Monday, November 10, 2008


I hadn’t planned to travel to Abidjan. The plan was- take a one week trip to Ghana with a friend. The friend I was supposed to go with backed out at the last minute and I was faced with two choices-go on alone to Ghana and hope to have fun or accept another friend’s invite to Abidjan and be assured that I would definitely have loads of fun. Of course I went for the latter option, if na you nko?

So on Wednesday, 29th October, off I went to Abidjan, Cote d’ivoire.

The flight was okay except for some mild travel sickness. Unfortunately I am one of those people who suffer from that condition-Nausea and discomfort while traveling especially long distance(road) and air travel(even if it’s a 5 mins flight).

The plane had to do a stopover at Ghana so the flight took longer than usual, finally we arrived Abidjan in one piece. At the Immigrations inspection point, there was this hard faced immigrations officer checking passports. He would glance at the passports and either wave you on or ask you to step to the side. I was last in line cos I had taken my time to get down from the plane after everyone else since I was still feeling woozy and nauseous after the flight. When he got to my turn, hard faced immigration guy took one glance at the passport and waved me to the side where a group of about seven guys were already waiting. I was surprised, Imagine! Fine babe no pimples like me na im this man dey ask to wait behind ke? Oya make we dey see wetin go happen. The worst part be say if it comes to speaking french once e don pass Je m’appelle Princesa and Je suis Nigeriané, make dem just forget me o!

Fortunately, at the same moment when the immigration guy asked us to follow him, this guy surfaces from nowhere and walks up to me, “Princesa?” I nodded. He introduced himself to me in English. He worked in the airport and my friend had asked him to assist me through the customs processes cos he knew how difficult the guys could get at times. I was relieved to say the least and I asked him where we were been taken to cos by now we were been led away by the immigrations officers. He informed me that we were going to be searched and the guys were Anti-Drug officers. I asked him if I looked like a drug pusher. The guy chuckled and reassured me that it was just protocol and we would be out of there in no time.

The hard faced rummaged through my bag as if he kept something in there. In my mind, I was thinking “You go soon see the thing wey go make you blind, dey search well well” Maybe he could read my mind cos it didn’t take too long before he zipped my bag close and handed it back to me.

Outside the arrival lounge, my friend K was waiting. On our drive home, I noticed the city was clean, the roads were okay, definitely not as bad as ours here in Naija. The traffic was light and soon we were in Riviera where my friend lived.
When we got home, there was a full house waiting to receive the visitor from Nigeria. His sister-in-law had prepared a sumptuous dish of Jellof rice, Coleslaw and beef which I dug into after my shower.
I was exhausted from my trip so I hit the bed straightaway after eating.

DAY 2.
I woke up quite early. This may have been due to the fact that I had gone to bed early the previous day or maybe it was cos I was used to waking up early to go to work. Then again, it could have been because of the one-hour time difference(Nigeria is one hour ahead of Abidjan). Whatever the reason was, I was up and everyone else was still sleeping so I went to wake up my host but I got “Girl, go back to sleep okay…it’s still too early”

So although I was impatient to discover the city of Abidjan, I had to patiently wait for the others to get up so I sat in bed watching the latest on my adopted brother Barack Obama and the US elections on CNN.

Soon everyone was up and we had breakfast and I got to ready to start my tour of the city. Thankfully my host is self-employed so he didn’t have to report to the office. We are accompanied by his sister-in-law, Chy who only recently moved to Abidjan from Nigeria and hasn’t been around very much.

At the point, let me inform you guys that unlike Lagos, Abidjan is not a very large City. It comprises of these main areas- COCODY, DEUX PLATEAUX, MARCORY, PLATEAU, RIVIERA, TREICHVILLE, ZONE 3, ZONE 4/BIETRY, ADJAME, PORT BOUET.

Our first stop was SOCOCE (pronounced SA-KO-ZAY). SOCOCE is a shopping mall located in Deux Plateaux (pronounced Day-Platoo) The shopping malls are called Galleria/Gallery by the locals. I learn from my friends that Abidjan peeps love the Galleries a lot and most of their shopping are done in the malls.

So we snoop around the malls. My sparse knowledge of French comes into play here as the number one french phrase I remember from my secondary school days is “Combien?”(meaning How much?) When the shop owners rattle off in French, I quickly go “Je ne comprend pas…Tu parle anglais?” (meaning I don’t understand…do you speak English) Almost always, I get a shake of the head and the reply “Non, Un peu…un peu” (“No, small…small”). At this point I let K or Chy his sis-in-law take over the conversation. Am surprised at how fast Chy has been able to pick up the language in the short while she has been in Abidjan. She almost rattles off as well as the Ivoriens.

