Monday, July 16, 2007

Change of name.

Hey guys! Am thinking of a change of name. Just discovered i had a namesake in blogville and this has been causing some slight confusion as some peeps are confusing one for the other.
I like my blogfriends to know its me when i drop a comment on their blogs so am seriously considering changing my name.
However, i've got 2 problems.
1. I dont know how to go about this, i mean changing my name.
2. Am having a problem coming up with a new name i like.
So u guys got to help out here ok.
Suggestions as to the new name will be highly appreciated.

Am considering the following the following names- iboprincess and Black-lace.
Let me know what you think.
p.s: Am not posting anything new till i get this name thing sorted out so u guys act


Sparkle said...


Sparkle said...

ok, if u wan change...go to dashboard....on the right on EDIT PROFILE

Display Name...dats where ur name is

Anonymous said...

new name-Yellow satin!lol just kidding!cartoon character???wat shows do u like...u can get a name 4rm there..any nicknames??try that!

diary of a G said...

after reading this
the first thing that came to mind

i won't be mad if you don't use it

i'll give it some more thought

Pekiro said...

Yeah, u betta change ur name coz we ve a princess we r used 2....dash 2 da dashboard n edit ur profile....preferably, call urself Queen!

Ugo Daniels said...

I'll go for pretty princess (actually that's what i gave you on my blogroll). I believe, if you've got class and style, you flaunt it, not like some bloggers i know...hehehehe

PS: where are all the SINGLE blogville bobo's, how can you guys allow princess to still be single in blogville, eh?

princess said...

Lol@ everyone.
@Sparkle,thanks for the info.

@Pink-satin,Thnx for d suggestions. I am considering some options.

@DOG,cutie-pie-lolly-pop is rather too long. Thanks for trying dude.

@pekiro,yea i found out already. Thnx for ur 2 cents but i dont think i like dat name(Queen).

@UgoD, Pretty princess aint bad dear but i think it sounds kinda vain.
Am i single? i thot i already had some husbands(you, DOG, Obi)lol. Thanks anyway for d concern.

pamelastitch said...

hmmm i like black lace..... i dont know why???


princess said...

@pamelastitch, ok 1 point for black lace.

Friend of God said...


princess said...

@FOG, 2 points for black-lace.Thnx.

Ugo Daniels said...

Hotstepper :)

A Kel called Wonder ...... said...

Black lace!

anyway i like ur princess pout picture. Wheres the other princess then?


try blacklace princess

(that means 4 points for blacklace and half for

Sisbee said...

How about Princesa? It's Spanish for Princess, or you could try any other language you fancy.

Kpakpando said...

I like princess sha, black lace you look to sweet to be carrying that name, and aren't all igbo girls princesses? well except a few here and there... ok i know that wasn't a vote sorry


aunty me me me me me!!!!!

(hands raised)

what about adaeze, thats princess in ibo

La Reine said...

That sucks, I'd hate to finding people with my username that way.

I think blacklace princess is a good compromise, but that's just me.

Sparkle said...

I'll go with Blacklace

Idemili said...

Lurrrve Black Lace. Did you know it is a lesbian publishing house though?

@Ugo: You dash you say she is single?

Idemili said...

Looooving the 'Princess Pout'! Brilliant!

diary of a G said...

you will anyways be "my" princess
no matter what you change ur name to

b4 the verdict is reached.
For the record i'll have to say I love the spanish idea of "Pincesa" by sisbee

I suppose I could get used to black lace... although currenly I
don't fancy that name..

WTF? black lace: a lesbian publishing house...says Idemili

I don't think you want to change your name again for the same reason

I go for iboprincess
finally answer
-it repesent where your a princess at that
-it still attaches you to your old name....we all already know you as
-its not vain and its not a
lesbian publishing house
- and diary of a g said so lol

ok folks thats all
nothing to see here
its over
iboprincess it is

Andy said...

Don't dig both, pls don't use them. Maybe you should use "Diary of a G"'s option!

...toyintomato said...

not feelin any of the 2 names u suggested .
however , princesa sounds cool,
or princess adaeze, or somethin ---fill in the gap, formerly known as
thats all i culd come up with
which ever name u choose, you will always be princess to us in bloggvile.

diary of a G said...

twice a lady
sweet n subtle
Ms G
ladies right
life n times of P

if not

Manda said...

ahhhhhhhhh, Omo G has covered the whole page with names! Well, i'll rather Blog Queen or Princesa. Me dont like the Blacklace thingy. Maybe still "twice a lady:. Gurl u gotta a lotta names to pick from. Will love to know wat u picked.

exschoolnerd said...

madam princess na homework u give me i reach blog name for princess i dey rack my brain for...

advertising cutie? lol

exschoolnerd said...

okay i just saw that ur considering ibo princess or black like "ibo princess"

princess said...

Guys! Guys! Guys!
Am feeling so much love from ur comments. Ok let me see (considering my options).
Still thinking. I 'll be back.

Robert said...
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princess said...

@UgoD, hotstepper?? Where did that come from??? Good try tho but Na Na.

@a kel called wonder. Thanks babe.That will be 3 points for Black lace.

@An ibo dude, lol @"aunty me me me me me!!!!!". That will be 3 points for Black lace, 0 for Iboprincess, 1 for Blacklace princess and 1 for Adaeze.
Hmmm....Adaeze is not bad o!(i might just consider it).

@sisbee, that was an intelligent try. Princess in another language...Princesa. Not bad.1 piont to that.

@Kpakpado, u finally showed up here babe. Thnx for d compliment.

@la reine, 2 points for Blacklace princess.

@sparkle, 4 points for Blacklace.

princess said...

@idemili, 5 points for Black lace. But, "lesbian publishing house"!! Am reconsidering the name o!
Thanks for loving my famous pout,lol.

@DOG, lol, lol, lol. U never cease to make me laugh/blush G!
Finally 1 point for Iboprincess. 2 points too for Princesa.
Thank you.

@andy, which of DOG's options?? U dont like iboprincess and thats what he has asked me to settle for.

@Toyintomato, ok so 3 points to Princesa. Thanks babes, u will forever be the one and only Toyintomato

@DOG, Hmmm.... more lovely names! This guy is talented!! Lol @ Ms G.

princess said...

@manda, Madam MIA! U arrived!!
I just knew u would proposed that(blogqueen) but me no likey.
4 points to Princesa.
U will def know when i decide.

princess said...

@exschoolnerd, lol @ brain racking. Sorry for the homework.
Ok 2 points for iboprincess.

Obi said...

ok...3 points for iboprincess

princess said...

@Obi, lol.

pamelastitch said...

lol!! gal where did you get that lesbian information from. Yes, black lace is a publishing house for erotic fiction...(jus found that out)

Too many options choose one abeg....


princess said...

@pamelastitch, getting impatient dearie? No worry ,i have decided on a name now.
And yea thats true,i mean the black lace publishers. I actually have one of their books.Too much sex and stuff.....
Updating in few mins.