romantic 'Francis'

little miss me said...

awww..first love,how sweet.can't wait for an update!glad all worked out with your job

Calabar Gal said...

When should Icome back for the end of this francis story?

Glad ur resignation bluff paid off.

fantasy queen said...

kudos to u girl, not everyone has the guts to go through with what u did. congrats.

na so u aburo reach? arguing with conductor ehn?
hurry and finsh the story jare...

tribalpoetry said...

It is unreasonable to assume that the contemporary African poet or writer should confine himself to write about the beauty of the endless African plains, the wealth of culture, without remembering and recording his awesome fears of the genocide, religions upheaval and ethic clashed suddenly resurfacing as always around him,
I write of love, of deep erotica poetry when the need arises, but I cannot do that in all my writings without expressing haunting fears for my beloved wife, brothers, village kids, all I have come to love in an insecure land constantly threatened by the evils of illiteracy, hunger and strife, fiend and war.

...toyintomato said...

congratolobia on the job re-negotiation.
waitin for the update on the story

Arewa said...

congrats hon.. im soo happy for u. i owe u a drink.It just a shame that one has to take such risks just for our employers to get the picture....well done love..oh and u better update with the continuation of the story sharp

Orientatednaijababe said...

CONGRATS about ur job!!!

Yearning for the update on ur story...the suspense is killing

guerreiranigeriana said...

*impatiently tapping foot*...e be like say you work for nollywood with dis your 'to be continued'...

...congrats with the job gamble...make you finish this your francis part 3 and 4 o!!...have you heard?!...*holds ear for emphasis*...

classybabe said...

Congratulations!Glad the gamble paid off

Rinsola said...

Miss lady, can u please update on the gist, ehn? You know most naijas hate suspense. Happy New year and congrats on your job. Have a great 2008!

Mommy said...

Ehennn...You updated on Friday so you wouldn't have to update today abi? You must be joking! lol
Hmmm...congratulations and jubilations on the resignation bluff. Maybe I should play that stunt too? heehehheeh...

princesa said...

@afrobabe, of cos there is a price for first place dear. So you want suya and icecream??

@onydchic, yes I agree. Its better to stick to what you love doing. Curious curious… be patient girl.

@zephi, you remember that young feeling ehn?? When I finish mine, I ope to read urs o!

@afro, lol! I had spoked lots of pidgin o! Shame no let me look the guy sef.

@nyemoni, so my ‘nas’ make you nostalgic?? That’s good to know. I go soon complee the post sharp sharp,lol!

@naijachickito,lol! Na wa for everybody o! Una dey impatient sha,lol!

@s.chic, lol! I agree a good number of us had those "first loves". Oh those days…when love was so innocent and pure!

@ms.emmotions, thanks for the compliment dear. Glad u r loving my blog. Urs is cool too.

@olamild, thanks girl. Abeg put urs up jare…would love to read.

@disgodkidd, lol! No tutorial bro just be good at what u do and make sure everyone realizes it too.
lol@guys being the reason for our existence. You wish!!! Oya duck well well o! Those high heels are landing!

@desperatelady, lol! You were holding ur pee?? Babes that is not too healthy o!
Thanks for being happy for me, and I think am gonna have fun with my ‘small pay’,lol!

@jaycee, hey u left Naija already?? Don’t worry will complete the gist soon.

@litle miss me, thanks dear.

@calabar gal, thanks babes. Come back soon for the update u hear?

@fantasyqueen,lol! Na so I ‘agbero’ reach o! My razzness, i told u is up!

@tribalpoetry, did u really read the post?? Ur comment is so…unrelated.

@TT, good to see u hear after a looooooooooooooooooong while. Hope ur exams went well.

@arewa, thanks sweet! Am goin to claim that drink soon o! maybe at ur wedding,lol!

@ONB, Take it easy babes. A lil’ bit of suspense is good for ur health,lol!

@guerreira,lol! I no work for nollywood o! The gist plenty, I no fit finish am for one post. E be like say e go reach Part 5 sef,lol!

@classybabe, it sure did. Thanks.

@rinsola, Happy new year too dear. Nigerians and Impatience sef!

@mommy, you wise o! How u take catch the jerk? No try the stunt unless u sure say u dey indispensable o! I no get any vacancy for u,lol!

darkelcee said...

Why now?

You for finish the story now.

wish i can pull that stunt in my office! i no shop liver at all

Enjoy the new pay

bumight said...

