Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Another Selection Again O!

"E be like say them want to tell us another story again o!"

"E be like say them want to act another movie again o!'

"E be like say them want to do another deceiving again o!

The above are lines from Nigeria's young, budding musician-Tuface Idibia's song, Another story. The song was dedicated to all the corrupt politicians in Nigeria whose aims are to enrich themselves to the poor masses detriment.

Well, its election(abi na selection) time again for us in Nigeria. The gubernatorial and House of assembly elections held last saturday and i can tell you the elections were rife with rigging and all sorts of electoral malpractices. The ruling party-PDP kept true to their words that it would be a do or die affair.

Out of the 30 states in Nigeria, PDP won about 26 of them,ANPP won 2 states, AC won in one state and PPA won in one state. Even in states where it was so obvious that the people disliked the PDP candidates , they still won with LANDSLIDE victories.

Except for Lagos state where there is relative calm because PDP didnt succed in their plans to rig the elections and the candidate who won was the people's choice, in other states there are serious protests and demonstrations going on currently despite the police's intimidation. In Edo state for instance, the people came out en masse to vote for AC candidate, Oshiomole(Former Labour leader) but what did we see, the winner was denied his prize. The results claimed that Osunbor, the PDP candidate won with a landslide victory. Indeed! When the poor man came out to protest peacefully with his supporters, the Police arrested him!

When i look at the situation currently, i feel so sad and cant help but wonder "When will Nigerians be saved from the hands of these Charlatans???" . The President, the Electoral body(INEC) and the Police all connived to make sure that the decision of the people were thwarted.
Now people are frustrated and i dont blame them, I am frustrated too. In fact i dont see myself coming out to vote at the presidential elections next saturday. I think the best thing to do is for the masses to boycott the elections, no one should go out to vote. The candidates should all step down(Pat Utomi, one of the credible candidates for the presidential elections has already done this). Let PDP and INEC fill out the ballot papers and stuff the boxes with them. Make them carry go, we no want! Since whether we vote or not, nothing changes, na who dem want them go put. According to Buhari, the ANPP presidential candidate, the election results have already been written so why stress the people to go and vote??

I am really disappointed at the way things are going in this country, May God save us o!

Gotta go back to work now.



Ugo Daniels said...

Its only God that can save us all from the winches of Obasanjo and PDP!

PS: as a newcomer, i don't think its a good idea to be moderating your comments as peeps get turn off by such!

Ugo Daniels said...

Oh! sorry, thought yu were moderating, My bad!LOL

chidi said...

obasanjo is very ungrateful man. i beleive that God put him i n teh position he is at moment to help people but he has turned everything upside down. Yar'adua is just his puppet, & im sure he is going to win. y? because of rigging.

princess said...

Ugo didnt quite get the stuff about moderating. Wats dat all about?

Chidi its so sad that everyone knows wat Baba is up to but no one can stop him.

chidi said...

still waiting for you to update. update oh! lol!

chidi said...

& yeah yar'adua won. was i right or wat?

chidi said...

& an advice. to get more people to visit your blog, you have to visit other people's blog so that they would know yours exists. In case you dnt know which blogs to visit since there are so many, there is a blog roll on both my page & Ugo's page so from there you can get other links. Good luck ok!

princess said...

Thanks Chidi for the advice. Been very busy of late at work but will update soon.