Monday, July 30, 2007

I want......

Some things i want so badly like right now.

1. I want to eat Moi-Moi*

2. I want this crazy headache to stop.

3. I want a new template for my blog.

4. I want a change of job.

5. I want some HUGE money to help my brother out with his music video.

6. I want to win a jackpot.

7. I want a pink shoe and pink bag for Kaycee's wedding.

8. I want to get Manda a nice gift for her birthday.

9. I want a pay raise at work.

10. I want to change the colour of my car.

11. I want to fix my car stereo speakers.

12. I want a new pair of black pumps.

13. I want to sleep.

14. I want to be held.

15. I want to stop sinning.

16. 1 want a chaffeur.

17. I want a chance to play 'Who wants to be a millionaire'.

18. I want to see my Grandma.

19. I want a husband and a baby.

20. I want my Mum's high BP to stop.

Got to stop here. Looks like my want list is getting too much o!

*Moi-Moi- A Nigerian delicacy(beans pudding).

Thanks Obi for sending me the Moi-Moi.


Friend of God said...

Hiiiiii...looks like i made it!!!

what kind of music does your brother make?

i'll put in a word before God..see if i can help stike 1 off the 20...

princesa said...

FOG! U got here even before i finished posting. One kiss for you, mwuah!

My brother calls it Naija soul.

Thanks for putting my wants in prayer.

Ugo Daniels said...

I'm craving moin moin too..hehe

Sparkle said...

ohhh I had moi moii on saturday...bgeen craving dat forever!
it was soooooooooooooo good lol
I want Suya
I want rice, beans and fish from mama kudi's buka
I got my template from

it's a classic template too, but I figured how to add the codes manually...if u need help u fit contact me o, and U MUST PAY! body?

I always want to play dat game too, Who Wants to be a when I siddon dey watch tv, I get most of d questions right and I always wished I was the one playing it...
I pray ur brother gets d help on time o...what kind of song does he sing?
when his songs come out...hit me up...anything likey!
lol got some really nice templates

Manda said...

u want pass NLC sef! babe i sure say if i start my own want list, una go use 2 days read am. why do i have to be 4th sef? u need to open dis msn o, so a babe can get a lil hint when a new blog is

1. it's been ages since i had dat.

2. i think wat u need is rest! stop thinking too hard.

3. i cant help u on dat.

4. Babes, they r not easy to come by o!

5. i will put him in my prayers(wish i cld help)

6. Jackpot ke?

7. me love pinkie too.

8. I LIKE! I LIKE *blushing* AMEN!

9. it must surely come in Jsus Name!

10. i dont see anything wrong wit the colour o!

11. do u like loud music?

12. just got one n i'm loving it.

13. me too.

14. awwwwww!

15. you just got to

16. mmmh! Big Madam!

17. my sis wants to play too.

18. e ya! pele

19. ah ah! Take am easy o!

20. it must stop whether the devil likes it or not. Just give her a wholeeee lot of luv.

i don type 21 sef b4 i notice say e stop for 20. everyone wants sometin o! Just take things easy.mwahzzzzz

Omosewa said...

I want new black pumps too...

Obi said...

Yup.."wants".."needs"...don't we all have 'em..!!!

Olamild said...

waowwwww lol

Well I want many things
but most of all

I want to thank you for the last comment you left on my blog. I truly appreciate it. God bless you. May God heal mummy. That high BP will disfarahan by fire, thunder, and lightning (Amen)

Friend of God said...

Princess..saw on your profile that you are virgo..means your birthday is not too far out..when is it?

pamelastitch said...

princess...what sin? You know that caught my interest...LOL!!

Oya, start confessing...quick, quick!!

pamelastitch said...

will put your mom in my prayers...


diary of a G said...

you are not the only one with wants and needs

lets all pray together cos we are all in the same boat

wish I could have helped you with the baby thing though

sorry am a flirt

Nyemoni said...

Nicey! My list of wants is surely longer than yours, I guarantee you... LOL..Nos 1,3,7,8,10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 18, are not so Tasking (Your sisters can hold you abi? ;-))but for the others? God shall surely intervene! All the best!

A Kel called Wonder ...... said...

Hahaha ok i start by hope u stopped by at Chicken Republic and got ur moi moi, theres is nice and cheap.

Then don't beat urself our wants are even more o!! at least u want normal things.

princesa said...

Thanks everyone.

@ugo, finally found time from all the doting and enjoyment to read my blog.
Just tell Big sis am sure she will move the earth to get you some moi-moi,lol.

@Sparkle, lol babe, wetin Mama Kudi give you chop, eh?
Thanks for the link. Will see if i can get a new template there.
Am goin to hit u up when the music's out.

@manda, babe u neve fail to crack me up. Will open the msn soon o! Na work dey hold me.
I like the way u tackled each want. Mwuahazzzz too!

@omosewa,dont all babes? Will pop in to say hi to u soon.

princesa said...

@obi, yea we all do, Mango head!

@olamild, thanks darl for the prayers.

@FOG,yes my birthday is coming up soon-August 31st. Am going to announce it so everyone starts getting their gifts ready, hehehe.

@pammy, thanks love. We all sin abeg! Oya confess ur own first.

@DOG, lol, Flirt! U got to first be my husband to give me a baby. Still interested?

@Nyemoni,lol@ My sisters holding me. I dont have any sisters smaybe you should come hold me.

@a kel called wonder, Chicken republic moimoi! So tasty and cheap! You are so right girl.
Pity no chicken republic around my office.I had to keep my throat in check.

Manda said...

so Obi bought u moi moi! abeg help me tell am say i no want same for my bday o! i don begin receive bday pressie sef.

princesa said...

@manda, lol!
Good for you girl.
I still dey rack my brain for wetin to give u o!
No forget say mine is coming soon.

Obi said...

GREAT...she had to tell da whole world..SHEEESH..!!!

Sisbee said...

Nice wish list, now the issue do we get about getting these wants? solutions, solutions, solutions! Well Obi solved the moi-moi issue,and I hope some paracetomol did the trick for number2,just 18 things left to sort out now.

princesa said...

@Obi, yes i had to tell.
It was a HUGE surprise for me to see this guy show up at my ofice with some Moi-Moi saying it was from Obi.
Thanks again darling.

@Sisbee,abi o!18 more to go!! So which one are you helping with? The black pumps??(wink).

Omosewa said...

Awww,you decided on this one? I'm sure if you keep trying, you'll find one that does everything u want, i wana change mine as well, eventually i will. I've updated:D

Sparkle said...

I see u changed ur changed ur bac kground...keep searching

Sparkle said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
diary of a G said...

I knew when I left my comment,
I left out the hushand part,
I just knew you would say that lol
and to answer your question
that's twice the joy, HELLL yeah!!!

princesa said...

@omosewa, heading over right away.
@Sparkle, nne i don tire to search o! Am settling for this till further notice.
@DOG, Oya propose properly now,lol.

femme said...

u want to stop sinning? why?

La Reine said...

Moi moi...:)

But seriously, why are some of your wants mine?

Copido said...

Now i wanna eat moin-moin....
Now I wanna win a jackpot
Now i wanna win million pounds
You better know yourself, babes!!!

Your bro's gonna be fine, and your mum too and you're gonna get married to a wonderful man and have beautiful children....AMEN! AMEN!! AMEN!!!

princesa said...

@copido, Amen Amen Amen.
Millions of pounds, lol. Dont be greedy babes.