Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Crazy Internet!!

Guys! My internet is driving me crazy!! Havnt been able to do lots of stuff, even the blogville Idols thingy. Hope to get it fixed soon so i can catch up with some of the latest gists in Blogville.

Ps: Posting this from a friend's pc and them don dey chase me comot o! (Borrow pose no good).


Ugo Daniels said...

Don't worry my dear. It shall be well..9ja na waoo!

azuka said...

That same internet? You don suffer sha. Who's the provider?

princess said...

@Ugo daniels, Yes o! Naija na wa but dont we still love her??

@Azuka, nice to have u back. found out my ISP was not the problem, it was from my PC but its fixed now(I hope so).

diary of a G said...

I knew something wasn't right
I missed ya girl
and U've missed so much
I wish you had a voice comment recorder on your blog
I would have fulled your mail box
look out for your name in my next
You Too Ugo D and others

girl ever time I look at your pix
my heart skips a beat


princess said...

@diary of a G, I missed u too dear. Ur comments gladden my heart. Thanks for hailing me in ur song. Will put up the voice recorder soon.

TaureanMinx said...

Goodluck with the internet provider!