Thursday, March 6, 2008

Lenten Appraisal

In 17 days, it’d be Easter and this year’s Lenten season would be over.
The Lenten season began exactly 1 month ago(February 6th) with the ash Wednesday celebrations.
Today I sit back to take stock of how good/bad I have been this lent.
Before the Lenten season began, I had PLANS, lots of plans on what and what I’d do. You know how the season is meant for us to retreat into ourselves, mortify our flesh through fasting and other forms of denial and try to amend our life in line with the word of God.
So like I said earlier I had made plans. Stuff I was going to do and stuff I wouldn’t do. Some of my ‘To do’ plans were-

Cut down on blogging
Attend week day masses(I am catholic) at least 2ce every week.
Fast 6-12(Yea…yea…I no fit do the marathon 6-6,lol!)at least 3ce every week
Pray the rosary at least once a week
Do the Stations of the cross prayer at least once a week
Go to confession and confess all those my bad bad behaviours,lol!
Receive communion at least 2ce a week
Keep God’s temple(my body of cos!) holy meaning nothing like kissing or touchery not to talk of the main do-SEX!

And some of the ‘Not to do’ plans:
No too much ‘Goodtime’ (you know…too much having fun) this period
Partying is out of it!
Too much of ( I wonder…how do one rate ‘too much’??) ‘TFC’, Tantalizers, Chicken republic, Barcelos, all the nice chop chop places sha is not allowed.

So the question now is how have I fared??
Very bad, I think.
Let’s take ‘em one by one.

Cut down on Blogging
So the Idea was- no staying back after work to read blogs, comment, whatever! But sadly, it’s like I read even more blogs this periods. Sometimes I am through with work for the day around 5pm but instead of making like a good girl and packing my ‘ngwongwo’(load) to head for church(the original plan…remember?). I’d say “Just one more blog…God pleaseeeeeeeeeeee! And the next thing, I’ll find myself staying on till it gets too late to go to church. My bad BAD…I know. Really from now on if any of you sees me on ur blog again at odd hours(lol), chase me out with koboko o!(yea right!)

Attend week day masses at least 2ce every week
If you take the fact that out of the 30 or so days already gone in this lent season, yours truly has only attended weekday mass TWICE… am sure you’ll join me to say I failed woefully! Kai…I dey shame for myself…seriously! I admit that though some of the times I have had to work(yea…real work) late, the major culprit for this has been BLOGGING… God save me!

Fast 6-12 at least 3ce every week
On this one, I no fit shout o! You guys want the truth?? Okay here goes…I haven’t fasted for even one day!(God must be so mad at me really)
Sometimes I hardly even remember. I start eating and then suddenly it clicks-“you’re supposed to be fasting girl!’ Only then it’s too late as some of the food done reach destination already.
My boss even remarked one day “I thought catholics also fast during lent” lol! I felt so ashamed and replied “Yea…but am not feeling too well, I have to eat before I fall down”(lol! Do we include lying to my list of sins now?), I doff my hat for my oga(boss) sha, the man has been doing marathon 6am-6pm fasting everyday. I guess if going to heaven depended on how well one could fast, the man for done get room and parlour for there tey tey,lol!) Okay…I digress. The truth is that princesa hasn’t fasted at all this Lenten season and something has to done to remedy the situation… innit??

Pray the rosary/ Do the Stations of the cross prayer at least once a week
I have failed woefully in this regard again. Can’t remember the last time I held a rosary in these hands. Na rily wa for me sha! Stations of the cross nko?? Na person wey dey go church go do dat one and me na BAD church goer(We’ve established that already na).

Go to confession
I must confess am still carrying my sins around and the weight(of the sins) is not a small matter o! E heavy well well my people. Haven’t downloaded them on a priest yet. Seriously now…I need to go to confession asap! Maybe this weekend.

Receive communion at least 2ce a week
I haven’t gone for confession yet and I can’t receive communion until I do so I guess its *uncheck* for this too. Note to self: You’ve got to hurry up with the confession girl.

Keep God’s temple holy
I have avoided situations that could make me fail this and I daresay I have succeeded with the no kissing/touchery/Sex part. However I have done certain things(am not telling!) that may make it impossible for me to wholly claim that I have followed the plan to the letter. “Forgive me Lord”.

