Monday, June 16, 2008


Yesterday’s mass in church was very interesting.
I’ll like to share some parts of the priest’s homily with you guys.
It’s not boring trust me.

So the priest started by asking the congregation a very popular riddle.

If both your spouse and one of your parents were drowning and you had the opportunity to save one of them, who would you save?

The first person who answered (a woman) said she would save her husband. When asked why, she replied that her father was on his way out of the world and he had completed his life mission while her husband was young and still had a lot to do before departing this world.

The priest commented that most of us only value people when they are useful to us and as soon as we stop benefiting from them, we regard them as unimportant and dispensable in our lives.

According to him, this was a wrong way to think.

The second person to answer, a man this time, said he would rather save his mother because in this life he can only have one mother whereas if he so chooses, he could marry as many wives as he pleases.

When we asked what the answer to the riddle was, the priest said that there was no right or wrong answer. He said that people act in certain ways based on their experiences/outlook to life.
What would I do if I were in a similar situation?
I don’t know o, but really thinking about it now, I think I’ll save my husband for the single reason that as a result of marriage we are supposed to be ‘one’ so letting him die would be like letting a part of me die.

That’s my opinion. What would you do if you were the one?

Then again the priest posed a second question.

If a group of hired assassins approached you to tell you that they’ve been paid to kill your spouse but would spare his/her life if only you agreed to die in place of him/her. Would you agree to lay your life to save his/hers?

This question hard pass Olumo rock o, lol!

So the priest asked those who would be prepared to die in place of their spouse to raise their hands.

In a congregation of more than two thousand people, only two people raised their hands.

Even those two, I doubt if they’d be as willing when the gun is pointing them in the face,lol!

Anyway, as I was saying, two people raised their hands. I wasn’t surprised they were both men. Correct me if am wrong guys, but I am of the opinion that men love more selflessly than women. I am a woman but I admit that we tend to be more selfish than our male counterparts even when we claim to be madly in love.

Sorry, no digressing. That’s not the big issue here.

The priest’s talked about Jesus Christ who gave up his life so ours could be saved even when we were sinners. He commented on how difficult it was for us to give up our life for our spouse, yet we do not appreciate the magnitude of what Christ did for us and we carry on like it is no big deal.


I must confess, my heart was opened wider at this revelation. To be honest, I no sure say my love for any husband go reach the point wey I go say, shoot me and leave him cos I sure say my body no go don rotten finish for ground before the man go begin eye another chickito, abi I lie?lol!

A friend of mine whose wife died at childbirth last year is getting married again this year, can you imagine that? This was a couple that was so so in love(that was the impression I had sha). They were like the model couple even though it was very young union. They were barely one year old in marriage before the wife died. Now our guy can’t wait to tie the knot with another opeke. Kai! What happened to all the "No one be like you" and all that love bla bla bla,lol!

Again I digress, sorry peeps.

Back to yesterday’s mass.

The priest also told a story. A very funny story.

At a burial Ceremony, the widow was at the graveside of her husband, wailing and screaming:
“God why my husband…Why? You could have taken me instead and left him…oh God why??”
She kept wailing while other sympathizers consoled her. Suddenly, there were thunder rumbles and lighting strikes in the sky and a voice boomed from above.
The ecstatic woman started thanking God.
“Oh thank you father…thank you lord…thank you…”
The voiced boomed again.
Guess what the woman’s response was.
“Oh God…No oooo…In fact, thy will be done o lord, you know why you took him o lord, I do not question your decision father, let thy will be done!”

See change of mouth...human beings…ever so dynamic,lol!

Abeg, I’ve got to run now but one thing I want everyone to remember is that Jesus Christ died that we might live, let us appreciate that and decide today that his death shall not be in vain.

This is not a sermon, please!

Wishing you all a lovely blessed week, Mwuahzzzz!!!


bumight said...

if it sounds like a sermon, it IS a sermon!

just saying

bumight said...

so i confess i didnt read before posting that first comment.

neways, if it was hard for Jesus to die in our place, why do we think it would be easy for us to die for someone else?

