Monday, August 18, 2008


The first time I noticed him was during mathematics class. He wasn’t in my class-S.S 1G. He was in a senior class, S.S 2E but our classes were opposite each other and sitting in my class, one could see a person in his class.

Like I mentioned earlier, it was during math’s class and Mr. K was teaching his favourite topic-Bearing which I had no passion for. Why couldn’t the man just teach good old algebra or something as easy? Why did I need to be calculating the distance between two points when I wasn’t embarking on a trip to any of those points? I couldn’t wait for the class to come to an end. My favourite subject, English was up next and I was looking forward to it.

Yawning widely, I turned to stare out of the window and that was when I saw him. The very fair boy. He was staring at me intensely. Our gazes locked and he looked away quickly. I was sure he had been staring for longer before I caught him and I tried to recollect if the face was one I knew. No, it wasn't. I hadn’t noticed him before, I was sure. But then how many S.S2E boys did I know? We didn’t mix like that. S.S2 boys hung with S.S2 girls while S.S1 boys chased after the S.S1 girls. It was only when he turned to look at me again that I realized I had been staring unabashedly. I quickly return my gaze to boring old Mr. K. At least, I was sure he wouldn’t have any problem with me staring. Heck…Thirty nine other pair of eyes was on him already!

With each day passing day, I noticed the fair boy in S.S2E didnt stop staring. Countless times I caught him staring at me from his class. His seat was by his class window as mine was so it was quite easy for him to see me and by Jove, was he determined to stare me to death! He didn’t to care if i noticed or not, if anything it was almost as if he wanted me to know he was staring.

It is funny how after you notice someone for the first time, you begin to see the person everywhere you turn. The fair boy in S.S2E began to show up everywhere I went to. I noticed him during morning assembly at the parade ground. I saw him in the school canteen during break time. I saw him while waiting for the bus after school in the afternoon and each time he was always staring at me.


It was the beginning of February and the Valentine spirit was in the air already. In my school, February 14th-Valentine’s Day was indeed a very special day. In fact most students looked forward to it more than even Christmas day, lol! It was that special! Valentine’s Day was the day shy school boys professed their love to those girls they had been eyeing all term. The girls looked forward to all the gifts and love-lyrics filled cards usually bought with money stolen from the boys’ fathers. It was the D-day and it was approaching soon

So it was that one afternoon during break time, I was in the class gisting with my friends when this junior boy walked in. In his hands were a bottle of coke and a packet of biscuits. He walked to where we sat at the front of the class and asked.
“Excuse me Seniors, I am looking for Senior Princesa”.
My friends turned to look at me, questions in their eyes. I shook my head; I hadn’t sent anyone to buy me coke and biscuits.
“Junior boy, why are you looking for her” I questioned him.
“One senior asked me to give her this” he replied, holding out the coke and biscuits.
“Which senior?”
“I don’t know him o. One yellow Senior like this, he just asked me to help him give this coke and biscuits to Senior Princesa”
“Which yellow Senior? If you don’t talk now, you’ll serve punishment o!”
My friend Ese took over the questioning.
“Please Senior, I don’t know him. It’s the truth, I don’t know him…” Sweat beads were already breaking out on his face.
“Okay describe him very well” I cut in.
“Emmm…he is tall and yellow and he has low cut and …I…don’t…know…a……”he stammered.
Collecting the coke and biscuits from the boy, Simi, the oldest of us all waved him away.
“It’s okay, you can go junior boy”
“Thank you seniors” he scampered away quickly without a backward glance.
I expected the barrage of questions that followed. Simi started it.
“So Princesa do you know who it is?”
“At all, I don’t know o!”
I shook my head.
“Na wa o, so you have a secret admirer?!” Ese exclaimed clapping her hands.
Then Chi-chi started the chant and the others joined in.
“Secret admirer! Princesa has a secret admirer! Secret admirer!! Princesa has a secret admirer!!”

Speechless, I sat there looking from the rowdy girls to the coke and biscuits on my desk. I suspected who the secret admirer was.

Who else could it be but the fair boy in S.S2E?!?!

To be continued.
Have a beautiful week everyone!


NANDU said...

am first, pls complete it

Naija Idol said...

2nd. gotta go read.

Naija Idol said...

lol.nice story.i really loved english too and h8ed bearing in math.

princesa said...

@nandu, is that who i think it is??lol!
@naija idol, lol!I could live without bearing abeg.

AlooFar said...

Hahaha... Oya next!

Uzezi said...

to be continued when?

princesa said...

@aloofar, next wetin?
@uzezi, to be continued whenever,lol!

doll said...

continue now now. before i go home at 8pm ok? reminds me of the good old secondary school days. i had more than my own fair share of unmasked admirers. LOL

OluwaDee said...

secondary school "toasting" was sooo much fun.

U must finish this gist ASAP.
I have a feeling there...

Allied said...

so did you drink the coke? did you secretly smile at me from your window? did you tell your friends? Ahh.. tell us before i make up my own story

archiwiz said...

