Friday, July 11, 2008

Weight Issues and Anorexic models

Been feeling a bit under the weather of late so I decided to go to the hospital yesterday. It was the first time I was going to this particular hospital so I had to go through the usual first time procedures-Opening of patient file, giving some personal info and all that. They also wanted to know my weight so I had to step on the weighing scale. OMG! This was something I hadn’t done in a while cos I was scared to know how much excess weight I was carrying around,lol!Anyway, I had to climb the scale and I was so ashamed when the nurse exclaimed Eighty five! Chineke! I never knew it had gotten so bad. I am quite tall (5.10 no be joke na) and I have a big frame so
you would most likely not call me fat.

I used to weigh 75kg and was a perfect size 12. I wasn’t slim even then but I loved my shape. Never liked stick thin. I believe a woman should have some flesh on her body and African women are known for their voluptuousness abeg!

But ehnnn 85kg? That is a crime!
How did I get the extra 10kg???
Lol! I shouldn’t be asking that silly question.
All the visits to Barcelos, TFC, Tantalizers and St.Elmos…the report don dey show now for my body, I come dey wonder,lol!
Barcelos choc chip icecream, you see wetin you don do me abi?
Silverbird popcorn, Haa…no be me and you again o…lol!

If I felt the scale was telling a lie, something else that happened at the choir practice yesterday evening easily dispelled that notion. A lady drew me aside and commented: “Sister, you are putting on weight o. I remember the first time I saw you, you looked so trim, please do something about it”
Meeen…if you see as my face red ehn…e no get part two,lol!

I didn’t need any further prompting.

So starting today July 11th 2008, princesa is embarking on the famous ATKINS diet again!!!

I tried the diet sometime last year and it really worked. Then I had gone from a size 12 to a size 14 going on 16 and it was imperative to drop the excess baggage. Drop it did eventually. I went back to being a sweet 12.

The trick to the ATKINS diet is to avoid carbs as much as you can even after reaching one’s desired weight but I didn’t stick to the rules. I went back to my old eating habits and the weight piled back on.

So today i resume the induction diet. It’s the strictest level where all you eat is protein and more protein. Already had Ewa agonyin(beans) this morning. Don’t know what am having for lunch yet. God…this diet no favour our Naija kind of foods o!

I hope the weight drops off quickly like it did the last time and dearest protein, I promise I won’t abandon you for my sweets and carbs again,lol!

Abeg o...I know say I want lose weight but no be dis kain one. Na anorexia abi na wetin dey do these people???

P.S: Plans for the SBR(Summer Bloggers Reunion) are still in progress. Its looking like we may have to reschedule so as to accomodate some bloggers who have indicated interest to attend. The two dates we are considering are August 23rd or September 6th. What do u think?



Afrobabe said...

First in 6 places today...greaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat omen...

s.chic said...

good luck with the diet oh my sister...but are those pics real? that's scary men!

Afrobabe said...

Lmao..I will never look at Atkins diet the same again since Atutu’s post…lol..take it easy girl, you look good…and men still dey chase abi…that is when warning bells should go off ur head…when men to stop asking if you need a lift or a drink…

Infact that time na fasting…

princesa said...

@Afro you too much jare. God no go let am reach that fasting stage o...

@s.chic, thanks dear. I guess they are real, afraid catch me sef,lol!

wellsbaba said...

LOL...hahahaa.LMAO...auntie princesa u dnt knw ow hard im laffin...first,i told u ur height is intimidatin me now ur tellin me ur weight will knock me out! only diet,lemme giv u hard work......try juggin err mornin4atleast 15mins,it dose alot of magic n u cn still eat all dose "st elmos iya basira"

Queen of My Castle said...

LOL @ Afrobabe. She IS too much.

I agree with you in that I love curviness.

I also agree that you look good as you are, but if you aren't happy with the way you look no one else's opinions really matter much. Do what makes you happy babes.

LG said...

PRISCO PEPSI OROBO hehehehehehehe
goodluck on ur diet o, only say d kind 'mess' wey u go dey drop ehn,
e go nid fire xtinguisher,
@d pics, see as d kolomentalbabes dey smile sef *hiss*

nyoy ur w'end

onydchic said...

You think you got it bad?? We weigh the same and you have about 6 inches on me!!!!


If anything, my attempts are piling the pounds ON!!! I cant remember when i have NOT NOT been on a diet my dear.

Sigh again.

God will help us jare.

OluwaDee said...

Lol @ if you see as my face red ehn…e no get part two.

