Thursday, February 1, 2007

Why would you complain if....

Something that beats me is why in the world will people refuse to vote and exercise their right to decide who leads them in this our dear Naija. U may be one of those with the school of thought of "the ones we voted before nko? wat happened?" yea yea we know all dat but i believe that is the past we must all leave in the present and the future.
Ok look at it this way, why would you complain about how bad the country and its leaders are(am sure u are one of those that complain everyday, yea you!) and now you have the chance to write your own destiny you decide to be nonchalant and not vote.
Me, i will vote o! and i beg every one of you my brodas and sistas for Naija to do the same, we cant keep praying for a miracle from God if the little that is asked of us(to vote) we no fit do! u catch my drift?? so lets play our part and let God do the rest.
As for who to vote for, i am not in a position to tell you that, only want to say that we need to vote for "personalities" and not "parties". The idea that so and so party is the strongest and all dat is only a ploy to make you and me feel defeated even before the battle is begun.
We need to vote in someone who can deliver results, we dont want business as usual this time and i think now is the time to try new hands like ...........(dont want to give any endorsement here, nobody dey pay me abeg!)
My people, no long story for evening market sha, i have to go now but u havnt heard the last of me on this i assure you.
just saying my mind.

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