We buy a few things at the sports shop, have lunch at a restaurant in the mall then head over to CAP SUD, another gallery located in Zone 4(Quatre).
We basically do the same things here, snoop around the malls, buy some stuff, and take photographs.

Then we drive around the city for a while before heading back home so as to beat the evening traffic.

This morning, it rained but I wasn’t deterred. No rain was going to stop me from traipsing round the city. Soon though, the rain faded to a light drizzle and once again we took off, this time me, my host, K and a friend of his.
We drove round the city, had lunch at a fast food place-Castle Fried Chicken in Zone 4/BIETRY.

Then we went to PRIMA, another Gallerie in Zone 4. Snooped round the shops, bought some stuff. Things are really expensive in Abidjan, anytime I asked for the amount of something and was told the cost in CFA(their local currency), I did the conversion to Naira in my head and I came to the conclusion that their stuffs were more expensive than in Nigeria. The exchange rate is N1 to 4CFA. The average cost of a good quality top in Abidjan is about 30,000CFA which is around N7,500.

After PRIMA, we headed to SORIRE D’ANGE, a lingerie shop located in Plateaux. The owner of the shop is a friend of K’s and he had talked so much about her that I decided to check out her stuff. I didn’t find anything I liked there or rather the costs were just simply outrageous. Even when K offered to pay I just wouldn’t allow him waste his money like that. I couldn’t imagine paying 50,000CFA for a Brassiere, when no be gold them take make the bra!lol!

We got back on the road, cruising around. I bought some Bole(roasted plantain) on the road. Did I mention that this is a very popular in Abidjan? I saw many Bole Sellers all over the place and I learnt from my friends that Ivoriens love Plantains and they eat a lot of it from fried plantains to plantain chips to roasted plantain to boiled plantains to pounded plantain, just name it!
And plantains are so so cheap over there! If I lived in Abidjan, I would eat plantain every day, oh yes I am a plantain lover!

The last place we visited was the Phone Village. It is similar to our own computer village in Lagos except that it is much smaller. Do I need to tell you that the prices were also crazy! Almost twice the cost of what the phones were going for in Naija. I couldn’t understand why they were that expensive.

Food stuffs and locally manufactured stuff in Abidjan are relatively cheap compared to Naija but imported goods like clothing, accessories, phones, computers are really expensive. K explained that the Taxes paid on the imported goods are very high which is why they are that expensive.

Today, I went out with K and Chy. We parked our car somewhere in Plateaux and decided to walk. It was fun.
We saw some really nice artworks displayed on the road. Haggled with the sellers, not like we really wanted to buy but we just wanted to know how much they were going for.
We took some photographs around the city then headed to BLOCKHAUSS. This was the area where the real indigenes of Abidjan lived, you know like the Isale Eko peeps of Lagos Island.
We went to this popular local joint where they serve seafoods(crabs, snails, Fish). At first I was apprehensive cos of the setting but I really enjoyed the meal. The snail was amazing.
The roasted fish and Acheké too was something else. Acheke(couscous) is to the Ivorian what Garri is the the Nigerian. I learnt that everywhere they go, their Acheké goes with them,lol!

We went to talk to the women preparing the meal and they were very warm and friendly, I even helped turn the Acheké on Fire. The women found it very funny.

From there we headed to Hotel Ivoire in Cocody. The biggest hotel in Cote d’Ivoire. I
It is a Five Star hotel although it has lost some of its shine due to poor maintenance. We looked round the hotel, had some drinks, took some photos and headed back home.

Day 5
Today we packed up our stuff and headed for the beach-GRAND BASSAM beach. We spent practically the whole day on the beach having fun, playing, eating and just generally lazing under the sun.