Francesa!!! oya hurry up and finish the story jo.
thank God ur lil plan worked out, what if ur boss had said "alright, its ok, u can leave, but we'll miss u..." lol!

bumight said...

Francesa!!! oya hurry up and finish the story jo.
thank God ur lil plan worked out, what if ur boss had said "alright, its ok, u can leave, but we'll miss u..." lol!

Jaybabe said...

Passed by girl..will come back to read.**wink**

Sparkle said...


hmm all dem puppy liove abi which one...LOL
interesting story Princess...oya come finish am!

The Paradigm said...

congrats!!! and cant wait to the end !!! saving my comments till then. loving it so far

Queen of My Castle said...

Congrats on your work situa.

I understood just fine. My Mr. told me that the key to pidgin is to pick out the English words and try to make sense of them. So now I know what phrases like abi, abeg, jare, O, sha, and wetin mean.

30+ said...

Shuo, I am no 32, otio, ce ne pas possible, it is not fair.

Princessa I am happy the gamble paid off o.
So oya waiting on the conclusion of the story o

princesa said...

@darkelcee, pull which stunt?? All that money wey them dey pay u don do na,lol! Abi u think say I no know.

@bumight, lol! Me Francesa?? Lol@ my boss saying that. I knew he wouldn’t sha and don’t forget I had a new offer.

@jaybabe, okay o!

@sparkle, thanks. You were right, Puppy love indeed.

@the paradigm, thanks.

@castle queen, ur Mr. is really doin a good job o! Small time now, u go become correct naija babe,lol!

@30+,lol! Whats not fair inside na? Madam you come late finito! Thanks dearie, update soon.

diary of a G said...

Hi Princesa I brought you an apple
and I'm asking for extented time to read this post. sorry am late Ma'am

Nyemoni said...

Princesa, you need to update NA?

Omosewa said...

Hey babe, will be back to read this, i need to go do number two...too much info abi...hehehehehe.

Did i say happy new yr to you yet
? Happy new year, mwahhhh


u princesa, if i catch u ehn; u go see pepper...lawl!

Allied said...

Quick, quick.. complete the story

diary of a G said...

I understand the Pidgin P...the way u stood up to the conductor serious O....Its serious cos the man told u beforehand say he no get change but your still presisted
yo In my book that GANGSTA Girl
I thot u were gonna put him in a headlock, U serious
thats was too funny P, too funny

congrats on the
renegotiated salary and all.
guess it was good playing ur ace after all eh!

princesa said...

@DOG, thanks for the apple dude, but you know bribery is a crime,lol!

@Nyemoni, take am easy…I go update soon na!

@omosewa, thanks dear and that ur number two dey smell o!

@nigeria politricks,*looks around bewildered*, wetin I come do u now? Na dat one be happy new year for ur village?lol!

@allied, lol! You too!

@DOG, lol so am gangsta now enh?lol! What was I supposed to do since I didn’t have change dude? The conductors are all like dat, they gat change but don’t like to part with it.

Florida of Free Spirit said...

loaded ke? i hope it's in the money dept, not in d (clears throat) dept. well, dat one na him better sef. if na d two, e don settle

Toochi said...

finally i end up here....about the end of the first story....i want it o.
you look lovely in real life:)
and frozen too(pictures):)

fantasy queen said...

UPDATE!!! abi theres more work load with the pay cheque step up?


mennnn, secondary school days was it oooo, u dont even need to "toast" directly to get babe. infact my first face to face toasting was university. Before then, it was agents or nothing.

As per your job, Congratulations, you are highly favoured. some of us never even get chance look for another job since sef.

azuka said...

So after all the gra-gra you fell hard for him? Oya, post part 2. :-D

darkelcee said...


Rayo said...

Ah ah could you just end the story midway like that??? What happened with Francis?

And congratulations on the job. Sometimes it takes having balls to get what you really want.

!*!*!*!*!Fresh and Fab!*!*!*!*! said...

congrats darling,it all paid off

loving da blog babes

princesa said...

@Florida, lol! Crazy chic.;)
@toochi, thanks man.
@Fantasy queen, you guessed right o! I have to give even more now.
@azuka, i fell o but i didnt break my head sha,lol!
@darkelcee,lol! Part 2 coming sharpish!
@rayo thanks babe.Yea it does.
@F&F, thanks for dropping by dear.

UnNaked Soul said...

so there's an agbero hidden behind all that sexiness... LOL... oya do finish the tory...

CONGRATS babes... we go wash am oh... *wink*