Thursday, January 17, 2008

My First Love 2.

“Ehen Mallam* give me that fat sugarcane!” I pointed at one juicy looking sugar in the basket.
“Haba Princesa…I already chose that one na”, exclaimed Eve my friend .
Na wa for this girl sef. Every time I make a choice, that’s the one she suddenly wants.
School had ended for the day and as usual we were at the barracks gate buying Sugar cane. It was either that or roasted corn if it was the rainy season, . We would munch our afternoon snacks as soon as we got into the home-bound bus. Those who didn’t have money to buy anything would look on longingly at the others as the spittle threatened to drip from their mouths.

I wasn't in the mood for Eve’s trouble so I chose another sugarcane.
“Okay, no wahala…Mallam, give me the other one…ehen that one!”
“Princesa, how now?”
I turned around to see KF behind me. KF and I only recently began to talk to each other. Infact we didnt speak to each other until some weeks back when Chy introduced us. Since then the guy had been exceptionally friendly with me. I knew he was friends with Francis. I had seen them together some times so I was suspicious of his agenda.
“Hey KF! Am fine o! Wetin dey happen?” I replied.
“Nothing o! Me and my guys just dey hang out for that joint”
He pointed to a nearby shop where the guys usually hung out.
“Okay no wahala”. I collected my sugarcane in polythene bag from the Mallam and paid him. As I made to leave with my friends, KF pulled me back.
“Princesa…wait small. I want tell you something in private”
“Okay”, I gestured to my friends to go on ahead.
“So what is it?” I asked. Suddenly he was looking too serious .
“Francis wants to talk to you”, he blurted.
It was then I noticed him-Francis. He was standing a few feet from us. He looked very nervous.
Finally the moment was here. I had been waiting like forever!
“Yea…its okay…let him come” I answered.
KF beckoned to Francis and took his leave immediately. I bent my head, i didn’t want to look up. I wasn’t sure I could look at him at such close range.
His voice jolted me.
“Hello” I answered. I stole a look up and saw he was as nervous as I was or even more. That gave me some confidence so I maintained the gaze.
The silence was awkward.
Say something please
“You know I love you”
That was all he said.
I wasn’t sure if it was a question or a statement but I nodded all the same. I couldn’t say a word, wasn’t even sure what to say. I mean no one had ever told me he loved me before. This was all new to me.
“Can we see at school tomorrow breaktime...I see ur friends are waiting for you” he asked.
I nodded again.
“Okay bye-bye” he smiled at me as he walked away happily.
I stood at the same point motionless as I watched his retreating form.
“Princesa!! Princesa!!! Keep standing like zombie there… we don leave you o!
It took my friends shouts to bring me back to planet earth.
I walked towards them slowly. From their faces, I knew everyone couldn’t wait to hear the details.

Next day at school.
This maths lesson is taking too long o! This man no dey tire sef abi hunger no dey catch am? All these teachers sef wey dey like overdo things! This lesson is supposed to last 30minutes…it feels like 2 hours already.
I wasn’t concentrating in class. This was the last subject before breaktime and I couldn’t wait for the teacher to leave. Francis and I had a date!
Thankfully the teacher soon left and the class was gradually emptying out as everyone headed to the School Canteen.
“Princesa are you not coming?”
My seat mate Remi asked. She was about to leave for the Canteen too.
“Not yet…I want to arrange my books first”, I replied pretending to shuffle some stuff around in my locker.
Few minutes later. Class was almost empty except for a few-those who brought their food to school and those who didn’t have any money to spend in the Canteen. I racked my brain trying to remember if we had agreed to meet at a venue during break. Didn’t rack too long when I felt a tap. I looked up to see Efe with this knowing smile on his face. He gestured to the back of the class and I turned to see Francis. He was seated at the last seat in my row smiling back at me. I got up and joined him.
“So what are you having for lunch?” he asked.
“Hmmm…I don’t know. Maybe we should get to the canteen first” I answered.
We got to the canteen and boy! Did he spend money?!?! He bought almost every thing that was on display that day. I only needed to look at it lingeringly and he had paid for it!
This boy was living up to his reputation of being loaded o! I thought.
Ice cream, Cakes, Puff-puff, Oranges, Chocolates, Biscuits, Soft drinks and many more!
If the plan was to impress, then he sure as hell has succeeded. I was over-impressed!
We found a quiet spot to sit and talked for a while. Soon the bell sounded signalling the end of Break-time and I had to go back to class. As he walked me back to class, I couldn’t help stealing glances at him.
God! I must have done something very right!! The boy was too foine!!!
I arrived class with my bag of goodies in tow and everyone was surprised. What happened? Who dash princesa money today??? The questions were in their eyes.
I didn’t care what anyone thought. I was in love with a rich, handsome boy!

