Thursday, August 21, 2008


We weren’t talking. I and the fair boy, so I couldn’t go ask him if he sent the coke and biscuits. I was however very sure he was the one. I must state it here though that your girl wasn’t in the least interested in Fair boy because it was around the same time that I was enjoying the attention of Francis, my first love and my eyes were only for him. Very fair guys weren’t my type anyway,lol!(as if I knew what was my type then). Anyway, the scenario was this. I was being eyed by two guys at the same time. Although Francis hadn’t made his intentions known then, I knew it was him I wanted. Fair boy’s attentions began to irritate me.

Now, Fair boy had this friend who was almost like his shadow. They were always together anytime I saw them. One day, I was standing outside my class doing the usual ‘amebo’(gossiping) with my friends when Fair boy's friend appraoched us.
“Excuse me, can I please talk to you for a minute?” he was looking at me. Nodding my head, I moved away from my friends and we walked to the back of the classroom. My friends looked on inquisitively.
“Okay so?”I wanted him to hurry up. Standing with boys made me self-conscious then.
He didn’t waste much time. He started preaching, yea preaching o! My guy advertised his friend no be small. I got to also learn that fair boy’s name was Ceedee. That he was dying(yes, that was the term they used then) for me didn’t come as a surprise cos I already suspected. Anyway, I told Ceedee’s friend that I wasn’t interested becos I had a boyfriend already(Ha! Small children! We spoil quick o,lol!)
“Is it that tall dark guy, Francis?”
he inquired. I could see they had done their homework.
“Yes he is the one. Please tell your friend to leave me alone. I’m not interested” I replied.
Finally, when he realized I wasn’t going to budge, he left and I went back to meet my friends. Of course, they asked what it was we talked about and I downloaded the gist for them.


If I thought that was the last I would hear from Ceedee the fair boy, then I was wrong. Ceedee didn’t give up. If anything, he intensified his efforts to get my attention. My younger brother had just come into my school at that time. He was in J.S1 and we usually went home together. Ceedee noticed him and decided to change his tactics. One day at home, my brother informed me.
“Princesa, there is this senior that said I should tell you that he likes you”
My antenna shot up instantly.
“Which Senior is that?”
“One fair senior like that. He always buys me Ice-cream and biscuits during break time…”
“Ennhen! Ice-cream and biscuits ke! Oya come here, come and tell me everything unless I will report you to mummy”

Scared of being reported. He spilled it all out. Ceedee had been lobbying my brother all these while, trying to buy favour from him. The guy bin get scope sha o. I quickly warned my little brother not to accept anything from him again becos if I found out, he’d find himself in hot peppersoup.
“But the senior is nice now...What is wrong with me accepting Ice-cream and biscuits from him?”
“Long throat! Shut up your mouth there! Let me not catch you o. I have warned you o!”
I knew that my threat was entering through one of his ears and flying out from the other one,lol! That boy loved ice-cream to death, I was sure that not even my warning would stop him from collecting free ice-cream, anyway I had warned him sha.


I wasn’t still talking to Ceedee. In fact I avoided him like a plague.

Then the D-day arrived. Valentine’s day.

We were in Food & Nutrition Lab doing practicals that day when one of my friends nudged me to look outside. I did and saw Ceedee standing by the door. I was alarmed. This bobo want put me for trouble o! My F&N teacher Mrs O. was a really nice woman but I didn’t know what her reaction would be seeing her favourite student with a boy. I didn’t want to find out so with a huge frown on my face I waved him off. He didn’t leave. He stood there and gestured for me to come out. Christ, this boy had liver sha o! So there we were. I, pretending to be listening to Mrs O while waving him away and he standing there by the door refusing to leave. Soon enough, Mrs O. noticed.
“Princesa, it looks like you have a visitor outside”
I looked up guiltily while my friends who knew what was up all along giggled like the school girls they were.
Mrs. O smiled knowingly and told me to go see my visitor. That woman was one understanding babe abeg,lol! So I got up, embarrassed out of my pants and went to see the cow outside, Yes he was a cow for disrupting my class like that,lol!
“Ehen? What is it? You want to put me in trouble abi?” I was really pissed.
“Emm…sorry, but I wanted to give you this” he handed out a red package to me. I looked at it and knew what it was.
“Nooo, I don’t want. Please go away…”
Ceedee refused to leave unless I took the gift and I didn’t want to spend more time than necessary time outside. Mrs O’s niceness fit no reach that level. Besides, I reasoned. This was my first Val gift in my entire life. Who rejected their first Val gift? So I quickly snatched the parcel out of his hands and tucking it behind my back, I re-entered the class.
“Ooooooh! I see some one’s got a valentine gift already. Hmmm school love...”
Mrs O exclaimed loudly and all the other girls turned to look at me. Thankfully she didn’t ask me to open the parcel and show the class what was inside. I was almost scared she would.

