Wednesday, November 19, 2008

So I am an honest blogger...

I got this in my Inbox this morning.

Very important piece of Info for married couples and people in serious relationships.

It spoke to me, I hope it does to you too.

Check it out!

Cultivating a Beautiful Marriage

Micca Monda Campbell

Have you ever secretly compared your husband to another man or your wife to another woman? Perhaps you've wished they were more thoughtful, spiritual, or a better dresser like "so-and-so."
If so, let me reassure you. The grass is not greener on the other side. Trust me. That man you've got your eye on doesn't clip his toenails either. Nor does that woman rub her man's feet while feeding him grapes after a long day of work.
Your spouse and mine are the people we fell in love with. No, they're not perfect. Maybe all they need is a bit of tender loving care. Instead of comparing and complaining about our partner's shortcomings, you and I should try nurturing our mates lovingly in the area they need most. We might be surprised by the results.
I heard an encouraging story about an attractive millionaire who married an ordinary woman. The marriage instantly became the talk of the town.
"Why would he marry her when he could have any woman he wanted?" The people whispered among themselves. "It won't last. She's just no good enough for him."
The man took the ordinary woman away for six months on an exotic honeymoon. When he returned, there appeared to be another woman on his arm. She walked with confidence and poise. The countenance of her face glowed with beauty.
"Now that's the kind of woman a handsome man should be with," announced the town's biggest loud mouth.
As the happy couple causally strolled past the gossipmonger, she got a closer look. To her surprise, it wasn't someone new holding the gentlemen's arm at all. It was the average woman he had married months ago--completely transformed!
The wise millionaire had taken his common bride away and nurtured her inward beauty. He lovingly spoke positive and encouraging words to her day and night until she believed she was beautiful. The once ordinary woman now carries herself with confidence and exudes the exquisiteness that her husband saw in her all along.
His secret, you ask? He took time to care for and fertilize her confidence until she grew into the grandeur display she was always meant to be.
You and I shouldn't dream about taking off our shoes and walking around on the neighbors' grass. Instead, we should try fertilizing our own yard. We might be surprised how it blossoms into a thing of beauty.

Dear Lord, Thank you for my mate. Protect my thoughts and help me to see them as I once did. I'm not perfect either. I don't want to judge my spouse. Instead, I want to encourage them to be all they can be. Today, I will put away any discontentment, any anger, and any lustful thoughts toward another, and work at building a beautiful relationship that brings joy to our marriage and glory to Your Name, Amen.

Some time ago, 30+ gave me an award- CERTIFIED HONEST BLOGGER.

Thanks for the award babes. It feels good to learn that someone thinks my blog is honest enough to earn an award. É se ooo...
So i'm supposed to pass the award to seven other bloggers who i think are honest bloggers. Here goes...

Diary of a G

Castle Queen

So guys, the rule is this- pass on the award to seven other bloggers, you hear? E..hen!



While others were deliberating on energy and power, they were sleeping.
While others were deliberating on economic development, they were sleeping.
While others deliberated on food security, they were asleep.
When they fixed interest rate on debtor's (African) loans, our leaders were asleep.
While others deliberated on conflict resolution through dialogue our representatives were already snoring.

They only woke up, to support motion for adjournment and signed the communiqué.
Of course!, they need rest, they worked tirelessly back home clamping down their opponents and critics. They had spent the previous night strategising on the next move to subdue their opponents.

Back home airports were closed 2hrs before their arrival, motor-ways were blocked 1hr ahead, Armed Policemen stood guard 8hrs before arrival. Rented crowd clamoured under sun to cheer them up.


I got the above in my mail too and if it's true then its a BIG shame, the kind of leaders we have in Africa!

Lastly, afronuts asked to see some more animal pics from the Zoo in Abidjan.


LG said...


LG said...

loll@the summit
prisco wen SSSSS come begin find u' no cal me o :p

*o'lu kwanu??

darkelcee said...

that piece on our partners struck a chord! hmmmm very insightful. God help us all.

i honestly hope that picture on leaders snoring people's future away aint true! nonsense and ingredient!

that second picture na goat or wetin? isi-ewu!

Allied said...

