Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Change of name 2.

I would love to thank everyone who gave a suggestion as to my new name. I appreciate all ur 2 cents.

I got quite a long list of names to choose from:

Blacklace, Iboprincess, Pretty princess,Cutie-pie-lolly-pop, Yellow-satin, blogqueen, Hotstepper, Princesa, Adaeze, Adanna ,Venus ,Twice a lady,Sweet n subtle, Ms G ,ladies right, Phoenix, Sensuous, life n times of P.

So many names and I just have to choose one. Quite tough.

Ok lets see, the strongest contenders were:

Blacklace (5 votes)

Princesa (4 votes)

Iboprincess(3 votes)

And am choosing……………..Princesa!!!

Yay!! I got a new name!!!

Why did I go for this choice?

First of all, Princesa is not a far departure from my former name-Princess. They are really the same just that Princesa is Spanish for Princess. So u see I still get to retain my name. Secondly, I know lots of peeps are already comfortable with princess and it wont be difficult for them to the new name Princesa. I also like the sound of the name, kinda sexy don’t u think? Lol.

So Princesa, it is. Thanks Sisbee, it was ur idea. I just hope I don’t discover someone already has the name in blogspot. Quite unlikely though. Any way even if I do, am not changing the name again. That person will just have to change theirs.

I got to run now. But guys watch out for my next post. It going to be on the famous ‘8 random things about me’. I have been tagged by Friend of God so I guess y’all will be learning some new things about me soon. Don’t worry, am not weird.

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These 419 peeps are at it again o! I got this mail in my box today. Dem no know say me i be Ogbonge naija babe. No shaking!

Dearest partner,
I am MR.ASSAN.the manager of bill and exchange at the foreign
remittance department of my Bank.In my department I discovered an abandoned sum
of (22million) with
account number 14-2558-5976 that belongs to one of our foreign
customers who died along with his wife and only daughter in a plane crash of
Alaska Airlines Flight number 261 which crashed on 31 January, 2000. You
shall read more about the crash on visiting bellow Web site . owner of this
account is Mr. Morris Thomsom an American and great industrialist and
a resident of Alaska.It is therefore upon this discovery that I now
decided to make this business proposal to you and for our bank to release
the money to you release the money to you. You have to follow the instruction which I will be
send to you as the next of kin or relation to the deceased for safety and
subsequent disbursement since nobody is coming for it and I don't want
this money to go into our bank treasury as unclaimed bill.
The banking law and guidelines here stipulates that if such money
remained unclaimed after Three years, the money will be transfered into the
bank treasury as unclaimed fund. The money has now stayed more than
three years and I am preparing documentaion to prove that this money has
transfered to our bank treasury. It will be between me and you only
that will know that the money is not transfered into our treasure.
This request of foreigner as next of kin in this transaction is
occasioned by the fact that the customer was a foreigner and a
BurkinabêÂcannot stand as next of kin to a foreigner.In appreciation of your
assistance, I am offering you 30% of the total sum. 5% for contingencies (cost
transfer/other charges) likely to be incurred during the course of
transaction, while the remaining 65% is for me.Upon receipt of your reply.
I will send to you by fax or email the text of the application which
you will complete and forward to our bank asking for this money to be
paid to you as the next of kin to Mr;Morris Thomson. I will not fail to
bring to your notice that this transaction is hitch-free and that you
should not entertain any fear as all required arrangements have been made
for the transfer.
You should contact me immediately as soon as you receive this mail
through my email.

Yours Faithfully,

Guys beware of fraudsters o!


Omosewa said...

Princesa is cute, me likes. I'm looking forward to the next post. I think i'll take you up on the ogogoro offer soon, is it a good painkiller??LOL!

princesa said...

