Friday, May 2, 2008

Mba nu!

Hey guys, what’s popping?!

Thanks to everyone who commented on my brother’s wedding photos. They were lovely, kind comments although I think a little partial. Come on…my dress wasn’t that fab or was it really? Don’t mind me, I know it was. Got a lot of compliments, even my cousin who always feels like no one’s got it ‘spot on’ like she does actually asked me to take her to my tailor. So I guess my tailor deserves some kudos, right?

I haven’t been able to browse blogs or post any cos my laptop went awry.
Yes, the same laptop I just got few months back and it wasn’t the laptop’s fault o…it was the fault of a colleague of mine. Friends, a piece of advice, always listen to your instincts. I didn’t listen to mine and paid the price.

Okay last week, this colleague of mine came to borrow my computer speakers. I didn’t see any need not to oblige him since I was on my way out to a meeting so I allowed him take the speakers. The next day when I got back my speakers from him, they weren’t working anymore! Guess what he said when I asked him what happened- “I don’t know o!” I was so pissed, I mean if you don’t know…who knows??
Anyway, there was nothing I could do about it, the speakers were bad and that was that. I just made a mental note to not give out my speakers to anyone again.

So fast forward to two days ago, Wednesday exactly. I was preparing to leave for a meeting again when this same colleague of mine came to ask that I leave my laptop on for him cos he really needed to look up something on the net. My head screamed-HELL NO!!! but then again, I thought to myself, what could possibly go wrong, it was just him browsing the internet abi? So I left the system on for him to use only to get back later in the day to find that my system was not booting anymore. It just wasn’t coming up!

I quickly called him-my colleague and asked what happened to my laptop. His answer? You guessed right… "I don’t know o!”

It was only after I probed further, I learnt that he didn’t shut down my system after using it. He simply closed the lid and walked away! According to him, that was the way he handled his own laptop and there hadn’t been any problem so far. Imagine!!!

Who doesn’t know that after using a computer, he/she should shut it down??
Those that just close the lid of their laptops probably have preset it to hibernate or standby or something!

Anyway, long story short, thank God for HP laptops, I was able to recover my system to the original factory condition. Fine, I lost my installed programs and some files but am grateful my system is back and running again.

I have learnt my lesson and will NEVER again lend my laptop to anybody. Once bitten(or is it twice already), forever shy!

On to other gists.
It’s funny how in the last few days, I have been getting a lot of marriage pressure especially from the oddest quarters. Is it because my eldest brother just got married, everyone thinks princesa should be giving them invitation cards to her own wedding now?

First it was my cousin who came to my office on Monday. She had only just recently got married herself; her traditional wedding was two weeks before my brother’s. So she came to my office, ranted at me for not showing up at her wedding even though I had told her earlier that I won’t be able to make it down to the east for hers. After apologizing and placating her, she finally took a seat, asked how my brother’s wedding went then it started the inquisition.

“So now Kingsley is married, when is yours coming up?”
I look at her, amazed.
This my cousin is about 5 years older than I am and she just recently got married. Was it not just a few months back that she was single, desperate and frustrated by all the pressure from family and friends??
I remember I was the one who always encouraged her and told her not to worry cos her time would soon come. Now she had joined the crew reminding me of the fact that I aint getting younger.
Perhaps she was joking, I thought so I tried to change the topic.
“So how did your wedding go? Did you come with any pics?”
“I am serious o…I know you are still young but you know you are very fast, you finished school on time, you started work on time, you drive a car and you look older than your age…”
She went on.
I was flabbergasted! This is not happening. This babe was serious for real.
“Okay so what? I am not bothered girl, I’ll get married when I will maybe after your sister U gets married”
Her sister U is like two years older than me and still single. She should go bug her sister and not me! Just cos she finally got herself a husband doesn’t give her the right to become a pest in my life. Some people sef!

The next day, on my way to a meeting with my boss and another colleague. My boss brought up the same topic of marriage.
He went on about how he felt I should have had two kids by now and about how I need to make a decision and settle down with any available man(okay maybe he didn’t put it that way but he implied it)
Thank God for my colleague, who on seeing my embarrassment quickly came to my defence. He butted in that I needed to take my time and it wasn’t all about ‘how fast’ but ‘how well’.
We finally won the argument and my boss let it drop but I still have a feeling that he is going to bring it up again very soon.