The days flew by. We spent every spare time we had together…never apart except during classes. Break time we would head to the farthest corner of the school field where we would lie down beside each other making plans for our future together. We talked about everything-our wedding, the number of kids we would have and all the silly things adolescents(he was 16, two years older than my 14) our age talked about.
Our love was innocent and pure. We derived pleasure from just being together, holding hands and sharing our dreams.
We also began to go home after school together. My friends didn’t like this but I couldn’t care less.
It was on one of these trips home that we shared our first kiss. My very first kiss!
We were on the bus when suddenly, Francis turned to me and said:
“Close your eyes Princesa…I have a surprise for you”
I was excited. Even then I loved surprises so I closed my eyes and waited eagerly. Was it a present or what? I was soon to find out.
What happened next was a really HUGE surprise. I felt his mouth on mine and his tongue gently coerced my lips open. My eyes jerked open as I realized I was being kissed. I had read about this in books, saw it in movies but never knew how it felt to be kissed until then.
It was a very short kiss. Ended just as suddenly as it began but It felt nice and I was in love(ok infatuated maybe) so it also felt right.

It was one week to exams. Four weeks since I and Francis started dating(or whatever it was we were doing,lol!). Something was odd though. All these while I never saw Francis in his Class. Yes, he hung out with boys from SS2E and all but I never for once saw him taking a lesson in his class. Whenever I asked him about it, he always had an excuse or the other. I was worried he wasn’t taking his studies seriously. There I was…serious effico and my boyfriend was a class truant. I didn’t like it at all.
Then one day, at our usual ‘Break time hang out’. I learnt the truth.
He was unusually quiet that day and I was worried so I prodded.
“What is it Francis? Why are you so quiet?? Did I do something??
He shook his head. “No…you didn’t. I was just thinking about something”
“About what? Talk to me” I persuaded.
“I guess it’s about time I told you this. Am really sorry I didn’t tell you until now”
I was now very worried. What was he talking about??
He went on.
“I didn’t know how you will feel if I told you this and I didn’t want you to leave me so…”
“Will you quit beating about and tell me what it is?” I cut in impatiently.
“The truth is that…am …not…in…(long pause) SS2E. Am supposed to be repeating SS1E”
Jesus Lord! I was stunned!!
I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Yes all the signs were there-his not being in class and all that but not in my wildest dream could I have thought he was repeating a class!
I was in shock but I was still able to gather from what he was saying that he was ashamed of repeating SS1 which was why he prefer to live in a ‘fools paradise’ pretending to be what he wasn’t-one of the SS2 boys.

The impact of the news I just heard hit me and I realized that the boy sitting beside me had practically shucked a year’s school work(that was the third term), he had not done assignments nor written class tests and it was only a few days to the terms final examinations. The exams that determined if you were to be promoted or not! I was really disappointed but the next step was to remedy the situation.
We tried. I helped him copy notes and we studied together but our efforts were like the struggles of a dying man doomed to death.
The exams came and went and we hoped against hope but we couldn’t escape the verdict. It was clearly written in his report card-ADVISED TO WITHDRAW.