OMG!!! i seriously hope that picture is not hoax. OMG! i cant even imagine, why are our leaders like this?

princesa said...

@LG,lol! I must call you o. No be you send me??? No come deny me now o,lol!

@darkel, lol! I think its supposed to be a buffalo. Not sure sha...

@allied, lol! I hope so too.

Temite said...
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Temite said...

You very honest o. And that is such a creepy looking snake. Its really disturbing to see that this are the Men leading us. Uhmm!

Naija Idol said...

chai. c leaders dey sleep o. after them don chop amala for morning.

diary of a G said...

Hey P. I was readin your Blog at work on my phone but I was unable to comment cos I needed an upgraded application.

And Since We're being Honest and me take this chance to tell why I haven't been blogging....laziness when I get home basically.

I thot my Phone had When I saw my name. I know Its been a while but HONESTLY I aint forgotten non of my blogger Friends dem

Great Post As usual. It brought me back to how you always find those uplifting stories to remind us of what matters most.

U and I deserve the Award.HONESTLY. Thank you and 30+. In due time I'll be sure a abide by the rules and list my honorable 6

Sorry for Robbing your comment space up. Honestly

FFF said...

ewwwwwwwww @ d snake! i hate snakes. in fact, i hate all crawling animals. all of dem, no exception. but cockroach has got 2 b my very worst!

good advise there above. am going 2 drum it into my ears until it becomes a part of me.

musco said...

d partners stuff was touching.

am i smelling wedding bells somewhere?

d pic on our leaders is food for thought for us all!

Aphrodite said...

Nice stuff about couples.
Am not in any relationship now but the lessons are noted.

Our leaders don't dissappoint,lol...

azuka said...

Congrats on the award.

badderchic said...

Congrats on the award

that picture of the Mugabe sleeping? embarrassing. like femi I sorry sorry o!

you this gal you enjoi for seme wey you go o! lol me too wan go!

Im not in a relationship...yet but I go keep the write up in mind. lol

mwah gal!

Jinta said...

many a being have been deceived by the apparent green colour of the grass on the other side

joicee said...

hahahahaha!!!! See his royal highness Dictator Mugabe sleeping!!! Chai

InCogNaija said...

people always make that mistake of thinking the grass is greener on the other side...more often than not, na leg over. you go leave your 80% chick or man for that 20% babe or dude, guess jonz!!
lets give those african leaders the benefit of the doubt, might just be that they are listening very attentively and since they are listening to an interpreter, they really dont have to look up. sometimes, closing your eyes help you hear whats coming out of ur earphones well doesnt it? abi? just maybe...or they could actually be doofuses!! lmao!

Vera Ezimora said...

The picture of our leaders!!

Oh my God, that snake!!! Is that a boar?? Dat thing fit chop pesin o!

That piece on marriage is beaurriful.

Ms. emmotions said...

hello prisca....princesa i mean,

how hav u been gal?

preparin for xmas?

new year?

.....i ve been 'hatin' after seein those fun-filled abijan pix of urs, why cant i just have a vac????



princesa said...

@temite, yes i am an honest girl,lol!
@naijaidol, lol! na u give them amala chop?
@DOG, nice to read from you agin dude. Missed ya.
@FFF,lol! So you hate cockroaches more than snakes??
@musco,lol@you smelling wedding bells. I thot they were heard not smelt,lol! Anyway, no comments.
@aphro,yes o they dont at all. Ope you are good darl?
@azuka,thanks.Longest time, no hu!
@badder,mwah too! E don tay o...Na who go Seme? take time o,lol!
@joicee,imagine the concobility! No wonder the inflation rate in Zimbabwe.
@incog, lol@ur interpretation. Listening attentively Ko...
@vera, Boa? i no know o but it was quite huge. Na whole chicken the thing dey chop for breakfast.

princesa said...

@ms. emmotions,lol!
thats the idea, to make all of you jealous. I see I suceeded,lol!

So you finally graced us with your presence? Welcome back.

Uzezi said...

the grass is not always greener on the other side. yes.

ejura said...

