Friday, June 27, 2008

Da Predator- a poem in 3 acts!

Hey guys!
How is your week coming? Hope great!
I stole this post off Obi's blog. T’was really interesting and I just had to post it here for you all to read. Babes hope you learn something from it and like solomonsydelle said in one of her old posts, BEWARE OF THE WOLVES! They come in different guises, most often looking all harmless when in truth they are actually PREDATORS.
And guys, protect your babes from the predator. Give her all the love she needs so she doesn’t fall into the trap of that sweet talker.


Da Predator- a poem in 3 acts!

Act 1: Stake-out
I observed you from afar, even though I knew you were taken,
I heard your man throws a good dick, and brings home the bacon.
But when I looked deeply I could see emptiness in your eye,
That's when I knew I could step and get my slice of the pie.
See, I knew my game had to be shit legit,
Else you could just hit me with that “see you in the next lifetime” bullshit!
Naaah…so now I step back to methodically plan my shit,
You're about to become the victim of a cold calculated hit.

See, I knew in some particular area your man had to be slippin'
If only I could find out where, I could exploit it and make you start trippin'.
I proceeded to introduce myself, and explain how lucky your man must be,
To have here on Earth, a girl of your heavenly beauty…
You smiled and looked away, well in fact you blushed,
That's when I knew I was making progress. But hey, no need to rush.
I said good-bye and walked away confident that the foundation was laid....
Knowing it was only a matter of time before I would be “getting paid”.

Act 2: Closing in
The next day I saw you, yeah you were waiting for the bus.
And though I kept my composure, I was overcome by lust.
I told you I was going your direction, and offered you a ride.
You got in, now I'm one step closer to moving your man aside.
We conversed a little and I found out what area this brother had failed,
Though he may take care of business, he doesn't pay attention to details.
He never seems to notice when you get your hair, face or nails done,
His mind is focused on business, and he seldom has time for fun.
Though you're an angel, for you he never makes a fuss,
So, I stepped up to the plate and told you “Baby please, you're gorgeous!”
Starving for the attention of course you gave up the digits,
Now it was only a matter of time that to my will, you would submit.
You gave up the number, saying we could only be friends…Lovers?..NEVER!!!
I thought, “How naive...yeah baby...whatever!”
I said, “Honey please, as gorgeous as you are I'm honored just to know your name”
Hence the beginning of the game!

Whenever you needed to talk,
I was there to hold your hand as we walked.
When you would cry I would be there to dry your eyes.
Whenever you were down, I built you a crown!

Whenever we were together I made sure the time spent was a blast,
I made you close your eyes and took away all the horrors of the past.
I promised to take your troubles away as I placed a pedestal under your feet,
But the fact of the matter is...I'm just a dealer of deceit!
Soon she came to see me as one of the nicest men she's met.
And...Of course, I saw her as just some girl I haven't fucked yet!

So I complimented her on the clothes she would wear,
Paid attention whenever she did her hair.
Asked her about her day and her bullshit career
Promised her silk and fine cashmere,
As I whispered sweet nothings in her ear,
Told her how she made my heart flutter whenever she drew near.
And to be without her is what I feared
But no matter what happens, “Honey, I'll always be there”
“God if you only knew how much I care”,
And I told her a bunch of other bullshit that women love to hear!

Act 3: The Hit
Needless to say she saw me as a friend and her man as the foe.
Took me to bed, not knowing she's been manipulated by a deceitful LEO.
And I remembered when she said she wasn't with my plan,
That she already had a man.
She even showed me the engagement band.
But still, she fell for my program of candlelight and slow jams.
Now I'm reaching for the 'Trojan',
And she ain't thinking about her man.
Your man just left, he's barely out the door,
And you're calling telling me I made you cum like you never came before.
Not realizing that a simple test of life, you've just failed...
Now you're reaching for me thinking you've exhaled.

You don't want me to leave and you're begging me to stay.
But...I'm a “predator” baby, and you weak girls, my “prey”
You had a good man, yes he wasn't perfect.
And here comes the predator to exploit your weakness.