No too much ‘Goodtime’/Partying/Hanging out
Now this, I have contravened seriously.
Just weeks back, this babe was at the Naija facebook beach party and yours truly rocked real hard! Well, that’s like the only party I have been to this lent so I guess its not too bad(yeah…right...who am i kidding!).
On ‘hanging out’, I have also done a lot of that. It’s not a bad thing, don’t get me wrong plzzzz, just that in the spirit of the season I should be engaging less in pleasurable stuff.

Am sure you’all will agree with me now when I say I have not been a ‘very good’ girl this lent. Oh well….its never too late to make amends right? As my people say-“a problem identified is a problem half solved” (I just made that up,lol!)
I have to start making serious efforts to get into God’s good books. I still got 17 days…thank God!

Ps: Thanks to everyone who dropped by my brother’s wedding website and signed their guestbook. You guys are simply Fab!


Sasuke said...

Feels great to be tops on ur blog for the first time P.
Will be back to read.

onydchic said...

Nne, but why, u didnt try at all o!

Sasuke said...

well what can i say, thank God our God does not judge or walk in the ways of man. you would be surprised he thinks total different.
if there is one thing i know for sure, its the fact that he still loves you no matter what but it should be far from us to take his grace for granted.

have a lovely 17 days length period.

but na wa for you sha..not even one day short..wey that koboko! lol...

Afrobabe said...

ok, 4th is not such a bad position!!!

Afrobabe said...

My dear, It is not by all that effizy oh...keep ur mind pure and do onto others as u would have them do to u....

Mommy said...

after all the expo...still not first. *d..g*

Babes you havn't even fasted for like an hour this past month? You've forgotten I have that Priest's phone number. I'mma gonna tell!

No that's too good. Sasuke you don find the 'koboko'? lol

When did afro get here?

30+ said...

Father forgive your daughter for she has sinned.

Daughter go and sin no more.

You have 17days to go now and all those things are even more for us than God anyway.

princesa said...

@sasuke, congrats on being first, remind me to give you that hug when we meet for corner,lol!

@onydchic, nne I know…I want remedy the situation na.

@sasuke, yea am sure he(God) loves me still. So you want flog me, okay no more hug for you,lol!

@afro, no 4th still deserves a prize dear. You get a kiss*Mwuah*. Lol@effizy! Why do I get the feeling you’ve been worse than me,lol!

@mommy, see you…upon all the expo…you saunter in like Mrs world. No need to call my priest babe, I’ll see him soon,lol!

NikkiSab said...

God knows u r human. Just do d best u can ok.

princesa said...

@30+. Thanks ma!That was really solemn,lol(sorry i laughed aunty,lol!)

@nikki, thanks dear.

Nyemoni said...

hmmm..the devil knows how to really do huh? Good luck sweets....

fantasy queen said...

lent oh lent, why art tho so difficult. g=havent attented one stations, not even ash wenesday, or abstained from meat on those two days of the week.

i have the excuse of claiming not being a full fledged catholic anymore...but habits you are born into too fades hard, especially when you attend a catholic school too.

goodluck with the rest of the days...

Ms. emmotions said...

prisca? sorri dear, princesa, was only tryin to use @fantasy's version,

oh gal, i give 10 out of hundred,
well in the spirit of lent and being nice....hmmmm, i move it 15% nothing more !!!

Ms. emmotions said...

am also a catholic !

bumight said...

so u have been touching ehn? or even cuddling... hmn!
at least we've identified ur one addiction: blogging

P: hi, my name is prisca and I'm a blogaholic
All: hi prisca!
M: can u tell us ur story?
P: It all started when I visited that first blog....

Allied said...

lol.. thank God does not react according to our sins..

Oya, get on your knees and pray now now

Friend of God said...

how are you?...
its been a while yes...but i do come around to read your posts every nw and then

OluwaDee said...

@ least u av avoided the "do".lol
I have not taken this lent season seriously @ all, asin no special its lent plans n all.
10ks 4 stopping by.

diary of a G said...

if only you could confess online via emails! lol. that wud make it easier

Jaybabe said...

Hey girlfriend, how you?

Happy easter in advance!

Naija Chickito said...

You say? lol. I pray for God's grace and wisdom for you, to complete the race. Don't give up. All will be well.

Bad-oooo!*hailing you seriously*

Afrobabe said...

See fantasy queen trying to dodge fasting cos she is no longer a full catholic...lmao..babes, go try redeem own if u dont run back fully to the catholic churc...