Later, I hid the parcel safely inside my school bag. Despite my friend’s pleas, I refused to open it until I got home although how I would hide it from the eagle eyes of my detective mother was another issue. I had never gotten a valentine’s gift before but I was sure some ceremony needed to be accorded to the opening of a valentine’s gift. Lol! The childishness!

Anyway, finally in the safety of the toilet at home (I wasn’t going to risk anyone seeing me, even my brothers), I opened the parcel. I don’t remember all that was inside anymore but I think there was a flower and yes, a card! I remember that card. It was a big red card. I opened it and read the long epistle(love letter) that was inside. Most of the words in the card got me blushing and scared at the same time. I wanted to keep the card and read the word at my spare time again but then I was scared of what my dear mama would do to me, if she ever stumbled upon it so I did the wise thing. I tore it into shreds and threw it away far from the house. No need risking someone playing detective and piecing the shreds back together.

The term flew by quickly. I finally hooked up with Francis(my first love) and totally ignored Ceedee.

The guy tried one final stunt though.

It was during the holidays. School had closed for the term and I was at home. That day, I was in my mum’s room with her helping her arrange her clothes when my elder brother walked in. He had this cunning smile on his face.
“Ha! Princesa so you are here! I was looking for you”
“Looking for me?”
I asked warily. I was suspicious of him cos he was always up to some mischief.
“Why are you looking for her?” My mum cut in.
“He he he he he he…” My brother, the big head started laughing.
We were lost. My mum and I. What was causing his laughter.
“Why are you laughing now?” My mum asked.
“Nothing o! It’s just that she has some visitors”
Now I was sure he was up to no good. I was already fidgeting. Who could it be?
“Visitors? Who are they?” Mumsy was very interested now.
“I don’t know o! But the boy said he is her boyfriend”
Oturugbeke o! Which boyfriend is the big head talking about? I wondered. Surely Francis couldn’t have dared to come to my house. Haa…wahala!

“Boyfriend?" My mum gave me an inquiring look.
“At all, I don’t know any boyfriend o!” I quickly answered.
“They are standing outside at the gate. You can see them from the verandah” Information minister(my bros) informed us.
“ Eeeehen? Okay let’s go and see this boyfriend of urs” Mum led the way to the verandah and we followed. The look I gave my brother could kill. He was obviously enjoying the whole drama.

Standing at the verandah, I could make out their faces. It was the two of them. Ceedee and his friend. How did they get my address? Aha! it must have been my traitor lil’brother. That one who would sell me for ice-cream if he could. I’d deal with him later. For now, I had to explain to mum who they were. I explained that one of the boys had been distirbing me at school and i didn't know whow he got our address. Lucky for me, mumsy found it all funny and said i should invite them to come upstairs. So I shouted from the verandah.
“Ceedee! Ceedee!! Why are you standing there now? Oya come upstairs. My mum wants to meet you!”
They looked up and saw us-me, my brother and my mother and the next thing I knew.
They picked race. lol! Even Ben Johnson no run pass dem. The cowards ran like the devil was after them without looking back.
We all burst into laughter. My mum laughed the loudest.
“Ha ha ha ha, he he he, what is chasing them now?”
“I don’t know o! I guess they didn’t expect to see you”
I replied.

Ceedee never spoke to me again after that incident until he left our school.

PS: This is to inform you all lovely people that my birthday's coming up very soon o! On the 31st of August so kindly get your pressies ready. Abeg i don tire for virtual gifts o, Thank you very much,lol!


Naija Idol said...

1st!!!! OMG OMG. *accepts gold medal*

Naija Idol said...

ROFLMAO!!! so Ceedee run pass ben johnson. serious things..

he wants babe and e nor get liver.*hiss*

Afrobabe said...


Buttercup said...