Later on, during our meeting at the client’s office. Guess whose case was brought up again? Correct…moi!

One of them (my client) told my boss that he needed to give me a project deadline.
I was confused, wondering what project they were talking about until they all burst out laughing. All of them men and married laughing at poor helpless princesa, the only lady in their midst.

Another one chirped in that I should stop torturing guys and get married so they will all know that am ‘officially off the shelf’. It was funny and not funny at the same time.

I understand that they are probably all concerned about me. My cousin, My boss and My clients but hell, I need some breathing space…they should free me abeg. I am not going to say ‘yes’ to the next guy that proposes just because I am desperate to answer Mrs. Somebody.
Mba nu!(Not at all!)


bumight said...

FIRST again!!!
lemme go read!

bumight said...

actually I dont know which one is more annoying: your cousin or your clients! jeez!
abeg take your time, and dont lower your standards(as long as they are reasonable) for any tom, dick and harry that comes along...If you rush into an unhappy marriage they all wont be there...

bumight said...

seeing as I was first and second, why can't I also be third?
going for the bronze medal...

s.chic said...

eyaaa...i know what it feels next week, i'm going to have two of my mother's sisters, my father, and 2 other uncles all in the same house...i'm dreading the topic...infact i'm working on bringing some guy friend to come and front as my man because it's going to be torture!!!lol...

btw, i think the colors of the aso-ebi complimented the style,it was beautiful... that's y you got all those

darkelcee said...

sorry babes

i'm sure once you are married too you will join the league of women terrorizing small chics about town. lolll

nice weekend

Andy said...

Hey Princesa, can I borrow ur laptop?
And that project deadline is Mar 2009 oooh, or else.....
This is fun...make I run before she vex!

Charizard said...

I lost ma baby laptop cuz I didnt listen to ma convictions...

Abau the marriage stuvz abeg take ur time abeg...its not as if its alll of them that are gbadunlessing their marriages...abeg dont be moved by alll that....ur tym will come and it will come goood...

Obi said...

Mr. right is still out there..I guess...

LG said...

princess pls borrow me ur laptop, i promise i ll remember to shut down wen am
(Thank God u can still use it)

*Dis marriage thing dey cause wahala for person o,no mind dem jare, wen ur OWN go come, no be person go tell dem, nothing do u!!!

*princess u be butter or pako?
inshort follow me.....

Simi Speaks said...

abeg dont mind them o jare. when u get married now, they will start asking about the 1st child (only 3 months grace period o). after the 1st, then it is - when is the 2nd? etc..

it never ends. Do u, hon!

great pics btw.

Abbie said...

How come your laptop doesn't have built in speakers? And when you close your laptop, it automatically puts it in hybernate mode, you don't have to shut it down completely especially if you are like me, going back online every 20 minutes. (I'm addicted to you guys' blogs lol)

Anyway. On the pressure thing, I'd advice you to brush it off, when they get tired they'll stop. Works with my family.

diary of a G said...

awwwwwwwwww shucks! Those Guys in the office got ya mannn. I feel u tho its funny and not funny at the same time.

expectations expectations
tell em let our princess be o.

Afrobabe said...

Babe, believe me this how far question is coming up left, right and centre...

You should have told that ur cousin that u will marry at the same age she did...mchheeeewww.

cally-waffybabe said...

I feel like slapping your cousin!!! *hiss*

meanwhile check that out babe. some crazy shit. lol.

i'm off to check out your bro's wedding pics now.



Rinsola said...

These wedding questions could be tough on ladies, but next time anyone does ask u when you'ld be getting married, Please give them this answer "It's a secret i'm keeping till the IV's are out". I still haven't recieved that outfit u wore at ur brothers' wedding o.

princesa said...