Later at night we went clubbing. Visited different clubs and finally settled at a strip club, yea, you heard right, A STRIP CLUB and No! I don’t have an addiction for strip clubs yet,lol! Just that after my first strip club experience in Naija, I was curious to see how things were ran there in Abidjan.
There weren’t many people at the strip club which was surprising to me cos the last one I visited in Nigeria was very rowdy and jam-packed. K informed me that Abidjan people were tired of the strip clubs and it wasn’t a big deal to them anymore which was why the place was almost empty.
The owner of the club was a friend to K and he offered to ask one of the girls to give me a complimentary lap dance on the house. I didn’t see no harm in it so I accepted. Next thing I knew about five almost nude girls swamped me, one of them pushing her arse in my face, the other dragged my hand to her boobs. The one dancing suddenly reached for my top to pull it down, na then I know say wahala don land. No be person tell me to take cover. Chy laughed at me “Shey na u want lap dance, oya why you dey run now?”
I replied “Nne I wanted lap dance, I didn’t ask to be raped!”
At about 4am, we headed for home.

Day 6
Chy and I decided it was going to be a day for the girls and where else do the girls head to if not to the market to do some serious shopping. We headed to the Grandé Marche(Big market) in Adjame. The market reminded me of Oshodi market in Lagos.
I went with 100,000CFA which is about N25,000 and I planned to purchase some of the local fabric(Woodin) and I was pleasantly surprised to find that It was a lot cheaper than in Nigeria so I purchased quite a lot to give to family and friends when I get back to Nigeria. I also bought some lovely ivory beads and some local slippers.

We also planned to make soup for the house so we went to the food stuffs section. Again it was refreshing to find how cheap the foodstuffs were. We even bought 3 huge bunches of plantains for 600CFA(about N150). That would be impossible in Nigeria!

I also showed some of my razzness according to Chy. I didn’t think they were crazy. I was just having fun the best way I knew how even if it meant being called a razz babe,lol!
I drank Coconut juice by the roadside, bought some local roadside sharwarma,lol! It was actually roasted meat on sticks(somewhat like suya) and hard rock-like bread. I saw people queing up for it and I thought to myself, “This thing wey dem dey rush like this go sweet o”, lol! I ended up not liking it so much.

We also bought some fruits. There was this guy making fresh pineapple juice. You pick out a pineapple and he peels it and squeeze out the juice for you. I couldn’t wait for all that long process so I bought a bottle of already squeezed juice for 700CFA. I really enjoyed it when I drank it at home(Nooo, I didn’t drink it in the market, my razzness get level na,lol!)

After hours of shopping we headed home. We couldn’t do anymore touring that day cos we had to cook soup for the house.

Oh! I forgot to mention we took taxis for the first time. Abidjan taxis! Those people dey use better motor dey do taxi for there o and they charged us 1500CFA (About N350) which is quite cheap if you consider that they buy a litre of petrol for up to 800CFA (about N200).

Day 7
Today, we had a full tour team. K, K’s pal, T(K’s nephew), Chy and I.
We headed for the University De Cocody, Abidjan. The university was okay, nothing fantastic. We walked around, took some shots and left for PRIMA cos K had to fix his laptop there.
As usual, Chy and I went browsing the shops looking for deals but found none. We stopped for some ice-cream at some point too.

As soon as K was through, we left for home but stopped on the way for some Abidjan Suya. They don’t prepare their Suya like we do in Naija. The meat is boiled in a huge metal pot from which customers make their choice(liver, beef, Shaki, e.t.c). the meat is chopped into bits and served with pepper, tomatoes and onions. It tasted good though.

Day 8
I call this the Chinese day.
Left the house at about noon to a Chinese restaurant in Zone 4(Did I mention Zone 4 is the happening place in Abidjan?).
Enjoyed the meal-Rice and Fish in sauce.
After the meal we headed to a massage parlour, also in Zone 4 where I got the best massage I’ve ever gotten in my life from a Chinese Masseuse.
It was a very relaxing experience and all I wanted to do afterwards was just sleep but my friend K had other plans.
He wanted to buy me a gift at the Gallery. A new phone. He had yabbed my faithful Nokia 3110c which I love very much and felt a big girl like me needed a classy phone(his own words o!)
So I went along. Free thing dey sweet now,lol!
I chose a Nokia N95 but the price was crazy. Almost 50% more than the cost in Nokia Store, Nigeria so I opted to take the money in cash and purchase the phone when I get back in Naija. They graciously agreed.
We did a lil’more shop snooping and picture snapping before we finally left for home.
On our way out of the Galleria, I saw this awesome sight in the sky.
I just had to take a shot. Don't know what it was though.

Day 9
This was my last day in Abidjan. My flight back to Nigeria was scheduled for 7.45pm Abidjan time so I still had plenty time to look around. K decided to take me to the Zoo. Okay rather, I bullied him into taking me,lol!