30+ said...

Okay if you say so, it is not a sermon.

But that guy getting remarried after just 1 year is ogboglogbo.

Having said that I heard of one where the guy was toasting one of the people that came to his wife's burial.

OluwaDee said...

I must confess i have been guilty of not valuing pple when they have nothing more 2 offer.

Thanks 4 d post, its smtn 2 meditate on.

Jayjazzy said...

Ha 30+ na wah oh! is dat gist real.Neways ur blog was very tot provoking, u never really think about this things but u act silly. Its the way things are but we re trying and striving to perfection becos if someone died 4 us , in our place just to clean all the bad stuff we ve done and we re still doing it, it doesn't show nothing but disloyalty. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

the genius within said...

the only people i could die for, so they can live are my family really...

not sure about the 2 guys that raised their hands

besides don't blame the guy that remarried after one year, he had to move on, can't change the past really..

my dad hasn't remarried though after 13years, but then he already had children unlike the guy u talked about..

hehe, glad u took something out of

tk cre

princesa said...

@bumight, exactly why we should show more appreciation.

@30+, lol@ogbologbo! Me i didnt like it when i heard sha.
Chei! that guy toasting babes at his wife's burial is just plain crazzzzy!!

princesa said...

@oluwadee, most of us are guilty of that babes

@jay, quite right dear.

@genius, hmmm, so u'll give ur life for ur family...u sure??

The guy has a kid, his wife died but the baby survived.

darkelcee said...

most of us are selfish!

Na God go help us really.

hmmm u sure did enjoyed the service yesterday.


NaijaBabe said...

Not a sermon abi?

But on a serious note, I couldn't bring myself to answer any of those questions o! Rather, I come up with the excuse that my faith or love or whatever will not be tested by me being in that position.

Zephi Fahrenheit said...

my own be say.. I know dey die for person since jesus don already die for all of
nice post though..

Dammy said...

This calls for serious thinking and meditation. Sincerely, I don't know who I would save! Isn't there a way I can save the both of them even at the cost of my life?...still thinking about that ooo!

Sincerely you never really know what you would do until death stares at you in the face and then you would understand that death is not as easy at it seems to sound...DEATH! I am lost on this too...But Bros Jesus, try well well, no be small! You too much baba! To die for everybody no be small thing!

You got me cracking up on that joke! But why are women like that? Kudos to the men in the house, except that bros that was asking a babe out on his wife's burial ceremony! I wish we were still in the days of Moses, just imagine what God would have done to that bros!

Thanks for this post....

Afrobabe said...

It's even worse when the guy remarrying remarries his late wife's friend...

hmmm that priest's questions are hard oh...My answers would depend on who is seating next to me in church...if it is hubby of course we will save him but if its the parents then its them...if we are all together......

Just go to the loo!!!

Smaragd said...

Afro, kolomental!

Zephi, u are right there with Afro, both of u!

the thing is, that woman who died at childbirth already died for her husband! at least for him to have a child. at thesame time, body no be firewood o!

really tough qstns and yea it's a sermon, but it has me thinking.

I pray we never have to make such choices.

desperate lady said...

ma mother and husband? u dont even have to ask me twice ma sista, i go save ma darling, wonderful, sexy husband. if i save ma momsie who will service me in bed?.

will i die in place of ma spouse? ummmmm nope! I mean y die for him when once i'm gone he'll be enjoying in the arms of another woman? he shud go and he will be very missed,infact he'll have d best funeral and i would mourn him 4 a yr but as 4 me, i no go die 4 way man!

guerreiranigeriana said...'s been a while dahlin' are you?...

Debbie said...

ah! ah! very funny comments! this is mine. I'll really love to save my hubby, the most wonderful man alive, he is my all in all. but you see, he always says he's not afraid to die and don't understand why people are, plus he always says he's worth more to me dead than alive. Funny eh! yes, he has big life insurance, I can hear him screaming save your mum, save your mum, and live on the insurances.
another reason is that I can always use the insurance premiume to catach another guy, why not after griving of course, but cannot have another mother.... so there you have it.