See ladies, when you have a good man,
Never focus on the small details that he's lacking...
Because there's a predator out there, somewhere…watching.
So even though you beg,
Baby we can't be together,
I thought you knew. Besides you cheated on your man,
Who's to say you won't cheat on me too!
See I need someone I can work with,
Not a material girl from around the way...
Who’s gonna jump from bed to bed,
Because of a compliment I forgot to pay.
So when you come with your soap opera story wanting to be my bride....
All I got to say is, “Sorry hon, but…hey…thanks for the ride!”

May God never let us fall into the hands of the predator o!


bumight said...

wow! that really hit a nerve...

this is so true!...but lemme claim mmy spot first

bumight said... I was saying going, this is why babes go gay! lol!

LG said...

lol@bumight,na u talk am o

prisco AMEN to d praya o
how wrk?

Anonymous said...

After reading this posting it made me think of alot that is going on in my life. I had a man that gave me everything. But as in this posting he wouldnt notice me or he wouldnt do fun things with me. I must say that these things do hold a relationship together....this is what is called "communication". Every relationship needs that. I have had many predators after me and I have only failed for one. He got me and that was good but I have learned from that and moved on.

I must say that if one is not happy in any relationship then it is time to move on. You could never know what you are getting yourself into unless you try it for yourself... MAKE YOUR OWN MISTAKES!

OluwaDee said...

This is some deep stuff.

This is so true;when you have a good man,Never focus on the small details that he's lacking...

How u dey?

Jayjazzy said...

Yeah princessa, its very true what u ve posted, manu of us look at the little things that he doesnt do not knowing that another is probably scheming to steal our bodies and we foolishly fall 4 it. Nice post. Yeah top 10 am grateful.

Jayjazzy said...

Yeah princessa, its very true what u ve posted, manu of us look at the little things that he doesnt do not knowing that another is probably scheming to steal our bodies and we foolishly fall 4 it. Nice post. Yeah top 10 am grateful.

Jayjazzy said...

Yeah princessa, its very true what u ve posted, manu of us look at the little things that he doesnt do not knowing that another is probably scheming to steal our bodies and we foolishly fall 4 it. Nice post. Yeah top 10 am grateful.

Duchess said...

wow...this is sooo interesting......i totally agree wif bumight jor....
after fighting to get a good man....he then starts misbehavin and you have to put up with all his rubbish cos no man is perfect....n moreso to avoid falling into the waitng hands of predators.....see woman wahala o!

Manda said...

Hey chic, wat's up? Come eat cake and pop champagne o! na my blogaversary!

Buttercup said...

i cud feel the anger wellin up inside me as i read each line..fuckin predator!(pls excuse my french, this really got to me)..gosh, this just makes me wonder if a relationship is worth pursuin..

Anonymous said...

No one becomes the "victim" of a predator without subjecting herself to it.
Why go around complaining to pple abt what ur man does and doesn't do for u(even when things are good)? If u can't talk it over with ur man or u are unable to understand the change in his attitude, then simply leave. Don't go blabbing to friends-even female friends- cos u're bound to get bad advise(not everyone that smiles at u have ur interest at heart).

If this happens to u, do not think of urself as a victim cos no one cheats if they don't already have the knack for it.

was i harsh? well, it's the truth!!

s.chic said...

Amen to your prayers!!!!

Debbie said...

You are right, we all need protection, we are covered by his blood anyway.
Well written.

NikkiSab said...

My sister i know wat u mean. Dese guys r out dere and waiting to conquer!!! Some ladies too are guilty on d issue o. Na patience, will power and mostly God de save person from dese wicked people. Also couples shd learn to communicate with each oda n learn to listen to each odas mind n body. Wen couples neglect demselves n d tiny details, dese mastermind prawlers feed on it. i don too talk.

fantasy queen said...

ouch! thats some gut cutting truth he spoke.

because we always see an illusion of better, we leave the best we had.

Onome said...

hmmm na wa o............dat predator will get his...he will get his soooooooo bad he wont believe wat hit him.....bleedin' sod!!!!!X-(

Obi said...

Most people usually miss the point of this “urban poem”…and it’s that NOBODY’S PERFECT.