That day, the last day of the term. I cried, he cried too. We promised not to lose contact with each other. He was going to write me when he got to a new school. I begged him not to forget me cos I wouldn’t him.
That was the last time I saw Francis. I would only see him in my dreams from then on.

Later on, A family friend told me of this new boy at her school. His name was Francis(same surname). He was one of the hottest boys in school. The girls were all dying for him…bla-bla-bla.
For months I waited, hoping he would contact me. Months turned to years, still no contact. I gave up hope…didn’t need no soothsayer to tell me he had moved on.
And so I moved on too.

It’s been 13 years now. Sometimes, I can’t help wondering where he is, what he is doing and what he looks like now. Am not even sure I’d recognize him if I saw him again. Would be nice to see.

Ps: Now I can rest abi? All ye gist mongers,,,you got ur story!lol!

*Mallam: Hausa man


onydchic said...

Awwwww....the long gone first love.. sigh... nice story. Shame about him not being serious in school though, it seems like he had every other thing going for him.
Alas, I don't think i have a first love...(im just havin that!) ... but i tend to WONDER what happened to my first crush!

(and im first, mwuahaha!)

30+ said...

chai just missed no 1 spot
i am coming back

30+ said...

"Princessa you know I love you" just like that aaaaawwwwwwww how sweet.

Shame about the repeat. You know that thing is a like a stigma once you see someone repeat in your class you automatically imagine them to be olodo.

I wonder where he is now, google him up now or check for him on facebook just to find out.

Naija Chickito said...

Princessa!!! You spoil for small pikin o! I never kissed any man till I was twenty! LOL
Really nice read. This first love of a thing, *sighs*

stuck in my throat o said...

there is nothing as innocent as first love. My first love was at 12...he bumped into me and i still remember what he was wearing...a purple Tshirt and black shorts.
We got into University and he discovered sex...sad sad sad..

Miss Maple said...

….. making plans for our future together…
but this: …… but our efforts were like the struggles of a dying man doomed to death…..
made me lol harder.
But na wa for yr friends then o… cldnt they have gone under to find out about this your 1st love back then?
but hey… what do I know?

Ms. emmotions said...

oh dear, see me waiting to know how far this ur first romance thing got, u naw in terms of all the matured romance things( winks), a bit disappointed sha,

u may not even recognise him if u see him today, but make sure u do if he comes as a million dollar man or pretend to

thanx for sharing o

Afrobabe said...

mennnn babe you kissed boy inside Bus, God help you that nasty conductor wasn't there oh...kai see the disgrace they for give you...

small girl, you go soon carry belle...


sorry couldn't help but see that scenario in my mind...all in all your first love was sweet and innocent...

Aspiring nigerian woman said...

Very sweet. I think my husband was my first love, met him when I was 24yr old. Although I dated others before him, but not like you described.

pamelastitch said...


reminds me of the non love between myself and some guy ....:D

the joys of first love

s.chic said...

I like, I like... brings back memories... but dis your own sweet pass...hmmm, at 14 u don experience as dem they pass spit, you mama no know francis abi?

btw, you write very nice...

Rayo said...

Ok...I just reached "You know I love you" and I almost choked on the rice I was eating. Whoo....I need to take a break...I'll be back later with my real comment.

Rayo said...

...alright I'm back...

Awww what a cute story. should try to find him. I really want you to (I love reunions)...Ask your friend from the other school if she knows where he is now.

desperate lady said...

how exactly am i not 1st? i've been stalking maaan. let me go read jo*i dey vex*

azuka said...

Hmmm, Princesa in love. I couldn't believe he was actually repeating a class.

By the way, from the picture you put up, do you watch anime?

darkelcee said...

Arrrgggggggghhh, How can the "foine" boy come and be olodo?

You for don recommend pankere(cane) to beat out the laziness in his head on time.(no mind me )

But that was Sweet.

