Friday, May 9, 2008

Quirk, Quirk, Quirk

I was tagged to do the ‘Six quirky things’ post by ejura, onome , florida and wellsbaba (dunno if anyone else has tagged me on this).
I have been really busy(sure u guys are tired of hearing me say this,lol!) which is why the post is coming kinda late and then I had to look up the word ‘quirky’ on google just to properly understand what it was I was supposed to write on.
According to Wikipedia...

“A quirk is an odd habit”

So I got thinking…what are my odd habits?
I came up with a few.
(Am not going to bother with putting up the rules of this tag cos am sure you all know them by heart by now seeing as almost everyone in blogville has done the tag already)

Here are some of my odd habits.

1. I find that after eating certain foods that are not easily digested like meat. I keep bringing them up from my stomach into my mouth even hours after to chew them again (you know like goats do). Gross I know! It irks me too but I can’t help it. It’s been like that since I was a kid and my younger brother also has the same habit.

2. When I lie in bed relaxing especially when am in really deep thought, my hands always stray to ‘that place’ and its not what you are thinking, dirty minds,lol! I just like pulling ‘em hair strands,lol!

3. I HATE darkness. I HATE to wake up in the middle of the night to ‘no light’ so I always make sure I have some light on somehow. You know how PHCN is now, one can never trust them so I make sure I light a lantern on standby before I sleep so when the generator is put off by midnight, the lantern will provide some light.

4. I have a crazy imagination that is even crazier when everywhere is dark(maybe that’s why I hate darkness). Its like this, my room is dark, then I catch a glimpse of my hat hanging on the wall, I start thinking-that looks like a monster’s head. Next thing I start seeing a monster’s head for real. It’s really scary…I tell you.

Why am i writing about darkness too much? maybe cos i have been chatting with darkelcee,lol!

5. When I meet people, I don’t just look at their faces or their clothes. I have this odd habit of looking at the craziest things like their nose hair or their teeth colour or their fingers or the folds on the neck. Maybe it’s the Virgo in me, I don’t know o!

I had a number six o, but I cant remember it now and I have to be somewhere right away! I’ll be back to complete this meme later.

Hoewever I tag mommy, S.chic, Charizard, anonymous gal, today’s ranting and nikkisab to tell us six quirky things about them too.


LG said...

me first

@no.1- naim be say me too be goat, lol
@no.3- me too
@no.4- me too(again)
ehen @no.2- prisco, u sure?

*have a blessed wkend*

Smaragd said...
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Smaragd said...

*whips out gun, cocks it sniper style and takes LG out, dusts palms and smirks* now I'M FIRST!

at least 3 quirks in common! i'm getting worried now, cuz everything i considered normal 4 me has been written out as quirks in this blogsville!


darkelcee said...


i am only 4 tones abi na hues above colour brown na.i am not that dark.
@1 maybe you need to drink a lot of water so that the food can digest. abi now?

@2 i was never afraid of darkness even while growing up.My mum's friend told my my that i might be a witch all because of this. imagine?

where is no 6 now? *wink

nice weekend

ibiluv said...

i love the dark....i dont ruminate...i dont touch that place....and i look at EVERYTHING when i meet a person too.....

bumight said...

I have not seen anyone else with ur #1 quirk except me, i used to do it when i was little, and everyone in my house used to tease me!
and I also hate darkness!

Obi said...

Girl...some of this ish is waaay too much info...

bighead said...

...that place??? do I have a dirty mind abi where else do we have hairs?

The thing about PHCN cause am. What if I told yu I have a solution???

fantasy queen said...

is this really bighead? abi its dark on your page and i'm seeing monsters now?
big head, that place with hair could be her armpit..LMAO

i love to study people deeply too, especially the cute ones, makes them look human when i notice a flaw like nose

30+ said...

Lol skeedy cat so you are scared of darkness - ROFLMAO. Big grown woman like you.

30+ said...

And I am so no one, sometimes even with things like milk...disgusting someone said and I was like you think I like to bring up my own food for the fun of it ppsstttewww.

anonymous gal said...

ewwwwwwwwww u do that thin that animals do eatin ur curd...that was wt it was called in agric science

Mommy said...