Debbie said...

ah! ah! very funny comments! this is mine. I'll really love to save my hubby, the most wonderful man alive, he is my all in all. but you see, he always says he's not afraid to die and don't understand why people are, plus he always says he's worth more to me dead than alive. Funny eh! yes, he has big life insurance, I can hear him screaming save your mum, save your mum, and live on the insurances.
another reason is that I can always use the insurance premiume to catach another guy, why not after griving of course, but cannot have another mother.... so there you have it.

Debbie said...

ah! ah! very funny comments! this is mine. I'll really love to save my hubby, the most wonderful man alive, he is my all in all. but you see, he always says he's not afraid to die and don't understand why people are, plus he always says he's worth more to me dead than alive. Funny eh! yes, he has big life insurance, I can hear him screaming save your mum, save your mum, and live on the insurances.
another reason is that I can always use the insurance premiume to catach another guy, why not after griving of course, but cannot have another mother.... so there you have it.

Sherri said...

it's not a sermon!lol

that's why we need agape love o (the god kind of love)

how u dey?

AJIKE said...

what is wrong if it's a sermon???

how funny, so true about giving our lifes to save others
may God help us all.
nice one, thanx for sharing
brings a lot of thoughts!!!

Anonymous said...

have a nice week too love

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Today's ranting said...

LMAO @ the grave side story. This one na sermon joh!

Mommy said...

Naijababe said this : "But on a serious note, I couldn't bring myself to answer any of those questions o!"
Emphasis: "Rather, I come up with the excuse that my faith or love or whatever will not be tested by me being in that position."

Oloun ma je!! Abeg o..God will not allow MY FAITH OR LOVE OR WHATEVER to be tested by me being in that TYPE of position. uh uhhh.

@ Princesa...nice sermon. (lol)

AlooFar said...

LMAO @ Afro's

Madam Preacher, this got me thinking. Offering time...

Sasuke said...

Preachesca na wa oh! you done turn pastor for blogsville wonders would never end. wise words spoken by your pastor i guess he just tried to clarify human dynamism. nice post dear. you never still carry me go lunch oh!

Smaragd said...

So u just got musically tagged babe!

read up on it at mine.

Obi said...

LMAO…the comments wan make me laff die here sha…
Thanks for the sermon girl…
Now..on to the ‘Fada’ quiz…as my man Charly Boy been ansa one time…“I go save my wife, abeg…as I no fit poke my mama”. As for me...there’s no real dilemma mom would have roasted my ass if I saved her instead (I’ve actually asked her what she’d do if I saved her instead of my wife). On whether I’d give my life for my spouse…?? Again, its something I’ve thought about, and..yup, without reservation I’d take a bullet for her (besides, I wouldn’t want to live without her anyway), but I’m not sure if I would raise my hand up in church sha (just friggin’ looks like too much showing off).
I actually know a couple who were visited by armed robbers when they were still courting…them been wan kpai the guy as hin dey broke that time and there wasn’t much money in the house. The babe cover the guy with her body begin beg “awon boys” say make them waste her instead. After beating the shit out of the babe, they left them alone (shouting at the guy to make sure hin marry the babe They are married now (with 2 kids) and till today, anytime they have an argument, the guy jokes that “Ok, madam…I gree ya own, before you go call ya boys for me again” (or maybe no be joke sef)
There’s truth in that statement that women are more selfish in their love than men…I’m not tryin’ to be misogynistic here. I just think our brains are wired differently. A guy loves ..and it’s like “I love you, so I go die for you” with a woman, its more like “ I love you, so your ass is mine!”. Even God, in his infinite wisdom, did not bother asking women to love their husbands (the Almighty must have known say some things no possible sef). So it was “ your wives” and “women, obey your hubbys”.
And if we look at it through the Darwinian point of view (origin of the species)…it’s the women that actually bear the onus for propagating the species (one man, and a hundred women can mean a hundred babies, but a hundred men and one woman still mean only one baby). Men are simply “walking sperm banks” so it’s up to the women to choose what men’s genes are suited to be carried on to the next evolutionary step in the ladder. Can’t blame women for being “selfish”….
Meeeen my own sermon don long pass the blog sef…I tire abeg…
Thanks for a great blog Princess…!!!