@bumight, you are on a roll these days. Afro has nothing on you babes,lol!
@s.chic, I don’t even want to be in ur shoes. I can imagine all the pressure…what single girls like us have to face, e no easy at all!
@darkelcee, I don’t think so o…I know what it feels like so I wont want to put someone else through that stress.
@andy, you silly doc! No let me catch you o, that said, I don’t mind that Mar 2009 deadline o, I ope I find ‘the one’by then jare, me sef want them lovely babies,lol!
@lg, lol! I no know where I fall into o, some peeps think am butter, others think am a razz babe. I guess I am a butterazz babe,lol!
@simi, thanks dear. You are right jare, people always expect more from you.
@abbie dear, my lappie has got in-built speakers, but I meant my office desktop system speakers. I am not sure if windows vista is programmed to function that way when the laptop’s lid is closed. So what could have caused my laptop’s problem then if it wasn’t cos he closed the lid without shutting down?
@DOG, let them hear you dawg!
@afrobabe, lol! That’s not my portion abeg! That would have bean the perfect reply tho. How are u love?
@cally,lol @ slapping my coz. Will check out the site later dear.
@rinsola, lol@ that cute response. You mean you havnt gotten the parcel I sent yet?? Am calling fedex asap!lol!

princesa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
princesa said...

@charizard, thanks dude. I dey branch ur side soon.
@obi,i guess so too.

Free-flowing Florida said...

my pple say 'wen a person wakes up, na dat be him morning'. pple marry at 12 (my colleague's wife o), @ 18 (my mom), @ 21 (my sister), @ 27 (probably me), @ 40 (an aunt of mine)! So, it really doesn't matter wen. If it happens, it happens. If it doesn't, den so be it. Nobody should detect 4 another person when their own time is. besides, it's not all married pple dat r happy.

u try sef 4 dat ur colleague. if na me, wetin! after d first 'i don't know', d kain rake i for rake am eh, e no fit get liver make d 2nd request.

Free-flowing Florida said...

& u've been tagged

Onome said...

u've been tagged(i'll be back:-p)

Onome said...

ok am back..silly me dint notice florida's already tagged u(lol)....ok now i totally agree with ur decision....its not how fast but how well....God dey ur back...ur office guys and co were jes messin with u dont take it too hard aiight:)

Aphrodite said...

Eh ya...
I so feel you babe.
We are in kinda similar shoes.

No worry, ur husband is on the way,lol.

Naija Chickito said...

Don't mind all them over sabi people. Which one be dem own? If you marry just for the sake of it, will they follow you inside?

As for the cousin, what a very short memory she seems to have! Amazing how we human beings are.

anonymous gal said...

pressure from both sides. pele dear.mind not pple

Aijay said...

Lol @ ‘officially off the shelf’ They r so not serious...

But Princesa, go and marry na. Throats are getting 'drier' and 'drier' everyday. lol...

On a serious note, I know how annoying all that pressure gets. Just ignore them. What happened to God's time being the best???

LG said...

madam princess, i still dey wait for u for my bunk, lol

*how ur wkend?*

princesa said...

@flo, lol! I agree with that adage jare. Na when person wake up be im morning.
Tag me ke? Anyway, I love tags, I ope this one wont be brain racking o

@onome, thanks babe, I am not taking them seriously. Tagged again??

@aphrodite, been a while girl! Will look u up soon.

@naija chickito, my take exactly! Her memory is indeed short.

@anonymousgal, thanks dearie.

@aijay, lol1 You are not serious dis babe. You and ur Mr should wet our throats quickly or…..God’s time is still the best my sister.

princesa said...

@lg, i dey come o, no vex my sister!

NikkiSab said...

Ignore dem. Our society has d bad habit of deafning pple wit dat question (so irritating). Marriage is not a project wit deadline, its not a contract nor a job. Wen ur heart feels d man u r with is d right one den take d step. Pardon our belief system here ok. Age is not d determinent of how wonderful a marriage will be.

wellsbaba said...

i have so missed you!

Mrs Somebody said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Olamild said...

Don't mind them jare
Take your time o

How have u been though?

Afrobabe said...

am good jare...we finally got somw summer this weekend...

Writefreak said...

Ha ha na wa for our people here and pressurising people about marriage and other issues! Please don't mind them o...when the right man comes along, you will know and no one will beg you to get married...