Prisca,...I actually found out a bit late that it was lent so I decided to wait for next yrs own!!!

darkelcee said...

like afrobabe said next year is still available se?

pele but blogging is really addictive infact hotter than an other addiction.

but u can still fast even after the lenten season now.

Naijachic said...

don't worry, u can stop blogging after stopping by mine!

Today's ranting said...

Chei! me too. I didn't even observe this lenten period at all and I ate meat on ash wenesday.I didn't receive ashes,didn't go to stations of the cross for once and then fasting no dey my dictionary at all .I too like food. Make easter come quick joh make i chop more. lOL!

Obi said...

Hey babes...I'll give you a 7 out of 10 jare..I aint exactly a saint myself..
But girl.."fasting from 6-12"?? too like food sha..I usually never have breakfast on a normal workday..!!

cally-waffybabe said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Queen of My Castle said...

I could have sworn I left a comment here on Friday. Guess I didn't. Oh gosh, I'm not Catholic but I am familiar with fasting. Why does it seem that you are never starving until the day you decide to fast? Then every food mentioned sounds like the best thing since bread?! LOL

Hope you fair well in the remainder of your lent.

Sherri said...

very well said by sasuke.
it not by works of righteousness but by His grace alone.
u get high marks for effort or is it intent?

princesa said...

@nyemoni, the devil is a liar,lol!
@FT, LMAO! You even worse than me. Al least I attended ash Wednesday mass and also abstained from meat and that ur excuse babe is no excuse at all. All xtians are involved in LENT. Wont be bad if you tried to be a GOOD GIRL like me now,lol!
@ms. Emotions, lol! I think you guys got worse at this name thing since I mentioned it. Prisca??!!
15% is serious F9 o! So you are catholic too? So how have you fared?? Better than me, I hope.
@bumight, touching, cuddling?? Am not telling,lol!
I bet all of us should be in blogger anonymous,lol!
@allied, abi o! Thank God. I have been getting to my knees babes.
@FOG, oh you do?! That’s nice but why don’t you leave comments now?
@oluwadee, lol! You need to take it seriously o! Pity we don’t attach importance to the things that really matter as much as we do to other frivolous stuffs(me…number 1 culprit!) Your blog is nice.
@DOG, confess to who online?? The world aint gotten to that point yet bro and I think the whole point will be lost.
@jaybabe, Easter still far na,lol! Thanks babes. Looks like someone cant wait for the Easter turkey!
@naija chikito, lol! BADOOO ke?! That no be better name na. Thanks for the prayers tho.
@afrobabe, lol! I agree with you babes. Catholic church still dey mild compared to some other churches o! FT try mountain of fire na,lol!
…and afro, that is no excuse o! this year own never finsh na, like my people say, “make we talk about today, tomorrow we no know”(lol! I just made that up)
@darkel, tell me about the addiction babe! I am a victim,lol! Why wait for next year to do what I can do today? Just my philosophy!

Isi said...

haba! the idea to succeeding with 'cut-downs' is not letting go of every 'nice' thing nah!
u literally wanted to turn urself into a sad nun!

na by God's grace...take am easy, ok?

u dey kampe abi?! lol

Sparkle said...

I think I'm d only one dat is not fasting *sigh*
how have u been?

Jaybabe said...

I just passed by to beg for an update. Thats all....

princesa said...

@naijachic, lol! I’ll definitely stop by urs soon but stop blogging? Not yet babe.

@today’s ranting,lol! See unrepentant sinner like you. You for try do one na.

@obi,lol! & out of 10?? That’s like an A na! Thanks dude but me I no say I no deserve 2 points sef.
…and for me 6-12 is a big deal o!

@castle queen, tell me about it babes. Its harder when you put ur mind to it.

@sherri, thanks babe. I guess u are right.

@isi, my dear I dey kampe o! Sad nun ke? I should think a happy nun would be more like it. I agree…no be by my power.

@sparks, dearie I have been good o! Oya try fast for one day na.

@jaybabe, lol! Okay am gonna update now because of you.

Aijay said...

U're not alone my dear. its not easy to give up some thing(s) for lent. It takes the grace of God.

ONdLOW said...

U know say you fail all your resolution woefully like you is time to drop ya pants for a good flogging.
Nice blog

rethots said...