@omosewa,Neva drank it before. I know the guys dat drink it can fall into a gutter and yet feel no pain so i guess it may be for a while until the drink clear for ya eye.

cinnamonqueen said...

congrats on the change of blog name, i like the sound of princesa!

cinnamonqueen said...

more proof that turkey and nigeria are from the same mother: the two girls arrested in ghana for drug smuggling. one is from nigeria, the other from turkey. talk about giving everyone a bad name!

Obi said...

Hey..I know that Mr. Assan guy...he still owes me money...!!

Nice to meet you..Princesa..!!!

classybabe said...

This fraudsters aren't tired of using the same sob stories..foolish people.
Princesa...sounds cool!

Sisbee said...

I can't believe I won the bid!!!!! Wao, You made the right choice Princesa, still the princess you are.

diary of a G said...

if it wasn't for naija bloggers and naija movies
I probably would have never known what 419 was, so trust me....

I would be the first to claim my collection of a million dollars from those fools
you got the email from
...I got a few too

princesa definetly sexy
i mami

diary of a g

Sparkle said...

ok, make I go edit ur name on my blog then

Manda said...

we won! we won!! Abeg o, which on is Ms G, or was dat meant to be Mrs G? hehehehehehee. The guy try for im English o, na only one mistake e make (You have to follow the instruction which I will be
send to you). I get a lotta these everyday but i delete them witout bothering to read jare. Congrats on the official change of name.

Friend of God said...

Hi Princessa


ibo princess, sorry.. princessa (all na princess)

now u have a new name, when and where we dey wash am?

catwalq said...

people no dey fear. na death dem dey take lie like this.

anyways, ki lo n popping

Ugo Daniels said...

Hi, princesa, do i know you from somewhere? :)

*sounds nice. congrats

pamelastitch said...

Still thinking of the name black lace but princesca is nice sha... :)

Well, i just dropped by to let you know of a competition that is running at the africanloft.

Pls, participate.


ExcitedJade said...

hmmm... my darling.. av missed u so much... i can see ur pout(not bad)
so, its PRINCESA now, no more princess... take kia darl, will be back to blogville soon.

princesa said...

@cinnamonqueen, thanks.
@obi, lol, serious?u know the guy??
@classybabe, yes o they are not! Just goes to show how stupid they are.
@@sisbee, Thanks once again.
@DOG, thanks. Ur suggestions were great too dude. U know so much about naija now o!Infact i think u are a Naijamaican.
@Sparkle, oya go edit am sharp sharp.

princesa said...

@manda, yea we won! But who is we abeg?lol.
@FOG, Hi friend of god.
@Anibodude, lol, u too like washing sef!Na omo we go use??
@catwalq, my new name is popping dear.
@UgoD, mba! U no know me o! For where! But u face looks a bit similar o!(lol)
@pamelastitch, Pammy love, i beg to be exempted. No time, or maybe am just plain lazy to think. U go ahead and win the money for us.
@excitedjade, eh my love! Welcome back! Oh no!! i thot u were back for good. Abeg do quick return o cos am missing ya arse!

...toyintomato said... the new name.and for the jobeless nonsense fraud email people.."Spam!"

La Reine said...

Good looking out on the name change, princesa has a nice ring to it.

-wasup with 419 guys? swallowing the dictionary to spew nonsense?.
Don't mind them, jare.

Calabar Gal said...

Hiya Princessa,

Loving ur new name......

princesa said...

@TT,@la reine,@calabar gal, Thanks babes.

pamelastitch said...

quick question: do you think these guys are in all these countries that they are claiming to be from.


Okay O, princess ...

Manda said...

update joooooo!

princesa said...

@pamelastitch, definitely not dear. Am sure most of them live behind my house sef.

@manda, updating right about now!

A Kel called Wonder ...... said...

Princesa!! nice ok u've been tagged!

princesa said...

@a kel called wonder, Tagged again?!?! Yeee!! i neva finish the one wey them tag me b4 o!

Copido said...

Babes, you shoulda stuck to Princess. What if some other Princesa comes up?
I guess u'ld change your username to Blackeye??!
Just having a laugh....