I have also added a bit of weight, but its not 222 much 4 now.

Take it easy oh, n i wish u a speedy n healthy weight loss.

Keep us posted.

bumight said...

you're going on Akin's diet? lol!

just take it easy, I dont want u looking like those models in ur post o!
did u consider the detox diet that Taurean minx did?

NigerianDramaQueen said...

OMG so I was just going to post a photo blog on models and anorexia!! Those pictures a mortifying...thank God more weight rstrictions are being posed on the industry.
Babes I dont really recommend the Atkins Diet oh! You gain all the weight back as soon as you get off it! The only thing that ever works is eating right and exercising-take it from a person who has tried EVERY diet out there.

Obi said...

Yeah been gaining a bit of weight girl...take am easy..

About those scarecrows..?SHIT..
Any ass I can cover both cheeks with one hand..I DONT WANT..!!!

Today's ranting said...

The pictures of those models are quite scary. Hmmm the ideal size in my opinion is size 12 o jare. Im size 12 ooo and e be like sey me tooo don dey gather some weight tooo. Eba and pounded yam don dey too much. I need to shed some weight as well.

Naija Idol said...

eeewww!!! my arms are proportional to her thighs.tufiakwa! God help us oh. As for d atkins diet. hmmm. na so so beans(i h8 beans) u go chop oh. which other proteinous food dey again?????? oh ok, then the high-fat intake too.too much blabbing jo. goodluck on ur diet oh! nd as for SBR, im not sure bout the new d8 oh. i asked my mum to shift my departure d8 cos i wanted to attend. its all gud tho.

mizchif said...

Lg, how u take know wetin i wan talk! D mess ehn go be die, true ,true.

Me like last month i climbed scale after like almost 1yr of not checking my weight, for d nurse to tell me 68.sumthingkg, so now i feel consoled!lol!

Sista princesa, good luck with ur diet. May the God lord give u strength to stick to it even when you r driving past St.elmos or sitting in galleria and smelling all dat popcorn... AMEN!!!

Zephi Fahrenheit said...

dang 5 10,,you are tall, you did not look it from your pictures..
The most important thing is that your healthy and I am glad your working on that
the models look are not a good look..they need to it

"I believe a woman should have some flesh on her body"
You know some women are naturally skinny.that does not make them anyless a woman..
We should embrace diversity...and i am definitely not in support of get my point?

dat one okrika said...

Good luck with Atkins, I've tried Atkins like 3 times before. You are right that diet shows no love to our home food at all. My family will be blowing eba and me I'm there licking pepper soup.

Lol I had someone pull me aside before too, it was an auntie i hadn't seen in ages, the woman taught i was pregnant, wasn't a good look at all o.

As for the pictures no comment o!

Thanks for visiting my blog. Have a good weekend.

Sha said...

atkins? wow.. gluck, lets knw how it 'goes'

naijalines said...

Those pics are scary. Good luck on your diet. Let's know how you get on.

BTW, thanks for stopping by my villa.

Parakeet said...

Ok princesa...this quote here tells you what you need to watch out for when it comes to dieting *The trick to the ATKINS diet is to avoid carbs as much as you can even after reaching one’s desired weight but I didn’t stick to the rules. I went back to my old eating habits and the weight piled back on.*

The reason why they call the likes of Atkins, Summerbeach, GI diet etc fad diets is because they give what I call temporary wonders. Let me ask you, how feasible is it to cut out carbs from your diet for the rest of your life? You must admit your chances of succesfully doing that is nil. What you want is a very well balanced diet that have all the right nutrients in the right amount because its a life time thing. As some who went from a 14 to a 12 in 2 months and I've kept the weight off for a year and still counting I can certainly tell you that quick fixes dont work.

Babe, you may start with Atkins now to lose the weight but once u done just stick to a balanced diet. Make sure you start your day with a healthy breakie such as cereal. This helps to speed up ur metabolism. Have your elevenses as per normal like a mango or apple then have a balanced lunch, preferable grilled chicken with lots of salads (tantalisers will do). At night you can have something like brown rice (ofada) and veg. You just need to find all the good stuff and eat them in the right amount and you'll forever keep your me on that.

Andy said...

Princesa, it could be pregnancy
Those anorexic pics are scary, i can remember going to a hospital where patients with eating disorders were taken care of sometime last year. It was like a scene from a horror movie! many could not even eat, very gaunt with tubes everywhere.
About the bloggers' reunion, can some of us who would not be able to show up get to phone in? Sounds like a good idea, don't know who else might like it though.