'Who knows sef if the man is around' cheers

Today's ranting said...

wow! na wa ooo. You are taking ur time and thats the most important thing. I feel they are concerned but it could be annoying you know.Take care babes.

Mommy said...

Hey Sweet heart! Missed Me? I dreamt I was just apologising to you for you know what. More excuses I'd rather not get into. How have you been? I'll go check out those wedding pictures ASAP. As 'Simi speaks' said...just don't mind them 'cos after the marriage pressure would come the baby pressure then the children pressure. Someone I had not spoken to or seen in two years called me exactly when I was seven months into my marriage to see how far. I was so pissed I just cut the line and deleted her number. Then I had my baby and they are asking me when number two would arrive. You can never satisfy anybody's curiosity so don't let them pressure you. Take care babes! Muah!

Sherri said...

enjoy ur singlehood jare,
anything worth doing is worth doing right.

ur correct bobo is looking for u

how u dey?

Jinta said...

your speakers went and you sent your lappie to the same butcher? ok, i dont have any sympathy for you

wellsbaba said...

AUNTIE PRINCESA go n marry!!! mind me jare take ur time its not ow far but ow well some pple jst dey rush into marriage dem go rush out again....anywais i have tagged you(check my new post) so u hav to list ur 6quirks

Smaragd said...

BUMIGHT, na wa o! u are just firsting everywhere, are u always by ur laptop ni?*green with envy*

Princessa mia, dont mind all these *get married* people o, they've been on my case too since my bro got married and i'll be clocking 25 in a few *long hiss and eyeing no one in particular up and down* when the right person comes, u'll get marrried, tell 'em as much.

as per ur lappie, good for u! how can u do that to urslf? u know we are practically family cuz we are in thesame industry and only girls with 3 bros in our respective families, "dont ever let that guy anywhere anything that belongs to u again", u hear me? lol

okay dont mind my long talk, i like to establish what i have in common wiv pple i like, it's a quirk!lol

eagerly awaiting ur quirks babe... toodles!

princesa said...

@nikkisab, i want do like u do but like u said, its not a project with a deadline.It has to be with the right person.

@wellsbaba, i have missed you too dude.

@olamild, i have been well dear. You?

@afro, alleluya. Got ur msg. thanks love.

@writefreak, thanks dear. Been a while sha. will drop by.

@today's ranting, yea it could be annoying really.

@mommy, did i miss you?!!!
I was almost going out of my mind darling!
Will holla soon. I never forget that our arrangement o.

@sherri, is he? he better hurry up cos i don tire to wait o.

@jinta, haba...that was harsh dude!

@wellsbaba, lol! again?? This quirk thing na wa o...just spreading like wildfire round blogville.

@smaragd, my u dey jare?
I have told the guy not to ask me for anything again and i dont mind that ur quirk at all.
Will get round to mine as soon as i find the time.

ejura said...

lol @ mba nu. Don't mind em jo. I hung out with some old sods yesterday and one had the audacity to say: the beauty of a woman is a man in her life. Without a man her beauty is useless.

I rose to the defense of all women in the world but they outtalked me.

Have fun jo.

But Princesa when are you getting married now? LoL. Abeg no vex oh!

Tha BossMack TopSoil said...

Good Post babygurl ;-)

Uzezi said...

take ur time dearie,

Jaybabe said... need to rush oo! Just take your time.
With me, it was my mum first bugging me, now its the kids! Can you imagine?

You shud have squashed that guy who messed your machine. Princessa, why du always leave these people who make your life miserable? Remember how you also left Desperate C? I still hate that girl you know? You shud have bust open that guy's balls for doing that. Computers are delicate you know? Dont ever lend it to anyone abeg...

How you doing babe?

exschoolnerd said...

princesa dearie, i know i havent been here as much as i want to..and am sorry bout that..lots of reasons why i dont comment that often..hope u r good.

i understand how annoying it might be but dont be pressurized to do anything in a hurry...the worst thing to do is to rush into something because of what people are saying..take ur time...and it will happen like it should okay?

Just pray!

Calabar Gal said...

LOL!! Princessa Tell them!