Friday, June 1, 2007

N10 is plus more hardship!

Last Sunday, my mum had returned from church to tell me that she bought fuel for N75 per litre at the petrol station as against the normal N65 on her way back. I had thought that probably it was because of the artificial scarcity (The petrol stations were hoarding fuel) over the weekend and that by Monday it would have returned to normal. I was proved wrong as all the stations I passed on my way to the office had N75 boldly displayed on the price boards.

I could only shake my head as I pondered on the situation : Which kain country be dis abeg? How can they increase fuel pump price by N10 just like that without any warning?? How do they want the common masses to cope??? Why did Obasanjo decide to do this just when he was about leaving???? These questions ran through my mind.

Just last week, the federal government had increased VAT (value added tax) from 5% to 10%. We were just trying to come to terms with that and next thing, WHAM! this increase in fuel price.
The VAT we pay is supposed to be used for the development of the country and to better the life of the people by providing them basic necessities of life like water, food, electricity good roads e.t.c, Is this too much to ask for?? Unfortunately the reverse is the case in Naija. The VAT goes into the pockets of some greedy, wicked few while the people that pay this VAT continue to suffer. Now tell me, what is the justification for the increment in VAT???
The government has given its own reasons: “Some other African countries like Ghana are paying more than 5% VAT bla bla bla “. And so what? Are they not better off than we are? I mean I don’t have issues if we pay 10% and they use the money to affect the lives of the people positively but no they wont do this, yet they talk about other countries. Does Ghana not enjoy steady electricity?? Can we boast of having power supply for up to 5 hours in a day in this country??? The roads nko? God! That one is another story.

The painful thing is that this increase in fuel prices is going to affect a lot of things, that’s if it hasn’t already. Transportation cost will rise because the bus driver will pay more for petrol, Consumer goods and food prices will go up because the market woman will pay more to transport the foodstuff to the market. The purchasing power of the poor masses will decrease since nobody is increasing their income. Dat one no be suffer on top suffer??? MTN has already started subscribers a text message saying they are increasing call rates cos of the VAT increase, who know what will be increased next.

U see now why that +N10 is plus more hardship on Nigerians whose backs are already bent to breaking point by the callous people we have been unfortunate to have as leaders.

As we usher in a new dispensation, I pray that we shall soon begin to sing a new song. People are already calling on Yar’adua to revert to the old fuel pump price. If he is a wise man, he will do this as it will endear him to the hearts of Nigerians and win him lots of goodwill but if he will rather be greedy and uncaring then na him sabi, anything he gets, let him take.
Naija people are survivors and we will definitely survive this one by God’s grace. Amen!


Ugo Daniels said...

I never liked Obj for one day. His so-called economic reforms are all wack and dust! I guess, like someone mentioned, dats his parting gift to us-The Greek Gift...Rubbish

Yaradua am afraid can only do according to the wishes of grand master.Baba himself. After all, you can't teach an old dog new tricks or can you?

Sparkle said...

God save us all

diary of a G said...

princess the same thing thats happening in Naija Is Happening in Canada(gas prices) and I wouldn't doubt across the whole world too

The Govs & politicians can't do much....(well too fast anyways)

I don't care what nobody says
if they drop the taxes(vat)to 1%
than they are gonna raise the gas(as yawl say petrol) price by 4%

If they development new roads
than transportation cost goes up

they can only do so much
and balance the book at the same time

I recognize the importance of politics

and believe some politicians are good at heart
I wouldn't count on politicians too much
lord knows even if you're a politician out for good
you still have to do things according to international laws

the system is design to keep people
burdened by working not to make us all wealthy

Maybe am wrong but that seems to be the cycle of things

I once followed Canadian politics
for a year
like every thing else got bored
and lost interest

the best thing to do is probably
become a politician and pocket some money yourself (lol)

I know my kids are becoming politicians or lawyers
I know its a booming business
tough getting in though

have a nice weekend

am a add you to ma bloggers I could stand list

chidi said...

like i keep saying "nigeria jagaja, everything scatter scatter". the poor people are suffering like hell. Its not fair. Because the people in government have so much money dosne't mean other people do

The Pseudo-Independent said...

I do not intend to criticise my leaders at this stage however just wanted to say it will be a bit difficult to keep away from you guys. I love you all so much. Hence, going by the general consensus Ill be around for much longer although ill be heading to Nigeria in a week. God bless and hope you have a great week.

btw: i think the problem (corruption etc which is the basis of the problem that runs across all sectors from the power [electricity] sector to transportation etc) in Nigeria was brought about by foreign and military intervention in Nigerias politics. I think we should not give up that hope. We are getting there.

Anonymous said...

men..another fuel increase...lets pray 4 9ja

Everyone Loves a Naija Girl said...

I hope that Yar'adua makes a big difference for the country. Only time will tell.

Ugo Daniels said...

Hey babes, wats jeeping yu from updating nah 'Ugo sulkily walks away'

Anonymous said...

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princess said...

Thanks every one for your comments. I love you all, Mwuah!

@Ugodaniels, sorry dear, my internet has been acting up thats why i havnt updated yet.

@diary of a G, thanks for adding me to ur list.

@Chidi, nne how body?

@pseudo, u coming to Naija?? Na im make u want do MIA for sometime?

@Pink-satin, am checking out ur page this minute, i think i might be interested.

Diva-sta said...

My hopes are steadily decreasing 4 nigeria *sighs* nice blog btwx

princess said...

@diva-sta, thanks for dropping by. Plzz dont give up on our dear Naija o! E go beta.

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diary of a G said...


chidi said...

Princess UPDATE now!!!!! haba???

princess said...

@diary of a g, U are the man!

@Chidi, babe abeg no vex na my internet dey cause am o! Am actually using a friend's pc to check my mails now. Hope to fix it soon.