3rd!! wow, i've never been in the top 3 here before

Buttercup said...

awwwwwwww for some reason i like its cos i like light-skinned guys..heehee!

hahahahahahaha i cant believe they ran! lollllll

Aphrodite said...

So u finally concluded the gist. Your mum's cool.

I can just imagine them running,lol...

princesa said...

@naija idol, lol! You think say this place na olympics,lol! Abeg no mind me, receive ur gold medal for being the fastest commenter in the world,lol!
Liver ke? which school boy have u seen that has liver when it comes to the parents?

@afro, why unbelievable girl? na u be the reigning champ before na,lol!

@buttercup,lol! They did o. ran like crazy!

@aphro,yes o! I finally did. You still dey vex?lol!

Chari said...

LOL!!! hehehehehe!!! Olodo boiz!!!


Afrobabe said...

Hahahhahahahah the cow actually had sense to run…mumu wey come my house stand up to go greet my papa oh….after my father shouted the first set the guy bailed…and I hid myself in the room..

Happy birthday in advance babes, and here I was thinking of what FB gift u would like…lol

kai, they no even allow me write the position...see them...mchheeeewww

Chari said...

yeah I hooked up with Laide...mememe...buh u u dnt have time na...ur jus stacking those chips anyhow na abi?

of which...I saw him in school this week, he yarned that he hadnt shown cuz o exams buh next week sha I am optimistic that he will show...

bumight said...

lol! My mom caught me with cards before, and to say she made my life a miserable hell is an understatement!

Ms.O said...

haha that was a fun read!! Oh the innocent days!!!

Sting said...

I love these kind of childhood love stories. so cute.

OluwaDee said...

so all Ceedee needed was parental scare.

How are we celebrating your bday?

Mz. Dee said...

aww!! u and MIZCHIF have the same bday!!!

datz so sweet!!

lmao @ ceedee..... d guy don lose all him live ber dat!

Free-flowing Florida said...

dat bobo na mumu eh. ah ah, e don give liver enof come ur house, e 4 complete him mission. hehehehehehehe. eh ya. i can just imagine his humilation. but sef love na by force?!

happy birthday n advance love.

princesa said...

@chari,olodo boiz abi? talk true say e never happen to you,lol!
@afro,he stood up to greet ur papa. Na bold boy o! But then e depends, did u invite him?
@chari, anyway i got somebody else. We'll yarn tonight. No sleep o!
@bumight, all mums are the same! Mine would have cut off my head.
@ms.O, yea the innocent days.
@sting,yea, i love them too.
@oluwadee, celebrating ke? No plans o! Just waiting to receive my pressies(wink)
@mz.dee, oh yea?!That's cute. Will holla her.

princesa said...

@florida,lol!no mind am. Love no be by force abeg. Thanks for the birthday wishes but(coughs, e never end for there o!

pamela said...



Na wa for all this lobbying!

Funms said...

poor ceedee..... he really did try.... i'd bring a pressie if there's a party.....

archiwiz said...

LOL...Chaii Ceedee tried oh..That was some serious like right there...

Ohh and happy birthday soon ohh....LOL...So no virtual gifts? We'll have to be more creative then. :)

bighead said...

Hey! Ceedee chop liver o! I think I like his bravery. Infact, yu should look for him, get his gist and supply us. How have yu been?

Jarrai said...

Mehn this ceedee has liver...chai princesa you can play hard to get ooo..correct girl

Hahhahahah...eya, poor boy, i can imaagine his teenage heart frightened to death at the site of your least he had sense to run

Happy birthday in advance....enjoy it well well xxxx

Already have ur virtual gift all wrapped up in lol

badderchic said...

SO UNFAIR! look at me at the bottom of the food chain lol. seriously though, have a lil pity for ceedee, the guy try na, abi? plenty liver worry the guy abeg! plus he holds the record of giving you your first val present o!

LG said...

awwww poor ceedee, i dey feel 4 am o,
prisco abeg, can u give me his .....
@ baffday, .... since u share d same bday with 'mizchif' a sweet mischievous owambe loving 9ja female blogger
(hope she doesnt gets to read dis)
naim be say both of una go buy pressie 4 una sef, our own na to pray n come 'shop shicken'
*wide grin*

norrin do u!!!! enjoy!!!!

Esmeralda said...

ehn? this is not how i expected this story to end o!

eeya, poor fair boy, at least he will always be in ur hall of fame as the bearer of ur first ever valentine gift!lol

Esmeralda said...

invite us all to ur bday party darling, then u'll get non virtual gifts ngwanu?

the genius within said...