NikkiSab said...

Dis na strong questions o!! Chei...wen d time comes I go do d right tin. lol!!!

LG said...

na wa o prisco,all dis ur question get as e be, anyhos wen dat time reach i go answer, I REJECT IT IN JESUS NAME AMEN, lol
nor me me n dem!!!

how body?

Afrobabe said...

hmmmmm...I like Obi's points oh...

Maybe I should organise awon boys for a guy and become a hero...(Yes, that was what I learnt from that long comment)!!!

A married hero...

hmmmmmmm, see...we learn everyday..

diary of a G said...

that guy who said he'd save his mother, either have an ugly wife or he's a ver profound person

I don't think I'd die for my spouse cos she wouldn't for me...
its true Jesus died for us but do we seem to care any more!?!

Free-flowing Florida said...

ha! 2 die 4 another person! hmmmmm. sorry o, but as e b me now, i no think say i fit. not cos of d person o, but cos death does scare me. am not even ready 2 die 4 myself sef. all of d question hard pass olumo rock o.

... i won't say chicks r selfish lovers & bobos dem r not. it depends o. one thing i know sha is dat we women too make noise abt our love. 'i love him', 'i loved him'. haba! na only u wey don love b4? abeg, make person see road.

Free-flowing Florida said...

@ afro: lmao. see d kain thin afro dey learn 4 comment. lol. dis chick u no serious o. i like ur way sha. but if one of d awon boys come make miskate fire u nko?

Aphrodite said...

All the comments make sense but make i talk true, i no dey die for any body o,lol...

Onome said...

hahahahahaha funny woman....i can only die only if am sure am going to heaven..if am not nada oooo...

Obi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Obi said...

Na wa…Preahcesa, e be like say na me be the only hero for here…
Whats the friggin’ point marrying someone you can’t live or die for…when all of us go still die at last sef.. All this one wey everybody dey wait to be sure say the other person go die for am first…nobody wants to be a “fool” right?..una go wait tire.. If Jesus Christ worried about looking like a fool…you for dey go that church today??
By the way…about the guy wey remarry…was he supposed to mourn forever at that age…I, for one, would want someone I loved and left behind to get on with her life ASAP…and if na my pally she marry…no wahala sef (who would you prefer to shag your widow/widower, a friend or an enemy??)
But Afrobabe, you no serious wan go arrange “awon boys” for ya guy abi..?? Make the thing no just backfire sha…and you come turn to dead hero. The truth is that, if we don’t already predetermine that we are willing to sacrifice our lives (and have the will power to back it up) then all the talk of “I go die for you” na utter rubbish…
During the second world war..the chemical used by the Nazi’s to exterminate Jews was a gas that was heavier than air…so the gas chambers filled up from the floor upwards. It was found that parents, their minds driven insane by their abject terror of death, stepped on the still living bodies of their own children in order raise themselves higher...just for a few more seconds of life…I’m sure these parents loved their children and in normal circumstances, would have sacrificed their lives for them, but they JUST weren’t prepared for that particular moment… Love involves a conscious effort and will power and a conquering of personal fears.…no be M&B “love you pass my mama” bullshit.
Na only God f it give us the strength and will to actually sacrifice ourselves for those we love, when our own natural instincts revolt against it…AMEN!!
Na wa...another long comment..I think I deserve offering for this one jare…cash only abeg..!!

princesa said...