I just saw your title and almost chocked. Got to the bottom and actually choked. Princesa you don finish me. Me tagged? What me gonna say...dang!

And you do what when you thinking? Maybe you should do your meditating on your knees, or lie on your stomach. That way your hand would probably wonder to your head. (lol)

princesa said...

@lg, lol! Am happy to know there are people who also do No.1. i was beginning to think we were abnormal(my bros and me,lol)

@smaragd, lol! That was too funny...the action film wey u dey act,lol!

@darkel, u no dey fear darkness ke? U try o. As for No.6, i don try jare. Make una manage 5 abeg.

@ibiluv, you are quite even(opposite of odd)

@bumight, thats why we are fine babes now,lol! how are the birthday plans coming?

@obi, TMI??? Yuck ko...yuck ni!

@bighead, oh dude! I don miss you die!! Solution? Why am i not excited about dat,lol!

@FT, its really Bighead o. Dude finally surfaced.
See bighead, you need to wash ur mind. Did you think of my armpit?

@30+, lol! i suspect u are one scaredy cat too. Oya confess now. Another goat like me, ewwwwwwwww!

@anonymous gal, yes i do o and i know its so ewwwwwwwwwww,lol!

@mommy, i had to spread the love na. You berra start thinking up stuff to write o, there must be something quirky to tell,lol!
Which kain thinking suggestions you dey give me? On my knees?? thats punishment na.

Free-flowing Florida said...

Nna mehn, i bow 4 u o. ur quirks quirk well well o. i can understand being freaking scared of d dark. i used 2 imagine there were ghosts & dead pple lying in wait 4 me n d dark. 4 many years, nothing concern me with darkness. but after a time, i decided 2 grow out of it. once n a while, am caught unaware sha

Charizard said...

2.hmmn...hahahahahhahaha...ok a lil confessional here I kinda do d@ too...
3.ahhh..OYO lo wa kinda light sensitive so the less light the berra
4.fraidy n hide! freddy's comin to get u!
5.hahahahahahah...wellldone thainx for the heads up...I know what am gon do wen we meet...

come what is this naaa...I have been tagged b4 na...if one more person should tag me..I will write another tagged post oh...eheen

Olamild said...

Your number 2 ehn
hmmm hahahah

Funms said...

lol... i also do no2.... pulling the strands.... i would ve started before realizing sef.... funny habit

diary of a G said...

1 totally quirky
LMAO @ 2
3 boo

Aphrodite said...

Your number 3 and 4 are so me.
I have been tagged to do this quirky things too and i havnt being able to come up with 6 yet too.

How far?

tobenna said...

You like pulling the hair???!!!!

anonymous gal said...

oops sori bout omittin ur name on mmy blog. that includin links is kinda annoyin my bad. have a reconcilatory drink on me. anythin u want

wellsbaba said...

@numba 4...I start thinking-that looks like a monster’s head. Next thing I start seeing a monster’s head for real. It’s really scary…I tell you...maybe its not ur imagination that is crazy ooo maybe its pple frm village oo sendin afraid of darkness too but I had to outgrow it!

Toochi said...

hello:)...i'm back

Ms. emmotions said...

so u are sayin strokin 'down there' makes u think better?


princesa said...

@florida, i guess its what we get for watching too much horror movies as kids,lol!

@charizard, lol@ ur comments. have u thot of beinga stand up comedian. E go pay u o!lol!

@olamild, i suspect u also do it too, talk true now,lol!

@funms, thank you for talking true o
@D.O.G, so am officially odd now, right?
@aphrodite, i dey o. So have you done the tag now?
@tobenna, what? yes i do, sue me o,lol!
@anonymousgal, am taking you up on that offer o, when and where?
@wellsbaba, lol! people from my village? God forbid!
@toochi, welcome back dude.
@ms.emmotions, somehow yes!

AnyaPosh said...

haha! hand also strays 2 that place when i'm in deep thought.
And that your regurgitation mechanism is really ODD!!! talk about herbivorous, my dear maybe you need to see a specialist, 4real!

Afrobabe said...

ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww...bringing up meat??? hope you dont rechew it oh...yuck yuck yuck...

will feed u vegetables when we meet...