Princesa!!!!! Long time! and yes, you got it, i really have been too busy and tired to blog. Sumtimes I phantom around but start yawning when I want to leave a comment. My body is still trying to adjust to the demands of the banking sector. Gurl, did you travel to abidjan? Why didn't u take me with u?! And me I want to get award for honest blogger too! Pwetty please! Odawise, I'd leave blogville and never come back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


congrats on the award!

Those leaders sleeping appear to be Mugabe and the Zimbabwean congregation at a UN GA meeting. lol!

I wish I could see pics like this on Nigeria's congregation, would be funny. lol!

Debbie said...

Hmm! Sad to see leaders sleeping instead of getting down to real business.

Buttercup said...

Its human nature to compare n wonder why we cant have what is on the other side. Thanx for sharin!

Congrats on ur award!

Lol @ the leaders! It honestly isnt funny tho..

doll said...

amen o! am praying dat prayer rite now

NikkiSab said...

I like dis piece on couple. Me n oga go read am.

shalewa said...

e be like say incognaija don overwatch and over rehearse the lines from the movie "why did i get married?" as in the 8o% 20% thing.nwayz,i don jot down all the points.i'm a very efficient that last picture a snake.geeeez.i hate snakes.very horrible animal.the same animal that caused man's fall.babe,u fo no put the i keep thinking there's one under my table.

Andy said...

Hey Princesa, thanks for the award.......I haven't done what you told us to. Will do that very soon.
That guy is sleeping when the average Zimbabwean cannot even buy a loaf of bread..See life ooo!

Afronuts said...

Haa! thanks for finally posting the animals!

Are those ruminants goats? They look midget cows, lol

Thanks for the write-up on couples and relationships...I hope others learn and apply whats in it like i did

Afronuts said...

Oh, and you might want to delete ur blogrush widget. They've finally shut down operations and are no longer functional.

Thats why u'll notice its disappeared.

princesa said...

@uzezi, abi o!
@ejura, hey love. Missed you o! Oya i hereby dash you the award too. I still want to see ur pretty face in blogville. Take it easy with teh work sha.
@SOLOD, yes it would and not,lol!
@debbie, really sad.
@buttercup, thanks sweets
@doll, AMEN too
@nikkisab, and make una practice am too.
@shally, eh ya...pele my dear. Oya start binding and casting sharpish,lol!
@andy, yes see life. Oya get down to the work i send you...
@afronuts, ruminant goast ke? I thot they were some kind of important rare breed animals o,lol! Thanks for the info on blogrush.

princekay123 said...

Your marriage post is very inspiring...

So our leader were busy snoring when European powers determined what happens in the world?

Good pix from the zoo. Your blog is super-cool!

Carolina deWitte said...

I just 'stumbled' upon your blog. I am an American (British ex-pat) with great curiosity of other countries and cultures. Your blog is so well-written and touching. And, it is obvious that Africa, at least your country, is little different from most. Our leaders often SEEM to sleep through most things of importance to the 'average' American. Maybe there aren't many pictures of them snoozing, but if they weren't then why haven't things changed for the better. We can only hope that our new President will wake up the rest of our leaders and make the changes we need. I was especially touched by the small essay on marriage. It has a message so true for us all. Why do so many begin 'daydreaming' about the 'perfect man' (or woman) right after we marry the one we hoped was perfect? The truth is that NONE of us is perfect. While it's true that we can't 'change' anyone, well, if he doesn't take care of his own toenails, why not give him a pedicure one evening? Don't nag him, just make it a treat that he'll enjoy. And then, not only will he have nicely trimmed nails, he will be inspired to do something nice for you in return. I am, of course, only using the 'toenail' thing as an example. We all need to learn to be more giving, and in return we will 'get'. There are so many ways to inspire each other, and let go of the nagging and 'daydreaming'. I think what goes for our personal relationships goes for our relationship to the world at large. If we all practised this 'give and take' with everyone, how nice and peaceful our world could be.

Sorry I took up so much room in your comment section. I can't wait to read the rest of your blog, and I will try to refrain myself from many more comments, especially long ones.

Peace and Love

Dee! said...

The prayer in the post on "cultivating a beautiful marriage is very apt."

Congratulations on your award!

princesa said...

@carolinadewitte, what a long comment there! Appreciate it tho. Thanks for dropping by.
@Dee! Thanks.