@darkelcee, I sure did o!
@naijababe, I don’t pray for ur faith/love to be tested dear but what will you do…just in case,lol!
@zephi, lol!!!! You no serious. Why u come be Christian na?lol!
@dammy u are welcome but think of it, what if in trying to save both you lose them both including urself?
@afro ,lol! Eye service na im u dey do na…
@smaragd, amenoooooo, body no be firewood??? Is that an excuse really???
@DL, craze gal! kai make ur mama no read dat ya comment o. Thanks for being real babes.
@Gnaija, am fine dear. You sure say u read the post ke?
@debbie, ROTFLMAO!!! Your hubby sound really self less but have you thought maybe he really doesn’t mean it, he may have a change of heart in the face of death o,lol!
@sherri, Agape love is the ultimate but how many of us know what it is?
@ajike, nothing wrong if it’s a sermon, don’t mind me jare,lol!
@pinky, hmmm…blogville idols 08? Sounds interesting…will hit u up soon.
@today’s ranting, lol! Its not supposed to be a sermon.
@mommy, Fear…fear…lol!

princesa said...

@aloofar, did you even learn anything dude? Na only money you want collect…lol!
@sasuke, you no know say I get plenty talents, enh?? I still owe you lunch, no worry.
@smaragd, tagging again?? Una no want rest?lol!
@obi, ROTFLMAO!!!! Christ! I cant fit laff o…lol!
Now seriously, you’ll give ur life for ur wife’s?? U sure?? That’s really deep man! If you can do that, then kudos o! We get to give u award for blogville o
Thanks for taking the time to type out that long ass comment.
@nikki, why wait till the time comes, you’ve got to think about what u’ll do o
@lg, amen oooo! You want follow nikkisab style enh?
@afrobabe, so that was what you picked up from obi’s comment enh? U no well o
@DOG, lol!! So he can’t love his ‘ugly’wife?? I’ll rather see the guy as being profound. We need to start caring cos truth is it is a big deal dude!
@florida, hmmm, death dey scare u? lol! My dear it’s inevitable o, we all will go someday. That question wey u ask afro dey valid. Afro what if awon boys…u know now,lol!

princesa said...

@aphro, why now? But the lord died for u now,lol!

@onome, lol! That's really funny! So how u want take know if u are going to heaven?

@Obi, Obi, Obi...dude how many times i call you?? Okay we all get to contribute for you o, that ur comment don pass post sef, kai!!!

Afrobabe said...

Kai...if awon boys decide to fire one I go shout for there...This is not the plan oh....did I pay you guys to come and fire????

Fire kuh...I will send another set of awon boys to go get awon boys!!!

Simi Speaks said...

LMAO. Comments are just as entertaining as the post sef!

loving this one princesa!

the 1st ?, easy. Husband saved. logistics works in his favor.

but on 2nd one. that one get k leg, o jare!

Ms. emmotions said...

yes ooo,
we human, ever so dynamic, but i dont believe that those men will actually die for their wives when it comes to the main action..funny how that yeyeric woman changed her prayer,

good one princesa, good one

Ms. emmotions said...

lol @ afro, u never disappiont gal..lmao

princesa said...

@afro,lol! You get plenty money to dash awon boys?? Okay dash me too small na,lol!
@simi,lol! Even you no fit die for ur darling?
@ms.emmotions, even me, I don’t believe anybody will give their life jare…that na talk…oops make Obi no hear this one o,lol!

Obi said...


Charizard said...

If no be sermon now...when e be sermon how e go be?

Come princesa how far with our SBR na?

Zephi Fahrenheit said...

thats not me or my boyfriend!
those are my worry i never get liver to post my

Buttercup said...

lol @ the comments!

this post was food for thought for me...its only the grace of God that can help us!

Anonymous said...

I must say that I would save who ever cant swim and formost the lightest person. I love my spouse as much as I love my parents.

I love my spouse very much but I wouldnt want my life to be taken at anytime. My children is all I think about and I still have a purpose here on earth. God has confirmed that!!

Calabar Gal said...

I dont know oh! I guess ehen I get to the bridge, then I'll cross it........?

Writefreak said...

Word! Truth is no one can love as much as God, he himself is love and he gave His son for that purpose...i am not of the opinion thought that women don't love selflessly...i love my husband that way! :-)
And as for the guy that remarried after one year, chei!