From Calabar with Love said...

You said nothing about exercising....Atkins can only work temporarily....I like your blog!

fantasy queen said...

i think you look good, but its up to you to know what feels good, cos its your body.
the renuion thing sounds like fun, and i have a feeling you're doing a beach campaign aspa princess of the beaches. lol

as for the picsure? i no fit shout!

Mz. Dee said...

auntie plz dont become like those bag of bonez o!!!
hope it workz for u...

Olamild said...

U this gurl no go kill me

abeg take am easy o
no con be like headmistress cane

Free-flowing Florida said...

85kg!!!! daz plenty o! don't tell me u follow dem dey do one bottle of coke per day!

i wonder if i can do d all-protein diet! once i did only fruits & veg, with a bit of protein here & there. i did it 4 2 weeks, & hunger wan kill me!

5'10"!!!! u r tall oh. am a meager 5'6" & am .... dunno - too scared 2 check my weight

those photos r disgusting!!!!!! all n d name of fashion!

30+ said...


I did it like 3 yrs ago or so lost the weight and put it all back on.

Find what works for you

ejura said...

Is that girl in the pic a model or a skeleton? God forbid! She's as thin as a spider web.
All the best in your diet race but please take it easy. Wetin come concern that woman now? Do u know there was this day I ran into two people five minutes apart of each other. The first one went on about how fat I had become. The second one gushed over how slim I was. I laughed that day ehn.

Writefreak said...

All the best with your new diet o! Hope it works as fast and you can stick to your all protein plan...can i go on a diet???

September 6 seems to be a better date...August is packed!

Smaragd said...

PRINCESA, i apologise profusely for my absence! i see that i've missed three posts! wow.

as per the diet, good luck, from ur pix i always thot u were 5"5 or thereabout.

as per the bloggers "UNION" (not reunion, keep us posted.

the anorexic pix? this is nothing but the devil and kwarshiorkor/aids at work! these girls are skeletons ke.

*Shakes head*

Ms. emmotions said...

funny afro,

princessa? are u listenin?
please leave them fast food alone even after attainin ur size 12 ok?
did i hear u say yes ma? lol

ok seriously,can u pls keep us all updated on the summer reunion thing? i feel it will be a crime if i dont attend esp now that seems i will be very much around,

so how are u today?

Jinta said...

those pics dont depict anorexia but a nightmare. urghhh!

BlogVille Idol said...

Hello ,its me once again remindng you that the blogville idol contestants 08 have sung their OLDIES jams!!!this session in on FIRE!!..Pls go over to the page listen to the contestants and then VOTE!!!dont forget to drop us a kind comment!tanx

men those pictures are........!!!

Abbie said...

I have taste for some ewa agoyin being that you are the second person to blog about it today.
Atkins does work, but you'll have to keep up a low carb lifestyle and exercise to keep the weight off permanently.
Tha lady who pulled you aside? What was her problem, who made her the weight police???

NikkiSab said...

Weight loss. Now dats a topic I know nothing about. I'm looking for weight gain and i can't find it. Lets strike a deal- if u tell me how to gain weight den i'll trade my secret on how to loose weight.Deal? Goodluck on the atkins and cast and bind each time u pass tantalizer,tastees etc lol

stuck in my throat o said...

I am going for a colonic irrigation..
I weigh more than you, but i still feel good.
I will see you at the beach.

Jaycee said...

R those pictures of models real? Or were they edited using photoshop? Aaaay!


my goodness, you just scared with those pics. no, that is not what I would want anyone to look like. Anyway, enjoy your ewa oh! =)

Omosewa said...

Chei, Nigerians must talk, hiss. Im getting a personal trainer very soon. So what did you have for dinner? I cant wait to hit this barcelos place mehn, everyone keeps talking about it.

darkelcee said...

those girls are abnormal!

WTF?hmmm dem no get mama?

Simi Speaks said...

lol. hehehe

ok, not funny i know!

Uzezi said...

where the hell did u get those pix? no scare me o! and take it easy on urself and the diet thing okay? Good luck on it.

Calabar Gal said...

Good Luck with ur diet, princessa.

Chari said...

Jesus! how far with these models na?

allt he best with ur weight loss lose weight forget our reunion o


Damn dese chics r like -0.2 in size. I wonder if de know de are hurting demselves, well if de dont de r an example to others to stay away. How r u P?

Aphrodite said...

Am also trying to drop some pounds. Goodluck with the diet babes!
We need an update sha, i just did at mine.