What if you guys meet now, Princesa can you continue the "Kissing in the bus"?


desperate lady said...

lmfaooo @ Princessa!!!! Keep standing like a zombie there. loool
awwwwww poor boy, at least he tried at the end, he just needed someone to push him(pushover nigga).
What if u see and recognize him, what happens?

Zephi said...

awwww..that was a sweet story..when love used to be pure and innocent...when kissing was like sex..*sigh*

cally-waffybabe said...

Is this all? Girl, you bera come and finish this story o. I don't care if you add pepper and formulation. Come on girl, you have to reward me for coming out specially for you na...

LMAO of afrobabe also. My thoughts precisely. You took the words right outta my mouth babe.

Princesa sweet, miss ya loads. Would hola in a bit. Just switch on those land nos if not...ok empty threat...LOL.


Honeywell said...

that was soo sweet and sad at the same time...awww....

guerreiranigeriana said...

so sweet!...beautiful...i loved it...except...what is with these naija boys and professing love after they have just seen you or maybe spoke to you once?..ah ah...that thing pains me whenever they bring that rubbish to my ear...good thing i didn't meet any francis...i would have looked at him one kind of way, chai...he would have wished he had never learned those words...

..sorry...kind of went off topic there...anyway, sweet story...find him and you guys can reconnect and make sweet love and oh i can't wait for that story:)...

Naapali said...


princesa said...

Okay I just have to say this first.
I live for ur comments guys! They just liven up my day.

@onydchic, enjoy the sweet experience of ‘First love’ girl! Pray, tell us…what happened with ur first crush?

@30+, not a bad idea babes. I just might check him out on facebook.

@naija chickito,lol! Me spoil ke? Oya talk true say you no play mama and papa when you small,lol!

@Stuck, wao! You still remember what he was wearing?? Hmm…so our guy discovered ‘IT’ and you no want deliver abi? Its all good.

@Miss maple, lol on abeg! I guess my friends were too engrossed in searching for their own ‘first loves’ to bother with me and mine,lol!

@ms.emmotions, sorry it didn’t turn out the way you expected. I was tempted to twist the story small o, you know..include all the matured romance stuff but decided to keep it real.

@afro,lol! Yes o! God save me say no nasty conductor/passengers around. It was very brief tho so no one noticed.
Lol@ small girl you go soon carry belle. Craze gal! Oya confess, I sure say you for like make small bad thing happen,lol!

@aspiring Nigerian woman, congrats! Many girls including me would have wished we married our first loves but sadly it doesn’t always work that way:(

@pammy, Non love on whose side na? You no love the guy abi he didn’t want…come and talk o!

princesa said...

@S.chic, thanks babes. My head is swelling here o! Am still trying to be as good as some people sha. My mum, know about Francis ke?? You want make she cut my head?!?lol!

@rayo,lol! Plzz don’t choke o! About contacting him, I just might try.

@DL,lol! No vex abeg. Tomorrow is another day,lol!

@azuka, I couldn’t believe it too my bro. I watch anything o!

@darkelcee,lol! I go kiss anywhere as long as am in loooooooooove!

@DL,lol! You just trying to be sweet dear, the boy no try at all jare. A whole one yaer person no enter class and him papa dey pay school fees, that’s crazy mehn!
If I saw him again…hmmm…I no no o! He may not be fine again sef!lol!

@zephi, lol@when kissing was like sex. Nwa ojo!

@CWB, awwwwh sweets! You came out specially for me, I feel so special.
Ah-ah, story don finish na, abi you want make I write another one wey I carry belle, bobo come deny am??lol!
Miss ya loads too. Will hola soon.

@honeywell, yea I guess it was. Welcome to my blog.

@guerriera, LMAO!
That thing(meet once and profess love) irkes me like mad! Na the illiterate ones dey do am pass sha.
My Francis case was love at first sight so no blame am abeg,lol!
Yea reconnect we can but making sweet love…I no no o!

@naapali, I see was so affected that he became short of words,lol!