The Zoo was fun. I saw animals I had only read of in books. Elephants, Lions, camels, Crocodiles, Panthers, Hyenas, Gorillas e.t.c.

From the Zoo, we went to Cocody market. I wanted to do some last minute shopping and K had assured me I would get lots of nice African print shirts, dresses and accessories to give out as gifts when I get back to Nigeria.

I wasn’t disappointed. I spent all the money I had on me in that market. Would have even bought more stuff if I had more money. Shopamaniac like me,lol!

Had to go back home to take a nap before heading to the airport.

At about 6pm, we left for the airport. I had mixed feelings; I was sad cos I had to leave but was also happy that I made the trip to Abidjan.
It was one wonderful experience I would never forget!


Yewande Atanda said...

Your hosts are nice people. I can see that u really had fun. I love the pictures, i am just feeling like taking another hols now. well, i'll think of my next holiday sha.

Judging by the pix, Abidjan is a tit place. I've only been to Ghana, Kenya and UK. May be i'll consider Abidjan next time i take my leave.

Have u learnt enough French now? Take care gal.

Yewande Atanda said...

I love the way u mixed the pix and the writeup. its a good one. i hope i'll get to this level of blogging someday.

u also look radiant.

LOL@lap dance. sure u had FUN!

onydchic said...

Wow... good for u. I've never evn left the country!!! I need to start travelling... excessive internet does not count as exposure!

princesa said...

@yewande, yea they were wonderful. Abodjan is a nice place to visit.Compact but tight. I added a few french words to my vocabulary,lol!

Glad u liked the write-up.

@Onydchic, you need to o!lol@excessive internet counting as exposure.

FFF said...

over-enjoyment! e dey do me like say make i b u! kai, wen dat chinese woman dey match u, u no feel her weight? u really have d time of ur life. great vacation, if u ask me

Buttercup said...

Wow that was very detailed...i'd love to experience other african countries too. Glad u had fun! U so pweety!

LG said...

enuffff enjoyment galore:-)
sooooooooooooo wen make i come collect my 'oha top??? :-)

LG said...

chaii' i jus remembaa.............

princesa said...

@I felt the chinese woman's weight o! I just dey chant mantra-No pain, No gain,lol!

@buttercup, thanks for the compliment gal.
@lg, u see urself?? Dey there dey ask for Oha top, ur mates dey ask for Woodin,lol!

bumight said...

wow! prisca, you don't disappoint. loved the pictures and Abidjan really looks cool.
oh, and i see you bought a lot of African prints as gifts, how do i get my own?

Ms. Catwalq said...

Don't i envy you your leisure...i do need a vacation indeed.

Yewande Atanda said...

u making me feel like traveling out of this hellish cubicle in Victoria Island...

exschoolnerd said...

Looking pwetty as always..

love the pictures...u didnt dissapoint with the gist!!!
u look like u had loads of fun!! makes me want to go sum place too!!

lol at the strippers pulling ur so dem dey gv lap dance...check well well oh..u sure sey dem no remove nething for ur body....

Writefreak said...

Why you no invite me along? I'm green with envy! definitely had fun! I sometimes get travel sick and it's annoying...thankfully i don't get it all the time!

Welcome back

InCogNaija said...

wow! a very comprehensive 'guide to Abidjan', an 'Abidjan for dummies' of some sort...or even a movie/documentary "around Abidjan in 9 days"

Anonymous said...

WOW! Seems like you had loads of fun. I may try to visit Cote D'ivoire this summer. You are very very prewwtty Princesa!

Ms.O said...

sounded like soo much fun!!!.:)

Miss Definitely Maybe said...

Lucky you
I definitely could do with a holiday after looking at your lovely pictures
but unfortunately have just started a new job so it will be a long time before i see the insode of a plane (well long distance

Queen of My Castle said...

Looks like you had a ton of fun. LMAO @ the stripper trying to take off your top. I think I would have flipped out!

Obi said...

Maaaan.....waaay too much fun for one lifetime..way to go girl..!!
I DEFINITELY would not stop that stripper...
Nice usual..

Ms Sula said...

Oh my God!! You almost brought tears to my eyes with the memories!!

It's so very interesting to experience one's hometown through the eyes of a tourist. You mentionned places I have been to, lived in.

My parent's house is about 5 mns away from the zoo, I am from Grand-Bassam and went to a school minutes away from the Cocody Market.

