Monday, July 23, 2007


So I finally get to do one of the most popular memes in blogville. Am going to tell you guys 8 things about me right about now! So here you go!!

1. I am a real princess. Yea like my dad is an HRH (His royal highness); a traditional ruler of one small town like dat somewhere in Eastern Nigeria. But u see, unlike it is portrayed in ‘Coming to America’, I don’t get bathed by hand maidens or have people bowing down to greet me when I go to my hometown, instead am forever cooking and serving the endless stream of people coming into the palace under the guise of greeting the EZE(King) whereas all they want is to eat free food. Those my people eh! They need to be taught a lesson or two on how a princess should be treated, lol.

2. I am a big cry baby! I admit it! I can cry!!! Even Nkiru Sylvanus in Naija home movies no cry reach me o!
While growing up, my brothers gave me the name-‘Leaking Tap’ cos I would cry over anything. I especially didn’t like being talked harshly to, even up till now i cant stand it. These days I try as much as possible to put up a hard front, u know hard babe style but inside am really a softie.

3. I love music especially love songs. Not for me rap and all that hard core stuff (Pardon me DOG). I have quite a collection of R&B, Soft Pop, Slow rock and all.
Yea, u guessed right. Am a hopeless romantic with my head in the clouds, lol.

4. I almost became a nun. Like u know, a reverend Sister. I had a huge crush on my parish priest then (typical me, always falling for the unavailable) and I didnt think there was any other life for me other than being a Reverend sister so I could always be near him(Talk about misplaced priorities). I was even ready to go without any for the rest of my life.
Fortunately just as I was preparing to begin my postulancy(The first year in the convent), I got admission into the university and I was advised by the Reverend mother to go on to the university first and after graduation if I still wished to be a nun, I would continue. Am sure she must have seen it in me then that I wasn’t cut out for that life cos it didn’t even take me the first year in the University to wash off every notion of wanting to be a nun from my head. I had gotten over my crush and stopped hearing the call. lol.
If I had gone ahead by now una for dey call me Sister Princess, lol.

5. I am crazy about perfumes. Nice designer perfumes o! No be Saturday night!lol. I have like a perfume for every day, for my moods, for different occasions.
If u be guy and u want toast me, just spray a nice smelling cologne and u don get me be dat. Ok Ok maybe not that easy sha but a nice smelling dude will always get a plus from me.

6. I hate odours. I so cant stand mouth odours, body odours, any kind of odour at all. No matter how fine a guy is, if he has some form of odour. He is a total NO! NO!

7. I no sabi pose o! No matter how hard i try, I just cant! Am like the realest(if there is a word like dat), most down to earth person you can find sometimes to a point of being razz sef. I have no problem with standing by the road side to buy bole(roasted plantains) and groundnut in my Gucci shoes(yes o! I wan pose small too na!)

8. I am a dreamer! As in dreaming while sleeping. Just as soon as I lay my head on my pillow, I start to dream. I can have like 10 different dreams in one night, make that 20 when I have malaria.
Not only that, most dreams I have in the early hours of the morning usually come to pass so if i dream bad thing about you, you get to like do 7 days fasting to cancel am O!

Phew! Finally done. That wasn’t easy! See as man pikin dey crack brain to remember something about imself.

Am tagging manda, anibodude, la reine and pammy. Its ur turn next to tell us 8 random things about urselfs.


Sparkle said...


Sparkle said...

I belong to a royal family in osun state too

Sparkle said...

lol, u can't stand dem naija soak-away breath
lmao....some of them smell like onion and mustard mixed together...just so foul
I dey go class

Sparkle said...

ohh I'm 4th too!!!

princesa said...

lol, sparkle! U don become terrorist o!
Ok u deserve a present for coming 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th.Wetin i go give u now?

Manda said...

i vex o! babe u for give me small expo say u don post na, make i pop b4 sparkle. U dey ask wetin to give am? give am slap for me

Manda said...

well, to my best of knowledge i was 2nd and this thing is HARD o! Why u no put my name for where dem dey share money sef, instead na difikut exam u dey give person.... i go come read proper tomoro, then manage post my own too. I tire no be lazy my

Friend of God said...

ok ok i am third in this horse race hahax..
Nice post... wish i could say i am from a royal family too (which would bode well given that there must be only about 10 million royals families in naija) but i am not.

I thot u were going to say you met this real handsome guy and he smashed your celebacy nun dreams...u spoilt the

cheers n thx for playing

Omosewa said...

Your royal highness, i salute. LOL. nice nice...please dont dream about me o hehe. Have a nice week babe.

Sparkle said...

ohh nonsense and fried chicken!
see Manda hating on me
what will u give me....ehmm I want....ehmm
ok, I dey come

classybabe said...

Love perfumes!I hate any kind of odour myself,i don't know which one i can even tolerate more

diary of a G said...

good to know Princesa(I Mami)

I wish I had your ability to dream
that sounds cool

ain't nothing wrong with Gucci shoe and roasted plantains
especially from you

a Nun...hmmm
what do they do anyway?

about the love songs, I love em too(u c my blog) maybe I can teach you to rap though
you could be the rapping princess
Pardon me P, am playing lol

Those my people need to be taught a lesson or two on how a princess should be treated

diary of a G said...

oh P
I wouldn't mind hearing a couple of your favorite love songs
so Let me know which artist and songs you like
when you got a chance

drNO said...

very interesting '8 things'

...toyintomato said...

...HrH princess,
feel you, guys with odors especially mouth odors and sweat is a definitely ..No No!., truth fully body odor shld be a crime,4 destroyin the ozone layer..hahah.
i usually have a pack of breath mints in my purse, to help "them" out..with style...haha

A Kel called Wonder ...... said...