Ahhh.....noooooo.....Please finish now...Continue please........come back...come back and type....come now....please........

Mz. Dee said...

i hatedddd BEARIN! till today i no understand am!1 grr... loved english.. slept all d time. it was too eazy and the teacher was too boring.

eh heh.. dis ur gist sweet o!! abeg come bk n complete...i wana knw wat happenz!

Buttercup said...

shit, i also hated was pure torture for me..

awwwww cuuuuuuute..i love the thrill of havin a secret admirer!

cant wait for the 2nd part!

Funms said...

hmmm. hope it was d fair boy!!! hurry and post pt 2

desperate lady said...

Girl bring ur fine butt down here n finish this!!!

Abbie said...

Cute story, can't wait for the continuation.

Obi said...

Awwww shucks..back when love was innocent..Hope say the guy been no jazz the coke sha...
So...whatever happened to loverboy...

musco said...

wonder wot blogville wld look like if we are all mandated to post abt our secondary skl crushes?

looking forward to part 2!

Free-flowing Florida said...

awwwwwwwwwww. young love! *sighing so deeply & remember d good ol' days*

Jarrai said...

Awwww..thats so sweet...he bought you coke and biscuit.......very sweet. Can't wait for part 2

Writefreak said... you drank the coke en? waiting for part 2 o! i love to hear about secondary school crushes!

badderchic said...

so very cute, coke and biscuit! hmm the good ol'innocent days. lol

badderchic said...

so very cute, coke and biscuit! hmm the good ol'innocent days. lol

princesa said...

@doll,lol! I hope you didn’t sleep over at the office waiting for the gist o,lol!
@oluwadee, you have a feeling that what?
@alliued, smile at you ke? When did u turn male?lol! Abeg conclude the story for me o
@archiwiz,lol!I’ll be back as soon as I can sweetie.
@mz.dee u slept through English classes? I couldn’t even if I tried. Loved the subject too much jare.
@buttercup, part two coming up as soon as I can gather my thoughts.
@fums,lol! am not telling…
@DL, wonders shall never cease! So this story brought you out of hiding babes? I should do more stories like this o!
@abbie, you just have to wait dear.
@Obi, jazz the coke ke? Them never get that kain sense then. Anyway the bottle was uncorked. Dunno where loverboy is now.
@musco, wouldn’t that be nice & revealing?!
@florida, lol! Oya post some of those stuff u remembered o!
@jarrai, yea it was really sweet.
@writefreak,no be only to hear/read, you must promise to tell us ur own o!
@badderchic, coke and biscuit was the in thing then o,lol!

Afrobabe said...

Lol…sweet young love..

Jayjazzy said...

Awwh! that s the kind of love thats hot and sweet. hurry up with part 2 but i can almost swear that i ve ssen this in your blog before.Reliving old memories or is it my mind?

Andy said...

Not the Nollywood film phenom. again.....laffs. Just when i thot it was getting so interesting, you stop and leave for part II.

Andy said...

Not the Nollywood film phenom. again.....laffs. Just when i thot it was getting so interesting, you stop and leave for part II.

Sting said...

This is so interesting abeg finish it b4 i come find u.

Mommy said...
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Mommy said...

hmmm...I dreaded vals day in secondary school. I attended an all girls school...if you were as much as attractive, making a choice that day na wahala. Some gestures and present exchange were innocent; most others were not...let me not even go there.

Fine, tall, light skinned senior abi? Pray he's not among those of us reading this post (lol)...small world.

How are you doing sweery?

rethots said...

...for moments like these we feel the world under our feet.
Did i hear 'parade ground', you didn't per chance go to a (para) military school.

Aphrodite said...

This story sweet o. Oya am waiting for part 2 like others.

Esmeralda said...

awwww, so reminiscent of secondary school! mine was a federal government college by the way.

the funny thing is that i'm kinda hoping the guy resurfaced recently still looking as cute as ever and still into u!
but dont mind me, i'm hopelessly romantic like that.

pls give us a sequel.

Anonymous said...


some kiddy stuvvinz mehn!

babe no forget SBR OOOOO...

bumight said...

I have a feeling you've blogged about this same "senior" before. anyways, im waiting for part 2.

mona said...

finish the story soon, brings back memories of when love was so innocent...

princesa said...

@afro,yea young love.
@jay,i know the post you are referring to but they are not the same guy.
@andy, no not nollywood. Will conclude the story now.
@sting, lol! Will finish it now.
@mommy, am good love. Lol! This is a small world,who knows he may just be reading.
@rethots, yea i did. Command Sec school.
@aphro, wait a lil'bit more dear.
@esmeralda, lol! It didnt end like that dear. Sorry to burst ur bubble.
@chari, forget SBR ke? Na u forget m, no be me.
@bumight, no, not this same senior babes.
@mona, okay doing that now.

Naapali said...

e don tay since when dem de chase u.