Aww...wonder where ceedee is he'd crack up when he reads this
But then guess i'd have done the same the parents ke? LOL

Have a good one dearie

princesa said...

@pammy, lol! ope say u no dirty ur cloth for where u dey laugh.
@funms, even if there was a party, i know u wont e able to make it so why dont u be a darling and parcel the pressie(wink)
@archiwiz, i trust you babes. You are a bundle of creativity,lol!
@bighead,lol!Look for him ke? Been good dude. You?
@jarrai, yea Ceedee had sense enough to run. Google? no am sure u are joking babes,lol!
@badder, yes o! That's true. He holds a record.
@LG, u want his what? Silly gal, how i want take get anm na? For where u see birthday gals dey uy presents for themselves? No take my pressie play with me o,lol! No e only Shicken u go chop, na Fawul!
@esmeralda, lol! Hall of fame!Darling moi, there is no party o but that shouldnt stop the pressies from floowing o!
@genius,lol! I wonder too. Maye i should check him out on FB.

AlooFar said...

Do u mind I present Ceedee to u on ur b'day? I'm in touch with him ;)

Dammy said...

You wicked small sha! You show that guy pepper!Poor Ceedee!

Anyway, I like the fact that you know what you want and you went for it!

Happy birthday in advance o!

How you dey?

princesa said...

@aloofar,Hmmm...present me with the latest Camry, i assure u i'd like that better,lol!

@dammy, pepper ke? No be my fault say i like another person then. Thanks for the birthday wishes but e never finis o!

Sprezatura said...

i wan die from laughter, so we plenty wey do dis mumu thing,that kinda race is a BOLTified one,run and ask questions later.

mizchif said...

OMG!!! I'm so excited, i have a buffday mate!!!

As for u, LG, well done o! O kwa me, owambe loving, is arrite.
Jus make sure u parcel my gift over. No be only shicken, c ya mouth!

Uzezi said...

such memories. takes me back to sec school. where r we cutting we cake and taking pictures?

Obi said...

darn...young love.!!! makes me wish I was 30 yeears younger..
Cant believe you tore up your first Val coulda been sharing one HOT epistle with us by now...(cant even remember what I did with mine Nice story...

Zephi Fahrenheit said...


such a funny post..
ceedee's toasting don turn to some under g stalking..ahh ahh

the picking race part had me rolling

tami said...

lol...the dude ran for his life

Naapali said...

"Oturugbeke o! Which boyfriend is the big head talking about? I wondered. Surely Francis couldn’t have dared to come to my house. Haa…wahala!"
- too funny
- so he took off like the oturugbeke that he was.
- too funny.

Blog pressies on the way!

zara (my alter ego) said...

ROFLMAO!!!! they picked oh dear!!! lol.. boys.. lil cowards!! lol i guess now they have more liver

Abbie said...

Great story! Had me smiling at the end lol
Poor Ceedee.
Babes, if I knew you in person, I'd surely send you a gift, until them cyber b/day wishes luv.
Take Care

AlooFar said...

... and my mind is in love with yours too. Sincerely, it is ;)

Homeless said...

another interesting blog. Very nice

princesa said...

@sprezatura,lol! So u follow enh? You gat to yarn us ur own experience o!
@mizchif, yea happy birthday in advance matey! Will be at urs soon to holla, no mind LG.
@uzezi,lol! The question should be: When am i getting ur parcel?
@obi, lol! What was i supposed to do with it dude? Frame it and hang it in my bedroom?lol!
@zephi, what is this i hear about u leaving blogville babes? No take bad thing play o!
@t5ami, yes he did!
@nappal, thanks in advance doc! Is it through UPS or FEDEX?
@zara, all boys are cowards when it comes to the parents o!
@abbie, oh yea? Okay how do we do this knowing in person thing again? You never see my pic? That should be enough now, all you need now is the address to send it to,lol!
@aloofar, thanks o...
@homeless, thanks too. But why you dey homeless now?

wellsbaba said...

kai! princesa n u used to do lyk good girl...kai!dis world don spoil 1st kiss!kai even hollywood movies cant beat that!
its gud u tried to revive is grades sha,d power of luv! funny,u might not even bother helpin ur olodo friends o...kai,son pple can fit lyk