Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Getting into shape!

Not like am out of shape or anything. Though I have put on some extra pounds recently, I know I still look good (Yes, I get compliments). Ok so you are asking ” why bother then?” Not only for the fact that a slimmer, fitter body is healthier but also cos I would love to wear that my favourite green suit which has been hanging at the corner of my wardrobe for almost a year now without breathing fresh air (poor thing!), or maybe I should just say it: “I want a slimmer look!”.

This is something I have always wanted to do for a while(I mean shedding the weight) but trust me now, I always find an excuse to eat that extra piece of cake, take another cup of ice cream or eat just one extra bar of good old choc (My sweet tooth, Ha!). Even going to the gym is so difficult (until 2 weeks back, I hadn’t stepped into the gym for more than a year). Now where did I get this sudden motivation to say “Things have got to change!”

From my MUM.

No! My dear mama didn’t whip my ass or nag me to death about my eating habits. She simply decided to embark on a weight loss program (GNLD) and after watching her do it determinedly for two days, she was already beginning to look slimmer to me, I didn’t need any other prompting. I mean, I can’t just sit down arms folded while my mum turns into a beauty queen (Don’t get me wrong, I would love her to look like one). I just thought to myself that if she can do it, then why cant I?

How am I going to achieve this is the next big question. I have already mapped out a strategy that I believe will work. My strategy? Don’t be in a hurry, I will share it with u guys. As I read through the GNLD manual (the one mum was using), it struck me that there is really no magic formula to losing weight. All the fad diets, the miracle meal plan and what have you really boils down to the big D word- Discipline!
One thing that rings through the meal plan, the exercises, the 8 glasses of water e.t.c is discipline. If only we can all be disciplined about our lifestyle- what we eat, our exercise regimen and all, we can all be our ideal weight.

So I have decided to create my own weight loss plan.
• A small bowl of cereal to start my day (breakfast)
• One serving of fruit mid morning
• A low fat lunch
• A mid day snack (crackers, nuts or fruit)
• One glass of low fat meal replacement shake(Dinner)
• 8 or more glasses of water through out the day.
• An exercise activity everyday(crunches, leg raises, arm exercises e.t.c)
• A visit to the gym on weekends.

I have already started on my Lifestyle plan, Today is the eighth day and I think its working (Someone actually told me I looked slimmer at work today).
I have a little book in which I record every day’s achievements. Knowing myself, I just pray for the strength to keep it up. Will keep u guys posted on my progress and if there is anyone who is looking to lose some weight, u can join me on this and lets see how it goes.

Wish me luck y’all.