Your recount was truly beautiful and authentic! And you did remember all the places!

Glad you had fun. Next time, you come by we need to do all the razz places. :)

Ms Sula said...

Oh my God!! You almost brought tears to my eyes with the memories!!

It's so very interesting to experience one's hometown through the eyes of a tourist. You mentionned places I have been to, lived in.

My parent's house is about 5 mns away from the zoo, I am from Grand-Bassam and went to a school minutes away from the Cocody Market.

Your recount was truly beautiful and authentic! And you did remember all the places!

Glad you had fun. Next time, you come by we need to do all the razz places. :)

NikkiSab said...

Someone had crazy fun!!!Lap dance???LOL! Welcome back.

princesa said...

@bumight,i go keep ur own for u, no worry.
@catwalq,pls go have that vacation babe.
@yewande,lol! Girl you can wait till the Xmas hols now.
@exschool,lol! Thanks girl. Those strippers were out for blood, i had to run for my life...
@writefreak, see did babe! I did a post where i invited everyone who wanted to take a trip, you no read am???
@temite, thanks babe. Cote d'Ivoire is a place to go to!
@ms.O, it was really fun.
@miss DM, eh ya, sorry about that but congrats on the new job.When we go wash am?
@queen,i did flip out girl. Howdy?
@obi,lol! Why wouldnt you?? Guys!!!
@ms sula, oh yea??? Wow babes! Next time am in Abidjan, i'll definitely holla so we can hook up and you take me to all those razz places,lol!
@nikki, thanks girl.

fantasy queen said...

is k our in-law-to-be:) lol
it seems llike you had so much fun, definately lots of pictures prinesa style.
now i feel like i didnt have a holiday at all...just three shots to show for it :(

so now your back, when are we unpacking?

fantasy queen said...

and you look really good in the pictures.

joicee said...

Very interesting account....makes me want to visit abidjan someday

Glad to see you had fun

Mommy said...

Mommy gone for French lessons! Will drop a proper comment once she's able to pass a complete message in French :0) had a blast and as someone already pointed out, you look very pweety...

princesa said...

@FQ,lol! In-law-to-be ke? You no read well? I said he is my friend!!!
3 shots on a holiday?? Thats serious slacking o! I got like 500 shots. Check my FB page later.
and thanks for the compliment dear.

@joicee, you should visit.

@mommy, how far with the french lessons babes? Thanks cameras plssss,lol!!!

Emeka Amakeze said...

Tori no be small o! Babe, you really had fun. It's good for your health.

30+ said...

Ah Mademoiselle Princessa enjoyed herself tres bien.

As I read, I concluded Africa should be on my list of places to visit for holiday (no including Nigerian because that one na my base and is more like going home than holiday)

I am glad you enjoyed yourself

Smaragd said...

see now, u've got me planning for Abidjan trip wey i no get money for

i like your narration, very precise and detailed! thanks for taking time out to help us understand the place jare.

am i entitled to one woudin? lol @ the brassiere!

musco said...

felt as if i was right behind u while u were in abidjan,thanks to d narration.

with all that food u talked abt ,i'm sure u must ve added some weight!

Anonymous said...

U almost make me want to pack my bags and head for Africa.
Abidjan and Accra are places I definitely must visit whenever I come down.
I loved the way u narrated everything, u had me wishing I was there.

Cappuccine Baby said...

Looks like you had fun, Abidijan looks sweeet, good narrations, just wondering, could u be the same 'princessa' from nairaland?

Obi said... can blame the babes for rushing ya boobs jare...
Emily and Sally are HOT..!!!

AlooFar said...

O yeah, someone had mad fun.

Question: what did you bring for us? ;)

Welcome back.

RE: Good to know you think "those images" are creative! Who else can say that? ;)

miz-cynic said...

hey princesa. im glad u had so much planning a trip soon and this ur blog music just dey serenade my soul;i wish we had gone together....abi with k i would have been a liability. anythn u dey plan such kin thing, pls invite me, u seem like someone who'd b fun to holiday with not pple wu go dey cramp my style.

OluwaDee said...

U had fun o.

whem am I getting my own gift?

Interesting pics.

princesa said...