I like perfume too. Some are just so nice. Don't have smells for my moods o. Maybe its the royalty that makes the difference! (wink)

Obi said...

"Your Majesty...we grovel at your feet..!!"
I used to date a nun (a postulate actually). Was surprised at the stuff they taught them at the convent...she nearly spoil me for my mama..!!!

princesa said...

Hmmm....... so nice to come here and see all ur comments.Love y'all.
Ok so.....
@manda, lol. Sorry sweet.By the time i was thru posting sha i was sure say u go don leave office. No vex, no be everyday u go dey pop cherry na,:).
Slap Sparks ke! I cant fit na.

@FOG,U are welcome. I didnt need to meet any handsome dude to forget my dream of being a nun.I never really wanted to be one anyway.

@omosewa, thanks babe.No worry even if i do dream about u, it will be one where u meet the Olowo of ur ori(lol). I know say u go like dat one.

@Sparkle, Lol @ nonsense and fried chicken. OK so am giving u a big kiss, Mwuah!!

princesa said...

@classybabe, tolerate ke! I cant even tolerate any odour at all.

@DOG,nuns spend their lives praying and doing God's work.They live a life of celibacy i.e they dont get married.
Teach me to rap? Ok maybe rapping love songs, that i wont mind.
Maybe i will send u a mail on my Fav music artists.

@drno, thanks for dropping in.

@TT,u clown, I like ur corporate social responsibility work o!Helping them mouth odour peeps with ur pack of breath mints. lol.

@a kel called wonder. Yes girl am a perfume freak!

@Obi,Ah!! Where u dating her while in the convent or what?
See ur head, u wey don rotten finish!No body fit spoil u joo!!

Nyemoni said...

Very interesting meme! Nne, you are funny for real...I loved No.4... I do believe a lotta sisters got into the nunnery due to cruses on the Revs... lol... they would have found out too late that they were getting the raw end of the deal! lol.. Nice intersting meme!

princesa said...

@Nyemoni, Thanks babe.
Yea am sure some of them do. They wont also want to come out of the convent cos of the shame.

Anu boy said...

so you wanted to become a nun, and eventaually when u become one, u still cannot have the priest... nice blog u have got, i am sure i have been here b4

princesa said...

@anuboy, u sure look similar, lol.
Who knows?Maybe i would have been able to.........
God forgive me o!

Aijay said...

Nice post. I'll do a lil' something like this if time permits. Btw, no dream bad dream about me oh! lol.

Omosewa said...

lol, if you click on Manda's pic, it enlarges...How body?

Calabar Gal said...

Now I know where to go whenI need free food. Thanks for letting me know. (smile)

pamelastitch said...

Did someone just confess to dating a nun? Dang..... :)

I love love songs too.... :-)

I agree many women want to be nuns, i wanted to be one in my yea days....(then i was going through my men are bad for your health phase), fortunately, i grew out of it....



Ubong Da said...

Your Royal Highness hunger dey blow me o!. A beg where ur house dey make i come chop Nkwobi.

princesa said...

@aijay,no bad dreams ok.
@omosewa, u see i be real JJC,lol.
@Calabar gal, anytime babes.
@pamelastitch," men are bad for your health phase"???
Thank God u grew out of it.
@ubong da, Nkwobi ko, Isiewu ni!
Abeg no near my house o! I no sure say food u dey find sef!lol.

Anonymous said...

tanx for stopping by my page and for d lil prayer u said!

i LOVE perfumes too!

Anonymous said...

ur highness, lol. I guess its appropriate, init? lol.

so u can have 10 dreams in one!!!!!! Are u like joseph's sister or sth, lol.(dry jokes ...i know).

Nice post, i'm liking this things about me thingy sha. Evry1 has to be tagged, lol.

princesa said...

@Pink-satin, u are welcome.
@Chicala, what a coincidence! Am right on ur page now dearie!!
Am not Joseph's sis o but i guess i got it from my Mum. No one dreams like her.

Olamild said...

That was very interesting.
I enjoyed reading it from the beginning to the end. I must say u have a lot of interesting things going on for you. LOL@ BOLE .. I assume u r ibo... cus i was just arguing with my friend over the roasted plantain she gave me.. I screamed "BOLI" with excitement and she goes it's "BOLE"...we were going back n forth and her mom had to step in playfully... Ibo's call it "BOLE" and yoruba pple call it "BOLI"... Nice post by the way.

pamelastitch said...

Oya...copy o!!

pammy :P

PS: you can get great templates from there...

princesa said...

@olamild,yea am Ibo.
Thanks for dropping by.
Will reciprocate the gesture.

@Pammy, sweetie m! Thanks. Am running there now.

Nonesuch said...

nice blog

La Reine said...

Lol, girl do you really buy bole and groundnut in your Gucci shoes? And I feel you on the dream thing. I have a friend that says she NEVER dreams, and if she ever does, you berra pray ova it!

Thanks for showing love for my poem.
You're on my page too.

princesa said...

@nonesuch, thanks.
@la reine, yea i do and even worse sef! lol, dont let me tell you the razz things i do o! You will just cry for me.

Copido said...

i) Taking a bow to HRH of Blogworld
ii)I identify with u on that...i can cry for Africa!
iii) Moi aussi, I love R & B
iv) U sad little girl...(lol)
V) I love perfs too, DKNY line's my favorite.....Mmmmh Be Delicious....
vi) Yuck!
vii) I wont want u to dream about me babes....