La Reine said...

Aww, how cute. Glad you finally finished the story.
Too bad about the dude being an unserious fellow, hope he's better off now.

--Same as onydchic, ify bout having a first love, but what Are those crushes up to, I wonder...?

little miss me said...

why Francis why?! why did u break young princesa's heart,never even called or wrote a common note to say you were still alive..young love,well it sounded sweet while it cute,all your break time rendezvous,discussing your future together.

Nonesuch said...

nice story.i wonder where he is now? i really wonder.

ayodeji said...

men that was a long one,still trying to swallow it all,its stuck in my throat...arghhhhh...

Afrobabe said...

where is the comment left here? or is the rum in my tea getting too much?

hey cally...been looking for u...good to see ur r ok...

Afrobabe said...

ok, now I am sure its not comment moderator but the rum...

the carry belle ending for sweet oh but naaaa not for our sweet princesa...

bumight said...

lmao! how did I miss this? #31?
thirty first is the new first, so no wahala!
why is it that all the effico girls always tripped for the olodo boys back in high school.
True, the dude was sharp
"I love you" just like that!
lol@ going to the canteen and buying it out!

Atutupoyoyo said...

In a way there is something poignant about the ending. You almost don't want to ruin it by trying to find him. I like the way ot ended.

Atutupoyoyo said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

u write well, so descriotive, chk me out one day, maybe u will even get some of my books one day....i wil be back if u dont mind

Toochi said...

pity he wasn't serious in school though, though he had every other thing going for him...but hew also broke your heart...lets rewind so i can kick his butt for you:)


Aunty princesa, I haven't been here in a while. I have to concur with atutu, the ending was perfect.

fantasy queen said...

trying to picture what you'd do if u saw him on the streets today.

Girlie said...

AWW WHAT A CUTE STORY!!!!!first loves.hmmmn.


Ejura said...

Hehehe! Now you've really got me smiling. I would have laughed but I'm trying to look very serious at work today so i'll smile now and laugh later.
Imagine what the challenge to your innocent relationship was at the time-Francis repeating SS1. And to think it must have been such a big deal then.Compare that to the challenges in adult relationships now. That just cracks me up.
Princesa, you are one very entertaining gurl. You should write a book. It would be fun and interesting to read. I'd definitely buy.Takia!

princesa said...

@lareine, I hope he is better off too.
@little miss me, lol! Don’t mind the bobo o! Just took off without a!
@nonesuch, I also wonder too.
@ayodeji,lol! Its stuck in ur throat ke? You need water to down it all?
@afro, is someone tipsy here?lol @ Carrying belle…
@bumight, lol babe, I like that spirit(31st being the new 1st ). I think there is something good girls find alluring about Bad boys,lol!
@atutu, something poignant ehn? Trust you to come up with such words,lol! I see ur point tho.
@torrance, I’ll check you out bro.
@toochi, Its past now dude, thanks for wanting to VOLTRON for me though ,lol!
@soloD, I’ve missed you plenty joo.
@Fantasy queen, lol! So what picture did u come up with girl?
@Ejura, babes you just made me smile. Me write a book?? I never thought I was close to that good. Thanks Thanks thanks. Glad I brought a smile to ur lips. Bu why the serious stance today? Them dey owe you December salary?lol!

Mommy said...

awwwwww....I'm soooooo late! I hope you find him on face book. Hmmm...

Florida of Free Spirit said...

this is so beautiful! my first love story goes thus: i longed 4 him 4 3 years, finally got him & dumped him 6 months after!!! not at all romantic.

iheuko said...

awwwwww.... men!!! what a story... your growing up must have been fun. and your story will definitely suffice for a nigerian home video. abeg.. no let video producers get a hang of this script O! else a new movie is out.
i salure your courage though. nice one

Tayo said...

First kiss @ 14? Chai! Princesa, so na since that time?
How will the guy not repeat? Na your images dey im mind, he no fit read again na.