It’s easy to blame the other gender whenever shit like this happens but we also easily overlook our own mistakes that lead to the situation. We can all generalize here and say men are all “greedy, predating dogs”, or women are all “indecisive, hard-to-satisfy bitches”.
The truth is we are all human…as such we realize our own flaws and the need to have our egos stroked every now and again. When we don’t get that stroking from our partners, it’s easy to conclude that we are not appreciated. All too often, both partners in any relationship get into a “comfort zone”…not that they really take each other for granted; it’s just that the initial “fired-up” feeling seems to have faded…
Predators know this and exploit it to their advantage…show the lady a good time, get your rocks off, and move on to the next prey before you start looking “too normal” or get stuck in another “boring” relationship. A predator knows he ONLY has to come around when she’s having those moments of feeling unappreciated...she can always go to her man for “regular stuff”…and of course, the illicit nature of their relationship is partly what makes it appealing…why ruin it by hanging around and trying to make it a “deep meaningful” thing..??

PS: Predators cut across both genders anyways.

Aphrodite said...

i loved this poem. It made me think hard. We should really be careful and not just fall into the arms of the next guy who seems loving and perfect cos he really may not be what he seems.

Afrobabe said...

Danggg...that post wicked oh...and it is so so so true...blogs open you open and show the world your vulnerbility...

hmmmm deep!!!

All those who already fell....just dust your self up and move wont be the first or last...not just in cyber world but every where...pick urself up and move on....

princesa said...

@bumight,lol! Is this why babes go gay really? I think we all need to be more wary of the predator.
@lg, I dey fine my dear. How ur side?
@kin’shar, so how many times is one going to make the mistake and learn. I’d rather learn from the mistakes of others. I think the lesson here is that we should learn to work with our partners and try to make the relationship succeed. The grass is not greener on the other side.
@oluwadee, am good and u babes? Good men and even woman are hard to find so we should all hold on to them when we find them.
@jayjazzy, u get the lesson babe.
@duchess, no good thing comes easy o. If it requires u fighting then do it!(I no mean roforofo fight o,lol!)
@manda, oh yea?!! I dey come there now now!
@buttercup, of cos it’s worth pursuing dear. No vex, learn the lesson.
@iwalewa, harsh but true babes.
@s.chic, where have u been babes?
@debbie, amen ooooo
@nikki nwannem, yes they are out there. I don’t think a predator will get you if you don’t give him the chance to anyway so I guess both parties share the guilt.
@FT, I like the way u put it girl.
@onome,lol! This thing pain u well well o. Got an experience u want to share babes?
@obi, so on point dude! Thanks for letting me steal this poem.
@aphrodite, yea babes. U don update abi e still dey pain u?lol!
@afro, lol!Na so my sister o. Dust up and move on wiser. Na the way!


wow, just got to read this. What can one say other than yes, nobody is perfect. All we can do is try our best.

Thanks for the link to mine, my sista. How are you and your fam doing?

WeirdGurl said...

nice blog.

Mommy said...

"See ladies, when you have a good man,
Never focus on the small details that he's lacking...
Because there's a predator out there, somewhere…watching."

...and I say to myself "ya Allah, ka taimake mu."

Just say Amen.

How has work been?

Sasuke said...

four words
Dumb chic, Sharp man
pity, the cycle would never end.

all na format

nice post princessa

Today's ranting said...


Tears said...

WOW! nice one!! feel ya all way!!!

meanwhile, would love ya vote
if i suck, pls feel free still vote :D

ejura said...



Dis topic is hot!!!!!! Relationship thiefs are lurking in d dark and waiting for a chance to wreck sth. Sad to admit Sasuke is right - the cycle neva ends!!

Charizard said...

I say an amen to your prayer mehn...Kai!!!

Ok you guys there has to be some story to this thing..this one that everybody is talking about wolves...

O yea blogville I have a confession...





Ms.O said... this jsut outline what I see in the everyday lives of the people around me. I know I have been in this situation before, and well like they say experience is the best teacher. No human is perfect therefor I have come to accept my flaws and I am learning to accept the flaws of others.. Nice post babes!!!

Naija Idol said...

God will save us all from the hands of predators. havent really come across any but a couple of pple i know have nd it was really a horrible experience.