Buttercup said...

i think its weight-loss n man trouble season...

wow, i envy ur 5'6 n inbtwn a 10 n 12 n my whole fam is just on my case cos they r all sisters r both 8s..i luv my voluptousness jere!

those pics r hideous..

all the best sweetie!

exschoolnerd said...

sweerat is the SBR still on for the 2nd of August?

princesa said...

@wellsbaba,lol! 15 minutes jog every morning?? My power never reach that level o
@castle queen, babe am happy with the way I look o but I’ll be even happier if some of the weight goes away,lol!
@lg, me pepsi orobo enh? No let me catch u o! babe before sef my mess dey need fire extinguisher, talk less of now wey I don start atkins. Na fire brigade go slve the matter now o,lol!
@onydchic, wow! You need to start ATKINS sharpish o,lol! God will help us true true
@oluwadee, thanks dearie. This is not the time for u to be adding weight o. Wait till after the BIG day,lol!
@bumight, Tminx’s detox diet sounded like serious hard work o! make I manage ATKINS see how far.
@NDQ, thanks babes. Eating right and exercising you say? Will try and fit some exercise into my busy as hell schedule. As for eating right, that’d be as soon as am through with ATKINS!
@obi, oh yea?? Why u no tell me since now? Some guys prefer them skinny like toothpick o
@Todays ranting, Eba and Pounded yam?? That combination na the perfect recipe to adding weight o
@naijaidol, my dear na so so beans o. Make I no start to shit Otoro shit sha. So you prefer the initial date? I don’t know how we can accommodate everybody now?
@mizchif, 68? That’s a fine number. You no get problem at all. My sista, I really needed that prayer o,lol!
@zephi, am a tall babe o, don’t be deceived by my pics. I agree being naturally skinny doesn’t make anyone less woman. I don’t just buy the idea of women going to any length to be skinny like those models in the pics.
@datone okrika girl, lol! babes, licking pepper soup is not too bad now, well I guess cos am not a fan of Eba or ball foods. So did it work for you when you tried it? I mean the ATKINS diet?
@sha, thanks babe.
@naijalines, thanks too dear.
@parakeet, thanks for all that useful info babes. Will definitely try ur suggestions.
@andy, pregnancy ke? Na you give me belle doctor?lol! The phone in suggestion at the SBR sounds like a great idea. So do we put up a number for peeps to call in?
@from calabar, thanks. I didn’t say anything about exercising cos I don’t know how to fit that into my tight busy schedule for now. Am usually so tired when I get back home that I just flop onto the bed!
@FQ, lol! Thanks dear. You know I love the beach now,lol! You’ll be there live, I hope?
@mz.dee, even if I tried, I wont be able to be like those bag of bones,lol!
@olamild, lol@headmistress cane. God forbid!

princesa said...

@flo, I take only diet coke so that one no fit add weight for me. Scared to check the scale? Why now? You don’t look an ounce overweight from ur pics tho.
@30+, lol!thanks.
@ejura, lol@spiderweb! I guess people will always have an opinion, best thing is to please oneself!
@writefreak, you definitely DO NOT need to go on a diet babes unless you have packed it on recently cos u looked really good the last time.
@smaragd, 5’5? Me?? Am a big girl o,lol! I agree with u babe, its actually the bloggers Union not reunion but since we started with Reunion already, lets stick to it,lol!
@Ms.emmotions, lol! YES MA!!! Will love to see u at the SBR!
@jinta, correct!
@blogville idol, big ups!
@abbie, lol! We have a lot of weight police o…I like to be told tho, it keeps me on my toes.
@nikki,lol!!! The grass is always greener on the other side, innit?
@stuck, colonic irrigation ke? Which one be dat? I ope its not some sort of operation o! Glad u feel good about ur size. See ya too babes!
@jaycee, me no no o! Congrats on ur engagement darl!
@soloD, lol! thanks babe.
@omosewa, dinner? I forgot already,lol! Exercise is still the best. Goodluck with the personal trainer girl.
@darkel, who knows, their mama fit be like dem sef.
@simi, lol! not funny at all.
@uzezi, thanks dear
@calabargal, thanks babes
@chari u no be better friend o, u no even check up on me about the SBR stuff. Will hola!
@someonelse’s life, yea I wish others will learn from them.
@aphro, I don reach ur side girl. How far?
@buttercup, 5’6 is not bad dear, at least u can’t be called short now,lol! I love voluptuous too.
@exschholnerd, sweat its not likely again o. We’ll convey the new date as soon as we agree.