Monday, April 30, 2007

Aching back, Hot head! Not another fever!

Am sitting at my desk in the office just back from a meeting with one of the company's clients, by the way, i work as a client service executive in an advertising agency(i dont think i av mentioned this earlier)in Lagos.

My back is aching and my head is soooooooo hot, God! i hope its not malaria fever again! The last one wasnt funny at all. I seem to be getting this fever a lot frequently this days despite all the cans of Raid, Mortein and the like(all these mosquito killers never really do all they promise) i av spent so much money on lately.

I dont really have much to blog about just felt i havnt posted anything in a while and i had this overwhelming desire to put down something on my page(No slacking na).

Its 5.45pm here and about time i left the office but am just here sitting in front of my system with my aching back and head wishing i could just close my eyes and find myself in my bed at home without having to go thru the harrowing traffic on lagos roads but i know thats just wishful thinking as i have to get my ass out of here sooner than later and drive home. It actually gets worse as the day gets darker. This is one of those days i just wish i had a driver but i think am too young to have one anyway at least thats what my dad says.

Thank God tomorrow is another public holiday(May 1st, workers day). Am just going to lie in bed till late then later on head to the Palms mall in lekki to window shop with b.f, i need to get a new DVD player.

Dont know what else i will be doing but will just let the rest of the day play out, one thing i know for sure is dat i wont be taking any ice creams(still on my weight loss project o!)

My head is throbbing more and more, i just need to get outta here fast. Sorry guys, will continue blogging some other time. I pray i dont get really sick and have to stay indoors all day tomorrow. Pray for me too .



ExcitedJade said...

hiya, thanks for visitng my blog... u're a beautiful writer too.

Calabar Gal said...

Harrowing Lagos Trafic - you can say that again. I detest lagos traffic and bow for you guys that live and work in lagos.

Hope you had a wonderful May Day. Did you attend Tminx Beach Party?

Calabar Gal said...

So, so Sad about Chioma's death. May her soul rest in peace. Why havent you restricted posting of comments on Chioma's post?!?!?!

chidi said...

its so very sad about chioma's death. she even breast fed her baby before she died. Hr husband must be heart broken. instead of rejoicing about the birth of a child, they are crying because death came knocking. May she rest in peace. Amen.
PS- why did you put restriction to posting comments on the chioma post?

princess said...

Guys am so sorry! Didnt put up any restrictions on Chima's post. Was even wondering why u decided to comment here. Will check to see wats wrong, may have checked something mistakenly. Thanks for ur comments.

Everyone Loves a Naija Girl said...

I'm really sorry to hear about her death. Losing someone is not easy at all. I feel sorry to be cliche, but always cherish the moments that you had with her. That you knew her, and not that she died. My thoughts and prayers will be with you and her family. Take care