@emeka, it's good to rest nwanne!
@30+, I really did dearie and yea you should put Africa on that list.
@smaragd,lol! u are entitled to one woodin if you act fast girl!
@musco, I have o! Cant u see how fat I am in the pics. I need to go join a gym, i see the emergence of a spare tyre soon,lol!
@Iwalewa, u should pack ur bags and head down jare!
@cappucino, thanks. Nairaland? I seriously doubt that. I dont even visit that site.
@obi, I take that as a compliment dude.
@aloofar, thanks. I brought back myself,lol! You know how it is dude, thinking outside the box at times may look crazy.
@miz-cynic, oh yea? U planning atrip soon? Let me know on time so I can see if we can go together. I still want to do some more touring. I hope u dont mind a razz babe like me sha,lol!
@oluwadee, u really want ur own gift?

archiwiz said...

Lovely pics. I'm glad you had a good time. And congrats on getting an N95. You'll enjoy the phone.

ShonaVixen said...

u had fun boo and m wishing i was you, when i saw the Acheke and fish...yummmy yummmy...think m gonna make some phonecalls for some look good too hon

princekay123 said...

How sweet was the Acheke?

Debbie said...

Lovely pictures! You really did have fun.

Aphrodite said...

Babes! Missed u plenty!
I see someone has been busy having fun and I thot I was been missed,lol...

rethots said...

...obviously a delightful trip.

Tigeress said...

waow! thanks for sharing ur trip with us- this is what u call a vacation diary. loving the pictures as well. I visited Abidjan when in primary school but from ur diary- i'm so going.

Naija Idol said...

wow. u really had fun. i can tell from the pictures. nw i want to go to Abidjan.

La Reine said...

Sounds like a blast, you sure know how to do a vaca. And you made me want to go...I'd eat all the plantain I could stand....

Anonymous said...

Hi Princesa...glad you had fun.

The pics were really nice, and the food looked delicious...

Remi, United Kingdom said...

All the food is making me hungry!!!
will be doing a tour of some key African states next year.. and this is one on my list.. ! thanks for the pictures..
Have a great weekend.

princesa said...

@rethots, yes yes, really delightful.
@tigeress, u welcome dear.
@naija idol, u should.
@la reine, lol! Another plantain lover.
@kinshar, thanks.
@remi, you welcome dear. Wish i could join u on that tour.

badderchic said...

I am soooooooooooo jealous. does k have a brother?

shalewa said...

babes na wah oh.u had some mad fun and am beefing u serously(just playing).i gats to take a vacation soonest.i enjoyed the post and pics.where's my excuses oh!

Aijay said...

Wow! Someone had a blast!! Am I green with envy or what? lol.. Very nice pics babe.
Hope u've been good.

princesa said...

@badder,lol! I dont know o!
@shally, so are u back now? Goody-goody ke? Oya post a blog and holla,lol!

princesa said...

@aijay, thanks. I have dear.

princekay123 said...

Looking at those picture is making me wanna...

NoLimit said...

Wow! looks like fun!all that hot sun...and then being on beach...sigh!!!

Afronuts said...

u were at the zoo and the only photos u took were elephants and rhesus monkeys?

Its not fair! Why r u depriving us of some sweet animal pics?

But hey Adbijan is one lovely and interesting place. i love african

AnyaPosh said...

ahn ahn, this babe you're too much. I see you had a really great time in abidjan, I'm so jealous!!! It looked like so much fun. How long was the flight from lagos?

princesa said...

@princekay, making you wanna do what? Abeg o...
@nolimit, yea...
@afronuts, lol! Depriving u ke??
@anyaposh,thanks. Flight was about 2hrs or so...

MissLove said...

CHAI!!!! see enjoyment! lol

Vera Ezimora said...

Babe you had too much fun ooo! Now, I feel like packing up my bags & going somewhere too. Sooooooo not fair!!!

femme said...

aww really enjoyed this post. felt like a nice holiday. its also nice to go to other people's country and tell others nice things about were u were.(don't mind me o,news paper today for Brazil yab Nigeria finito.)
i see u are still rocking life. Enjoy abeg, no be u kill Abacha.

tobenna said...

Clearly, you had mad fun!
Good for you girl...
Thanks for showing up at the big Do.
You are the best.
Scratch that.
2nd best :)

Lyrically speaking said...

Wow, thanks for sharing those pics with us, kind of remind me of Haiti back when it was all good...beautiful!!!

Anonymous said...

I love your pics! This is the first I saw Abidjan since I was like 5! It looks beautiful. I love Woodin!!!

Lol glad you had a good time x

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